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Aircraft Review : Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 Anniversary Edition by SSG


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Aircraft Review : Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 Anniversary Edition by Supercritical Simulations Group


There was a discussion early in 2019 that listed all the aircraft that you could fly long haul in X-Plane11. When you added it all up the list was not great, in fact for a leading simulator you could even call it deplorable and that was with just cause. It is not that X-Plane doesn't have long haul heavy aircraft as we do, but the fact is that there are very a few available as the FlightFactor's Boeing 777 series is now very out of date, Peter's Airbus A380 is even older and not what you would call study grade, The FlightFactor A350 is not in the game either with a non-realistic FMC (but that is promised with a fix soon), and you can't count the Magknight B789 Dreamliner in this grade either (but it is getting better with each update)... so just what is left, well the old Boeing 747's and Laminar's default B747-800 and the Supercritical Simulations Group Boeing 748i International. 


Even when the SSG B748 project was announced and released six years ago I had my doubts, The last installment of the Boeing 747 legacy has not had a good reception into service and has not created many sales, as four engined aircraft are just too inefficient against the current highly evolved large twins.

But although the numbers are against such aircraft as the A380 and the B748, we still need their huge carrying capacity. So why did SSG go for the B748 and not the Boeing 747-400 which would have been simulator wise a much more profitable project, we will never know that answer except for the premonition six years ago at the B748 may have been the replacement success the airlines needed, but mostly it was just there and created to try and counter the A380 sales market.


Problem was the SSG B748 version took a long time to sort out, but the last "Legacy" v1.9.2 version finally got there as it was a quite nice simulation. However there was also the announcement of the coming a totally new v2 of the Boeing 747-800 series from SSG. The release of the v2 was around early November 2019, but the release was a disaster, one look at the aircraft and it felt very under developed and didn't deliver or was even close to the step upgrade that everyone expected...  

I liked the systems and the detail, but a lot of the aircraft felt very underdeveloped. The reactions were swift, or was it just the usual case of not refining before releasing or just releasing an aircraft too soon, maybe, but released in early January 2020 is this updated version two v2.1.1, but what I would call the real release version of the SSG B748 aircraft.

So there is a lot now riding on this release and there was only really one way to find out the true depth of the aircraft and that is to fly it in it's designated environment and on a long, long haul or Flight no. LH779 from WSSS - Singapore to EDDF - Frankfurt.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Head 5.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Head 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Head 3.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Head 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Head 4.jpg


We are currently at FL340 (34,000ft) at .m84 and just off the coast of India at BUBKO waypoint, with a tik-tok number of 4294 nm to go to FRA.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 3.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 4.jpg


SSG promised with the v2 a completely new design, but on the first look last year it didn't exactly stand out and blew you away. But that has now been rectified in this update, my guess it was the Physically Based Rendering materials were not quite adjusted right and didn't give off the quality sheen SSG were looking for, but that new fuselage and it's extreme detailing now looks sensational and highly detailed. The huge General Electric GEnx--2B67B engines rated at 66,500 lbf (296 kN) are also new and look excellent. You only have to look at the earlier GEnx version to notice the vast differences. Wings are beautifully proportioned, modern and again all new, wing flex is also redone and is highly realistic. So the high quality detailing is everywhere and this SSG is now certainly the best B747 modeled version we have ever had externally in X-Plane. 


SSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 5.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 6.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 7.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 8.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Detail 9.jpg


So the design has moved a considerable way forward. This is brilliant of course but it all comes with a heavy cost in your frameweight. The original B748 version was quite if very heavy on your processors, this v2 version is damn right bloody heavy on your framerate, so you will have to make compromises.


I am running here a very basic version of X-Plane, this version has very few plugins, and absolutely no additional extras or changes, the only addition to the basic X-Plane download is my usual Custom Scenery Folder and Global Scenery folder, so the framerate is off the wall. Biggest hit is to the graphics, I had the "Texture Quality" set to "Maximum" but the overload when the SSG B748 when loaded was to high at 9246 mb and over my 8K card limit, so I had to accept the "High" setting for the flight to reduce my TQ down to 5944 mb, which is still high in this setup condition, then add in any heavy scenery and you can see the problem. So there is a cost here for all that higher quality and detail.


