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Aircraft Update : B 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition v2.2 by SSG


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Aircraft Update : B 747-8 Inter Anniversary Edition v2.2 by Supercritical Simulations Group


As a reviewer of simulation, then what gives you the biggest satisfaction, yes the unveiling of any new aircraft or scenery is always going to make you happy, there are things to explore, things to adjust, pushing buttons, finding your way around the complex systems...  then actually flying the aircraft. But there is a more subtle satisfaction that comes from a longer period of development. Even if the new aircraft or even to a point a new scenery is great or even wonderful at release it is also usually not totally complete, there is always that "something" that doesn't work correctly or could have been better modeled or still needs some work done to.


Add into that factor then there is the development progress, very few aircraft are complete on first delivery as in most cases the restrictions of the period in most cases didn't allow for the sort of quality or dynamics that we take for granted today, in five years we will look back and say that the quality today is certainly not the detail and quality of now, so it is a moving scale of what was brilliant five years ago is very "ho Hum" today, and only constant upgrades and version changes can keep an aircraft current.


Which brings us to Supercritical Simulations Group and their Boeing 747-8. Like I have already noted it is a very ambitious project in taking on such a very large (no pun intended) project, what could be called brave on one hand or it could be called foolish on another. Yes the project certainly had it's ups and downs over the last six years, it is complex aircraft that never really had any soul, and you can't say the venerable Boeing 747 has no soul, because it is one of the greatest machines to grace our skies.


But the earlier SSG B748 aircraft just didn't jell, a lot I liked about it, and it was actually nice to fly, but it was missing that "something"...   SSG did the right thing and stopped throwing time and energy at something that refused to morph into something great and started again from scratch, oddly the very last "Legacy" v1.9.2 version finally sort of got there. So v2 was announced and SSG produced a sort of again a non-starter? but the quickly revised version (2.1.1) that X-PlaneReviews reviewed here Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 Anniversary Edition by Supercritical Simulations Group finally gave the aircraft the daylight it deserved...  it was very good, and for once I really loved it, but missing was the Freighter version that was part of the original v1 release, and so here we are with finally the full B748i and B748F package...  and the v2 cargo version is here!


SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Lufthansa.jpg


First some notes. v2.1.1 Passenger version was released back in January (22nd) and besides the new F variant there are the bug fixes and improvements (a lot) so most of the changes and fixes in this v2.2 cover both the Passenger and Freighter variants, although obviously the focus here will be on the Cargo version.


And so here is the v2 SSG Freighter version basking in the morning light at EDDF - Frankfurt on the cargo ramp N15.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Head 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Head 2.jpg


The first thing that jumps out at you is quality, There has been a few delays with the release of the v2 Freighter version after the Passenger (mostly Covid 19 related) but the extra time provided has given SSG the space to fine tune the details even more, the Passenger version released was very good in external quality, but you feel the aircraft is now even more complete, in fact it is sensational (more twiddling on the exterior has been done in v2.2)


Get close and the B748 looks and feels exceptional...


SSG_B748-v2_F_Head 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Head 4.jpg


Look at that nose shape and the lovely shiny hull, inside the LF open door is what is to come...   again those first impressions count, note the nose stringers, no cheap mapping here but the real thing, text and detail is excellent, sharp and high-def. The classic three window hump is used on the Freighter version in bringing back memories of fifty years ago, I always thought it was the best proportioned 747 version, so you get that classic 747 feel.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Head 8.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Head 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Head 6.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Head 7.jpg


Window detail is really good and I love the far darker green front windows to lighter shade side as per the real 747 pout, "god it is nice!"


Nosewheel detail is again in the "wow" catagory, as the depth of modeling here is excellent. We didn't look at the total gear detail in the earlier review, but I am glad I took the time here, it is very, very good on all bogies with intimate detail of lighting, brakes and associated pressure lines.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Gear 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Gear 2.jpg

SSG_B748-v2_F_Gear 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Gear 4.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Gear 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Gear 6.jpg


Do we expect this sort of high quality detail to day for our money, absolutely, but we rarely get it. But I do feel here there has been a huge effort to not only model in detail, but to also create the most authentic feel in wear, tear and afully  working aircraft look, and SSG has certainly succeeded in that department.


The four General Electric GEnx--2B67B engines rated at 66,500 lbf (296 kN) were completely redone for v2, and you still can't get over the differences to the bland v1 engines, they now simply ooze quality and detail...


