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  1. Good that Toliss came out with their upgrade strategy for XP12. Maybe I am a bit dense but trying to understand what is free and what isn’t to me isn’t clear. The A340 upgrade is free. The A321 Neo is free. The A319 has a fee. The A321 is only free if you have the Neo, or has a fee whatever? On updating through SkunkCrafts there’s a note from Toliss on the Xplane forum about two .acf files that while running in XP11 need deleting after the update as they are for XP12 For the revised liveries - always an issue - Toliss seem to have engaged the livery painters pretty early allowing them to start work on the needed changes Lastly good to see a developer making full use of Simbrief.
  2. Interesting, not a developer I had focused on - it would be nice if org store had them as one of the splits under GA aircraft. Looking at their wares, other than the two you mention here, their releases seem to be 2017 or earlier. Any story around the five year hiatus?
  3. I did find this on fsnews.eu ‘As part of one of their development updates, iniBuild’s Ubaid has confirmed that iniBuild is looking forward to bringing their addons to X-Plane 12, however, can’t share any specific information as the company does not yet have access to X-Plane 12.’ The problem is that the article in question seems to be being updated from time to time so I am confused when he said that. Anyone know?
  4. I have not seen the performance issues mentioned here (were those FPS measurement before or after the Ortho creation) but will agree that like other recent FeelThere Xplane releases it isn’t very special. However Dubai is an important point on world air routes these days so as a choice of subject it makes a lot of sense. On ‘ I would highly recommend first looking at other options in the Org store before going for this rendition’ what are the other options for OMDB? I can’t see any other on the Org store. What am I missing? All I can see under the United Arab Emirates is this OMDB offering by FeelThere and OMMA by Taimodels
  5. Olderndirt generally I think you will be happy (not that I have any inside knowledge) but its likely that one or two developers won’t play ball either because they no longer have an interest in Xplane or their products are so long in the tooth (maybe originally XP10) that it just doesn’t make sense. Its not just about having product that works completely in XP12 but also product that can take advantage of XP12 features, not just on release but going forward. As an example replacing the rain on the windscreen feature that Librain used to provide. Developers who had 3rd parties do development for them - step forward Carenado - where that development arrangement no longer exists are the kind of people to worry about.
  6. @judeb maybe. Of course we don’t know how MS are going to price this anniversary edition so ‘free’ might not exactly be what it suggests. One wonders if Inibuilds will hide behind their agreement with MS not to provide an XP12 update? If that do that their flash sale on the A300 and A310, when this news must have been known to them, would be at the very least cynical.
  7. On their MSFS endeavor the A310 that is their initial product is going to be free as ‘will be a part of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Standard Edition coming in November of 2022’. Free doesn’t always suggest in depth of course and the two features they focus on is a FMC ( more features than on the Xplane versions) and a new EFB. For me the A310 is a bit of an odd choice for a package aircraft (255 delivered) with the initial Inibuilds version just being a passenger variant. It did cross my mind if this MSFS 40th Anniversary edition might be intended to be something of an XP12 spoiler, but I guess we will see. i am probably missing something but normally reviews here are for products you can buy from the Org store but they are no longer listed there (I think they were available, but I bought from Inibuilds direct). Given the flash sales I did wonder how well Inibuilds were faring, but perhaps as has been commented they now intend MSFS to be their focus. They did have quite a lucrative model, much of the underpinnings of the A300, A310 and the Beluga must have been similar but each sold separately. Perhaps that is what they will repeat on the MSFS platform?
  8. These are good aircraft although Inibuilds themselves are not the easiest people to work with. Both of this aircraft we recently on flash sale at hugely discounted prices (over 80% off). It was a flash sale but if like me you have paid full price for these not a good feeling.
  9. Interesting review. I bought this and consider it OK (as is the case generally with GlobalArt) but not exceptional. What I don’t like is the need to download MisterXs Library. I know its a common library for Xplane users but its a slippery slope having freeware libraries as part of a payware package. As for different gates for different plugins that is nonsense. So now I need to check the documentation when planning gate arrivals or departures? I am sure to forget that need one day. i guess I’ve been to the airport maybe twenty times in my life and the package is a fair representation without being particularly memorable. Frame rates for me have been good (using aircraft like the Toliss A321). A good choice of subject as South America is not well represented in payware. Outside of Brazil there have been a couple of Santiago efforts and a Bogota but not much else. incidentally Traffic Global filled out the gates nicely.
