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  1. News! - X-Trident update the CH47-D Chinook to v1.1 Most developers do a followup update after an aircraft release to do a tidy up of bugs, fixes and small changes. This is the one for the amazing CH47-D Chinook by X-Trident to version v1.1. Full review is here: Aircraft Review : Boeing CH47-D Chinook by X-Trident The v1.1 update is set out in three separate sections consisting of; Corrections and new features, x-plane commands (mapped to plugin functions) and new “CH47” custom commands. New is; added sound effects for switches and buttons (new
  2. News! - JustFlight shows off BAe146 Pro custom FMC When X-PlaneReviews did the comprehensive review of JustFlight's exceptional BAe146 Professional, there was one glaring exception... a Universal FMC. Instead we had installed in the aircraft the crappy default X-Plane FMC, which is pretty basic, and useless, to the point it only just does the route for you to follow, and it doesn't look authentic either (not a lot of love there is there). Personally I thought the custom FMC would be months away, but no, as on the JustFlight Facebook page they already give us a
  3. News! - Rotate flashes more images of the coming McDonnell Douglas MD11 The release of Rotate's McDonnell Douglas MD80 was a watershed moment for quality and detail of this iconic aircraft for X-Plane, certainly one of the extremely really good simulations, the MD80 delivers on every level for simulation... so how do you follow something so brilliant, well with an even bigger McDonnell Douglas aircraft in the MD11. The MD80 was released in late 2015, yes five years ago, but the many updates have kept the aircraft quite relevant... Which brings us to the
  4. Translation; "to finally have this unique and mythical helicopter which completes my collection of aircraft (more than 100) and which reminds me of my wonderful life in the French Air Force. Thanks for this work."
  5. Aircraft Review : Citation CJ4 Proline21 by Netavio Did you know that the Citation by Cessna is named after a racehorse? Well it is, the first Cessna jet was originally called the FanJet 500, but a 1948 Belmont Stakes races winner, and a horse then went on to becoming the 8th Triple Crown champion was called Citation, and the horse was known as fast, easy to handle and good at running long or short distances on hard or soft surfaces. And so in 1970 the Cessna Chairman Dwane L. Wallace honoured his memory by renaming the FanJet 500 as the Cessna Citation, The Citation Mustang also m
  6. News! - Aircraft Updates : ToLiSS updates the A321 and NEO packages v1.3 Back in late April 2021, ToLiSS updated their excellent Airbus A319 to version v1.6, they also announced at the time that the larger sister Airbus A321 and the addon NEO (New Engine Option) packages in updates that would follow along later... and here they are in version v1.3. Most of the changes in the A319 v1.6 update, are also visible here, but more changes cover not only the different A321 systems, but the additional NEO configurations. The v1.3 changelog is quite substantial, but
  7. I do not agree that developers are now avoiding the X-Plane.OrgStore. The points are simple in that X-Plane as a community and consumer base has changed and diversed over the years. Overall the composition changed as the X-Plane as a platform moved on from what was basically a hobbyist platform to a more diverse, even say Flight Simulator broad based consumer profile. The point is the actual amount of products now available on the X-Plane.OrgStore compared to even five years ago are far, far more considerable than ever before. Yes developers swap and change, but the ones that go it alone also
  8. News! - Laminar Research : X-Plane12 Preview Just yesterday I did a full evaluation of the Simulation situation current to date in this year 2021, in our monthly "Behind The Screen" (May) edition. And lo and behold the next day out comes a preview video titled "X-Plane Technology Preview One"... did Laminar read our summation? I doubt it, but it does note the date, in that this weekend the original FlightSimExpo 21 was to have been held in San Diego (4th-6th June) that has now been rescheduled for September 24-26, 2021. Was this weekend originally supposed to have bee
  9. Behind the Screen : May 2021 Noted it is already 1st June... 5 months of the year 2021 have already passed, and where are we? Non-Covid then later this week the FlightSimExpo on the 4th June to the 6th June would have been running in San Diego, but that date has now been moved to September 24-26, 2021. The FlightSimExpo 2021 this time around after the no-go of 2020, was a huge focus on the state of play in simulation and of the whirlwind of the changes surrounding simulation, a sort of "touch base" scenario or to see where we are all relative to all the significant ch
  10. News! - Released : Enhanced Flight Models by Xaero Updates to X-Plane default aircraft are getting even more and more far apart. There might be the odd nip and touch here and there, but unbelievable is the fact that many of the current default aircraft don't even comply to the current "Experimental Flight Model" is showing up Laminar Research and their poor updating efforts lately... the last was 11.50 Q3 last year. Xaero have stepped in to the breach, by releasing "Enhanced Flight Model" packages to fill in the current gaps. To date there has been two package releases
  11. X-PlaneReviews : Away on a break With two mega reviews done and a bit of nice weather, it is time to have a small (rest) break. X-PlaneReviews will not be updated from Wednesday 26th May 2021 to the Tuesday 1st June 2021. See you all very soon Stephen Dutton X-PlaneReviews
  12. News! - Aircraft Update : JustFlight updates the BAe146 v1.1.1 It is just the teeny-weenyest of updates, just a few... but v1.1.1 shows that JustFlight (Thranda) are still pursuing the smallest of issues and in wanting to get their BAe146 just about perfect. Changelog v1.1.1 - Beacon flashing pattern made more realistic - OAT gauge now always indicated in degrees C - Fixed geometry aft of weather radar - Improved ASI knob usability (supports click-and-hold) - Increased volume of altitude alert callouts - Added aircraft
  13. News! - Scenery Released : PATK - Talkeetna Airport, Alaska by NorthernSkyStudios NorthernSkyStudios really like Alaska. They have released two already excellent sceneries for this of most northern of American States with both PAEN-Kenai Municipal Airport and the most recently updated PAKT-Ketchikan International. This new NorthernSky Alaskan scenery is the only small PATK-Talkeetna Airport, but it is an essential lifeline to Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, the mountain's former official name, and it is the highest mountain peak in North America, with
  14. News! - Released : EIKN- Ireland West Knock Airport by Boundless We are back in Ireland... Boundless has already released two sceneries here with EIKY Kerry Airport and EINN Shannon Airport, and now to add another to the collection is EIKN Ireland West Knock Airport. Which is actually located further north of Knock at Kilgariff, Charlestown, County Mayo. Knock handled over 750 000 passengers in 2017, and is served primarily by Ryanair. The airport has also seen an interesting range of traffic in its time, which even includes an ex Air France A380 which was recently s
  15. Aircraft Review : Boeing CH47-D Chinook by X-Trident There are many significantly important helicopters throughout aviation's history, From the early Sikorsky R-4, Fairy FB-1 Gyrodyne, Sikorsky S-55, Bell 45/H-13, to the 50's in the Bell UH-1 Iroquois and in later decades the S-61 Seaking, CH-53 Sea Stallion (S-65), UH-60 Black Hawk, CH-53E Super Stallion ... but in twin-rotor form there has been fewer significant designs... The Piasecki H-21 (Vertol) and the Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight is another, but think of any heavy Twin Rotor helicopter and really only one ai
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