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    • I I download the aircraft. But I don’t have altitude, Heading, Radio frequency, etc The number it’s not showing! any help.?
    • I purchased this aircraft because I actually fly PA28-161s so I thought it would be great to be able to practice the flow of things, maneuvers, etc at home in my spare time. I certainly never expected the aircraft to behave close to the real thing, but I also did not expect it to have something definitely wrong with the G-loads (as well as an improbably low max RPM -- but well, it is an "old Bessie" of an aircraft so I'll work with the RPM issue, although I won't use it for IFR since it can hardly do 500 fpm even when close to sea level, imagine at 8,000ft...).   My main gripe is that the aircraft seems to exceed G-loads all the time, well outside of a plausible G-loading issue. To give an example, in 4 flights, I've apparently exceeded G-loads twice while doing maneuvers I do all the time in the actual aircraft, which are not heavy in the slightest (proof below), but, more importantly, this always happens well within the green arc, so well below the speed at which the aircraft stops stalling (for any single surface full deflection) before breaking apart. So, sure, I'd be ok if I stalled it, but no way, at 105KIAS, in no wind, a 5-7 degree pitch down, wings level, exceeds G-loads. It would be raining Pipers if that were the case.   Here is an example:   1. I'm coming out of some steep turns, I'm just about wings level, at 105 KIAS (well into the green arc) with a very slight climb at around 150fpm:   2. I'm still wings level, at 105 KIAS, my VSI is now at about 320 fpm:   3. I had seen there was an airport just in front of me so I thought I'd dip the nose just a little to see where it was to set up a steep spiral (yeah, I'm studying for my commercial ticket...), so I pitch down, the attitude indicator shows about 5 degrees pitch (timestamped at 28m.28s.03), the VSI has stopped increasing and is still at about 300 fpm climb:   4. A fraction of a second later (timestamped at 28m.28s.08) I've exceeded G-loads and lost all control (you can see the GPS and all lights have turned off). If you look at the panel, I am still pretty much wings level, VSI says about 300 fpm climb, pitch is still between 5 and 7 deg down (certainly less than 10), and I am dead.   5. Or maybe roasted...  😞 you can see my path, and I still have no idea what part of this exceeded G-loads (that's the error I got on screen).   Again, I never expected this to feel like the real thing, I just wanted to be able to practice flow and maneuvers in a way that would be at least a little realistic. This aircraft, as "beautiful" and all as it may be, as Stephen reviewed it above, is, from a pilot point of view, physically improbable which makes it fairly useless and will remain forever parked in my virtual hangar (hey AeroSphere Simulations can I get my money back please?).   Real shame.    Hope this helps anyone else in a similar circumstance as me    cheers   martin
    • Stephen, thanks for your kind reply--and for allowing a bit of a critique of your reviews! Many people nowadays have zero tolerance for anything but flattery.
    • Quick Impression Review : KTPA Tampa International Airport by VerticalSim   If you follow X-PlaneReviews you will know that we spend a lot of time in Florida or flying around Florida, mostly because it is a very interesting area to fly around. But in X-Plane there has been a very large hole in your network that is a prominent destination and that missing area is Tampa on Florida's western coastline on the Gulf.   There was a few freeware versions of KTPA Tampa, but the problem is that as an airport it is a very complex infrastructure of all types of aviation, business, commerce and industrial installations, and it was really impossible to just depict the airport and make it realistic, so creating KTPA - Tampa from the outset was a huge project...  but as usual someone in X-Plane is always going to take on the impossible and in this case it was VerticalSim.   The project has grinded on now for over several years, and here is the result with the release of VerticalSim's KTPA Tampa International Airport and the progress has been very visual via the forums. And the first impression is overall very, very good. Tampa International (Originally Drew Field) is six miles (9.7 km) west of downtown Tampa, and it is the 28th largest airport as listed in the United States.     The first thing that strikes you is that the ground textures are significantly darker than the surrounding default mesh... this is a shift to cater for the Obix or other third party photo-ortho addon Florida textures, worse is that on some edges to give a perfect join to these textures the lines are very distinctive and even sharp cuts, besides catering to an addon, the darker textures also create a more sombre darker inner feel to the scenery overall.   