SSG_B748-v2_F_Engines 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Engines 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Engines 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Engines 4.jpg


With the v2.2 update comes a more realistic engine fan spool up/spool down animation and the engine fan windmilling effect is now visible depending on the wind's direction and speed... it looks great, but don't stand too close!


SSG_B748-v2_F_Engines 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Engines 6.jpg


Rear APU (Auxilary Power Unit) exhaust and lighting detail is really good with work done for more detail like with rivets around APU tailcone area, but note the bracket on the rightside rear...  I wonder what that is for?


SSG_B748-v2_F_Engines tail 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Engines tail 2.jpg


As this is Freighter variant you get that gigantic opening mawing cargo mouth that makes the B747F give you a happy cartoon laughing face...


SSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 4.jpg


...  all the cargo upper and lower doors open and they have excellent hi-quality detail, note the aft bulk door opens inwards as it should do. Front cargo door is finally open and it is a huge massive hole...


SSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 5.jpg


Detail is incredible....  everything is so well done from the comprehensive door latch system, floor runners and hydraulic door rams.  Note the perfect yellow upper deck ladder.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 6.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 7.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 8.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Front door 9.jpg


Internally it is a cargo haulers wet dream, a fantasy come true, note the excellent porthole window (it is there to check icing on the wings or look at the engines), vents, container position markings, door controls....   ohhhh  this is just so much!  Yes we have had a great Freighter with all these door and cargo details in the Boeing 748F before, but not to this detail and depth, this is just so realistic.


What is up that ladder, can you go up there...  of course and it is the rear rest cabin.



SSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 2.jpg


There are six business class sized seats for comfort, four on the right and two more behind the entrance way. I love rear cabins, on a long haul you can take yourself back there and have a rest (I do tend to fly at the controls for the full 10 or 12 hours, I'm a bit mad that way)...   so for me this rest area is absolutely perfect.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 4.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 6.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 7.jpg


Forward is a big galley, and behind the curtain is the cockpit...  before we go in there there is the escape door in the upper right fuselage, this door can be removed via the menu. Forward door left is a toilet... "phew" 12 hours, just think about that, twelve long hours.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 8.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 9.jpg

SSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 12.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 13.jpg


Go closer and touch the curtain to open and there is the office....


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 10.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cabin 11.jpg


....  so unlike the Passenger version with the missing rear part main deck, then everything or every area is modeled and accessible on the Freighter, the B747 is a big aircraft so there is a lot of the aircraft to explore. A note, on the Passenger version the flight deck door switch has been implemented and the cockpit door now opens inward as in the real aircraft.



The SSG B748 cockpit has had more dramas than Keith Moon. Nothing it seemed could get those textures right and even the third party renditions didn't work....   but you gotta give SSG something, it is resoluteness...  and finally I think they have it right. The biggest issue was it was earlier so clammy and dark in here and the textures just had no life to them. In v2.2 they are still dark, but feel fine in the light. Detail is excellent now in all corners of the cockpit, note the classic upper ceiling work and a ceiling stored spare seat.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 4.jpg


Instrument panel detail is excellent, even overwhelming. All instrument displays are bright, sharp and clear (adjustable)...


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 7.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 6.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 8.jpg


....  I am still not sure of the yokes like I mentioned in the Passenger version? they look okay in the light with a nice sheen, but they still need something to break up the brown blandness. Overhead Panel is simply enormous, detail is really, really good. System depth is very good, note the Fire Test (arrowed)


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 9.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 10.jpg


One concern is the manipulator control, It still feels slightly too high on the knobs and crosses over to other switchgear, I thought this would have been refined for this version but it hasn't, it is not that bad... but needs adjustment to be perfect as it can get a little twiddly. In high work moments it can get frustrating trying to manipulate certain knobs and switches.


Whiskey Compass housing is all new, and modeled on a real unit...  you can adjust the brightness and even tone it right down.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 11.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 12.jpg


Pedestal has had attention with Yaw damper switches now separated into upper and lower with associated EICAS messages. The COM radios now have 8.33 kHz spacing and will allow tuning frequencies 3 digits after decimal (e.g. 118.015) "Thank god" and the ATC Transponder code entering has been improved and made more realistic. Radio VOR and ILS frequencies can now also be entered in both XXX.YY and XXXYY format. The center pedestal CDU now has a screen with sample menu selections, but its features are not implemented yet in this version.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 13.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 14.jpg


Menu is different for the v2 and debuted on the Passenger version, it is a Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD) iPad style and far better to use, graphics could be a little more visually creative and still feel Windows 95 in that aspect, but otherwise it is very good if basic. Door control including that huge front nose hatch is via the main aircraft diagram, and a new addition (arrowed) is a "Tail Stand"?


