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  1. A "Doddle" to fly - perhaps in the sim but IRL that thing was a spinning death trap. Most accidents at low altitude so probably not training maneuvers - that sucker just liked to spin.
  2. Curious about the two "no step" areas in front of the rudder pedals?
  3. I once had a Cessna 140 that, in the Alaskan winter, you primed 'til gas ran on the snow (carb prime rather than cylinder) then hurried around a carefully marked trail to shake hands with the prop. When the engine fired you hurried back along your carefully marked trail, continued pumping the primer 'til it ran smoothly. This was a difficult start.
  4. Got it prior to your review and it's just like you say. Back in FSX, I had the Digital Aviation model originally made for FS2004 and it was not too shabby.
  5. Just purchased and flew your little jewel. Creamy smooth - perhaps too smooth, feels like a jet rather than a recip. Didn't try too much - power on stall, full flaps, gear up showed about 45 kt and it broke left. Need to study your airspeed a little more - seems a lot of pitch down to maintain Vmc with full flaps on final approach. The design has a lot of retro for today's crowd but it's all very well done - love to see more.
  6. Back in the day, I flew a Piper Apache with a couple of O320's with Rayjay chargers. It was basically 4 place so how does this tandem two place get 180kt cruise with the same power?
  7. Bit of a let down model-wise after their stunning Spitfire. With that benchmark they could make WW2 virtually theirs.
  8. I looked at mine and see it's part 1 - perhaps instructions for both will come with part 2.
  9. Excellent it is but installation, in my case, was a bit tricky. Believe what you read and all will be good.
  10. I wholeheartedly agree the gear geometry needs work. While it was notorious, like the Me109, for its narrow gear track, my particular problem is that, as it accelerates, one gear leg loses grip/friction causing the wing to lift. Immediate correction causes a similar action from the other wing - added to the rudder business becomes a handful. Should add that I get this with the MDLAG 109 also so the problem may be mine.
  11. At first I just didn't like the grass color. Aerosoft really picked a loser for this one - low bidder? "Good onya" as they say in your neck of the woods.
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