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  1. It is true that the 10 fps is an individual user decision. But it is always trade offs. For example the latest generation of commercial airliners for Xplane like the Inbuilds A300 or the SSG 748 are often heavier on frame rates than the generation before. Then add in other plugs in that people use and performance can be impacted pretty quickly. In your reviews you don’t list what plug ins and other sceneries that you are using. Looking at the screenshots you post it looks as if you used Zibo and one of the Toliss Airbuses. But other than that its difficult to judge how complex your set up is.
  2. You are right, $10 and importantly 10fps less. I am sure that it has its fans but the complexity of the interface for me suggests too much fiddling around and not enough flying. However the developer deserves credit for trying to resolve some of the current Xplane issues. Vulkan has given me a pleasant but not huge increase in frame rates. Not sure that I want to give that back or add stutters.
  3. I know that the Orbx ortho is an add on. I made sure, that in saying I had no issues with the scenery I did identify my different usage to you. However it appears that you haven’t taken my feedback in the spirit that it was made in. It’s interesting that in a scenery that does present some options - and important options no doubt for many users - they aren’t mentioned in your review. Nor is the fact that the scenery is a lot cheaper on the developers own site.
  4. I have this scenery and have updated it and am not having any issues. I am using the TE Orbx Florida mesh though. Your issue sounds like an Ortho issue - the floating items. Did you look at the manual, that should have cleared the floating bridge? There’s also freeware for the city of Tampa that might create issues - it adds airport buildings. Again you using that? There’s a link to a Tampa city freeware that removes the issue in the documentation.
  5. Yes basic installation is easy. If you think that there aren’t many options perhaps you missed the Options folder. There there are sub folders for Default Grass Medium Orbx Orbx TE Orthos With grass With Orthophoto Without grass Without Orthophoto User Nav Data most of them undocumented How many extras do you consider ‘not a lot’?
  6. I bought this scenery and Lyon from the same developer. I cannot understand why the review doesn’t mention that Digital Designs documentation is very poor. Yes, there are options with the scenery, but the documentation excludes any mention of how to use them, except for Orbx. ‘Customize the scenery to your liking using the options folder’ is not documentation, Also why are manual updates needed to the base Xplane user_nav.dat files? The Orbx compatibility requires you to change files in True Earth. That’s fine of course until Orbx updates their files or you verify them using Centr
  7. The existing BSS sound packs are good but the management of them isn’t simple. If BSS add more soundpacks that becomes even less easy or clumsy if you replicate the base Toliss pack for every sound option. Perhaps there might be some way of mapping the appropriate BSS sound pack to the engine choice menu? Having said that I don’t think that the Toliss/BSS relationship is what you would describe as close. For me, this time, I’m planning on sticking with the stock Toliss sounds.
  8. You should tell the store that they’ve linked your review to Lyon not Liverpool
  9. I’ve had positive and negative experiences with the Org store. I will agree it is a great resource, overall, for the community. However Orbx Central isn’t a bad portal and I do think that supporting more than one platform isn’t a bad thing. You are entitled to your preferences of course but that does add a bias to your reviews. Maybe you have connections to the Org store - your reviews are an important part of the information on there?
  10. Thanks for this review. I had been pondering buying this but there is little information about it. In many case there were just the same half a dozen screen shots and only half of those showed the airport itself. The same lack of information is true of their Lyon Saint Exuperey offering. From your review this looks worthwhile in particular with the TE compatability. Interesting that outside the airport the developer has done a good job but airside, with say the clutter, it misses a little. Am I the only one who believes that developers need to focus on the airside more and worry a
  11. As always Wikipedia is your friend Flights between Westray Airport and Papa Westray Airport occur daily in both directions, except on Saturdays, when only flights from Westray to Papa Westray are available, and on Sunday, when only flights from Papa Westray to Westray are available.The total distance covered by the flights is 1.7 miles (2.7 km), which is about the same length as the runway at Edinburgh Airport. The flights are always combined with flights from and to Kirkwall Airport (27 mi (43 km) distance), flying in a narrow triangle.
  12. I have the Nimbus BN-2 and would also recommend it. Including the Westray airports seems to me to be a good way to differentiate their product from the Torquesim one. For me when I originally bought the Nimbus it was something of a coin flip as both had decent reviews. Thanks again for the review and the help on flying between the two airports. It cuts out a lot of trial and error!
