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  1. Yeah the JARDESIGN 320 is quite good but the 380 is way to outdated and the 777 is just decent/average
  2. ciao rhosy, ci sono due 777 aerei nel menu del velivolo, non selezionare quello con un'icona incrociata perché quello dell'aereo x 10
  3. Thank you very much. So now I have zibo 738, FFA320U, ff 767, and now jd 330! thank you!
  4. Thank you. I didn’t get the 330 before, so I am wonder, if I should get 319 or 330. 319 is better, but similar to 320 (I have flightfactor 320), and they are kind of same. 330 is long range and different though. Which one should I get? Thank!
  5. Hello Bernardo casa again. This is a great update overview and I think it’s time for me too get one of these. I already have FF A320 ultimate. Which one should I get? I think I’m leaning to a319 because has BSS pack for cfm and iae. thank you, keep up great articles.
  6. hello, i think this review is great, but i have another question. is the jar330 better than the 777? which one is better, and which one should i get (first, might get both)? thank you very much.
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