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  1. A great summary, I really enjoy reading your work. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Stephen.
  2. This is not unusual, if Airfoillabs cannot find your activation key. If you can... from the Top Menubar, under plugins, find Airfoillabs and click on Product Manager. You should see: King Air 350, 1.5.3.... and 'Up to date'. If not, I would delete your installation, re-install and re-activate using the key they provided you. Then return to the above menu and update the product.
  3. I agree that it would make a lot of sense for a developer to spend their creative time building aircraft/scenery that "users" really desire. It sounds that there's a list somewhere of planes that are "highly desired". Personally I like the GA area, in fact, I purchased the Phenom 300 based on Stephen's review. What a great plane! Can you point out where I might look for a list of desired planes?
  4. Wow.. what a great review. Stephen.. I "always" look forward to your reviews, they are amongst the best I've seen. I purchased the Beaver as soon as they released it. I'm still finding my way around...and this review will help a lot. Thanks again.
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