Tampa International Airport (TPA) IATA: TPA - ICAO: KTPA - FAA LID: TPA 10/28 - 6,999ft (2,133m) Asphalt/concrete 19L/1R - 8,300ft (2,530m) Asphalt/concrete 19R/1L - 11,002ft (3,353m) Concrete Elevation AMSL26 ft / 8 m   The runway layout is interesting because you have two parallel runways 19R/01L - 19L/01R and a smaller cross runway (over 19L/01R) 10/28. Runway 19R/01L is the longest runway at KTPA at 19R/1L- 11,002ft (3,353m) long.     Layout has that hub central area with spoke satellite design very similar to Orlando with trains connecting the hub and spoke system, in the business it is called Landside/Airside and the layout is very up to date and current with TPA's ground plan and details.     An odd visual layout that instantly stands out is on Taxiway J? A taxiway bridge is completely not finished and sits quite awkward on the taxiway? This makes the taxiway unusable as well. On Taxiway B there is another taxi bridge, but it is completed and well done, so what gives?     As noted the photo-ortho joins are quite jarring, sharp and leave blank spaces in the autogen... not pretty.     Airside satellite are A, C, E and F clockwise are set out around the main central (Landside) terminal...     The main central terminal has the built short term carparking and the larger second facility which is the extensive long term carparking. Extensive detailing covers the terminal roof, and all the satellites are connected by very nice animated railways, in fact the whole complex central landside zone is a complicated weave of road, rail, monorails, SkyConnect and passageways between the inner and outer areas, and it is extremely all well done and put together.   Iconic 1973 Tampa Airport Marriott (with revolving restaurant!) and the air traffic control tower set at 227-foot-tall (69 m) when opened in July 1972, it was the tallest field tower in the United States at the time. Tower view is set correctly and you have a great view of all the approaches with just a few aerials in the view point.       Airside modeling is very good, but missing that real grittyness and wear and tear. To be fair every Airside terminal is completely different and in a different style, and so it is a huge undertaking to make it all extremely realistic. Glass is dullish, but at least realistic.   Airside A Airside C Airside E Airside F   Prominent on all Airsides are the excellent SAM (Scenery Animation Manager). These active airbridges are worn and torn with great branding including Delta, Southwest, Air Canada and others. Overall it works on all the aprons. There is a huge amount of detail, so you are getting your money's worth here... Airside Sorting A building, Fire Station and remote parking (remote 46-56) detail is all very good with a lot of branded clutter to make it all work very well.     Cargo facility is on taxiway J along the north side of runway 10/28, is called Drew Park Air Cargo in a throwback to the original name. The well done cargo apron has seven stands with 4-7 fronting the large FedEx depot. Cargo clutter is branded and well done.         The most prominent buildings at Tampa TPA are the two huge "Airborne" Maintenance hangars situated on taxiway E along the length of of RWY 19L/01R...   and big they both are.     Set between the hangars is a "Maintenance Runup Bay" or engine test facility that is well represented. Far north is the airport's Fuel Depot and approach radar tower (behind) the radar is also nicely animated.   Southwest and along RWY 19L/01R is the General Aviation area...  more for private jets than your average Cessna as it is a large area for private jet operations, maintenance hangars and offices.     Distinctive is the "Signature Aviation" fabric sail roofing, that has been well done, "Sheltar" is also represented as is the U.S. Customs office. Overall you wish for more static aircraft and vehicles to break up the large empty aprons.   Infrastucture One of the more significant aspects of this VerticalSim KTPA scenery is the excellent infrastructure surrounding the actual airport confines...  Southeast there is the excellent International Plaza and Bay Street shopping centre, Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel, Corporate Center at International Plaza, Greenway Health, Verizon Connect and Gerdau buildings that are all well detailed and represented.     Southwest is more airport infrastucture with the SkyConnect Rental Car Facility Station and TPA - Economy Parking Garage and United States Postal Service facility and are all custom made...     ....  and even the Fish Creek interchange has been recreated for the arrival of RWY 01L (but can also be highly viewable from RWY 01R).   There is an option is to download the free VSCities - Tampa VFR 1.0.0 from the X-Plane.Org, this option includes the Downtown Tampa City buildings and cruise ships...   ...  and east of the airport are the Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and Baseball George M. Steinbrenner Field, as part of the option.     Ground Textures The ground textures at TPA are excellent, with great concrete detail and a lot of very realistic wear and tear...      ...   