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  1. Stephen - nicely curbed enthusiasm in this one. It appears Austin has decided to give MSFS a run for their money and we'll be the beneficiaries - and not a moment too soon. For some reason I get the impression you're not telling all you know but 'machts nichts' - at my age any suspense is enjoyable.
  2. Visually, it's a beauty but the lack of detailed how to instructions is a deterrent for me. When they amplify their manual, I'll take another look.
  3. Stephen - your last line reminded me of Robin Williams "baited breath - worm on tongue".
  4. A 'guarded' review so, as a member of the 'never buy the 'A' model of anything club, I'll watch with interest.
  5. It's a beauty - a jet with a niche of its own. Today's 54.99 GBP is 75.98 USD - an expensive niche.
  6. Current owners can also use Airfoillabs 'Product Manager" and update from there.
  7. Reminds me of the old saying "close but no cigar". The new price normal of forty bucks apparently means that just OK if fine but not for MY forty bucks.
  8. Another fair review. Spent several minutes in the right pilot position fighting the collective then it dawned -left side is where the action is, why have right side controls if they don't do anything important? I agree it could stand a bit more refinement but for $25 it's not a bad deal.
  9. Did it take MSFS to bring this to fruition or am I imagining things. Definitely a 'wait and see' event.
  10. While Carenado my well be abandonware with Thranda no longer porting their stuff to XP, I feel X Plane sees little advantage in going head to head with '2020' right now. The initial fascination will fade as the gloss wears down and XP should be ready with a strategic strike (XP12 with NEW goodies) and all true believers will have their faith justified.
  11. Another excellent review. As a lifetime fixed wing pilot, I've always viewed rotary wing flying with a degree of skepticism. The sim allows us to get our feet wet with rotaries and not generate too much alarm - this model shows that's it's not all 'a walk in the park' and you better do your homework to even get off the ground and that's when the fun really begins.
  12. I think the float strut geometry is off - not allowing the wing to present a good angle to the relative wind.
  13. Oh oh - points off - retract water rudders before takeoff 🙂. I had all of Frank's mountains back in FSX but something seems different now with the XP stuff. His freeware Yosemite is a classic
  14. For me, as long as the galley's complete - for those long flights, who cares how fancy the passenger part looks. It's what's in the cockpit, how well it works and how it looks on the walk around that counts.
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