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    • Never done it, but I doubt it, it comes with full instructions and an installer, it is only installed in your plugin's folder so how hard can that be...  but the aircraft has to be RXP compatible
    • Hi, Is the RXP GTN 750 easy to install?   grz.Paul
    • Scenery Review : LFSB - EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg by JustSim   EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg ( LFSB) is an international airport 3.5 km (2.2 mi) northwest of the city of Basel, Switzerland, 20 km (12 mi) southeast of Mulhouse in France, and 46 km (29 mi) south-southwest of Freiburg im Breisgau in Germany. This Franco-Swiss administered airport is geographically located within the French Alsace region, in the administrative commune of Saint-Louis near the border tripoint between France, Germany, and Switzerland, so being noted as the EuroAirport of three regions is a good definition of the position and significance of this Swiss/Franco airport.   EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Aéroport de Bâle-Mulhouse Flughafen Basel-Mülhausen IATA: BSL, MLH, EAP - ICAO: LFSB, LSZM   15/33 : 3,900m - (12,795ft) Concrete 08/26 : 1,820m (5,971ft) Concrete Elevation AMSL : 885 ft / 270 m     Many sceneries are incorporated into reviews because in the their own review they are so good you just don't want to lose them again into your expansive network of destinations. Two come to mind with Luxembourg Airport (ELLX) and Brussels Airport (EBBR) that both have had extensive exposure and are use consistently in X-PlaneReviews that would have not even been considered in my normal flight routings....  and oddly enough is that both of these sensational sceneries are by JustSim.   So here is EuroAirport LFSB/LSZM or Mulhouse which is again by JustSim, and is already probably destined to become another of those sceneries that in most cases would never even think of, or never mind in actually using...   in which case you will from now on will probably use the scenery all the time.     Intergration into the X-Plane mesh is simply sublime, with the excellent layout set within the landscape perfectly. There are a few flat areas to the south that the autogen has not covered, but it is not really noticeable in context. The highlight is the main terminal building with it's Y shaped concourse that was built in 2002.   Terminal Building You cannot be anything but totally blown away by the quality of the EuroAirport terminal building, it is simply sensational in detail and design.     Developers take note, this in the sort craftmanship you have to aspire to in this high level of competitive scenery, everything here is perfect, reflective glass, oh yes, and in the perfect detailing, well yes as that is all in here as well. There is no internal detail, but in reality that isn't required here, but the external detailing is perfect where needed.   The terminal gates are numbered 1-2, 20-46, 60-61 and 78-87 of which gates 22-32 are used for non-Schengen flights. Seven of the boarding gates (animated/active) but are not SAM, but the highly converted "Marginal" design featured Autogates, the other gates are used for walkon - or bus-boarding.     ....  glass is the one area that differentiates even the very best of quality scenery, but the glass application here is simply above and beyond, yes I am gushing, this is brilliant stuff and it all comes with shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects. Control Tower mid-Terminal is faithfully recreated with nice detailing. Tower View is correct, if a little low.     Clutter is also very good. Airside there is a lot of well placed clutter with some branding, but mostly they are all placed default vehicles. Landside is the same but still very well done. The photo ground textures are a bit grainy, but not the usual washed out and they are still highly visible with a few burnt into the ground cars. There is also a lot of animated vehicles spread around the scenery, the vehicle traffic is spot on with a lot of movement, but not too much to overwhelm the roadways...     ....    unique here is that the landside areas are uniquely divided into both separate French and a Swiss parts (Swiss customs road is arrowed) .     The headquarters of Swiss International Air Lines and Swiss Global Air Lines are on the grounds at EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg in the Swiss section of the airport; even though the airport is within France, the Swiss head office is only accessible from Switzerland by that same unique road connection.     