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Aircraft Comparison : Boeing 777 vs Airbus A350


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Aircraft Comparison : Boeing 777 vs Airbus A350


As you can see by the title, today we are going to compare the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350 for X-plane 11, both Boeing and Airbus biggest twin-engine aircraft. The Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner is the long range variant from the 777 family, with a maximum range of 8,555 nm (15,843 km). This variant has increased MTOW, three optional auxiliary fuel tanks and wingtips. Equipped with GE90 engines it produces up to 230,000 pounds of thrust combined.  Exactly 60 have already been delivered and its main operators are Delta Air Lines and Emirates, with each one operating 10 aircraft.


The A350 XWB is Airbus newest aircraft. The A350-900 has a maximum range of 8,100 (15,000 km) and a MTOW of 280 tons. The -900 was designed to compete with the B777-200ER/LR and 787-10, and eventually giving airlines the option to replace their older A340-300/500 with a newer and more fuel-efficient aircraft. It is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines each producing up to 84,200 pounds of thrust. The A350 family is considered to a success, with 930 orders and more than 360 already delivered, being its main operators Singapore Airlines (48) and Etihad Airways (54).


FlightFactor Aero is well known for their study level aircraft, with system depth being their main focus, and the A320 Ultimate and 767 Professional being a good proof of that. With that in mind you would expect a high-quality add-on from FlightFactor with great systems, so in today's comparison we are going to discover if that is true when we talk about the B777 and A350. Now we are going to decide which long-haul aircraft is the best for you


Exterior modeling

Both aircraft will be using custom Delta liveries that can be found in Xplane.Org


Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional

At a first look the exterior model is quite nice even though it needs some improvements. The fuselage may look strange with that lines, however you won't notice them most of the time. The windows are transparent, showing the 3d cabin inside.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 17.09.49.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 17.27.24.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 17.19.51.jpg


Probably the best part of the exterior modeling are the GE90 engines, they look awesome. The fan blades have a very nice glossy touch. The engine running animation is very good too.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.10.00.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 17.13.16.jpg


The landing gear and wings are nicely modeled. In general, the exterior is good, even though some improvements are welcome, especially in the fuselage and empennage. However, you won't find many problems if you don't search for them.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 17.10.58.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 17.12.22.jpg

777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 17.39.04.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 20.02.39.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 16.31.02.jpg


Airbus A350 XWB Advanced

You will notice that in many cases the A350 is the opposite from the B777, and exterior modeling is one of them. Usually the first thing you notice when looking at the outside of a plane is the fuselage, and the A350 fuselage is well done, it has a glossy and reflective surface (due to the livery I am using, the fuselage doesn't appear to be glossy), transparent windows and very nice wingtips.


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 18.49.30.jpg

A350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 18.57.07.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 18.52.16.jpg


Instead of having very good modeled engines like the 777, the A350 engine modeling isn't that great, in fact it is not good or bad, it is the minimum you would expect from a 50 dollars plane. The animations are very nice and realistic, but the engine modeling, especially when it isn't running, is far away from perfection. 


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.19.30.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.19.53.jpg


The wings are nicely modeled and they look very good from the outside, however, they look a bit strange from the inside. The landing gear is great and doesn't appear to have any modeling problem. As you can see, the exterior modeling is good, even though it has its pros and cons, and you won't be disappointed. Like the 777, the A350 also needs some improvements.


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 19.34.01.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 19.33.31.jpg

A350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.06.28.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.59.37.jpg


Extra features

In this section we are going to talk about other extra features like doors, ground services and many other things.


Starting with ground service. Both aircraft have this functionality, with one being better than the other. You can use the 777 ground service by clicking the menu icon in the top right corner. There you will find the ground services vehicles and objects as the doors open/close buttons and many more.  Note that the ground service is very simple and only the doors indicated by an arrow can be opened.


Sem título.jpg


The ground service feature is more extensive in the A350, even though it is a bit simple, and can be accessed through the Cpt Outer OIS. It is important to note that all doors can be opened, a great advantage over the 777 which increases the realism. The plane at gate option sets a stair at the 4L door.


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 22.22.17.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 22.23.22.jpg


There is one thing that looks strange in both planes, the wing flex. In the 777 is a little bit weird in some situations, like deploying the speed brakes after landing, resulting in some strange wing moves. The A350 wing flex problem is different and you will notice it while taxing and applying brakes. Another problem from the a350 is the wheels animations, which appear to be too slow. The 777 has a kind of engine shake, which is very nice to see from the cabin.



