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  1. don't fly this in XP11 without updating the .xpl plug-in file first. With the update, this heli has become my favourite, and i am angry no one told me there is an xpl-file to update. here is a video and the download link:
  2. feedback? yes, internal sound is horrible and gets me and anyone i know un-install this plane unless somebody realizes that this needs to be re-done. Quickly. Besides the horror sound, an aspect is the missing response of individual prop power, which according to pilots flying this type in real life is a key experience in the twin otter. Yes, the graphics i do like, it's done nicely and the aircraft type has potential to be a favourite among all, but it needs things redone please. last critic is the lack of performance variability on approach. i have flown this plane as a cockpit observer in the caribbean, and i can tell you: base-to-final approaches are aggressively banky and steepy due to the special terrian this plane operates. Short approaches are this plane's thing. But this virtual product does not include any of these parameters, it is not slowing down when it should, and it does not speed up when it should. Reverse thrust is hardly noticeable, but it should create tremendous prop noise and shake the frame and get a fast rest. I hope somebody is in contact with that developer and gets him do at least the sound thing quickly, despite that weird ingame-update program, nothing has happened since release. Releasing benchmark planes like the DHC6 means special responsibility and dedication. No one else is gonna do it after this one has been hitting the market, so there is no competition unfortunately. overall feedback: graphics great noise horrifying physics arcade
  3. i am very disappointed by this product. it is not told in the reviews how bad the flight model is. This has nothing to do with flying. some of the graphics and mostly of how this thing flies reminds me of the 1980's Atari game over products. The external look of the F/A-18 is so attractive that most of us tend to lose control over our minds when developing a purchase behaviour like with this product. X-plane has not a single fighter jet in its program. There is basic models like X-15, F-4, B52, but these serve as file source only i believe. Nobody would fly these really. So, Colimata comes at the right time with the right promise, and there is no competitor. What i would classify as typical freeware after having purchased and tested it, comes with an arrogant price on the .org. USD 30,00 for this low quality is pure robbery. I don't understand why they don't kick this from the shelf to protect consumers. This damages X-Plane as a whole and discredits the .org as qualified sales point. There is no money back guarantee it seems, so be careful with what you buy. if you can not test a product before purchase, you are going to end up with this kind of chunk. The truth is hard, sorry Colimata.
  4. xp11 has set the benchmark we all waited for, i fully agree to both of you. using this set as outlook, challenge and opportunity rather than as status of complacency will strengthen our voice towards the developers and our vision for XP12. Let us have the guts to address the remaining leaks and wholes and even aim for the extra mile. The journey has just began.
  5. got your point Stephen, and you are mentioning a few things that indeed need to be addressed: 1. What is X-plane's problem? Can't be the product. i am happier with it than with anything else before. and i had them all. The physics, the sounds, the configs, the structure, everything makes sense and does a great job. And still, it is not the primary marketplace for add-on devs, especially not for sceneries, or would anyone start creating stuff for xp first and then convert it to other platforms, it is rather vice versa. xp11(.11) is even more advanced and has all options to become the one game changer over anything out there. Honestly, i have a hard time understanding why xp has kept the niche player role. 2. New players on the block xp's weaknessess are calling for new players, aerofly would attack on the Scenery and VR side, but fails in physics. aprx. 5 other devs come with more action-packed sims that i would call arcade. DCS can't run on a regular worker's PC at all. Truth is, they all have a point, and they all take a share of the market. And no, xp can not be everything to everyone, but the scenery market issue is a key issue which has to be addressed and solved, before others take over the market. So, what does Austin & Co. need to look at? a. What blocks devs? is there a problem in the distribution line? lack of profitability for scenery creators? number of users too small? laminar policies or .org-issues? b. how big are the numbers? if you tell the numbers of users on the various platforms, it becomes easier to locate the issue and understand what needs to be done. c. what does a flight sim have to be? is it enough to release the naked skelet and let add-ons fill the pot, or does laminar need to go a new way and do some extra effort? looking at aerofly, i would assume that laminar should have a focus on the scenery thing too. Why not coming up with default ortho? d. how is x-plane's marketing? maybe the product needs a complete refresh on the GUI/product design and Communications Side.
  6. Miami City XP provides a basic model for the Miami area, which may or may not be satisfying to all users. The good thing is, this product captures most of the scenic buildings that give Miami its face. That includes downtown, the beaches, distance areas like Byskane and some of the airport surroundings. The highways that connect the Airport, Downtown and the Beach seem done properly and are satisfying. i recommend this product over the default scenery, Miami City XP covers a large area with some fundamentals you definetly need to fly in and out of Miami. Qualitywise this was a typical XP 9 - 10 level product, converted from Microsoft's FSX Platform, and does not meet quality expectations of a modern XP11 user. Considering the waterplanes operators and helicopter pilots who make their living from and at this spectacular vacation destination, i would have expected a much more detailed and more properly done scenery. To name a few product killers (the really bad things): - Ugly textures (famous buildings not recognizable), night illumination missing. Miami Tower (Downtown scenic building) and other Miami features are hard to recognize since their textures are not done, night illuminate facades completely missing. - Downtown, the Beach, the suburbs, the airport, totally dark after sunset. In real life this city and the whole metro area lights up like disco. - Miami River completely undone. - Art Deco District completely undone. - The islands along McArthur Causeway completely undone, so is the Causeway itself, no palmtrees, no nothing. - Miami Seaplane Base completely missing. - over water highways (mcArthur): modelled object not arranged with autogen road. One road goes sea level, the other is 30 feet up in the air. - overall beach linings and river linings horrible - bay textures missing (ortho water and sandbanks) - Does not combine with other beautiful ortho photosceneries (available for free), ocean watermarks with their sandbanks simply overpainted with ugly default waters and beachlines. - Folder structure: The 3 folders that cover this product can not be sorted properly in the scenery.ini file so that ortho photos could come alive. - releasing this product may have kept away better products from better developpers to hit the market - The entire miami beach key from north to south is completely unvegetated, no attention to landscape design. - This product is way overpriced Summary: Destination Miami is a "must have" for every Aviator, an would have deserved much harder work than what drzewiecki-design delivered. While the 3D-objects (downtown, beach and aiports) may provide a basic scenery for a good overfly, staying at this place would not meet your expectations. A number of undone elements and an overall sloppy work makes me believe this product was not created with a passion but served as a benchmarker or revenue provider to the Polish Developer. To me it seems this product had slipped through all safety meshes of quality assurance, and never should have been released at that low quality standard. My recommendation is buying this product at around $10, give the developer a warning card and add more professional products on top of it like florida 1m ortho (free download) and of course the magnificiant payware Miami Intl. Airport by Nimbus Simulation. Overall Rating for Drzewiecki's Miami City XP: 5 of 10 stars. And a warning card. this has been an independant review by an individual user and may not necessarily cover anyone's view.