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 15.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 16.jpg


"Wow" yes that is a really nice addition and what that rear right bracket was for, the tail stand looks great and so authentic set in place.


Primary and other Multi-Functional Displays (MFD) are excellent with even the lowest text point easily read, and the text is quite small in areas. Nav MFD can be switched as a backup or for in flight use, via the switch above. Three modes cover PFD, NAV/MAP and Centre MFD, both sides can also be switched independently.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 17.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 18.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 19.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Cockpit 20.jpg


FMC is very good by FJCC (Javier Cortés) and now has a huge depth of detail. First on this v2 is that both the Pilot and First Officers CDU's are now both independent of each other, and both have pop-out's on windows F8 (Pilot) and Alt F8 (FO). You can input directly by pressing the KEYS selection, but note it does freeze the background for movement. In the earlier release version I found the pop-ups would also input the wrong key selection, they feel better this time around (Passenger version has been updated the same), but I use the excellent Green Arc WebFMC Pro to program the route and performance data, note the WebFMC Pro will only access the right side FMC panel, and not the left pilot side.


SSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 1.jpg


Overall the FMC depth as noted here is now very good and comes with great detail. You do get a few helpers on the PERF INIT page but otherwise it is all direct input, and the manual "FCOM" guide is very good as a teacher, but note to load the passengers and cargo and fill the tanks before setting up the FMC PERF pages. There are however still a few Cortés quirks to work around as it is slow to input and show the changes and I got an odd freeze on the right display, but it righted itself... Route input was however excellent with no issues, I am not going far enough to test the waypoint limit like I discovered on the SIN-FRA route (20 pages) but it is noted as being fixed.


SSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 4.jpg


EFIS MODE/ NAV FREQ DISAGREE alert shows up and notes the VOR Frequency does not match the input ILS setting, but I had not yet input the runway? it went away with the settings done.


Settings for "Refueling" is done on the ISFD, and automatic input is done via pressing the LK1 (arrowed left), I personally would like to set the ZFW manually, but you can't? But it does fill in the FMC INIT page data very well.


SSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 6.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 7.jpg


"Payload" adds in your cargo load, You can select; 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% (MAX) loads or direct cargo weight in Kgs. Note, the added .1 decimal setting which was missing before, same on the refueling setting which can now be set as +/-0.1 ton.


References are very good and detailed. "Takeoff" REF is very good and pointers will help you fill it in. Another and one I haven't seen before is the VNAV References (arrowed below right)...   Three pages give access to ECON CLB (Climb), ECON CRZ (Cruise) and ECON 337.


SSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 8.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 9.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 10.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 11.jpg


New and fixed FMC notes are; You can now enter any valid VOR frequency and FMC step climb values can now be entered directly via the scratchpad but only in 4 decimal places (i.e. 3000 not 300), now you can add an airport as a waypoint, DEL key now works in the right CDU and the bug  has been fixed when sometimes selected SIDs would be deleted. 


Overall I found the aircraft setup really good, no real issues and it is certainly a comprehensive bit of kit...  "Study grade", yes certainly now it is.


SSG_B748-v2_F_FMC 12.jpg


Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD)

The Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD) EFB is coming along nicely with a few more items added. As noted we have: GND SERV (doors, APU), Fueling and Payload pages. The "Sound" page looks the same but the actual sounds have all been redone to mostly allow the DreamEngine build 0316 to ensure that the sounds work in XP11.50. On the Passenger version I liked them a lot, a few users didn't? But they have revised anyway by a new sound set from Turbine Sound Studios (TSS).  


SSG_B748-v2_F_EFB 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EFB 2.jpg


"Options" covers show/hide both yokes (independently), Show/hide Rain Effects, Kilos or Pounds and a Real/Fast Navigation Alignment time.


APU covers the External Power source, but still no actual ground unit? and last is a new item for chocks...