all the textures are PBR and Baked Ambient Occlusion active and so with any rain, wet or even damp drying conditions the runways, taxiways and aprons come alive.     3d grass is also really good and shows why you need this aspect to cover over the Lo-Res photo textures...  it works well when done correctly like at TPA.     Lighting Overall the lighting is a bit "Hit and Miss", approaches are fine and quite good...     ...  but on the taxiways there is no centre green navigation lighting except for taxiways W and B? This makes most the ground movements very dark and uninteresting in the areas you need the guidance...  RWY 10/28 has odd approach lighting and no centre line lights but it is only really a GA runway.     Marriott Hotel has the brand logo lit and "HOPE" spelt out via lit room lighting, rooftop carparks are very well lit and look very nice.     Overall the satellite Airside terminals leave me cold...  as it is just a grey FSX feel that has no life or does not even look anyway close to being realistic?     "Airborne" Maintenance hangars are nicely lit with dropdown lights and look nice over to the east of the central area...     ...  over at the International Plaza complex it is dark in the south carpark but well lit behind, this to reflect the main shopping cenre being closed at night were as the entertainment (restuarants, cinemas) are open. So overall it is good.     Carparks are nicely lit and so are the optional Downtown buildings, but the cruise liners are all in darkness? and Football, Baseball fields are also a missed opportunity as they are all in darkness as well? So there feels a sort of not completed work in certain areas. ___________________ Summary Significant airports are required for any good simulator, but one major hub for Florida in Tampa International - TPA was always a black hole on the west coast of Florida. The reasons are manyfold, but the over-riding main issue is that it is a very complex airport layout to develop. TPA has a Landside/Airside arrangement or Hub and Spoke with satellite departure terminals. More so is the complex infrastructure set closely around the airport itself with Business parks and Shopping Centres close by. To make Tampa International realistic required a significant development investment and time to bring it all to reality.   Vertical Simulations have took on that huge task and to a point have succeded in recreating this important Florida hub. Overall this a very comprehensive reproduction of TPA, but in areas currently it feels slighty unfinished.   The main airport modeling and layout is excellent, but it is not a to a total Hi-Res standard in just being very good modeling and good textures as that extreme realism is missing here, poor lighting textures also let it down, but the excellent intergration of the SAM plugin is very good with airbridge branding, around the airport traffic animations and branded clutter are also well done.   Ground runway/taxiway textures and 3d grass are excellent but again are offset by the use of the current tend of darker photo-ortho textures to match Orbx and other third party photo based texture packages...  this aspect leaves you in two places with nowhere to go, darker textures that don't match the surrounding defualt mesh and for the use for only of users that invest in the addon packages, overall these photo textures are simply too dark anyway.   Significant infrastructure including the International Plaza complexes and Business parks and all the southern remote carparking facilities are all really well done and add great great visual detail for any departure or arrival approach drama. An optional Tampa City package adds in downtown office towers, cruise ships and Football/Baseball stadiums,   But there are still if few areas of unfinished work, a lot of objects float, missing centre taxiway lighting and a completely unfinished taxiway bridge on taxiway J is not good for an offical release, also untextured animated traffic vehicles and areas of the photo-orthos are not finished in hard straight lines and open non-autogen areas.   I have personally wanted to fill in that Florida black hole that is Tampa International for a long time, and certainly this is a very worthy and extremely well done addon scenery...  There is no doubt on the extreme effort and work put in here on the TPA scenery to make it the best available Tampa yet for X-Plane and in most areas it succedes very well.... so overall VerticalSim's Tampa International gets the tick from X-PlaneReviews and is recommended. ____________________________________     Yes! KTPA Tampa International Airport by VerticalSim is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :   KTPA-Tampa International Airport   Price is US$26.99   Features: 2020 Airport layout High-resolution textures taken with high-res cameras Surrounding Autogen Hand Placed High Resolution PBR Ground Textures Sam Custom High detailed jetways (specific per airline and airside) Compatibility with VStates Florida and ORBX True Earth Florida Freeware Downtown Tampa optional Animated car traffic, monorails, SkyConnect (using groundTraffic plugin) Thousands of handplaced tree types (palms, oaks, spruce, etc.) Baked Ambient Occlusion Animated Ground Traffic Vehicles Taxi Networks and OPS File for World Traffic 3 and Traffic Global 3D Airport Vehicles Custom Mesh Easy Installation Highly Optimized 3D Grass High-res 0.5ft/Color Graded Satellite Imagery HDR Lighting   Requirements Windows, Mac or Linux 4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended Release and Review Version 1.0 (June 24th 2020)   WT3:  WorldTraffic GroundRoutes are not provided and a generation is required, and overall the airport generation functions perfectly as the ATC routes are refined. Traffic Global v9454 runs fine   Installation Download scenery file size is 1.62gb:   V1.3 KTPA   There are a lot of options including details for:   True Earth Florida VStates Forkboy Ortho4XP   VSCities - Tampa VFR 1.0.0  Tampa City addon is also available   Total scenery installation is quite big : 4.62gb   SAM Plugin - Scenery Animation Manager - Suite 1.0 is required for this scenery   Documents One extensive manual in English with notes (8 pages) but no charts. Details of optional ortho options are noted in the manual.   VS-TPA_Manual.pdf _____________________________________________________________________   QI - Scenery Review by Stephen Dutton 10th July 2020 Copyright©2020 : X-Plane Reviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)   Review System Specifications:  Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1TB SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane  11.41 - tested v11.50.b6 (fine) Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: Traffic Global (Just Flight) US$52.99 Scenery or Aircraft - Default Boeing 737-800 by Laminar Reserch    
    • Ive been a flight simmer since 1998. I have flown all of the alabeos, carenados, flight factors, just flight, rotate md 80 and IEXG airplanes and in my opinion the ToLiss A321 is so far the best airplane I have ever flown. This airplane is addictive. 
    • Thanks as usual for an excellent review!  Unfortunately, I think I will be sending another $35 to Aerobask because of you!😄
    • Yeah, I have all those little problems too, quite annoying but not sufficient to prevent you from having some fun with the 787. It is still under development, but I can see a lot of potential on it, can't wait for the next update and new features.
    • Hello Thanks. That has solved it. The other things that puzzle me are : 1. The range button on  + decreases the range. - increases it ! Should be the other way around 2. Cannot change the MFD lit button to the left. At present the lit one on the Pilots side is set to the right and the Co-pilots to the left. Is it significant ? 3. The VOR/ADF switches on the radio panel do not work. As the Map/Plan screen shows VOR at the bottom of the page, I do not know if it is picking up the VOR I have input, or the ILS frequency 4. I set WFD (Woodford) frequency near EGCC on the ADF1 on the Nav/Rad, but at the bottom of the Map page it shows as INN instead of WFD. I also set the ILS for rwy 23R at 109.5 When I approached I got the green  arrow in line with the runway and the a/c landed as shown by the ILS after clicking APP, so the green arrow was not pointing to WFD (which is off to the left on that approach). 5. I find the dials for hdg and alt very difficult. On hdg you either have to click one at a time which is very slow, or by using the mouse wheel. To use the wheel, it is necessary to zoom in, but it is very difficult to hold the mouse steady while turning the wheel. If it slips slightly, I either lose it altogether or it turns the bank instead. It is all too slow and awkward if I am responding to ATC on Vatsim.  
    • First - at long last I am delighted that the F33A is updated for XP11. I stopped flying it long ago because HSI lighting was basically nonexistent and I couldn't use it at night. Now all panel lighting is excellent! Re dropping like a rock upon gear down. I just downloaded v1.1 for XP11. I am running xp11-50b13 I did my best to set up as Pilot 19 described. At 4,300ft,  15"/2400 level. Airspeed very very slowly crept up to 115kts. While hand-flying level at above conditions I dropped the gear and maintained level horizon. Airspeed dropped to 95kts and decent settled into 500fpm as best I could see it. This is exactly what I would like to see gear down do - and nothing like "drops like a rock."  Maybe give 11.50 a try and see if you get the results I did. Jim
    • Ok, so I took the aircraft for a departure and I believe that I know your problem. I've set myself at 9,000ft with ALT hold and no A/T, should work fine with A/T, then selected the desired heading. After that I clicked at the HDG hold button and nothing, just like you described, however, if you unclick the hold button, leaving no light on, and click the SEL button in the HDG selector the plane should follow the selected heading. So, just click SEL and don't click hold.   I expect that this post helped you. Casa
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