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  1. As a goodbye from this incredible website, I am leaving my best X-Plane photos. They aren't that good but I believe they are cool. Goodbye!
  2. I am having issues with my pc, but the moment I solve them I will resume my reviews.
  3. Aircraft Review : Airbus A310-304 by CremonaSoft Aviation in the 80s experienced many changes like the addition of new aircraft and rule modifications, such as ETOPS or Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards. For those who don't know what ETOPS is, the shortest way to describe it is the maximum time in distance a twin-engine aircraft can be from an airport. Due to these regulations, most long-haul routes were dominated by quad and Trijet airlines, however, this started to change with the introduction of some fundamental aircraft. In the late 70s,
  4. Aircraft Update : Janowski J-1B 'Don Quixote' by FJMAero A month ago I've posted the complete review of this small and high-quality aircraft, showing you all its details. This week FJMAero released the v1.1 of the J-1B, contemplating a lot of improvements and new features, which in my view, should get an update review. Let's start the review and see what really changed and in case you weren't completely sure of buying it when it was released, this may be the time to add the aircraft to your fleet. Just like its predecessor, the J-1B still has those high-quality textures
  5. The plane comes with the default X-Plane FMC, which works with no problems. You need Navigraph to update the AIRAC and/or use the charts.
  6. Yeah, I have all those little problems too, quite annoying but not sufficient to prevent you from having some fun with the 787. It is still under development, but I can see a lot of potential on it, can't wait for the next update and new features.
  7. Ok, so I took the aircraft for a departure and I believe that I know your problem. I've set myself at 9,000ft with ALT hold and no A/T, should work fine with A/T, then selected the desired heading. After that I clicked at the HDG hold button and nothing, just like you described, however, if you unclick the hold button, leaving no light on, and click the SEL button in the HDG selector the plane should follow the selected heading. So, just click SEL and don't click hold. I expect that this post helped you. Casa
  8. I believe that you mean AP. Well, when my AP is on I always select LNAV, so I never used HDG mode. The next time I get the opportunity to fly the 787 again, I'll take a look at the HDG mode. The LNAV works pretty well, so I don't see any reason for using HDG. If you want to use it during approach, try flying the plane by yourself, it is very enjoyable.
  9. Janowski J-1B 'Don Quixote' by FJMAero In the last week, FJMAero released their Janowski J-1B in the Org.Store, offering the X-Plane community another good quality ultralight aircraft. The Janowski J-1 Don Quixote, initially named as Prząśniczka ("Distaff"), is a Polish home build ultralight designed in 1967 focusing on the home build segment. The original prototype was equipped with a Saturn engine, which was composed of two motorcycle engines, producing 23HP. The J-1 could be also equipped with a Trabant engine (29HP), or a VW conversion which produced 48HP. The plane
  10. Scenery Review : KRDU - Raleigh-Durham International Airport by Departure Designs Located in the state of North Carolina, Raleigh-Durham International Airport is the 39th busiest airport in the U.S and the second in its state, just behind Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The airport started its operations with Eastern Airlines in May 1943, making flights to Miami and New York. Last year the airport had a passenger traffic superior to 14,200,000 (enplaned + deplaned) passengers. The airport has passenger city to 68 cities and an average of more than 450 flights daily. As you
  11. Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-9 Aviator v1.5.0 by Magknight A few days ago was released a new major update for the Magknight 787. This great update brought many new features and usabilities, as well as a lot of corrections from the previous version. The most awaited features that are included in the update are probably the ACARS support, the new Rolls Royce engines and flight controls changes. As in the older versions, you must have Java installed, if not, the plane comes with the installer. Just follow the installation instructions and you have any problem. If you don't
  12. Scenery Review : CYVR - Vancouver International Airport by GloballArt Vancouver is Canada's third biggest city, with the second busiest airport in the country. Often described as a trans-Pacific hub, it has more direct flights to China than any other North American airport. YVR is in being an important hub for Air Canada and WestJet, as well as a relevant operations base for Air Transat. This huge airport enplaned and deplaned more than 1.1 million passengers in March, with more than 17,650 aircraft runway movements in the same month. Vancouver airport also had more than 1,8
  13. Very nice aircraft collection! I really want to buy the 767 and A320, they seem fabulous.
  14. Hi, I would get the A330, even though the A319 is way better. I don't have the A320, and won't get it in a while. Payware add-ons here are almost 6x more expensive. But I have the A330, which is one of my favorites. If I was you, I would get the A330, because it is different from both A319 and A320, which are very similar. One thing is for sure, you need to buy the BSS sounds, independent of the aircraft. Your simulation will get WAY better.
  15. Hi Bob, Thanks, I am really happy to know that you are liking my articles. Both aircraft are extremely good. Personally, I like the A319 more, especially with the IAE sounds, don't forget that you need the CFM too. Independent of your decision, you will be extremely happy.
  16. Totally. Even though they look similar, each aircraft has its characteristics.
  17. Aircraft Updates : Airbus A319 and 321 by Toliss A few days ago Toliss released updates for both A319 and A321, changing and improving many things in the aircraft. Systems were the main focus, adding new features and usabilities. Let's check out what changed. Airbus A319 v1.4 by Toliss The A319 is ToliSS's first add-on for X-Plane 11, which was released in early 2018. This update brought some improvements for the aircraft, like the addition of the Secondary Flight Plan, Fix Info page and a complete rework of the flight path. This last feature resulted
  18. Aircraft Review : Embraer ERJ Family by X-Crafts There is almost a year in that our friend Stephen posted a quick overview of the ERJ Family. Today I will make a complete review of this fabulous aircraft developed by X-Crafts, which had an update a few days ago. The Embraer Regional Jets were the first jet engine commercial aircraft produced by Embraer. Continental Express took delivery of the first EMB 145 (later renamed ERJ 145) on December, 27 1996. With more than 2200 units delivered, the ERJ family is considered to be one of the most successful regional aviation ai
  19. Hi Bob. Personally, I like the A330 more than the 777. Both aircraft has its problems, textures, systems, etc... But no one is bad. You won't disappointed with any of them. Just note that both aircraft get way better with the BSS sound packs. Probably, the best thing you can do is buy the one you like more in real life.
  20. Probably you won't have any problem with the 777-300er. If you can run the 767, the A350 shouldn't be a problem. Note that the 767 minimuns are 3GB Vram, and the A350 only 2GB, this way the A350 should work just fine.
  21. Hi, most of time the the 777 has a higher frame rate. Actually, frame rate won't be a big problem with both aircraft if you have a good PC, but the 777 is a little more FPS friendly then the A350, especially in the cockpit.
  22. Thank you CX_Fan! I am really happy to see that you liked the review. Thanks for the suggestion, maybe one day:)
  23. Aircraft Review : Glasair Sportsman 2+2 by GHansen Glasair Aviation is one of the most known companies in the Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft industry. Founded in 2001, the company is located in Arlington, WA. The Glasair Sportsman 2+2 is their main product, offering many customizing options. It can be built in a tricycle landing gear and conventional landing gear configurations, as well as amphibious floats or tundra tires. The Sportsman 2+2 is a very versatile aircraft, being able to carry 4 occupants, a useful load of 1,000 lbs and an impressive 140 kts cruise sp
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