Older original Cargo facilities are very good with F1, F2, F3, F4 and F4A parking stands. Jet Aviation maintenance area (Maintenance Apron) is huge with some really nice static Boeing 747-400's...     ...  nowhere to park your private jet? well why not up on the roof, it is the perfect solution.   To be noted are the excellent elevation changes within the scenery. AS there are clever gradients that are set out everywhere including (3d) below ground large channel areas.     On the southern boundary is the new Swissaport Cargo facility and it is huge. There are only two cargo parking stands, but they are both category F stands in F21 and F22. Cargo operators include: ASL Airlines, DHL Aviation, FedEx Feeder, Korean Air Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo and UPS Airlines.     Southwest is a large MRO maintenance area and industrial complex (Maintenance Apron South-West)...   the main tenants here include AMAC Aerospace, Jet Aviation and Airservice Basel.     The whole complex is really well done with individual designed buildings and a huge amount of detail, static aircraft that are neatly packed in and well represented, overall the Southwest area is first rate. Also represented in this area is the La Comète Sports Centre.     There is a fair bit of infrastructure in the Northeast along the main Taxiway B. Highlight is the older original hangers that front the General Aviation and Private Jet apron and stands G3 - G20...  The huge airport Fire Station is far north.     The old traditional Swiss Buildings at the entrance to the EuroAirport have also been well reproduced as is the massive undercover carpark.   Ground Textures The Runway textures are excellent as the main runway concrete construction is perfectly realised, worn and in parts well rubberised, and the taxiway asphalt is also spot on in general use wear and tear, verges are perfect as is the large coverage of the airfield with 3d grass.     All surfaces are PBR (Physically Based Rendered) with reflections and wet (rain) effects and they are very, very good.     Lighting I was expecting the lighting to average, but it is again only exceptional. Main Runway 15/33 has significant approach lighting on RWY 15, however the approach to RWY 33 is quite different...  the actual runway only starts past Taxiway D, the rest is just the runway extension...     ...  the boundary is made clear by the side runway red lighting before the official white lights, and here that aspect is exceptionally done, and also note the short 08/26 does not have any lighting and neither does the adjoining Taxiway P.   Think that the terminal looked great in the daylight, well you haven't seen it in the night time, well it is stupendous!     Lower terminal and Y concourse LIT textures could be a bit overbright and not to everyone's taste, but I like them a lot...     Landside in carpark lighting is also excellent, as are all remote aprons which are also well catered for...     ...  all building detail and lit signage is first rate and the attention to lighting detail here is perfect.   Services: EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg is mostly a LLC (Low-Cost Carrier) centric airport, with a lot of seasonal sevices. EasyJet Switzerland is based here as is Ryanair, well off and on. BSL was also the old Crossair headquarters, but Eurowings are now also starting to have a significant impact on the airport as well.   Summary You see a lot of scenery when you do a lot of significant reviews, and in most cases if not in all then with exception of a few cases there is always an area or that something that reduces the perfect scenery down from it's almost perfect perch at the top, to a far lower expectation...  but this EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg airport scenery is certainly not one of those.   This is an airport that covers two countries in France (It is built on French soil) and Switzerland, but also on the boundary of a third country in Germany, so it is a pure multinational and international airport. It is really a place to it's own in being a Euroland.   I'm rating this JustSim scenery Five Stars and it deserves that rare accolade, it is almost the perfect scenery with excellent mest intergration, overwhelming terminal modeling, excellent clutter and landside detail, active vehicles, glass and textures (All PBR) and airbridges (all seven of them), then the icing on this already great cake is the excellent terminal, landside lighting and night signage... only very small kink is that in some areas you get no autogen to cover the phototextures, and some users may not like the terminal lower LIT overbright textures... and that is it, otherwise this EuroAirport is almost perfect in what you require in airport scenery. Yes I was blown away by this scenery and the high quality it delivers....  