GHD - Ground Handling Deluxe

As with the earlier v1 Freighter version a must have addon is the "Ground Handling Deluxe" Plugin by JARDesign. If any plugin was designed for a particular aircraft then the SSG B748 Freighter then this is it...


SSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 4.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 6.jpg


...  in fact the huge front 30t K loader was created just for this aircraft, a note though and there is a small conflict with the provide (menu) chocks and the GHD versions, the GHD version is far better in design so I use them...  but you can't use both (well you can but it looks odd).


My load factor payload is not 100% (note as 103.8kgs), but depending on the load % factor the aircraft will show the amount of cargo internally.


SSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 7.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_GHD 8.jpg


EDDF (Frankfurt) to UUEE (Moscow)

There is a significant amount of data and route information to set up the aircraft, the details are quite comprehensive and SSG do provide a very good "Quick Start Guide", but previous experience with these study detailed aircraft will certainly help. Only a note on the takeoff flap position of 20º set in the manual feels too excessive and would create too much drag, so I go for 10º.


With the loading complete it is time to get the B748F ready for flight. If using the GHD there is a lot to do and as much to do getting the aircraft loaded and ready on the ground as much as the flying in the air, it is a very immersive simulation. Doors are closed and the APU is started, the great X-Plane11 particle effects work great here.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 4.jpg


Switchgear sounds are fabulous, great clicks and clunks as you press buttons and the feel gives you again great immersion of the aircraft.


There is a good pushback system built in to the aircraft (in the ISFD), but I will always use the "BetterPushBack" option, I don't start the engines until the pushback is complete, the weight of the aircraft and running engines can create a heavy weight to move... it feels better or more authentic as well.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 6.jpg


Engine start is very impressive (make sure your bleeds are correct, the B748 my look like a auto aircraft, but it is still a B747 under the new skin). Each section of the startup procedure is completed, so it does take time to start all four GEnx--2B67B engines but the procedures are really, really good in the engine startup stages, sounds are excellent from both inside the cockpit and externally, but I had to adjust the external engines sounds down a few notches as they are quite high. You did wait until the N2 was at 20% until you threw the fuel flow switches... of course you did. But the N2 readout is only displayed on the lower EICAS display, not on the upper.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 7.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 8.jpg


Speedbrake arm is (arrowed) lift and not accessible via a keyboard/joystick command, so it is easy to overlook...  all four engines are now running and settled at 500 EGT.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 11.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 12.jpg


A fully loaded Boeing 747 is always a sight to see, and you feel all the immense weight once you push those throttles forward to taxi.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 9.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 10.jpg


Frankfurt au Main is set up to cater for these big A380's and B747s, but it still is tight for an aircraft of this size on moving it around the taxiways, departure is via Rwy 07R.


Takeoff roll is full power and you need it, 169+10 knts and you rotate the aircraft off the runway but with not a very high pitch up of say 8º. Flying 747's are a trick...  these Jumbo aircraft work for you but also very much against you in what you want to do...


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 13.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 14.jpg


...     the flap system with the Krueger flaps are on the leading edge of the wing and the Triple-Slotted Flaps are the high lift devices at the rear of the wing, both are highly effective, but also create huge drag as well...  your job is to fly around the drag and not stall the aircraft, with a very heavy cargo load then that aspect is far easier said than done...


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 15.jpg


...  the key is speed, once have lift you need to gather speed, so a low climb rate helps enormously.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 16.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 17.jpg


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 18.jpg


Settle into a low altitude and clean up the aircraft and increase the speed before climbing (295knts) and don't fall into the worst situation of trying to climb too fast and too slow and get stuck in that horrible pitch up low speed zone that creates 747 drag, it is also very hard to get out of the situation, the whole aircraft becomes a huge barn door of drag hell...  once your flat and fast then climb, but again control the climb, I call it the "big lift" and if the 747 is very heavy then it will take time to lift yourself up to altitude... The B748F is far more powerful than the earlier PW JT9D-7R4G2 -300 version...  they needed a lot of coaxing (love) to lift the load to altitude so to speak, but that is the skill and part of the experience of flying 747's.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 19.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 20.jpg


So a short climb to 8000ft, power up to 295knts and then once around the corner it was a 1600fpm climb up to FL310, and she responded perfectly...  this SSG is a really, really good 747 to fly...