SSG promised also an internal 3d cabin, and that is what you get, but only on the upper deck and not the main deck, and that didn't make the punters happy at all...  


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cabin 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cabin 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cabin 3.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cabin 4.jpg


The upper class hump is nicely done, and it isn't actually a big area and very Concorde like in size (yes I have flown up there), detail is good without being outstanding and feels modeled and no textures, but I do like the curve and the details of the inter-deck stairs, all the lower deck areas are only contained around the doors.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cabin 5.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cabin 6.jpg


Most of the venom of the first v2 release was targeted at the cockpit. I myself thought it also wasn't particularly different from the original, although it has been completely redesigned from scratch...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 3.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 4.jpg


IT IS better, and actually really well done, but in certain lighting conditions the panel and the cockpit can still feel dull, but in the right lighting conditions you can see the textures and semi-gloss of the panels...   and very nice they are too...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 5.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 6.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 7.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 8.jpg


... so the textures and shine are correct (just a touch more shine would help though) as the detail is quite brilliant, so what is wrong? The clue might be in the Yokes...  they feel bland and dull, and mainly because of the detail is in the same colours as the yokes themselves, springs are brown, switches are brown, plates are brown, so it all forms into one big browness. More colour, detail, slight wear here and even a false clipped on nav-chart/flap speeds would break up the modeling blandness...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 9.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 10.jpg


...  anti-reflective instrument displays may be real, but some shine and depth on the glass would breakup that all the same semi-matt feel in the cockpit (aka FlightFacor B757/B767)... so overall it is really good, but these finer details let the visual realism down, but don't get me wrong, this updated v2.1.1 version has already been better refined and it certainly is far, far better than the Nov release, but it still needs that extra ummph to get this cockpit feel finally across the line like we detailed with the yokes.


But you are not short of detail, this is a fully operational Boeing 747 as every switch and every button works, it is impressive, and confusing on how much you have to know to operate this aircraft at the same time...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 13.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 14.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 11.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 12.jpg


Let us go back now to two hours ago at Singapore Changi T2 Gate E8


Part of the promise with the new cabin was also opening external doors, yes the earlier v1 B748i had opening doors but with only one or flip open everything, which wasn't very authentic. Here now you have full door control via a Menu page on the long-winded named Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD), and very good it is. Any open doors are also shown on the centre lower Multifunction Display (MFD)...




The door internal detail is very good, the cargo door mechanism as a focus is excellent in detail. My only surprise is of the still not available GPU (Ground Power Unit) which a big missing item for me that can also be selected via the GND SERV menu. There is a pushback feature as well, but I use BetterPushBack.




Other ISFD Tablet menu items include Fueling and Payload...  The Fueling page is excellent and I really like the quick and efficient selection of 100, 10, 1 input system which is very quick and easy.. there is an "SET PREDICTION" option that will set the fuel to the passenger load and weight, but I use SimBrief for a more accurate route fuel number. SSG note the fuel loads in the tanks at a quicker fast speed, but it feels too quick at this flow rate and doesn't feel realistic, maybe a more lengthy realistic loading time for the realists, but also a quick refuel option for the impatient.




Payload information is a very similar set up and again excellent for weight input and final load and aircraft weight, 25%,50%,75% and 80% loadings are one button push easy, again inputs on both are quick and efficient. Sound can be adjusted by a sound board, with complete options of High/Low Isolation and Quiet engines, reset to default is also available...  Sounds themselves are of a very high grade from Turbine Sound Studios (TSS).




Options include Show/Hides of Yokes and Rain Effects (Librain) and there is a Kg/Lbs selection, and time to align for the gyros in Real or Fast selections. A checklist reset is also available on the tablet. So it is a very good if simple (to the good) Menu, but the interface design is a bit average to the high quality of the aircraft, the left interface panel looks all a bit rushed and Windows 95 in that aspect.


FMC is very good by FJCC (Javier Cortés) and has a huge depth of detail. First on this v2 is that both the Pilot and First Officers CDU's are now both independent of each other, and both have pop-out's on windows F8 (Pilot) and Alt F8 (FO). You can input directly by pressing the KEYS selection, but note it does freeze the background for movement. I also found the pop-ups would also input the wrong key selection, with sometimes some very disastrous results like when inputting the FLIGHT No. it instead went into the DEST slot (and ruined the flightplan) and the COST INDEX went into the FL/LEVEL slot, so for these odd keys I used the facia direct version which is fine.






