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    • Switch it off, then switch it on again - good luck!
    • X-PlaneReviews : Announcement - Site issues   Currently the X-PlaneReviews site is experiencing issues that is beyond our control. The site had an (automatic) upgrade from the IPB Invision board that has buggered up all our layouts and settings, worse we can't use the editor to create reviews (text is fine) but no layouts can be currently created (this has happened in the past but the editor was still working correctly, so we worked around it)... but this time around we are royally stuffed.   We hope normal review conditions will resume as soon as possible...   Thank you for your continuing support and patronage to the site...   Stephen Dutton    
    • A thing that has always irked me about this model - the engine cowling is in only three pieces.  A Supercub has a belly cowl, two side cowls which attach to the belly cowl with brackets and dzus fasteners and a top cowl.  The top cowl attaches to the side cowls with a piano hinge on either side.  These hinges are missing on this cub - no reaction when brought to their attention.  A small thing perhaps but not when you're coughing up $40+.
    • Hi folks, I just bought this plane and I would love to be able to fly it but... It keeps crashing X-Plane after selecting it and initializing a flight. I'm not sure what's wrong here. All the various iterations of this plane show up, all of them crash X-Plane. Darn it.
    • I still don't agree with you? I have covered a vast set of aircraft from Carenado, and the instrument layouts are vastly different with different instruments, the GTN 750 is available from Realistic for intergration with the XP Citation, that is why there is no default version, The FlightSim versions are very different from XP, from different suppliers so you can't compare the two platforms, performances are governed currently in aircraft that have been converted to XP11.30 dynamics and those that have not... the Citation is still a pre-11.30 aircraft and has not been yet currently updated to 11.30 performance.
    • FF 320U is a flop. I was at that time excited to acquire a deep in the systems going model, despite the bad experience with FF. What I feared came true. Just like the unfinished A350 (in particular MCDU without SID / STAR), the A320 model did not go beyond the unfinished beta development phase. The hysterical initial enthusiasm is transformed into a grave silence. And now not only a working adaptation to XP 11:32?! On the other side JAR A320 was developed step by step and has now a new MCDU , a co-pilot, X-Life-ATC, ground service (not like the FF toys) and excellent flight dynamic !
    • I want to define it clearly again. Carenado is a recycling workshop. What I like in their models is just the seat upholstery. You should compare cockpit instruments with different models - it is a repeated recycling. You should compare the models with the real current edition and you would see that only older versions are displayed. For example, Carenado Citation II S550 (1978-2006) is now offered exclusively with the Garmin GTN 750! Even this system provided by X-Plane for developers (!) has not even been installed. I also deny the good dynamic flow characteristics of Carenado models (just remember the PC12 model)
    • I see this is an older review Stephen, but Thank You for it. Looks like the Citation would be a good add to my 690B Carenado, which I really like. I look forward to seeing their next update to an already great looking and flying aircraft. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Your guess is about as good as mine at the moment, FlightFactor are not forthcoming with any details, I do know the updates and testing has been going on since the start of the year and there is a public beta.. but to a formal release we are all in the dark?
    • Are we flying the same aircraft? I don't think so! I respect opinions but Carenado are currently leading the pack and not following, In areas yes they could improve like with their still 2D menus, but on the flight performance areas they are class leaders...
    • Why do I look at that and think "now that's a tidied up Seabee".  Same thing but a lot smoother and the Seabee didn't have a blonde wearing a David Clarke headset.
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