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 21.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 22.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 23.jpg


You could note the office as nice, well it is a really great place to spend time. And you will spend a lot of time in here. Background sounds are excellent,  no boring loops, but that movement through the air humm that sounds like an air conditioner on full fan blast...  I love it.


SSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 24.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_EDDF 25.jpg


The SSG 748 has been redone with the latest SASL3 (both versions) and it feels better for it and with the options that the better features SASL3 can provide.  EICAS messages have been revised and corrected or deleted, and there are no more triangles where circles are supposed to be in SIDs/STARs.



I really liked the cockpit lighting on the Passenger version, and so it is as good in here on the Freighter. It is really a nice place in here.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 2.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 3.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 4.jpg


Under panel LED lighting shows off the amazing beautiful throttle handles, you can almost feel and touch them.


Rear cockpit lighting is controlled by the DOME knob and the lights three overhead lights, they look very nice, but need just a little more brightness to be perfect, with the dome lights on it will still leave the instrument panel in semi-darkness which I like....  STORM will give the cockpit full illumination.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 6.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 7.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 8.jpg


Separate MAP lights are available for both pilots, again both are very good....   Full blackout of in-direct light can be eliminated and in giving you a full dark but lit instrument panel which is still totally adjustable, it can take a little while to work all the different lighting settings, but the results are worth it.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 9.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 10.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 11.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 12.jpg


....  but it was extremely easy to find the sweet spot in instrument panel lighting, which is very, very important to me if you are flying long hours, and most cargo routes are flown at night means this aspect is doubly important to feel content in here... and it is perfect.


Cabin is bit bright, and like the passenger version and you wish you had more control or adjustment of the lighting, it is fine, but could be better.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 13.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 14.jpg


External lighting on the B748F is excellent. Nice tail logo lighting, and the WING lights does a nice job of lighting up the wings and the engines.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 15.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 16.jpg


The aircraft looks simply great at night, almost beautiful in the right lighting conditions.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Lighting 17.jpg


139kms out from Moscow it is time to descend...


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 1.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 2.jpg


....  NAV/MAP MFD is full of information, sometimes too much data so you have to declutter the display to see your details. There is a VDS - Vertical situation display that shows you your altitude and the lower terrain. But it pushes up the main Navigation display into a tighter higher aspect...  it is very good, but I need the full NAV display..   but as a descending tool it is very good...  another indispensable tool is the altitude target line, set your vertical speed down and find out where you will reach your set new altitude...  you just can't do without it.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 4.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 3.jpg


Those huge flap arrangements are now to your favor as you reduce speed, 10º flap and 205 knts is a perfect approach speed...  a turn to finals.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 5.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 6.jpg


The view of Sheremetyevo on approach now is incredibly different from the wasteland past, we have come a long way has the X-Plane simulator.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 7.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 9.jpg


My totally favorite aspect of the Boeing 747, with the gear hanging down on approach with a slow speed. You can slightly twiddle the yoke and the full 250 tons will respond beneath you as you hang there in the air, the power of flight.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 8.jpg


Considering it's size (or because of it) the Boeing 747 is a nice aircraft to land, it has a good flow and lift, and the final flare at around 160knts will allow you settle easily on the four bogie arrangement.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 10.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 11.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 12.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 13.jpg


Reverse thrust is powerful, and it needs to be to slow the high weight down. I rarely make a shoddy landing in a 747, it is always so forgiving and this B747-8 from SSG does everything right.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 14.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 16.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 15.jpg


You feel again the size of the 8F as you negotiate the tighter taxiway (Main) A coming off Rwy 06R, the cargo base here at UUEE is even smaller and the massive 8F fills the complete bay.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 17.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 18.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 19.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 20.jpg


After shutdown I slip down the ladder to check the cargo...  "yep" still there and not moved an inch, it is not my job to unload, but the internal detail of the closed front hatch is still very impressive! 


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 21.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 22.jpg


Dream stuff again, that who would have thought we would have this much detail and this much 747 aircraft to fly...   I never did.


SSG_B748-v2_F_UUEE 23.jpg



There are the original six passenger six liveries in very high quality detail: SSG House, Air China, Air Force One, Boeing House, Korean Air and Lufthansa


SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery SSG.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Air China.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Air Force One.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Boeing House.jpg

SSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Korean Air.jpgSSG_B748-I_v2_Livery Lufthansa.jpg


And the six new Freighter liveries as part of the package, the Cargo liveries are; Cargolux, Atlas Air, Boeing Family, Boeing Light, Cathay Pacific Cargo and Silkway. A paint kit for both aircraft has just been published, so more is expected.