Overall the FMC depth as noted here is very good, with great detail. You do get a few helpers on the PERF INIT page but otherwise it is all input, and the manual "FCOM" guide is very good as a teacher, but note to load the passengers and cargo and fill the tanks before setting up the FMC PERF pages. There are however still a few Cortés quirks to work around though if you have to edit a route. The FMC can mix itself up and not add in or takeway waypoints with perfection, and this issue only resets itself when you do the completed edit, so that can make it frustrating.

If you are used to Javier Cortés FMC's you know how to route edit around the issues, but it would be hard for a novice on these study grade FMC's. There was another issue with the long route FMC flight plans returning an FULL error. As this is a very long haul I went over the 20 assigned pages and hit the issue, It was supposed to have been addressed in an earlier update, but it still blocked me and that is not good for an aircraft on primary long haul flying.

My only choice was to reedit the flight plan to takeout multiple AIRWAY waypoints and make them DIRECT to get under the 20 page limit. Added features to the FMC now also include Route 2 functionality and the Diversion function.


TERR function on the PFD (Primary Flight Display) is excellent and both PFD's are independently adjustable...




...  over the six years of development the systems have had a lot of attention, the depth is is very deep and the warning system is a highlight of what is going on in detail.  Fuel system with different pumps and tanks along with FUEL TANK/ENG logic is excellent, but remember the B747 is still a part manual aircraft, so in flight pump buttons and overrides have to be used. Air conditioning systems and logic is also highly evolved as is the electrical systems and on this v2 the IRS alignment process is now also available to use. The excellent FCOM manual covers all aspects of the systems and your interaction with them, and it is quite a lengthy read, but worthwhile to understand the full extent of system detail you have in the aircraft.


Departure from SIN was excellent, Pushback was via BetterPushBack and note the APU exhaust effects from the tail.




Engine startup is semi-automatic, with no separate bleeds shutoff like the older series B747's, Taxi feel is great, but watch your huge size.




Once clear of WSSS 20R, it was a full loop around (AROSO 2A) to connect to SID REDUK route departure. One note was that the B748i at this 397,400 kg Gross weight and a route distance of 5707 nm  it took a lot of skill to get the aircraft to it's first set FL340 (34,000ft) level, the aircraft needs careful timing of the Vertical Speed (V/S) and forward speed to climb up and abet slowly and it took a fair amount of time to do so, this is not a B738 is this modern Jumbo, but the feel and thought required took me back to the old days of fly cargo around the world in the old 747-200 Cargo series, and that aircraft was a serious challenge at max weight and a half to get the aircraft just off the runway, so that Boeing 747 heavy, heavy feel is perfect here.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Flying 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Flying 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Flying 3.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Flying 4.jpg


Once past India and into Pakistan the terminator line is getting more and more closer, we are at .m87 and FL380 (38,000ft) after burning off the takeoff weight of fuel, so we are now very fast and high...   and night flying is here.

Being comfortable at night is a big deal in long haul flying, because you spend a lot of time going from over many one time zones to the other.


The lighting is very good but not perfect in the cockpit, I remember it being better on the v1. It all works but the details are not right. The STORM/DOME doesn't feel right and the two MAP lights on each side adjust, but the actual lights above you don't shine...  and the rear cockpit light doesn't work either, so it all feels like a not finished WIP.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Night 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Night 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Night 3.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Night 4.jpg


Important though is that I did find that perfect lighting solution (above right) that keeps the cockpit lighting low and a panel to match, for landing the instrument/cockpit lighting setting here was perfect. The Upper class cabin's lighting is however not great...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Night 5.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Night 6.jpg


...  it looks like what it probably is, non-textured modeling and it doesn't look good at all, this is not a place to spend hours flying over half the world, externally it is worse again? The double-decker lighting is far too bright, and the main deck lighting of which I suppose is to match the brighter upper deck, but it all feel's like it is ten simulation years out of date...  crossing the heavens at night the B748 looks more like a cruise ship than an aircraft? Tail logo lighting however is very good.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Night 7.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Night 8.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Night 9.jpg


Flying is impressive in the drivers seat and here are few notes. When the fuel tanks get low they pump up more fuel up from the reserve tanks, if switched off the system asks for the OVERD switches to be turned on, and when pumping you get these fuel flow direction arrows pumping away, seriously impressive...   I always was also impressed by the bank adjustment from the switch to the route guide on the MAP/NAV display, adjust your bank and the line computes the new trajectory to match, it is all very good...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 15.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 16.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 17.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 18.jpg


....   MAP/NAV information can be data overload, but it is impressive here and certainly as good as any FlightFactor system, POS shows the nearest VOR, and DATA shows waypoint info.


