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  1. @Bueb, identifyable over Forum Discussions or Feedback Platforms at some degree, observations, personal favourites, and a long year experience helps a bit. Can not recall an actual dedicated poll ever done, which is surprising. 5 issues to face: The list of aircraft is long, comparing it against platforms and development status huge work. There are online poll tools available but making it work the way it provides good response is challenging, and: there always remains the fact that consumers don't know what they want until they see the product. last issue is that no
  2. Lionel confirmed the GA and BizJet Segment spilling over while sales numbers remain small. He supports other project holders in their ventures and may eventually look into a different segment himself. There were discussions on other forums. They havn't done a lot of market analyses before they started their projects in the past, it mainly came out of what they thought they like and tackled it. What sounds like a joke for you, maybe the start of a discussion, as developers sometimes need a hint from consumers into the right direction, nothing wrong about it. Laminar
  3. with all their talent, why don't they tackle something more wanted by the community, like the C-130, A-400M, NH-90, AH-1Z, MH-53E, EC-120, and 100 more.
  4. sad they stole my "hub" idea from laminar's feedback forum. i should patent my ideas in order to be safe in this thieves community. i wanted laminar to create a hub - for x-plane. Didn't expect those junkies drive away with it for a different purpose.
  5. re-discovered this plane, and getting happier and happier about it. i think the quality becomes apparent once you try to create a plane ourselves. it's a hell of a work behind, the more i apprciate RW's fantastic work. At his point i would like to ask whether somebody has the hawaiian livery for me, maybe Mahalo Air as well. I think first person pilots being made visible would be an asset, also put some passengers i would love. And the passengers should start crying when i dive down on St.Barts final.
  6. Since version update 1.14 has been released early December 2020 i hope a new review is due. special attention needs to be given to city lights illumination, night sky, sky colour scheme, cloud shapes, real weather data translation, weather effects, overall settings like contrast, gamma, etc. and of course terrain look tweaks. I am a rather happy customer with them, but i also wanna keep pushing them into the right directions if things appear going the wrong way. One thing that terribly disturbs me is the dark horizon, especially at the edges of the day. Their
  7. well said John, couldn't agree more with your editorial (despite we have 8 billion people, typo?) Being a Marketing Executive and Aviator myself, i don't spend a second on regrets that this state of evolution became reality. Sometimes visions stand way on top of commercial evaluations, and the A380 was a needed step in bringing the Aviation Industry to its current state. There wouldn't be a 787, nor a 737MAX nor a A350 if the A380 wasn't been built. They are the answer for both, market trends as well as techology. Imagine mankind would never know how big an airplane can mak
  8. X-Trident: Nice graphics over good Flight modelling. Usually being fascinated by 3rd party developments with such nice 3D-modelling i am losing caution when purchasing. The after purchase experience however sometimes feels like waking up in the morning after a heavy nightlong party. X-Trident has given me this kind of awakening, making myself a fool but much more careful for any future investement into such 3rd party products. Something feels weird about these italian developers. They take 2plus years to model their stuff down the road to visual perfection and
  9. progress and updates on http://www.facebook.com/groups/flyblackhawk this connects developing team with users, pilots and contributors.
  10. An overview of the upgrade works is available now. it includes cockpit, crew, sounds, external attachments, model and texturing, ui and animations, as well as the digital variants.
  11. Before going to the updates, here some Flight dynamics issues or axes instabilities that need re-verification: 1. Uncontrollable Side Skip / Slip (Overeffect) Pulling collective with the BFDG UH-60 has a high tendency of skipping the fuselage along its vertical axe to the right, a quick and hard yaw, while flight vector remains forward ("Wag the Dog-Effect"). Can result in continous rotation of the fuselage until crash, if not stabilized. Right Pedal to compensate this overrotation remains without effect, because the sideslip is hard and
  12. i am glad to help. let me work on some and see how far we can take this bird
  13. @Chuck if you allow suggestions for the UH-60: a design issue i wanted to bring up as primary element. The cockpit has always felt kind of really wide, and it took me a while to understand what creates this impression: it is the front panel plate which seems requiring some re-dimensioning and the instruments need some work.
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