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  3. Another excellent review and I agree with every word you say. Brilliant 👍
  4. The REP pack goes into the PC12's Plugin folder, not the X-Plane/resources/plugins folder... the other items directly into your X-Plane root folder?
  5. I haven't downloaded the new v1.5.0 version yet so I can't comment, will do this week and see how it goes.
  6. Last week
  7. I have tried many times to install the REP into my PC12 REP folder but it never works and does not come up on my plugins tab. Can you help? Thanks
  8. Hi Stephen, I'm following your page since i was switching partly over to XP11 and i was really impressed about quality and depth of your Reviews, It helped me a lot with my decissions. I've just a short question regarding this 787 now.... Have you already tried the new advertised "JUMP to WAYPOINT FEATURE"? Is it working something like in the QW787 for P3D, so is it possible to jump for several 1000nm's for example? If so, is the function stable? Thank you, Alex from EDDM
  9. Nice! I might get this if I’m starting some regional flights.
  10. Very nice aircraft collection! I really want to buy the 767 and A320, they seem fabulous.
  11. Thank you very much. So now I have zibo 738, FFA320U, ff 767, and now jd 330! thank you!
  12. Hi, I would get the A330, even though the A319 is way better. I don't have the A320, and won't get it in a while. Payware add-ons here are almost 6x more expensive. But I have the A330, which is one of my favorites. If I was you, I would get the A330, because it is different from both A319 and A320, which are very similar. One thing is for sure, you need to buy the BSS sounds, independent of the aircraft. Your simulation will get WAY better.
  13. Thank you. I didn’t get the 330 before, so I am wonder, if I should get 319 or 330. 319 is better, but similar to 320 (I have flightfactor 320), and they are kind of same. 330 is long range and different though. Which one should I get? Thank!
  14. Hi Bob, Thanks, I am really happy to know that you are liking my articles. Both aircraft are extremely good. Personally, I like the A319 more, especially with the IAE sounds, don't forget that you need the CFM too. Independent of your decision, you will be extremely happy.
  15. The developer (ramzzess) says the ff320 should have similar framerate to ff757 FPDS modern avionics. I went for it, and sure enough they sure are similar. not that good in FPS, but alright for me (constant 20 FPS with some drops to 15). Very surprising actually considering my specs...
  16. Hello Bernardo casa again. This is a great update overview and I think it’s time for me too get one of these. I already have FF A320 ultimate. Which one should I get? I think I’m leaning to a319 because has BSS pack for cfm and iae. thank you, keep up great articles.
  17. Yes I very much feel your pain (I live on the Gold Coast, QLD) Australia does not get a fair deal in the exchange rates compared to the rest of the world, there is always a sale to help a little in creating a more balanced price... but yes it hurts.
  18. Thanks for this review. I would like to get this plane, but because I live in Australia, the $92US becomes $140AU. Even though this is quite steep, I still think it would be a worthwhile investment, but I may have to wait until my wallet becomes happy enough.
  19. Thanks I got both before you answered and I totally agree!
  20. Totally. Even though they look similar, each aircraft has its characteristics.
  21. Hey Stephen, How does the framerate on the 320 compare to 757 with same settings, weather, scenery and location? Thanks.
  22. I do believe it would be quite heavy compared to the A321 (Which I do). I do not own the A320 but when I upgrade my PC, I may buy it.
  23. Earlier
  24. Oh please!, read the review it is explained how to authorise in the XJet plugin... Aircraft Review : King Air 350 by AirfoilLabs
  25. Just downloaded the Beechcraft King Air 350 wher do i find the licensing key to begin the installation a serial number should be good enough,there,s no mention of the licensing key What do I do ?Where do I get it???
  26. Hey Stephen, I’m interested in this plane. Is it worth the price? thanks.
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