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  1. Hello, We base the CDU functions on those of the 747-8, and it is tested by other real world 747 pilots and mechanics - so please tell us what is not functioning correctly. The FMC is very complex and we say up front that not all features are implemented, but we are getting closer. As for VR controls - we also get positive feedback, so it would help to know what your issues are. And the sound - it is sampled professionally from the real 747-8. So more info on that comment would also help us. Just the other day a real world 747-8 pilot messaged us and said "I just downloaded and installed V2.3_Beta4 from x-plane.org Store and flew a quick flight between... KPNS-KVPS (Runway 17, left turn direct PENSI.V241.CEW ILS19). I wanted to say that the improvements are very good. The FMS performed pretty much similar to the actual aircraft... Overall I really liked how it performed and would say the FMS interface is a LOT better. So... Great Job!" Granted he was flying the newer V2.3 we just released, so we are puzzled by your comments and are open to your input. Regards, - Stekeller SSG
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