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News! - Announcement : DHC 2 Beaver by Thranda with the new Dynamic Generation series

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News! - Announcement : DHC 2 Beaver by Thranda with the new Dynamic Generation series





Thranda (Dan Klaue) has announced the next aircraft to be released by Thranda will be the DHC 2 Beaver with the "Holmes Extended Engine mount" version.





The DHC 2 will also be the first aircraft released under the "Dynamic Generation Series" title...  notes by Thranda on these are features are:


"Thranda's "Dynamic Generation Series" takes full advantage of X-Plane's flexibility for in-sim, real-time modifications to the currently loaded plane!  Existing Thranda planes have just been updated, and are already a part of this series, but highlighting the features of this series should help communicate the value these planes provide."


  • -Want to customize a livery?  You can do it live, in-sim!  Now even with PBR!*  Experiment with Metalness and Roughness values without leaving the sim!
  • -Want to move around instruments on the panel for different panel configurations?  Do so in real-time!** And save presets of your favorite layouts!
  • -Want to adjust and save weight and balance more visually, without using X-Plane's W&B menu, and see your edits affect the plane in real-time?  You got it!
  • -Want to seamlessly move your plane around in slew mode to position it precisely where you want it in real-time?  That's all possible in the DynaGen series!
  • -Want to switch between different aircraft configurations on the fly, without reloading the plane?  Cargo, executive, tundra, skis, etc. right at your fingertips!
  • -Want to enjoy highest fidelity and precision in flight dynamics, making use of X-Plane's very latest physics engine advances?  Look no further!
  • -Want to immerse yourself in ultra-realistic, multi-layered soundscapes, inside and out, with unrivaled nuance and depth?  It's all here!
  • -Want to customize your aircraft?  Our planes feature a unique Manifest system, which breaks out logic variables for you to edit.  SimPit builders rejoice!


It's a new generation of aircraft, fitted perfectly to take fullest advantage of X-plane's inherent strengths.  Thranda brings you the ultimate in configurability, flexibility, precision, immersion, customization, experimentation, documentation, and support!





A float/amphib version is noted as coming later, but will be available for the aircraft. Release is noted as "in a few weeks"...


Images courtesy of Thranda



News by Stephen Dutton

18th September 2020

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(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

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