  13. On your reviews I do find them very useful and often they influence my buying. I believe that there is a real lack of useful reviews available. Maybe it’s an age thing but I find the long rambling video reviews less that useful. Increasingly those reviews seem to get longer and longer perhaps I guess to earn revenue from more advertisements. I also find that many of the reviews have some bias or deliberately look for small issues to make big. However i think that the larger problem is that the development community does a very poor job in promoting their products. Expect me to drop $30 on
  14. In the end i reordered, from the Org.store, and had no issues. I’m very pleased with the purchases and your reviews are right on. I might have worried about the weather radar in the Navajo unless I’d seen your comments that it does pretty much nothing. My guess, given how few liveries are available for them, is that they’ve not had stellar sales. Carenado aircraft are anything but perfect and since Thandra departed the community really don’t seem big fans. But at the sale price, the Navajo was less than $20 and the Bonanza $16, I’d argue they were pretty good buys. Buying one or tw
  15. Based on your reviews, which I find to be both useful and accurate I went and ordered both. Once I’d purchased using Paypal I got a message that there was a problem on the vendor (Carenados) side. I went back to the Carenado site and my new purchases weren’t in my account. I did get a message from my Bank credit card (linked to Paypal) that the payment had been made. That charge (not a hold) now today shows on my credit card. I opened a support ticket with Carenado and a day later there’s no response. So at best I’m going to be spending hours sorting this ou
  16. I have a fair amount of Carenado aircraft and am pretty happy with them. There’s a sale on (again) but most of what I don’t have and would like get pretty dismal reviews. This Bonanza might be an exception. Recommended still at 11.5? The Navajo also might be a buy. The review from 2018 on here was pretty positive but there’s little other feedback I can find. Neither, one or both?
  17. ‘In early 2021, I think the penny will drop for the Dev Houses’ I do worry that with some of them being so focused on MSFS that they will have ‘bet the farm’ on sales there being successful that they might not be around in 2021. Kudos to developers like Justsim in continuing to provide new content for Xplane. They deserve our support.
  18. A little off the main subject but at least this is a release for XP11. Still very little or nothing at all from other developers like Orbx and Carenado. They’re obviously working hard on product for MSFS. There’s certainly a lot of payware content, in particular scenery, for MSFS. Any industry whispers about how sales are going? Is MSFS the gold mine that they seemed to think it would be?
  19. You are right about having airports that form route networks, or at least provide some interesting alternatives in routes to fly. Looking at some of the airports under development or recently released for MSFS there’s a lot of niche stuff coming out. This for Xplane seems a worthwhile buy. Having said that I do wonder if developers really think about their release dates as carefully as they might. This appeared just as Steam, and to a less extent the Org store are having sales. That means you’re competing against 50% off items. There’s always a temptation to buy those items when th
  20. I think that the actual aircraft had a castoring tail wheel, so unconnected to the rudder movement. You may be right about the rudder but perhaps the tail wheel isn’t ‘free’ enough and creates too much directional control. And shouldn’t the castor be a similar problem on takeoffs? On flaps on landing I’ve seen articles that flaps 15 is more common in the real world (55 knots at touchdown) but flaps 30 improves the view over the nose.
  21. Kudos to the developer for keeping the faith with this aircraft and producing this new version. I do wonder about that $40 price tag. That’s high compared with most small single engined aircraft for X-plane and most (being more modern) have complexities that this simulation won’t have. The other question in my mind is the difficulty of landing. That seems unlikely in what is a basic trainer. Does the real aircraft display those vices - or at least to that extent? $25-$30 and the landing characteristics sorted out (if incorrect) and this would be a buy
  22. Thank you another interesting piece. I must admit Vulkan met my expectations and The performance is noticeably better in my rig. I also am a big fan of Navigraph but I’ve not seen the stutters or the delays. Having said that Simlink isn’t always perfect and there have been many updates to it over the past few months. On Vulkan I’ve seen my RTX 2080 much busier in particular in overcast and heavy weather. I use Activesky and I’ve reverted to their default clouds which seems to help significantly and with the temps. But in terms of how few problems there seem to have been since the r
  23. Does MSFS have to be a Sim rather than a game to sell add ons, in particular scenery? I think that all the third party developers were rushing to MSFS just because it was going to have large numbers of players (and therefore target audience) rather than it was going to be the most realistic simulator. One thing that will be interesting to watch is whether MSFS changes the sceneries that are available. X-Plane has little beyond the US and Europe for example. There’s very little if anything for Asia. You can buy an excellent Fresno (Orbx) but not a Narita. The early releases for MSFS seem t
  24. But if MSFS does make It more of a mainstream hobby? I’ve always believed that it is the wider audience on MSFS might not accept pricing that we’ve been used to. It’ll be even more interesting when MSFS starts to go on sale (Black Friday?) which will make add on prices, in terms of content for your dollar, seem even more distorted. A lot of us Quietly rebel against that niche market pricing anyway. Take Orbx, and I’m a big fan and have plenty of their stuff, but for the most part I wait for the sale. When Carenado recently had a big sale I bought five aircraft that I wanted and gen
  25. But why is scenery a $25 item? Why is a lower price ‘giving it away’? Yes, that’s pricing that we’ve become used to, but with more competition and potentially more sales perhaps that’s changing? Orbx have developed Key West for other platforms so perhaps that’s probably a candidate for MSFS except now, with FSDT’s pricing maybe they’ll be less keen to release. VerticalSimulation pricing for many of their regional airports for Xplane directly from their website are $6. Even Tampa is $16. I wouldn’t have picked up many of their airports and missed out on the great quality if they had
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