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  1. Am I misunderstanding or is there truly no directional control with rudder pedals. Airplanes don't have twist grips for that. Mr Maule took the Piper Pacer idea to new heights mostly by adding horsepower. Years ago I flew an M3 with a 220 Franklin and it was quick. They've added lots of mods since but, like the Huskey, too heavy to be a real bush plane.
  2. Thranda's "NoJoe" likes to post teaser shots prior to release and the 'Stationair' thread ran to about eleven pages before enthusiasts certified it would be a C206. Developer/User back and forth like this is how we all stay happy.
  3. So now it begins. The big question for me is how much of my XP11 aircraft, scenery (including Orthos) and plugins will be transferable to this version.
  4. Back in the day, I flew a '235' before it become a 'Charger' and 80/87 was still available. Best of the Cherokees.
  5. Top form on this one. SFD sets a very high bar for airport sceneries - his freeware is better than a lot of payware.
  6. Very impressive pricewise and otherwise. One of your shots displays what could be the wet surface effect in the forthcoming XP12.
  7. Love the closing line '............next month' - you do mean 2022 don't you? 🙂.
  8. As you say, XP11 is running well but, once my appetite was whetted with some of Laminar's new and improved features for XP12, my little anticipation clock started the mental countdown. Lack of status information and release date has tended to curb my enthusiasm but, rest assured, never MSFS.
  9. August first and not a shred of evidence they still exist.
  10. Just a thought. If ever an outfit was "hoist on its own petard" (apologies to Wm Shakespeare), it's Laminar. As Asobo continues to muddy their waters with 'updates', Austin and the gang are welded to their dime. Strike while the iron is hot.
  11. Back in the day, an outfit I moonlighted for had a couple of these - big engine using the cheapest gas (80/87). Hauled many customers over the Juneau glaciers - in my experience, pound for pound, the best Cherokee of them all. Might've been fun gear up.
  12. Don't know about you gents but the portability of current XP11 aircraft to XP12 is going to be a potential make or break for me - can't afford to buy them again.
  13. I received an email for the flash sale(s) and took advantage - see they've become partners in the MSFS group which could be the end of their XP endeavors.
  14. After reading your report versus the "manual", one wonders if 'they' realize how much this thing does. Now that you've provided this excellent 'how, what, when, and where', I feel obligated to give it a shot. Bottom line - how handy is it after all the 'to and froing' required to get it going?
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