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  1. For me, as long as the galley's complete - for those long flights, who cares how fancy the passenger part looks. It's what's in the cockpit, how well it works and how it looks on the walk around that counts.
  2. Familiar ground. In January of 1974 I made the opening announcement "Kenai tower is now in operation". At the time I was on loan from Merrill tower in Anchorage and the new chief had been a supervisor at Merrill. It wasn't blue then and the airport was a lot less than it appears now. Here's me, spring of '74, in front of the new tower with my little Clipper.
  3. Just flew it on amphibs - perfection and free which makes it even more perfect.
  4. Seems like a lot of plane for a 1.7 mile trip. Must be a enroute stop on a larger flight plan.
  5. You really check out the nooks and crannies and rightfully so. These guys have become masters of their niche with just three aircraft - all increasingly brilliant.
  6. It's a tricky devil to install correctly - if you got it right first time, my congrats. Now if someone can make it work with 'Reshade' (opengl32.dll) or make 'Reshade' work with Vulkan I'd be tickled.
  7. These guys at 'Thranda' are a class act - anything they do or have done for 'Carenado' and 'JustFlight' simply sets the bar for flight models in XP.
  8. Thanks to the God of simulators who advised Laminar not to go exclusive with Vulkan and retain OpenGL in parallel. Vulkan has arrived but it's not quite here yet.
  9. With all the betas I've been semi-dreading the final release which I just got from 'Steam'. So I clicked on 'Vulkan' and loaded up - imagine my surprise. Better rendering at wide open settings except zero reflections. Smooth as glass and probably more FPS but I'm locked at 30. So far so good.
  10. Did Orbx actually develop their 'London landmark' scenery? It looks like a slightly adjusted version of the XP default.
  11. Another class act for 'FlyingIron' - I didn't buy the Grob. The altimeter has no "Kollsman" window but should be corrected shortly.
  12. What must I do to have aircraft at the gates in KLAX. Is it WT3? - I have it installed but never could figure it out.
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