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  1. I am a big fan of VerticalSim and have both KFAY and the very recent Myrtle Beach. In fact I have all of the Xplane releases. In recent releases VS airports have become simpler to install (in the past the options for Ortho could make installation more complex) and there’s also good included documentation. Other than being very good sceneries what I like about VS is their choice of airports. They are all ideal for short haul and GA and at this point VS is getting nice coverage of the Eastern Seaboard of the US. Excellent airports for short hour or more flights in your ERJ, CRJ, Bae146 or even y
  2. I’d argue the really tricky ones are the older jets like the FJS 732 and 727. With all or most of the flap hanging out and the slower spool up on the older jet engines more than a little care is needed to keep speed and descent right. Step into the Toliss 321 or Zibo and you’ll appreciate how far aviation has come in the past few decades.
  3. UK2000 have departed the Xplane space and therefore you might well have to consider their Xplane offerings as abandonware. I run this with TE and get good frame rates but I do think some of the other Boundless sceneries are better. Its a good subject though and was a missing airport in the payware space.
  4. I have bought this and had been looking forward to its release for some time. It is a challenging aircraft compared with many recent commercial aircraft releases but its worthwhile and easy to recommend. It also comes with a large and detailed manual which other developers would do well to copy. One good and bad thing. JF are being very responsive to issues people are raising, although none were show stoppers. But four updates in three days? Although Skunkcrafts does avert having to download the whole aircraft (again other developers might take note) but it seems every time I go to fly the 146
  5. While as the review says a decent Madrid is overdue the preview shots of the scenery published a few weeks ago were not impressive including some lurid lime green areas. Even these screen captures look a little bright and burnt. Some of the detail like the red roof edging also looks very bold. Hopefully this isn’t an opportunity missed but the palette looks rather odd.
  6. I’d buy this - even though much of the content must be similar to the 757 pack I own - but there are plenty of comments out there that the sounds both inside and outside are too low. How was the volume when you tried it Stephen?
  7. I have bought several Boundless sceneries and had commented in the past that they seemed to be improving at each release. The rate of releases has been increasing and when I bought Stansted for the first time I was rather disappointed. It was an excellent choice of subject but there’s something about it that’s missing. It’s difficult to put my finger on exactly what it is, a lack of life perhaps, and it did make me wonder if Boundless, in releasing so many sceneries so quickly, isn’t falling into a trap of not spending enough time in making them as good as they could be. Boundless market
  8. Dead last in the race for sim-supremacy, if there is such a thing? It is true there is a huge amount of scenery being released for MSFS, odd in that the selling point of that sim was that it meant to be a very good representation of the real world. Look at the releases as well, lots of very small airports that are at best niche markets. Xplane has been around a while so a lot of subjects have already been covered, plus the native airports in Xplane are often very good and therefore obviate the need for payware. Add in free scenery in Xplane and its still dead last? As for payware aircr
  9. Yet another developer who provides an update just a couple of days after the initial release. Testing should uncover issues. Rare circumstances might be missed and should be fixed by why this rash of instant patches just after release? How can testing miss, for example, duplicated sounds or sounds not functioning?
  10. Simbrief is an excellent resource and now at least I don’t have to look guiltily at the PayPal request every time I use it. Navigraph is a good utility as well (although from time to time their infrastructure and programs have issues) butI do wonder about the business model. The annual subscription with monthly updates is expensive and I’m never that convinced that that the monthly changes are that great. Perhaps I’m wrong. Simbrief could of course remain free but you could also see situations where it might be changed to make taking updated Navdata more necessary.
  11. On FSA I don’t disagree with your comments but it was woefully thought out, executed and responded to. They had the successful conferences which the pandemic had derailed. Why didn’t they stick closer to that idea, say Quarterly online conferences and then some priority access to the ‘real’ conferences in the future? They also did not seem to have refined a target audience. There is a lot of free content available about flight simulation but a lot of it is self promoting and thin in content. Having unique content, from developers, that was much deeper than what you commonly find online would h
  12. To be honest I’ve rarely come across an aircraft that doesn’t need activation. Most sceneries don’t but most aircraft do and some, the IXEG 733 for example, seem to be checking for activation on a regular basis.
  13. This has been on my to buy list for quite a while as I believed that it was now effectively sorted out. I think I will put my wallet back in my pocket and await further news!
  14. I don’t know the answer to this so it really is a question but did Thranda do ALL of the Xplane work for Carenado? I’d seen commentary on some of the later releases that the reason people found them so poor was that Thranda was no longer working on them.
  15. Interesting and well thought out points. My observations 1. There have been several new start up developers during the pandemic in some ways making up for the drop in content from more traditional sources. In some cases this is likely people finding alternative income sources after losing work, in other monetizing the time at home that lockdowns have enforced. One questions is how active, if active at all, some of these new developers will be when life returns to normal. Some ai fear may become abandonware. 2. There seems to be an increasing trend not to sell software on the w
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