On approach to Frankfurt the V/S altitude target is a must have tool and here it is very good, Messages like this FMC VFL APPROACH mode are also very authentic...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 19.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 20.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 21.jpg


... OVRD pump warnings are not what you want on finals, but they are noting the low fuel in the reserve tanks.


External aircraft lighting is very good, the red strobes flash nicely off the engines and so do the strobes on the outer pods, wing lighting is also very good as is all the main landing lights...


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 22.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 23.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 25.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 24.jpg


Finals and we coming in for a perfect controlled landing at Frankfurt FRA 07C, but on the ground I am not too sure about the forward central FG taxi light as it is very weak, but the side runway turn off lights are fine.


SSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 26.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 27.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 28.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Cockpit 29.jpg


THIS B748i is a VERY BIG aircraft to taxi around busy airports,and  it is a tight fit to get all that the heft into the A23 Gate, so you have to judge and steer well to manoeuvre the aircraft correctly and then align it into position, and now back under apron lighting this Boeing really shines.


SSG_B748-I_v2_EDDF 1.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_EDDF 2.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_EDDF 3.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_EDDF 4.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_EDDF 5.jpg



There are currently six liveries in very high quality detail: SSG House, Air China, Air Force One, Boeing House, Korean Air and Lufthansa


SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery SSG.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Air China.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Air Force One.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Boeing House.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Korean Air.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Lufthansa.jpg




In a review you can only show images and not every detail of a complete flight, but what really is the biggest consideration from simulation. It is to deliver that perfect gate to gate flight, and that is what you aim for, work for and determinedly keep wanting in every aspect of flying in a simulator, flying long haul is the hardest of all, but it is also the most rewarding...    as more can go wrong or something can also easily ruin a great flight.


But to achieve that ultimate simulated goal is not easy, as your computer has to be powerful enough (certainly in this case), and the simulator has to behave itself and the biggest factor of all is that the aircraft you are flying also works well, no bugs, no crashes, no bad programing and when you think how horribly complex this Boeing 748i is then and in that everything works perfectly then what is presented to you is some sort of god given miracle.


The original v1 of SSG's B748i has had six years of development, the Legacy version showed all that refinement and the possibility of what the v2 could deliver. On release it stumbled, but I knew at the time how good the systems were in this aircraft, but this updated version now certainly fulfills out that earlier promise.


The SSG v2 B748i is not perfect as I have pointed out in this review, mostly the missing main deck, the lighting and a lot of texture detail, but in every other respect this is a very proficient aircraft, the B748i flew nine hours perfectly from Gate to Gate and delivered an astounding simulation, Study grade, yes absolutely in that class as the systems have a huge depth. It also challenged my skills to deliver the aircraft to altitude but it also followed the SimBrief numbers perfectly, and right down to the perfect performance numbers (okay I used an extra 1kg of fuel for the long taxi and that heavy climb) but the numbers don't lie, the SSG Boeing 747-8 Inter now certainly delivers and currently it is the best long haul aircraft in the X-Plane simulator, that is now tested and proved within this review and with the B748 Freighter version coming very soon then that will be my long haul simulations wrapped up for a fair while



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 Anniversary Edition By Supercritical Simulations Group is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Boeing 747- Inter Anniversary Editio


Price is US$65.00



Officially licensed by the Boeing Corporation.

