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  1. Since version update 1.14 has been released early December 2020 i hope a new review is due. special attention needs to be given to city lights illumination, night sky, sky colour scheme, cloud shapes, real weather data translation, weather effects, overall settings like contrast, gamma, etc. and of course terrain look tweaks. I am a rather happy customer with them, but i also wanna keep pushing them into the right directions if things appear going the wrong way. One thing that terribly disturbs me is the dark horizon, especially at the edges of the day. Their
  2. well said John, couldn't agree more with your editorial (despite we have 8 billion people, typo?) Being a Marketing Executive and Aviator myself, i don't spend a second on regrets that this state of evolution became reality. Sometimes visions stand way on top of commercial evaluations, and the A380 was a needed step in bringing the Aviation Industry to its current state. There wouldn't be a 787, nor a 737MAX nor a A350 if the A380 wasn't been built. They are the answer for both, market trends as well as techology. Imagine mankind would never know how big an airplane can mak
  3. X-Trident: Nice graphics over good Flight modelling. Usually being fascinated by 3rd party developments with such nice 3D-modelling i am losing caution when purchasing. The after purchase experience however sometimes feels like waking up in the morning after a heavy nightlong party. X-Trident has given me this kind of awakening, making myself a fool but much more careful for any future investement into such 3rd party products. Something feels weird about these italian developers. They take 2plus years to model their stuff down the road to visual perfection and
  4. looking at flight performance: Uncontrollable cycle skips = overtorque? helicotper suddenly skips to the right along its vertical axe, like if the tail rotors have no effect in compensating that. can get uncontrollable and crashes. collective vs. performance issue. checked possible sources for this behaviour -possible overtorque -changing main rotor disk attitude -tailrotor malfunction -bad setup of flight controls in windows or x-plane response curve Tests done at speeds from 0 to 50 knots.
  5. let me see what's missing: - main panel should have a 30° tilt, that is a 90° angle to the pilot's eyes view-line. - main panel should be stretched in its vertical size - flight control stick should be located higher - compass located more to the right (attached to window frame) I'd love to see a variant with MFD (multifunctional display) with ICAO moving map and/or FLIR camera function. pictures: U.S. version with MFD picture: correct front panel angle. not sure what that box in the rear is for.
  6. @Chuck if you allow suggestions for the UH-60: a design issue i wanted to bring up. The cockpit has always felt kind of really wide, and it took me a while to understand what creates this impression: it is the front panel plate which seems requiring some small re-dimensioning. The plate should have a tilt of 30° and is bigger in height in real life. I hope you can consider this request for your planned update, or i will be glad to help with the further development.
  7. glad to hear that, and hopefully see new stuff coming along. Finishing up the UH-60 has top priority.
  8. development seemed aborted unfortunately. this chopper has so much potential for extensions and functionalities.
  9. despite the overall fantastic work, i have serious doubts about its handling parameters to be realistic. not even an Extra300 aerobatic airplane has this level of nervous sensitivity on the stick. moving the jrollon sf260 feels like this airplane even ignores the airstream working against the surfaces that try to initiate the roll, pitch or turn, and the SF260 is not a lightweight plane ! i can hardly notice the mass of the plane in the air. there should always be 2 forces working against each other, one is produced by the airstream p1 and the way ailerons react to i
  10. Yes, i think we expect that the main elements are done properly. This is not a down- or upgradable thing, nor should the price relate to whether things are done sloppy or professionally. At least not in X-plane. Just aim for the professional level or keep away from the stores. Most customers have this plane in mind when it comes to steep landings like the world famous St. Bart, which you probably are familiar with. And there is plenty of similar places most and for all in the caribbean. If you are a developer, and you decide to pick this very special plane, you gotta face this parti
  11. The UH-60 Blackhawk is of considerable quality and had gained much appreciation at this level already by the x-plane community, it would be worth to aim for updates or contribute own improvements. The developer team however seems inactive currently Some immediate updates: 1. Some Panel knobs and Thrust Stick don't seem to rotate Probably only animation to the knobs need to be added in the 3d-program 2. Night Illumation for analog instrumentation 3. Front Gear suspension not animated 4. Cockpit Textures need improvement 5. cargo door and
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