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  1. lol thanks for all the great reviews though btw: i see that you use xenviro for 95% of your reviews. is it worth getting? thanks again!
  2. its an exciting time for XP11 first the ini a300/a310, then the toliss a346, now the q4xp, and we got the rotate md-11 in beta and the ff 777v2/787 coming soon!
  3. @BernardoCasaare you guys gonna do an update review on 1.6? They added a new cockpit
  4. it does not seem the best... ini A300 is a much better option i understand it is still in development but it is far behind compared to other products of the same strategy (magknight 787)
  5. Great review! I might pick this one up for an ultralight.
  6. Ah, alright then they are great and helpful reviews either way keep it up!
  7. while its true that some reviews are a bit bias to the developer, we have to notice that these reviews are actually the 'official' reviews that go up in the store page. and badmouthing a product in the 'reviews' section of a product isnt the best idea. nevertheless, Stephen still does point out some cons of the aircrafts. though mostly he points out the advantages though
  8. a note on the 777 ground services is that there are emergency slides, which is really rare. and i find it satisfying, especially when i do an 'emergency' landing.
  9. this aircraft looks fabulous, how FPS compare to JAR 330 , FF777, FFA350, or ZIBO 737? Thank!
  10. I think VMAX 787 is '787 Dreamliner XP11'. Also I am interested in this plane. Bernardo Casa said that it's worth getting, so should I get it, or the Peter Hager A321 NEO? I really want a fuel-efficient, modernized plan.e
  11. which peter a320? A319 CFM/IAE, A320 CFM/IAE/NEO, A321 CFM/IAE/NEO?
  12. SSG E195LR Evo FPS = XCRAFTS E170 FPS? i have e170 and want a e190/-195. Have XCRAFTS e170 so interested in spereate option: SSG. FPS similar/same? @BernardoCasa says XCRAFTS ERJ 145 FPS is same as ssg e195, but is true for xcrafts e170 and ssg e195? thank.
  13. Hi Stephen what is the best regional jet? JRollon CRJ, xcrafts erj, xcrafts ejet, or ssg ejet? thank.
  14. Hallo Stephen. I say before I want JARDESIGN A330-200, but then I see this B767-300ER. They have similar range so I am wonder, how is FPS compared to zibo and jar A330 (JARDesign Gave me temporary serial to test fps) on 767? Thank you 😊
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