  •  The entire external 3D model for v2 has been redone, including the following:
  • All new fuselage closely modeled on the real one with added details
  • Each door can be opened individually and is more detailed
  • dded animations and details (almost all parts that can open/move on the aircraft are modeled).
  • New external details such as a satellite antenna and tail camera
  • New cut passenger windows instead of textures
  • New vertical and horizontal stabilizers with added details
  • New nacelles and engines with more details and new animations
  • Reworked and more detailed landing gear/gear doors with additional animation
  • Improved and more detailed leading and trailing edge flaps and added flap mechanisms
  • Upper deck interior with seats/galleys and stairs to lower deck
  •  New wing flex and nacelle animations 
The textures for the entire aircraft have been redone to match the new model, along with decals for certain detailed areas, right down to most of the external placards, working closely with our technical advisors to ensure all the main details are present and that we have gotten them right.
  • The entire cockpit 3D model has been largely redone and completely retextured. 
  • New overhead panel and buttons/switches
  • New forward panel and buttons/switches
  • New pedestal and buttons/switches/handles
  • New miscellaneous panel and buttons/switches
  • Side panels and window frames completely redone
  • New cockpit seats
  • Various added details
  • Almost all switches function properly and independently 
  • IRS alignment process implemented
  • More realistic fuel system with different pumps and tanks along with FUEL TANK / ENG logic
  • Realistic AUTOSTART and RUNNING indicators on secondary engine displays
  • Improved and more realistic air conditioning system and logic
  • Better track representation on ND
  • Clock and chronometer on ND working like on the real aircraft
  • More realistic baro pressure logic (STD, preselected, transition altitude)
  • Captain and First Officer FMCs are now independent
  • FMC FIX page added
  • FMC Route 2 function added
  • FMC Diversion function added
  • Librain rain effects (currently not working on Macs)
Skuncraft Updater
  • Now with Skunkcraft updater. No need to download anything for updates, the plane will automatically be updated



X-Plane 11

Windows , Mac or Linux
4GB MB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended

Current and Review Version : 2.1.1 - (January 22nd 2020)
Owners of the 747 v1 will see a discounted price once logged in into their account. No Coupon required.
NOTE: Framerate requires a decent graphic card, minimum of 8gb is RECOMMENDED, so I would also recommend a power machine as standard.
Installation : Download is 1.13gb which is unzipped and is inserted in your Heavy Aircraft  folder as: 1.40gb
Key authorisation is required. 
Note: Curently the WebFMC Pro is not working with the new dual FMC units, a fix is beening done and will be published soon.
Documentation : includes 
  • SSG 747-8 V2.1_Change Log.txt
  • SSG License Agreement.txt
  • librain license.txt
  • SSG 747-8 V2.1 Quick Start Guide.pdf
  • SSG 747-8 V2.1 FCOM.pdf


Aircraft Review by Stephen Dutton 

30th January 2020

Copyright©2020: X-Plane Reviews 


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) 

Review System Specifications: 

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.20

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini 

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1.07 US$69.90 : Traffic GLobal Plugin - US$52.99 : BetterPushBack - Free

Scenery or Aircraft

- EDDF - Airport Frankfurt XP11 by Aerosoft  (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$32.99

- WSSS - Singapore Changi 2.12 by TOD  (X-Plane.Org) - Free


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 3 months later...
3 hours ago, chris787gh said:

Stars and SID’s are not showing in my FMS!!

I updated the navigraph but no success!?

I checked my version and the SID/STARs work fine and I have updated recently up to AIRAC cycle 2008...  the SSG B748i does have an odd navdata arrangement, it overall uses the X-Plane navdata, but there is an on board the aircraft version as well version noted as cycle 1707, there is an installer in the NavData installers folder....   I think you can update this by downloading it from Navigraph

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14 hours ago, Stephen said:

I checked my version and the SID/STARs work fine and I have updated recently up to AIRAC cycle 2008...  the SSG B748i does have an odd navdata arrangement, it overall uses the X-Plane navdata, but there is an on board the aircraft version as well version noted as cycle 1707, there is an installer in the NavData installers folder....   I think you can update this by downloading it from Navigraph

Thanks so much, ill try it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

The aircraft SSG 747-8F has many  advantages such the quality,  and how the aircraft is made, but actually i have several problems with it and i don't know if somebody can solve my doubt

Respect the liveries that the aircraft has, six in total, i don't have any problem but, if i want to download any other livery from the ORG, when i charge the aircraft in the simulator after install the livery in the liveries binder, then appears above the default livery, i and I can't see anything of the livery which I downloaded. I've been trying more but I still have the same problem

The second and last problem I have is that when starting the engines, the N1 and EGT go up too high (the N1 up to 58% more or less, and I cannot have a stable ignition without the engines revving by full. 