and you will love it as well.   Five out of FIVE stars ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ ______________________________________________________________________     Yes! LFSB - EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg by JustSim is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here : LFSB - EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg   Price is US$21.60   Features: Detailed airport objects and vehicles Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron Custom surroundings  Custom autogen for whole island Custom airport lights Compatible with X-Plane 11 features Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures High resolution building textures Excellent night effects Realistic reflections on glass World Traffic compatible X-Life traffic compatible Optimized for excellent performance ______________________________________________________________________   Installation Scenery download zip package is 850.30mb, and it is installed in your X-Plane custom scenery folder in this order:   LFBS_Justsim_v1.0 (1.79Gb) LFBS_Mesh_Justsim_v1.0 (20.8mb)   Total scenery installation is 1.81gb   Requirements : X-Plane 11+ Windows, Mac, Linux 4Gb VRAM Video Card Minimum, 8Gb+ VRAM Video Card Recommended Current and Review version: 1.0 (Feb 5th 2020) ______________________________________________________________________   Scenery Review by Stephen Dutton 12th February 2020 Copyright©2020: X-Plane Reviews   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 11.41 Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini : Headshake by SimCoders Plugins:  WorldTraffic3 US$29.95 : Environment Engine v1.07 by xEnviro US$69.90 : SFD Global by misterx6 US$30.00 Scenery or Aircraft - Boeing 738 by Laminar Research - Default with X-Plane11    
    • Well Perry, the FlightFactor B777 is now very dated, it does fly fine as I use it all the time, but a highly updated XP11 aircraft is due later this year, just to note to have every Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable installed as the aircraft requires every one of them....  SD
    • Adobe photoshop and illustrator is not freeware, unless you stole it? 
    • I've been contemplating getting the FF 777, but wanted to know if there are current users in 2020 flying it with no or little issues.    Thanks, P
    • Not even for free, they does know how to draw, guys you must learn to use photoshop and illustrator, there are best freeware.
    • yep i have the experimantal flight switch on ill try it tomorrow if it change
    • News! - Updated : WebFMC Pro v1.5.2 by Green Arc Studios   The excellent WebFMC Pro plugin application has been updated to v1.5.2. This update covers the changes to the SSG Boeing 748i v2 and E-Jets Evolution Series to be active in the application, the earlier 747-8 Series v1.9+ is still supported as well.    The WebFMC is a plugin that allows you to use a FMC (Flight Management Computer) on an external screen via a web browser. That is an another computer or tablet. So it is a remote tool, but a very beneficial tool and even a powerful one in programming in route and performance data and following the set aircraft route in flight and in mirroring the aircraft's built in FMS (Flight Management System). Added into the functionality is a load of features in the use of the FMC on another screen....  and so yes I am a huge fan.   There are a few notes in that the application will only work in the updated SSG versions of the B748i and E-Jet Evolution via the right hand FMC unit due to limitations of the datarefs (both new version SSG releases now have independent twin FMC access), and any use of the left FMC in popup mode will disconnect the WebFMC interaction with the aircraft (I found in the SSG B747i v2 review inconsistencies when using the left hand FMC as noted in the review, so those aspects are not surprising).   In doing the review I really missed this tool massively, it is brilliant to have it back, as long haul routing can be very difficult to input, notably here because of the SSG 748i 20 page FMC input limitation.     My routing details are done on another computer (A Mac 27") and use SimBrief and Navigraph tools...  note that the PLAN routing is done on the right side NAV/MAP SSG display and not the left side as usual....     ...  otherwise it is a normal routing operation.   