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  1. I would say this is a very under-rated scenery in X-Plane. It's thrilling both to land and take off in. Very nice work and very reasonable price too.
  2. To be honest Stephen, I didn't even wait for the reviews. Flytampa's reputation is so great, that I bought first-day. My first flight was from LGAV (converted Flytampa from FSX) to LGKR (X-Plane native) version. One of my favourite flights with the FFA320.:)
  3. Yes, I was thinking the same myself. The library files are excellent I was experimenting with my RCTP and RPLL conversions. It sure gets addictive! Jude
  4. The only thing that put's me off, is the fairly good quality of the existing sceneries, and the dodgy looking airbuses dotted around the airport.
  5. Don't worry, I intend to at some stage.Despite current lack of features for the IXEG,It will be still a good aircraft,and I do have the FF757 to play with in the meantime
  6. Stonking great review,Stephen.I'll hold of till the new year for this one,as I'm waiting for the ahem - IXEG- to surface,rest assured,I will get this baby at some stage. Jude
  7. if you are using 1.7, for Windows,please install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 32 and 64bit versions, it mentions this in the update.
  8. Well G'Day Stephen from Ireland, I started with X-Plane 9 when FSX announced it's last sim and dropped it when DX10 fixer came out along with the NGX. Last December I bit the bullet with X-Plane 10 and becoming extremely addictive. As if the A350 is not enough(which I'm very happy with), I've become interested in the A380 from Peter's Aircraft. The trouble is that there doesn't seem to be any good screenshots of the 3D cockpit and it appears to lack an FMC I don't see any objective reviews anywhere. Any thoughts? Jude
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