  10. On charging for updates to XP12 there are two sides to that. If developers do not update their product then they will have nothing to sell going forward. Sales of XP11 only product once XP12 is released will likely plummet There’s a balance between providing a service for existing customers in providing the update and using your existing client base to fund making your product sale able to new customers. If developers do charge a fee will they be transparent about the work that was needed to justify the charge? My view is the developers with older product, say the IXEG 733 (I know its not in the Org store) would have a case to charge a fee. Something newer, lets say the Inibuilds A300 or the Toliss A340 are so recent (XP12 was already on the horizon) then them charging would be less justifiable. If developers do charge a fee then they will also have to make some development choices. Going forward only the XP12 versions will get updates and bug fixes? Will they need to maintain two code sources for the Org store, the XP11 only version and the XP12 version for new customers and those who have paid for the upgrade? Messy. And then there’s the whole issue of protecting their product. Product key verification becomes more complex when there is the key for the original purchase and presumably a key for the upgrade (or some other sort of workaround).
  11. Does telling customers they are working on the transition break any NDA? If Laminar wrote a NDA in that fashion they were not thinking clearly. One rationale for people not moving to 12 would be that some of their purchases would no longer work. Where is the downside for Laminar?
  12. One thing I find frustrating is the lack of feedback from the development community about who is and who isn’t making sure their aircraft wares are XP12 compliant. While I believe that generally products will be just fine it only needs one or two elements to be buggy in the transition to either break immersion or make aircraft basically unusable. So what in your fleet will make the transition without issues? There’s some guess work of course. Currently active developers like Thandra should of course work out issues, but Carenado who have had no recent Xplane releases and have a poor record in fixing issues already? I have begun looking at replacing some of my old fleet with newer wares, the Airfoillabs 172NG and the vFlyteAir Arrow III to prepare for the change. Add in the issue of whether vendors are going to charge upgrade fees for any work they do to make aircraft complaint and for the consumer its all rather frustrating given how close we are to the change. Even for the Org store it must be difficult. When will they be able to guarantee sales as XP12 compliant? An article detailing the situation developer by developer would be nice, but perhaps the information just isn’t available?
  13. I bought this and found little feedback on it. The scenery is not bad but the installer (I use W11) is pretty bad. It runs, but gives no evidence that it is running and then eventually - after some time - completes. I did also get a message from another program that a library item is missing lib/lights but XP11 threw no error.
  14. I bought today from the Orgstore Nimbus’ new Dulles. It was $30 - and worth it. That needs authorization but the reality is that at that price without some form of protection its liable to be pirated.
  15. This issue seems something of a red herring to me. i’ve bought plenty of payware aircraft and I can’t think of ANY of them that do not require some form of activation. It is a minor inconvenience but as it helps prevents the piracy of software I think we understand why its there. Running out of activations sometimes (if rarely) happens but the vendors tend to handle the problem without issues. Actually for me the activation of scenery packages is more interesting. In the past more sceneries seemed to need activation but increasingly that seems less common. Perhaps its difficult to achieve but I am surprised it is not a more common practice.
  16. Agreed a great summary of the year and much to agree with, in particular how the IXEG 737 still remains a great go to aircraft. The remarks on Boundless and Inibuilds are right on the mark as well. On the Hampden any chance of a review? Taimodels, as you say they are tackling some important subjects that have been ignored and where in some cases the stock airports are not great. To me they are at least upgrades on stock, and friendly on disk space unlike many sceneries these days. Your reviews of Taimodels airports really did not go into any great detail on your concerns, perhaps a longer and more detailed review of their Paris CDG or Bangkok might be useful. Anyway seasons greeting and thanks for all the reviews over the year. Like many your reviews point me towards things I might be interested in and sometimes allow me to take a massive swerve away. One last thought why give MSFS the excuse of Covid? Yes there may have been some impacts on development teams but presumably gaming revenues have soared during the pandemic which would have suggested investment. Like Boundless, busy and churning out sceneries during the worst of the pandemic.
  17. Stephen firstly you clearly misunderstand my view on the Org store. Did you read it properly? I was intending to be supportive of the store and suggesting that developers who are avoiding it were potentially losing sales. Having the product on your own store only means that once the burst of release publicity has gone how do you even know the product exists? As for the argument that developers aren’t in some cases avoiding the Org store I’m surprised as several of my recent purchases weren’t available on the Org store. I gave an example of one in my post. What about a well known A300 and Beluga release? There isn’t much Asian scenery on the Org store. There is on another competing platform including Changi and a fairly new Narita. There’s also a much better Gatwick recently released than the one on the Org store. I could go on. Now that’s not to say I expect everything to be on the Org store, nor that there won’t be items that don’t meet the Org store standards but there are gaps and you won’t have to go far to find developers on posted feedback saying that they don’t intend to use the Org store. One posted in another forum that it was because the Org. Store didn’t meet their standards, which as I posted there made zero sense. Much as I like my points on the Org store I do wonder if eliminating that program (which might be unpopular) might allow the store to give a better deal to developers and encourage more complete coverage? Or even the option. Want your points or give the benefit back to the developers?