The full current complete list of supported aircraft / FMCs with version 1.5.2:   SSG E-Jets Evolution Series (both variants, requires v1.4+) NEW! SSG 747-8 Series (both variants; both v1.9+ and v2+ are supported) NEW! Default X-Plane FMC with all aircraft that use it FlightFactor A350 XWB Advanced (old style MCDU) JARDesign 330 (requires v3.1r2+) JARDesign 320 (both v3.2x and new v3.4+) ToLiss 319 FlightFactor A320 Ultimate FlightFactor Boeing 757v2 (all variants)  FlightFactor Boeing 767 (all variants) Rotate MD-80 IXEG 737-300 EADT x737 (x737FMC required) Zibo Mod 737-800 737-900 Ultimate 737-700 Ultimate   There are two versions available and the PRO version is now listed with an impressive 17 aircraft + Default X-Plane FMC, but three in the list of the Zibo Mod 737-800 and the 737-900ER/700 Ultimate are also available in the Free Demo version.   Still super brilliant and a worthy tool for X-Plane routing...  for WebFMC Pro it is a big YES! from me. ____________________________________     Yes! WebFMC Pro v1.5.2 by Green Arc Studios is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here : WebFMC Pro   Price is US$19.99   The v1.5.2 update is free to previous purchasers of the plugin, go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account for the new version.   Access CDU / FMC of select X-Plane 11 airplanes via any modern web browser running on your PC or mobile device over local network.   Quick and easy access to the FMC Get easy access to the FMC: quickly edit the flightplan, monitor flight progress, set up your approach and do all the typical work of the pilot without having to move around in the cockpit, even if the plane doesn’t support FMC as a popup natively - on the same PC, or different monitor, tablet or phone - in fact you can use multiple displays at the same time!   Make pilot tasks easy and comfortable Enjoy external views during cruise while monitoring flight progress on separate screen or take a quick look at your phone to verify calculated landing speed with just a glimpse of an eye during busy time on approach. Make flying complex SIDs / STARs easy as you can focus on the important flight parameters while having overview of the constraints all the time. Take your mobile to the kitchen as you cook a dinner during a long haul and never miss T/D again!   Convenient to use Use physical keyboards on PC with extra keys such as Prev/Next page mapped to keyboard keys for easy access. WebFMC scales dynamically to fit any display or window size and can look as native app on mobiles by using browser's "Add to home screen" feature.   Aircraft support WebFMC Pro supports a growing number of 3rd party aircraft starting with    SSG E-Jets Evolution Series (both variants, requires v1.4+) NEW! SSG 747-8 Series (both variants; both v1.9+ and v2+ are supported) NEW! Default X-Plane FMC with all aircraft that use it FlightFactor A350 XWB Advanced (old style MCDU) JARDesign 330 (requires v3.1r2+) JARDesign 320 (both v3.2x and new v3.4+) ToLiss 319 FlightFactor A320 Ultimate FlightFactor Boeing 757v2 (all variants)  FlightFactor Boeing 767 (all variants) Rotate MD-80 IXEG 737-300 EADT x737 (x737FMC required) 737-800 Zibo Mod*   737-900U Ultimate*   737-700U Ultimate* * Available on the free demo WebFMC plugin Requirements: The WebFMC plugin requires X-Plane 11 running 64-bit Windows 7 operating system or newer Mac OS 10.14.x (Mojave) Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS (64-bit)   Web Client The CDU can be displayed on any modern and up-to-date web browser with JavaScript support. We recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome on PC or Android and Safari on iOS.    No internet connection required, remote device needs to be on the same local network as X-Plane PC.  Support for WebSockets RFC 6455 standard is required which implies at least iOS version 6.  Current and Review version: 1.5.2 (February 8th 2020)   Not required but highly recommended is SimBrief (Free) and Navigraph Charts (Subscription) ______________________________________________________________________   News Update by Stephen Dutton 10th February 2020 Copyright©2020 : X-Plane Reviews    (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)     
    • I flew the Archer lll and it flies perfectly (a bit touchy under brakes), but takeoff and landing was normal... So either your settings (wind) are wrong or you have the experimental  flight switched on..  but the JF Archer is very nice!
    • The BK117 is now just too old and without updates for too long 😢, Yes I tried the BK117 not long ago and it is not flying correctly in X-Plane11...  and yes I miss it badly.
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