Both aircraft have a 3d modeled cabin, divided in economy, business and first-class. Usually a 777 economy class is configured in a 3-4-3 configuration, which isn't the case FlightFactor 777, equipped with a 3-3-3 configuration. The business class seems very old, and the first-class has a nice bar.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 22.56.45.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 22.57.28.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 17.35.16.jpg


The A350 cabin is more modern than the 777 one. The economy is also equipped with a 3-3-3 configuration, with every seat been equipped with IFE screens. Configured in a 2-2-2 configuration the business class has wider and more comfortable seats. The first-class in the A350 is also equipped with a bar, providing great luxury to the passengers.


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.05.25.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 23.10.28.jpg

A350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.03.20.jpg


There is a very nice detail in both aircraft, which is the crew resting compartment. This is a place that pilots and flight attendants rest when it's the other crew members shift. The first photo is from the 777 and the second from the A350, respectively located in the front and back of the aircraft. 



777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.13.50.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.38.23.jpg


As you can see, the cabins are pretty well modeled and look nice, but in the end, the A350 cabin looks a bit better.



Probably the most important section in this comparison, it's in the cockpit that everything happens. While reading this part of the comparison, you will notice that most of the similarities and opposites are here, starting with the cockpit door, only the 777 has a close/open animation.


Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional

Possibly your first thought about the 777 cockpit will be: It seems very outdated. Yes the textures and some of the 3d modeling aren't great,  you can't deny that, but when you start flying the plane they don't seem that bad. The overhead panel is very nice, as well as the aisle stand panel, where the 3d modeling is good and textures aren't bad. 


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-21 00.28.06.jpg

777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-21 00.09.58.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-21 00.21.40.jpg


The night lighting is very beautiful and distinctive in 777, making it a very nice aircraft to fly at night. Its green color isn't common between other planes. It has many light knobs, this way you can try many lighting configurations before finding the best one for you.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.51.58.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-21 00.48.31.jpg


Airbus A350 XWB Advanced

At first glance, the A350 cockpit may look better than the B777, especially using textures replacement mods, which will be linked at the end of the comparison, however, there are many better-modeled cockpits out there. Everybody knows that the A350 is a very modern plane and all its 6 big screens will attract your attention while flying it. It has the Airbus style overhead panel, but its pedestal is different from any type of aircraft, having some similarities with the A380. The autopilot panel is almost identical to the A380.


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.02.27.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 01.22.42.jpg

A350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 01.34.36.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.02.01.jpg


The night is very well done, and gives the plane a modern touch, more than it already is.


A350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.46.15.jpg



FlightFactor says that what sets their models apart is the system depth, so we can expect good systems, we can't compare the A350 ou 777 with the A320 due to the price difference, so good systems is the least we should expect.


Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional


Starting with the FMC. It is fully functional, you can plan your route, insert SIDS and STARS and make performance calculations. The FMC is well done and you shouldn't have problems with it. The only thing that could be improved is individual screens, so you could leave one FMC in the LEGS page and the other at the VNAV page. 

As you can imagine, all knobs and switches at the overhead panel work. All the essential switches are working in the aisle stand panel. Last but not least, autopilot, it has some small issues like not turning off the disconnect alarm, but it still manages to take your plane from A to B. Another improvement that needs to be done is adding individual NAV screens, with this feature you would be able to set one screen with map and the other with app, using different ranges.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 17.34.14.jpg777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 17.42.13.jpg


With that in mind we can conclude that the 777 systems aren't perfect, but still in a high standard just like expected. Yes, they need some improvements, but still manage to have the hard work done.


Airbus A350 XWB Advanced

Probably the most known issue in the A350 systems is the FMC, where you can't insert SIDS and STARs. This is the main problem involving the A350 but there is a tool that solves this problem. It is named SimpleFMC and when used in conjunction with Simbrief flight planning tool, will give you the ability to completely program your route.

A350_xp11 - 2020-04-19 20.12.17.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-20 00.59.00.jpg

As you can see, the A350 has some issues involving route programming, even though it can be simply solved and FlightFactor announced an update to fix that (will talk more about this update later). However, performance calculations and weight configuration is very complete in the A350. The best way to do that is by using the Cpt Outer OIS screen.