SSG_B748-v2_F_Livery Cargolux.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Livery Atlas Air.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Livery Boeing Family.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Livery Boeing Light.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Livery Cathey Pacific Cargo.jpgSSG_B748-v2_F_Livery Silkway.jpg



This is the v2 Anniversary Edition of Supercritical Simulations Group Boeing 748 International aircraft. The package was first released as a Passenger version back in January 2020, but this is the second part of the package with the new incorporation of the Boeing 748F or Freighter.


Besides the addition of a completely new Freighter variant, there has also been some significant updates, fixes and changes to the aircraft. The v2.2 release covers even more of a long list of changes, but the core was good at the start is now even far better (changelog attached). Highlights are...  SASL3 plugin now used for more features and reliability, Updated Sounds by TSS and DreamEngine update for XPv11.50. More realistic fan operations for startup, windmilling. Better Speedbrake spoiler functionality, chocks added and Hydraulic, Autobrake, Altitude Alert logic all redone...  ISFD (iPad) now has +/-0.1 ton quantities.


Negatives are rear lighting a bit bright and non-adjustable and this is a very heavy detailed aircraft and does require a bit of grunt to run it all so a 8K graphic card is recommended, also you do need some Systems/FMS skills to fly the aircraft, however there are some very good manuals provided, but this aircraft is notably a high level simulation and not for the faint hearted.


Notable here is that if you purchased the earlier Passenger version, then the added spectacular Freighter comes at a significant no cost but just an update...  if you have not purchased the SSG Boeing 748 package then you get two significant aircraft for the cost of one, either way it is all a very good deal, added to that factor is how really good this study 747 now is, this is one very comprehensive aircraft with a lot of great system depth, quality and immense detail. The evolution of the SSG Boeing 748 has been a long one, but it now delivers and has reached a mature stage in it's development.


This is the "ultimate" Boeing 747 for X-Plane, and if like me in being a 747 nutjob then this SSG Boeing 748i/F delivers the full experience. Obviously this is the best Boeing 747 in X-Plane and now it has that ultimate Freighter version as well...  it should keep you going long into the night doing what you do best, hauling, hauling freight and passengers around the world in style...   Absolutely Highly Recommended



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing 747-8 Inter v2.2 Anniversary Edition By Supercritical Simulations Group is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Boeing 747- 8 Inter Anniversary Edition


Price is US$65.00 (discounted)



New: Passengers and Cargo Versions included
  • 747-8 Intercontinental Passenger version
  • New Freighter model, accessible under "Cargo" in the Main X-Plane Aircraft menu
 The entire external 3D model for v2 has been redone, including the following:
  • All new fuselage closely modeled on the real one with added details
  • Each door can be opened individually and is more detailed
  • Added animations and details (almost all parts that can open/move on the aircraft are modeled).
  • New external details such as a satellite antenna and tail camera
  • New cut passenger windows instead of textures
  • New vertical and horizontal stabilizers with added details
  • New nacelles and engines with more details and new animations
  • Reworked and more detailed landing gear/gear doors with additional animation
  • Improved and more detailed leading and trailing edge flaps and added flap mechanisms
  • Upper deck interior with seats/galleys and stairs to lower deck
  • New wing flex and nacelle animations 
The textures for the entire aircraft have been redone to match the new model, along with decals for certain detailed areas, right down to most of the external placards, working closely with our technical advisors to ensure all the main details are present and that we have gotten them right.
  • The entire cockpit 3D model has been largely redone and completely retextured. 
  • New overhead panel and buttons/switches
  • New forward panel and buttons/switches
  • New pedestal and buttons/switches/handles
  • New miscellaneous panel and buttons/switches
  • Side panels and window frames completely redone
  • New cockpit seats
  • Various added details
  • Almost all switches function properly and independently 
  • IRS alignment process implemented
  • More realistic fuel system with different pumps and tanks along with FUEL TANK / ENG logic
  • Realistic AUTOSTART and RUNNING indicators on secondary engine displays
  • Improved and more realistic air conditioning system and logic
  • Better track representation on ND
  • Clock and chronometer on ND working like on the real aircraft
  • More realistic baro pressure logic (STD, preselected, transition altitude)
  • Captain and First Officer FMCs are now independent
  • FMC FIX page added
  • FMC Route 2 function added
  • FMC Diversion function added
  • Librain rain effects (currently not working on Macs)
Skuncraft Updater
  • Now with Skunkcraft updater. No need to download anything for updates, the plane will automatically be updated



