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  1. Along with their Kenai, another excellent Alaskan airport. Do you perchance have a link to 'NorthernSky? The Kenai Orthos were supposed to correct some missing parts of the airport but they did nothing to change anything.
  2. That fuselage looked good as a twin - not so much as a single. Where's the center of gravity with nothing in the back seats?
  3. Masquerading as payware. Love the rifle on the jury strut - brings back memories of the great Alaskan pilot Don Sheldon. When not servicing climber clients up on Denali he hunted wolf (legal then) with his Supercub. He had a 12 ga auto mounted one each jury strut, wired to fire from switches on the stick. At that time the bounty made it worth the effort.
  4. "Different strokes for different folks" -works for Flight Sims and other things. As long as the more modestly priced developers survive, I'll be pleased as Punch.
  5. Complexity = money and these mega-detailed aircraft are pricing themselves out of the market. All of them have similar flight capabilities - limited by what's in the simulator so the more super accurate simulation of the 'push button' cockpit environment is justifying the asking prices. As one who has a fair amount of actual 'time' but none in a tubeliner (an hour in a C82 🙂), none of this detailing of ways to avoid actually flying has much appeal. Your idea of simulators aimed at aircraft types (groups, whatever) has merit.
  6. One paragraph/sentence 'hot' another not so much - resulting in slightly above luke warm. Most XP'rs appear to be expecting something new and different with the new version but I sense, other than a few 'sparkles', more of the same/new packaging.
  7. Had a favorite cushion which put the tip of the Pacer nose cowl right where I wanted it.
  8. Your usual penetrating review complete with negative comments. While fifty bucks is becoming 'chump change' in the sim aircraft market, it still requires removal of 'squiggly lines' and other noted missing and/or incorrect functions.
  9. After 35 odd years and a bit over 6000 hours of flying, I find the sim often more difficult. With limited visual range, especially peripheral, control recoveries and aerobatics are much more difficult to the point I find myself flying in 'chase camera' position so I can see what's happening. Thus far, trim in XP is a mechanical thing - not the feel thing you have in RL. Ideally you put the aircraft where you want it and trim to relieve pressure on the control - I don't feel this in the sim. Reading your reviews, I would assume considerable knowledge of flight dynamics so, whether or not you have cardboard (guess it's plastic now) in your wallet, continue the excellent work.
  10. Other than omitting Mr Cowan and his Bell 222 and MD 500 in the chopper section you covered it all in your usual manner.
  11. Went ahead and bought it - all around much improved but Signore Bellini overemphasizes his autogen a bit much especially roads, streams etc.
  12. Another great review - regarding detail, why are paint stripes on the back (pilots') side of the prop? Where I learned to fly (Alaska) that side was always flat black to eliminate any distracting (to the pilot) refelections. A 172 lands better with weight in the back.
  13. Wonder if there'll be a special "Take a beta to lunch" price or if you'll have to fork up full price to discover how far behind the power curve you're going to be. Hopefully at or prior to release, Laminar will be forthcoming on what is and isn't going to port from XP11.
  14. You have definitely exceeded requirements with this review. Getting this baby in motion sounds like a 'how to' video might be a wonderful addition to the package.
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