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  1. Goodbye, we will miss you. loved your amazing reviews also some lovely photos- I see you finally bought the 767
  2. I feel like as long as x-plane can get some good scenery, clouds, etc., it can beat MFS. It’s already stronger in many areas, especially physics, thanks to Austin with his blade element theory.
  3. Is it safe to say that the 350 is 100% ahead now with 1.6.8 (SID/STAR]?
  4. Is this good? I am interested because my favorite airlines operate A330-300 but jar is A330-200. i have jar but interestedly in this. Those are barely needed. Even ff a320 don’t have pilots models. and I heard IXEG733 doesn’t have doors.
  5. Nice! I might get this if I’m starting some regional flights.
  6. The developer (ramzzess) says the ff320 should have similar framerate to ff757 FPDS modern avionics. I went for it, and sure enough they sure are similar. not that good in FPS, but alright for me (constant 20 FPS with some drops to 15). Very surprising actually considering my specs...
  7. Thanks I got both before you answered and I totally agree!
  8. Hey Stephen, How does the framerate on the 320 compare to 757 with same settings, weather, scenery and location? Thanks.
  9. Hey Stephen, I’m interested in this plane. Is it worth the price? thanks.
  10. Alright, I got the 757 modern avionics, did a flight with it, and I’m quite happy. Now should I get the 767 extended (nearly identical), or toliss 319 (I have a really good freeware a321 already)? I do like the 757/767 in real life, but a change would be nice. Thanks!
  11. Thanks. i think I’ll go with the extended pack on one of the 757/767, and the FPDS on the other. the FPDS might be helpful to me because I really despise the tony readings and displays on he regular version, as well as the fact that the altitude is on a steam gauge by itself.
  12. Hi, is this worth it more than the extended pack if I want modern displays more than 2 extra planes? also does the regular/modern avionics 757 come with PW And RR engines? Thanks!
  13. Thanks, just sometimes the required specs are misleading... toliss needs 4GB VRAM they say... works perfectly fine on a rusty iMac. FF320 needs 2GB VRAM? I doubt it would even give me 3FPS on my old machine... thanks anyway!
  14. Thanks, I have a really old iMac, only 2GB of VRAM... Can run the 777 and JAR330 quite well, along would ff767. I’ll get 777 extended then think about the 350.
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