A350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 17.00.40.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 17.01.45.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 17.02.02.jpg

Almost all switches and knobs work, both in overhead panel and pedestal. The autopilot works perfectly and you shouldn't expect any problem related to it. It is important to note that the taxi camera isn't working.

We can conclude that none of the aircraft systems is perfect. At the moment, the 777 systems are slightly ahead, which gives you the feeling of a more complete aircraft. However, the A350 is a newer plane, leaving many opportunities to improve and add many new features, and if this happens, the A350 systems may get better and more advanced than the 777 systems.


Each aircraft has its particularities. Generally we can assume that the 777 are better than the A350 sounds, especially when you talk about the engines.


Starting with cockpits sounds. Both aircraft have nice sounds here, probably the A350 ones are a bit better, even though none of them is bad. However, when we start talking about the cabin sounds, you may get disappointed. They are the same all the time, it doesn't matter if you are in the front or back of the plane, they won't change. The flaps and landing gear operation sounds are nice, just what you would expect.


The engine sounds are the ones you will most notice while flying a plane, and they are the reason for the 777 have better sounds than the A350. While you are in the cockpit or cabin, both planes have good sounds, even though they could be way better. But when you change for the outside view you will instantly notice the difference. While both engines are idle you already can tell a difference, you may think that this is obvious because they are different engines, but the difference is already there. However, things start to get better when you accelerate them, both sound nice, maybe a little better in the 777, but when the engines are at full power you will notice that the A350 isn't very nice, emitting a low and kinda soft noise. The 777 is the complete opposite, at full power the engines are screaming and give you the feeling that you flying the real aircraft.


Blue Sky Star, most known as BSS, provides a sound pack for the 777 at the price of 20 dollars, increasing your immersion with the aircraft. Will be linked at the end.


Other features

Here I will list things I didn't mention yet.


Checklist: Both aircraft have a checklist that tells you exactly what you should do.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-21 18.55.41.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 18.34.39.jpg


Cabin Announcements: You will find this feature in both aircraft. There are more than 20 default announcements.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-21 18.55.59.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-21 19.02.01.jpg


Pushback: This feature is implemented in both planes, however, I recommend using the Better Pushback plugin.



As I said earlier, we would find the best long-haul aircraft for you. After reading my comparison you may have already decided the best one for you, but if you still can't choose one I will help by listing the main features.


Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional

-Very well modeled engines

-Fuselage is good, but needs improvements

-Has 3d cabin

-Cockpit a little bit dated

-Good systems

-Better sounds (BSS package available)

-Price: $59,95


Airbus A350 XWB Advanced

-Better modeled fuselage

-Beautiful 3d cabin

-Better cockpit textures (using texture replaceament mod)

-Ok systems

-Good cockpit sounds, engines could be better

-Price: $49,95


Note that FlightFactor said that would release an update for A350 this month and it would include the implementation of SIDS and STARS as well as a huge graphical improvement. This update would make the A350 way better. It would be nice to see BSS making a sound package for the A350, it would take the aircraft to a pretty high standard.


If after all this you can't decide yet, you should take my advice. Both aircraft are equaly good, each one has pros and cons, and the best thing you could do is: buy the one you like more in real life, it is simple. Notice that you won't be disappointed with these two great aircraft by Flight Factor.


I won't tell my personal choice because that may induct you.


777-200LR_xp11 - 2020-04-18 17.35.47.jpgA350_xp11 - 2020-04-17 23.43.35.jpg



Thank you for reading this comparison! Feel free to leave your comment.


This is my first review for this incredible site that has been making the best reviews for X-plane for a long time.


I want to thank Stephen for giving me this incredible opportunity and providing everything I needed to make the comparison.





Both aircraft are available in X-Plane.Org Store here:


Boeing 777 Worldliner Professional


Price is US$59,95



  • Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation
  • Accurate dimensions based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing ©

Professional systems - Fly the 777 like a pro

  • Systems designed to work like the thing - Accurate flight model tuned by pilots - Comprehensive Manuals

Fully Functional FMS - Plan your routes like a real pilot

  • Custom designed Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems
  • Custom programmed LNAV logic for terminal procedures
  • Custom designed Navigation Display
  • Tterminal procedure database with RNAV approaches and transitions
  • VNAV managed climbs and descends
  • Takeoff and approach speed calculation
  • Custom autopilot modes for autoland
  • Optimum cruise performance and step climb calculation
  • True-to-life radio navigation with procedural-, route-, and navigation support auto-tuning
  • Custom programmed FMC navigation using GPS-, radio- or inertial navigation with individual position errors and management of actual and required navigation performance
  • Magnetic, true and polar grid course reference
  • Alternate airports, diversion and arrival management
  • Ground proximity warning system using real sounds
  • FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the new iPad

