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  1. Plugin Updated : WebFMC Pro v1.6.1 by Green Arc Studios The latest update to the excellent WebFMC Pro v1.6.1 plugin is again a significant update with a new great feature and more added aircraft. The WebFMC is a plugin that allows you to use a FMC (Flight Management Computer) on an external screen via a web browser. That is an another computer or tablet. It is a remote tool, but a very beneficial tool and even a powerful one in programming in route and performance data and following the set aircraft route in flight and in mirroring the aircraft's built in FMS (Flight Ma
  2. Scenery Review : EFHK - Helsinki Vantaa International by JustSim I have a bucket list of scenery that I really want to complete my services network in X-Plane. Airports that I think are crucial into not only the simulator per-se, but are also a requirement into create good strong route networks. In competition as a simulator then it is a requirement to cover the basics and X-Plane in reality has been woeful in these areas. These airports or sceneries have been on my list since day one and that list was from as long as 10 years ago, but still a lot of of important quality scenery ha
  3. As noted in the review, is that the engine blades turn to the speed (or strength) of the wind, why would you not want that feature?
  4. Plugin Review : SkyScout - Web based EFIS - PFD/MFD/EICAS by XPlane Aviator Through X-Plane's Network menu tab, you can set up multi-visual setups for monitors, it can also be used with or on a local network (or WiFi) in using your IP address with other external devices, or basically you can use any other computer, tablet (iPad/Android), phone or any device that can run a compatible web browser... and mostly preferred on Chrome... for it's Chromium Engine Framework, but it will also work on Firefox and other browsers. Chrome however is still the main recommended choice. This same
  5. Scenery Review : YPPH Perth International by Axonos Australian scenery at the moment is dire compared to even say South America or Africa in meaning that we really don't have any quality scenery at all, or currently any payware to fill in the gaps. In reality Australia is actually a very easy place to fill in, as there are the state capitals and a few significant regional airports and that is about it, but the current situation is borderline horrible. The history of scenery in Australia has been on the back of two sources. The biggest contribution has been by Barry Robe
  6. The really hard part is that many developers have a weak spot, not their fault actually, but the trick is to focus on that or those areas and hope they can improve, most do... so all round everyone wins with a better product and better value through sales. No website or mail address, but Aviation505 is on the X-PlaneForums.
  7. It is an update, not an upgrade... it is free if you already own it, just redownload the aircraft from the store.
  8. You have to update across the board, not only the data in the FF-A320U (data) but the X-Plane navdata as well so they match, that is also both the Custom data AND the GNS430 data.
  9. Scenery Review : Torres del Paine National Park by Frank Dainese & Fabio Bellini Early in 2019 Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini released 3D Cerro Torre "Los Glaciares" National Park that was situated in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina in an area known as Patagonia, A fabled world of Ice, snow and extreme peaks of mountain ranges. After the extensive journey through the European Dolomites, we are now back in this same Southern tip of South American area but lower in Chile with another Patagonia scenery called the Torres del Paine National Park. This Torres
  10. Sorry gremlins! ... price is $27.95! and there is a 50% off offer if you still purchased the earlier v1 My feeling it is the tailwheel that is causing the twisting, your moving the rudder to control the direction, so the tailwheel goes the same way...
  11. Aircraft Review : de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk v2 by Khamsin As in real life the DHC-1 Chipmunk is a survivor, The Chipmunk was the first postwar aviation project conducted by de Havilland Canada as being typically employed as a replacement for the ultra-successful de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane. The DHC-1 performed its maiden flight on 22 May 1946 and was introduced to operational service that same year. During the late 1940s and 1950s, the Chipmunk was procured in large numbers by military air services such as the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Royal Air Force (RAF), and
  12. Yes it is, the link is right there? CZST Stewart? It is at the (X-Plane.Org - store)... not the X-Plane.Org
  13. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-900 v1.6.0 by Magknight Certainly the year 2020 will go down in history as a year of unforeseen if required change. Not many people like change, some hate change, but change is always going to happen, and the results are sometimes unexpected. Magknight has timely released their latest v1.6.0 version of the Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner, just another update or a reaction to the announcement by FlightFactor, as that yes indeed their next "Pro" aircraft is going to be also a Dreamliner. Either way X-Plane needs all the Dreamliners it c
  14. MagKnight was very clear in noting to do a complete redownload from the store you purchased the aircraft from for this update... there are issues with the Skunkcraft's updater.
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