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  1. Finally, a halfway-decent render of SMF. Can't want to fly in/out of Sacramento once more in X-Plane 12. 🙂
  2. Agreed, admittedly was also a bit taken back by their "Copy & Paste' response in regards to XP12, refusing to even allow further discussion on the topic in their forums while ignoring the questions altogether on other forms of social media, last I checked.. I love their A300/310, but part of me is considering uninstalling their products altogether until a more concrete response is given regarding the future of their aircraft on the X-Plane platform. In the off chance that future versions of the Sim would invariably render their aircraft pretty much unusable without further updates/support (Like the PMDG DC-6), I'd prefer not to become too attached to them only to face disappointment later. Of course, if they do eventually announce XP12 compatibility and the doomsday scenario is averted, I would certainly welcome it.
  3. Interesting plugin, haven't tried yet but the X-Touch mini compatibility is certainly intriguing.
  4. The iniBuilds A300/A310 is a fantastic product, one of my favorite to fly in X-Plane 11. Suffice to say, would personally be saddened if XP12 weren't a part of these amazing Aircraft's future.
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