Incredible 3D modeling - the best eye-candy

  • Amazing virtual cockpit with crisp details - Dynamic reflections
  • Custom 3D sounds and Announcements
  • Add-ons: Push-back truck, Fuel Truck, Passenger bus and Emergency slides ...
  • On-Screen Menus: Configuration and loading menu, Quick Zoom 
  • Superb night lighting in cockpit.



X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10.50+ -  64 bit required
Windows, Vista, 7 / 8/ 10 (64 bits) or MAC OS 10.10 (or higher - OSX 10.9 will not work), Linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS or compatible (older versions are not supported)
2GB VRAM - (4GB VRAM Recommended)- 1Gb available hard disk space
Current version : 1.9.12 (last updated Jan 30th 2018)
Price is US$49,95
Superb 3D Modeling
  • Complete Virtual cockpit in high-resolution
  • Fully animated in and out -High-Resolution Textures
  • Ground equipment support including stairs, loaders, passenger buses, GPUs etc.
  • 3D people inside and outside the plane  - Nicely modeled cabin
  • Scroll wheel support for switch manipulation
Advanced Systems
  • Fully customized aircraft systems: electric, hydraulic, air conditioning, ADIRU
  • Fully customized ECAM monitoring system with all screens and functions included
  • Fully functional airbus style alert system with multiple status and procedural lists
  • Fully functional interactive airbus electronic checklist system
  • Airbus A350/A380 unique interfaces with dozens of screens and hundreds of function
  • Fully customized and unique MFD (multifunctional display) system with most of flight planning pages implemented in a new graphical interface, as well as FCU and radio backups just like on the real plane
  • Full OIS screen system with options, ground equipment control, passenger and cargo loading, and even a full user's  manual inside the plane.
  • Old style MCDU and fully functional aux instruments as backup
  • Custom failures
Advanced  Fly-by-Wire and Flight systems
  • Full FBW with Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus normal laws by QPAC -the most realistic fly-by-wire implementation for desktop flight simulation.
  • Basic SID/STAR implementation using X-plane fms-files that you can create yourself and share with the community.
  • "What you see is what you fly" flight path indication on the ND (i.e. curved trajectories with the turn radius properly computed based on speed and angular turn distance.)
  • Implementation of all Airbus AP modes, except some non-precision approach modes (Selected and managed modes, speed constraints respected, "at or below" constraints in phase climb, "at or above" constraints in phase descent.)
  • Full PFD and ND displays with fully independent display and different data sources for the captain and copilot displays.
  • Independent autopilots
Custom 3D Sounds
  • Custom 3D stereo engine sound system
  • Hundreds of system and in-cockpit sounds
  • Interactive flight attendant helper
Seven Liveries included in the package
  • Airbus Carbon, Air France, Airbus House colors, Qatar, Lufthansa, United Airlines


X-Plane 11 (latest version)
Windows - Mac - Linux - 64bit Operating System Required
1Gb+ VRAM Minimum, 2Gb+ VRAM Minimum. 8Gb RAM
Version : 1.5.2 (last updated Apr 24th, 2019)

Aircraft Comparison by Bernardo Casa

21st April 2020

Copyright©2020: X-PlaneReviews
Review System Specifications:
Computer System: Intel Core I5-9600K 4,30GHz / 2x8 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3200MHz - Gigabyte RTX 2070 - Z390 Aorus Master - Kingston A1000M.2 SSD 240GB

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane  11.41

Addons: Logitech Pro Flight Yoke/Pedals/Throttle Quadrant - Logitech Extreme 3d Pro Joystick - Sound: Samsung Home Theater System J5500WK

Plugins:  Environment Engine v1.13 by xEnviro US$69,90

-Scenery Review : Seattle City XP by Drzewiecki DesignScenery Review : Seattle Airports XP by Drzewiecki Design

-KLAX - Los Angeles International 1.01 by MisterX6 (X-Plane.Org) Freeware

-SBGL - by AxScenery (AxScenery) Freeware

-A350 cockpit textures replacement (X-Plane.Org) Freeware

-Better Pushback (GitHub) Freeware


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)





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  • BernardoCasa changed the title to Aircraft Comparison : Boeing 777 vs Airbus A350
  • 2 weeks later...
1 hour ago, CX_Fan said:

Welcome to the review site! This was a really helpful comparison, and I finally got the 777!

