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  1. Stephen - thanks for helping me through the steps with WT3.
  2. I'm so close. Did as you advised and have several planes (red dots) at the airport - more reading on tap. What key exits the "Key Command Menu"? (got it - 'backspace'). Update - noticed in my rush to implementation I neglected to download all four Airbuses and Boeings. Did that so I may be good.
  3. Progress is right around the corner. I did as you said and the first time I clicked on "create flights" it advised to 'disable AFRE auto generated'. The second time it told me to 'enable cargo'. Here is what I get this a.m. - #1 went through "create flights" (your example) apparently without a hitch but left me with shot #2. In #3 only two aircraft parked a LAX and one of them is the one I loaded.
  4. Hope it's all there. Red dots indicate 'downloaded data'.
  5. Your review is bookmarked and I'm getting there - thanks for your 'setup'. Entered your setup and created ground routes for destination KSFO (got a whole laundry list) - it says ground routes for LAX already created. Still nothing parked at LAX except me. My entries into XP11 look the same as yours and I've downloaded routes and planes - wonder what I'm not doing? Attached a log. GroundRouteAutoGenLog.zip
  6. I've learned more about LAX this afternoon reading your review than I have in the week or so since purchase. Now if I can just get my head around WT3, we'll see some action.
  7. For all 172N owners, Bill Womack has a nice 'freeware' HD black panel for this plane - https://iblueyonder.com/freeware/
  8. I'm confused - bought this in March. Does your review cover an update or is nothing new? Disregard - this is the same version I bought.
  9. Since this is essentially a beta, is every update to cost $24.95 - could get a bit pricey.
  10. olderndirt

    Laminar Research : FlightSimExpo 2018 X-Plane Roadmap

    You make it easy to read and understand - thanks.
  11. Don't suppose there'll be any price break for us V2 owners?
  12. Guess I'll just tough it out with the one I have - it works.
  13. I guess those of us who bought the "touchover" are stuck with it.
  14. I pasted the registration number as requested and clicked reload. Unin/reinstalled and all's well.