  18. Welcome back. Excellent comments on the state of the add on industry and many of them were foreseeable. Those that left for the riches of MSFS leaving their old clientele behind. Step up names like Carenado who seem to have deserted Xplane. Even Orbx who other than a couple of releases now seem to have turned into a store for other Xplane add on providors. It would be interesting to get information from the source about just how well MSFS sales are going. Did deserting Xplane improve their finances or was it just the opportunity to retread existing other platform material for MSFs? There have been some positives. The 146 as you say (but the daily bug fixing packages became tedious) and some promising new developers like Boundless who have issued both niche and more mainstream sceneries. There has been some useful updating going on, packages like the Toliss Airbuses have had some useful changes and fixes. As MSFS has shown the industry still struggles with getting content out in a timely manner. You can fly between any two points in the world in MSFS in a detailed aircraft, provided the two points are no more than the range of a CRJ or a Piper. Lessons to be learnt for XP12 there. Sime small developers go against the trend. Vertical Simulations and their excellent US Regional airports. Stick and Rudder who always seem to have something in Beta and maintain a good dialogue with their customers. But as you say, small offerings and the larger ines that came along like Madrid Barajas although much needed weren’t very inspiring. Another trend has been developers avoiding the Org store and trying to sell from their own platforms. One wonders at the success of that. I browse the Org store (including the recent excellent sale) figuring out what my next buy might be. How do I know your Jackson Hole scenery even exists? The pandemic should have been a great opportunity for the industry with people stuck at home. Did they take advantage of it? One would argue not.
  19. I am a big fan of VerticalSim and have both KFAY and the very recent Myrtle Beach. In fact I have all of the Xplane releases. In recent releases VS airports have become simpler to install (in the past the options for Ortho could make installation more complex) and there’s also good included documentation. Other than being very good sceneries what I like about VS is their choice of airports. They are all ideal for short haul and GA and at this point VS is getting nice coverage of the Eastern Seaboard of the US. Excellent airports for short hour or more flights in your ERJ, CRJ, Bae146 or even your favorite 737.
  20. I’d argue the really tricky ones are the older jets like the FJS 732 and 727. With all or most of the flap hanging out and the slower spool up on the older jet engines more than a little care is needed to keep speed and descent right. Step into the Toliss 321 or Zibo and you’ll appreciate how far aviation has come in the past few decades.
  21. UK2000 have departed the Xplane space and therefore you might well have to consider their Xplane offerings as abandonware. I run this with TE and get good frame rates but I do think some of the other Boundless sceneries are better. Its a good subject though and was a missing airport in the payware space.
  22. I have bought this and had been looking forward to its release for some time. It is a challenging aircraft compared with many recent commercial aircraft releases but its worthwhile and easy to recommend. It also comes with a large and detailed manual which other developers would do well to copy. One good and bad thing. JF are being very responsive to issues people are raising, although none were show stoppers. But four updates in three days? Although Skunkcrafts does avert having to download the whole aircraft (again other developers might take note) but it seems every time I go to fly the 146 I first need to have to go through an update. The lack at present, although one is promised, of a custom FMC seems to be a constant complaint. Whether an FMC would have been in the aircraft, at least originally, is a fair point and the standard Laminar one is included. If you have to have an all singing and dancing FMC to fly what is after all a short haul aircraft I guess you might avoid, but using VORs together with some self navigation is equally realistic. Frame rates for me are fine, nearer to Toliss than Zibo. I have had issues using Better Pushback with the aircraft which I need to examine more.
  23. While as the review says a decent Madrid is overdue the preview shots of the scenery published a few weeks ago were not impressive including some lurid lime green areas. Even these screen captures look a little bright and burnt. Some of the detail like the red roof edging also looks very bold. Hopefully this isn’t an opportunity missed but the palette looks rather odd.
  24. I’d buy this - even though much of the content must be similar to the 757 pack I own - but there are plenty of comments out there that the sounds both inside and outside are too low. How was the volume when you tried it Stephen?
  25. I have bought several Boundless sceneries and had commented in the past that they seemed to be improving at each release. The rate of releases has been increasing and when I bought Stansted for the first time I was rather disappointed. It was an excellent choice of subject but there’s something about it that’s missing. It’s difficult to put my finger on exactly what it is, a lack of life perhaps, and it did make me wonder if Boundless, in releasing so many sceneries so quickly, isn’t falling into a trap of not spending enough time in making them as good as they could be. Boundless marketing is also annoying. At the moment they have a sale on one site (a consolidator site), but not on their own, or on the Org. Store or another developer who they have formed an alliance with. So looking to purchase Boundless sceneries means price shopping over different platforms. The Org. Store should have a word.
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