Keep one making these great reviews/comparisons!

Comparison idea: 757vs767 ;) 

Thank you CX_Fan! 

I am really happy to see that you liked the review.

Thanks for the suggestion, maybe one day:)

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Hi, it’s me again. I’ve used the 777 on a few flights now, and I’m very happy with it. I love the -300ER from Emirates and Cathay the most, so I’m looking to upgrade to extended pack. But I’m considering buying the 350 as well, because CX also operates that. How does the frame rate of the 350 compare to the 777? Thanks!

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15 hours ago, CX_Fan said:

Hi, it’s me again. I’ve used the 777 on a few flights now, and I’m very happy with it. I love the -300ER from Emirates and Cathay the most, so I’m looking to upgrade to extended pack. But I’m considering buying the 350 as well, because CX also operates that. How does the frame rate of the 350 compare to the 777? Thanks!

Hi, most of time the the 777 has a higher frame rate. Actually, frame rate won't be a big problem with both aircraft if you have a good PC, but the 777 is a little more FPS friendly then the A350, especially in the cockpit.

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7 hours ago, BernardoCasa said:

Hi, most of time the the 777 has a higher frame rate. Actually, frame rate won't be a big problem with both aircraft if you have a good PC, but the 777 is a little more FPS friendly then the A350, especially in the cockpit.

Thanks, I have a really old iMac, only 2GB of VRAM... Can run the 777 and JAR330 quite well, along would ff767. I’ll get 777 extended then think about the 350.

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1 hour ago, CX_Fan said:

Thanks, I have a really old iMac, only 2GB of VRAM... Can run the 777 and JAR330 quite well, along would ff767. I’ll get 777 extended then think about the 350.

Probably you won't have any problem with the 777-300er. If you can run the 767, the A350 shouldn't be a problem. Note that the 767 minimuns are 3GB Vram, and the A350 only 2GB, this way the A350 should work just fine.

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On 5/5/2020 at 9:40 AM, BernardoCasa said:

Probably you won't have any problem with the 777-300er. If you can run the 767, the A350 shouldn't be a problem. Note that the 767 minimuns are 3GB Vram, and the A350 only 2GB, this way the A350 should work just fine.

Thanks, just sometimes the required specs are misleading... toliss needs 4GB VRAM they say... works perfectly fine on a rusty iMac. FF320 needs 2GB VRAM? I doubt it would even give me 3FPS on my old machine...

thanks anyway!

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2 hours ago, Bob. said:

hello, i think this review is great, but i have  another question. is the jar330  better than the 777? which one is better, and which one should i get (first,  might  get both)? thank you very much.

Hi Bob. Personally, I like the A330 more than the 777. Both aircraft has its problems, textures, systems, etc... But no one is bad. You won't disappointed with any of them. 

Just note that both aircraft get way better with the BSS sound packs.

Probably, the best thing you can do is buy the one you like more in real life.

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9 hours ago, BernardoCasa said:

Hi Bob. Personally, I like the A330 more than the 777. Both aircraft has its problems, textures, systems, etc... But no one is bad. You won't disappointed with any of them. 

Just note that both aircraft get way better with the BSS sound packs.

Probably, the best thing you can do is buy the one you like more in real life.


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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...
1 hour ago, CX_Fan said:

Is it safe to say that the 350 is 100% ahead now with 1.6.8 (SID/STAR]?


Better yes with SID/STAR, but better no as there are still a many too areas on the aircraft which are dated...  but at least you can now fly the aircraft in services and long haul routes...

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  • 2 months later...

Good job on your review, thank you. I do feel the review was a little ‘too generous’ of the 777 and maybe not as critical of the not so good points ie: systems, handling. I have read other comments and seen YouTube reviews that do not recommend the FF777 as it is too dated. I have been considering buying the 777 to avail of more cargo routes but I am sceptical about its recency of updates to fly well with Vulkan?

what version did you review?

How does it stack up against the FF767-300? This AC i have and I am happy with it especially as the freighter version, and this is my minimum benchmark I would fly with in terms of system’s functionality.

Are you aware of any FF plans to update the 777??
Anyway just my thoughts, keep up the great reviews.🛫

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