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  1. Bit of a let down model-wise after their stunning Spitfire. With that benchmark they could make WW2 virtually theirs.
  2. I looked at mine and see it's part 1 - perhaps instructions for both will come with part 2.
  3. Excellent it is but installation, in my case, was a bit tricky. Believe what you read and all will be good.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree the gear geometry needs work. While it was notorious, like the Me109, for its narrow gear track, my particular problem is that, as it accelerates, one gear leg loses grip/friction causing the wing to lift. Immediate correction causes a similar action from the other wing - added to the rudder business becomes a handful. Should add that I get this with the MDLAG 109 also so the problem may be mine.
  5. At first I just didn't like the grass color. Aerosoft really picked a loser for this one - low bidder? "Good onya" as they say in your neck of the woods.
  6. That's definitely one point of view but not mine so I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  7. A bit overdue but nonetheless most welcome - hopefully those of us current owners will get a discount.
  8. A thing that has always irked me about this model - the engine cowling is in only three pieces. A Supercub has a belly cowl, two side cowls which attach to the belly cowl with brackets and dzus fasteners and a top cowl. The top cowl attaches to the side cowls with a piano hinge on either side. These hinges are missing on this cub - no reaction when brought to their attention. A small thing perhaps but not when you're coughing up $40+.
  9. Why do I look at that and think "now that's a tidied up Seabee". Same thing but a lot smoother and the Seabee didn't have a blonde wearing a David Clarke headset.
  10. Got my CFI in one of these back in '69. The FAA examiner refused to ride through 'demonstrated spins' so observed from the ground. I think all I did was drop a wing one way then the other - don't think it was a spinner nor much of anything, as a real airplane - the '235' was a good one.
  11. Hope this bodes well for a similar update of their Twin Comanche.
  12. Stephen - I was very interested in a review of the Hotstart TBM790 and how closely it related to its $64.95 asking price.
  13. As always a thorough and excellent review. Had the original and used the discount - excellent decision. It always was a sweet flyer but now looks the part.
  14. Much as I admire the detail of this model, the addition of 'gadgetry' to justify a higher price does not sit well with me. The need for this stuff is obviously out there or they wouldn't sell but a few simmers, like me, have 'been there, done that' in real life and would prefer a more 'bare bones (cheaper) version.
  15. Though I'm still on 11.25, decided to give it a go and verified it will not run - crashed on load up. So until the 11.30 release for the faint of heart appears, it's a waiting game but you make it sound worth it.
  16. Would by it in a minute without that immersion package. Same thing with A2A on the other platforms. A lot of us have 'been there, done that' and just want to fly.
  17. I'm so close. Did as you advised and have several planes (red dots) at the airport - more reading on tap. What key exits the "Key Command Menu"? (got it - 'backspace'). Update - noticed in my rush to implementation I neglected to download all four Airbuses and Boeings. Did that so I may be good.
  18. Progress is right around the corner. I did as you said and the first time I clicked on "create flights" it advised to 'disable AFRE auto generated'. The second time it told me to 'enable cargo'. Here is what I get this a.m. - #1 went through "create flights" (your example) apparently without a hitch but left me with shot #2. In #3 only two aircraft parked a LAX and one of them is the one I loaded.
  19. Your review is bookmarked and I'm getting there - thanks for your 'setup'. Entered your setup and created ground routes for destination KSFO (got a whole laundry list) - it says ground routes for LAX already created. Still nothing parked at LAX except me. My entries into XP11 look the same as yours and I've downloaded routes and planes - wonder what I'm not doing? Attached a log. GroundRouteAutoGenLog.zip
  20. I've learned more about LAX this afternoon reading your review than I have in the week or so since purchase. Now if I can just get my head around WT3, we'll see some action.
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