If anyone can help me or have a solution for these problems please let me know, thanks

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My first guess is that you are trying to use v1 liveries on the v2 model? they are completely different textures...  there has been a paintkit posted, so my guess is that conversions will come soon. On the starting engines I haven't got that far yet, but the review is coming soon.

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8 hours ago, Stephen said:

My first guess is that you are trying to use v1 liveries on the v2 model? they are completely different textures...  there has been a paintkit posted, so my guess is that conversions will come soon. On the starting engines I haven't got that far yet, but the review is coming soon.

Thanks Stephen for the explanation, So, for the moment, the six liveries that come with the aircraft are the only ones aviable for V2?

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On 8/25/2020 at 1:33 AM, Stephen said:

My first guess is that you are trying to use v1 liveries on the v2 model? they are completely different textures...  there has been a paintkit posted, so my guess is that conversions will come soon. On the starting engines I haven't got that far yet, but the review is coming soon.

no trouble starting the engines from my side - (passenger version 2.2) 

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Hi all. 


First of all. Respect for making such a good airplane. 

Now my thing...  I only fly VR on a Oculus Rift S. 

In earlier posts concerning VR, it see there were some issues for VR users, regarding this airplane, esp.  switches which didn't work properly. 


Questioning short: are there any VR users here who are flying properly with this airplane? 

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  • 1 month later...

I purchased the plane today. Very happy with how it looks. I had some issues but it was all sorted out. I also realized it was the wind that blew the fan blades. I didn't think they did that much animation. Awesome plane. Thanks Stephen. I'm used to the engine blades not moving when I load the Zibo mod, but I love it. Initially I thought it was a bug. I was tired and didn't realize until the next morning.

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  • 1 month later...

Everytime I depart from a relatively large airport with the SSG 747-8, a few minutes after departure, X-Plane freezes completely. I departed from a smaller airport and had no issues whatsoever. Checked Graphics settings and had it very low and it still did the same. It's really starting to get annoying and ruining my enjoyment. 

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On 7/26/2022 at 6:30 AM, GRAMACHO said:

Good evening I really want to buy this aircraft, but first I would like to know if there will be a free update for Xplane12 for those who buy it now

Most developers will ask for an Upgrade fee for X-Plane12, this to pay for upgrades throughout the version lifetime, say 4-5 years, you will also get the X-Plane12 features as well in the upgrade.

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Stephen that is a nice sentiment but in reality will developers see it as a pool of money to fund development over the life of XP12 or will they see it as a one off payment to make the product compliant with XP12? I guess it may vary between developers. As for the question asked here should you purchase now, or when the aircraft is available in XP12 that is an interesting one. Lets say the current XP11 version is hypothetically $69. Lets say the upgrade fee will be $15. Will the developer, when XP12 is up and running and the upgrade done, make the price for new buyers to be $84 ($69+$15) or $69? My guess is the latter, but that is a guess. I think we are going to see a lot of variety between developers. Some will not upgrade, some will upgrade just to make it work in XP12 and some will upgrade and add XP12 features. One thing I guess is pretty certain, anyone staying with XP11 is unlikely to see either updates, bug fixes or any help if some other issue (like a Windows platform change) introduces new problems. Presumably once XP12 features are added back compatibility  is lost? 

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On 7/25/2022 at 3:30 PM, GRAMACHO said:

Good evening I really want to buy this aircraft, but first I would like to know if there will be a free update for Xplane12 for those who buy it now

Why not drop into the XPlane.Org store and purchase it for price of only $45.00 (a $24.00 savings)?

You get what you want now and even if there is a $15.00 upgrade fee to X-Plane 12... you still win. :)

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I guess one argument that prices in XP12 might be higher is inflation. Many of the aircraft that may be updated were originally released and priced a few years ago so this might justifiably be an opportunity for developers to reset levels. Upgrade fees will be interesting. I have enough aircraft that in total in might be an significant sum. That might have some impact on sales of newer releases at least for a while as people find the money to upgrade their existing loved ‘fleet’. Plenty of people might have, say, fifteen pay-ware aircraft. Let’s say all of them were updated at $15 each. That’s $225 which puts the ‘upgrade’ price of the new base XP12 package into perspective. 

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