X-Plane 11

Windows , Mac or Linux
4GB MB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended

Current and Review version : 2.2 - (August 23rd 2020)
Owners of the 747 v1 will see a discounted price once logged in into their account. No Coupon required.
NOTE: Framerate requires a decent graphic card, minimum of 8gb is RECOMMENDED, so I would also recommend a power machine as standard.
Installation : Download is 1.52gb which is unzipped and is inserted in your Heavy Aircraft  folder as: 1.72gb
Key authorisation is required. 
WebFMC Pro  and  "Ground Handling Deluxe" Plugin by JARDesign is highly recommended with this aircraft.
Documentation : includes 
  • SSG License Agreement.txt
  • V2.2 Change Log.txt
  • librain license.txt
  • SSG 747-8 V2 Quick Start Guide.pdf
  • SSG 747-8 V2 FCOM.pdf


Changelog v2.2

V2.2 Change Log.txt


Aircraft Review by Stephen Dutton 

28th August 2020

Copyright©2020: X-Plane Reviews 


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) 

Review System Specifications: 

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.20

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini 

Plugins: Traffic GLobal Plugin - US$52.99 : BetterPushBack - Free : Ground Handling Deluxe Plugin by JARDesign US$14.95 : WebFMC Pro  US$19.99

Scenery or Aircraft

- EDDF - Airport Frankfurt XP11 by Aerosoft  (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$32.99

- UUEE - Moscow Sheremetyevo XP v2 by Drzewiecki Design  (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$26.00


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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2 hours ago, chris787gh said:


I'm missing SID/STAR's on 787-8!, i updated them with navigraph but no changes!

Any help?


Yes SID/STAR's work fine, but to update the aircraft's Nav Data is unusual...  it is located in the X-Plane/CustomData/UFMC folder, and there is a separate Navigraph download (ssg_native_2009) for this Nav Data, as a side note you did use the the DEP/ARR key to input the SID/STAR didn't you? as just dropping in a route only covers the actual route and not the SID/STAR sections. S


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19 hours ago, chris787gh said:

I just looked I don’t have UFMC folder!

Are you looking in the SSG B748 folder (aircraft) or the X-Plane root folder (Custom Data). If nothing in the latter then SSG provide you with an data installer with the package, install the old data, then replace it with the current Nav Data.

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  • 9 months later...

As an actual 747 Pilot, this software is a complete disappointment to me.  None of the CDU functions operate correctly.  The FMC is nearly impossible to use with VR controls.  The sound is nothing close to authentic.  It pains me to say it, but the 747-400 that is standard with X-plane, in spite of it's inadequacies, is better as a true sim experience.  This one looks better, but the functionality is, well, not good!

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On 6/26/2021 at 8:58 PM, 747 Captain said:

As an actual 747 Pilot, this software is a complete disappointment to me.  None of the CDU functions operate correctly.  The FMC is nearly impossible to use with VR controls.  The sound is nothing close to authentic.  It pains me to say it, but the 747-400 that is standard with X-plane, in spite of it's inadequacies, is better as a true sim experience.  This one looks better, but the functionality is, well, not good!


We base the CDU functions on those of the 747-8, and it is tested by other real world 747 pilots and mechanics - so please tell us what is not functioning correctly. The FMC is very complex and we say up front that not all features are implemented, but we are getting closer.

As for VR controls - we also get positive feedback, so it would help to know what your issues are.

And the sound - it is sampled professionally from the real 747-8. So more info on that comment would also help us. 

Just the other day a real world 747-8 pilot messaged us and said "I just downloaded and installed V2.3_Beta4 from x-plane.org Store and flew a quick flight between... KPNS-KVPS (Runway 17,  left turn direct PENSI.V241.CEW ILS19). I wanted to say that the improvements are very good. The FMS performed pretty much similar to the actual aircraft... Overall I really liked how it performed and would say the FMS interface is a LOT better. So... Great Job!" Granted he was flying the newer V2.3 we just released, so we are puzzled by your comments and are open to your input.  


- Stekeller


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