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    olderndirt got a reaction from CowanSim in Aircraft Review : CowanSim 500E by CowanSim   
    Another fair review.  Spent several minutes in the right pilot position fighting the collective then it dawned -left side is where the action is, why have right side controls if they don't do anything important?  I agree it could stand a bit more refinement but for $25 it's not a bad deal.
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    olderndirt got a reaction from delaney in Impression Review : PAEN - Kenai Municipal Airport, Alaska by NorthernSkyStudio   
    Familiar ground.  In January of 1974 I made the opening announcement "Kenai tower is now in operation".  At the time I was on loan from Merrill tower in Anchorage and the new chief had been a supervisor at Merrill.  It wasn't blue then and the airport was a lot less than it appears now.
    Here's me, spring of '74, in front of the new tower with my little Clipper.

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    olderndirt got a reaction from Medellinexpat in Plugin Updated : xEnviro v1.16 (v1.15) by Dark Space   
    Ten bucks more than XPlane itself - believe I'll just struggle along.
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    olderndirt got a reaction from cloose in First Impression Review : Grob G109B/Vigilant T1 by FlyingIron   
    While I'm sure it's top quality based on owning their Mark IX but talk about diminshed expectations when they revealed this one.  They were already in my warbirds niche and I expected something with 12 or 18 cylinders as their next offering.  The still forthcoming F117 doesn't do much either - I think they're misdirected but hopefully will recover.
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    olderndirt got a reaction from tbaac in Aircraft Update : Spectr-Aero SP-30 v1.2 by Mad Flight Studios   
    I once had a Cessna 140 that, in the Alaskan winter, you primed 'til gas ran on the snow (carb prime rather than cylinder) then hurried around a carefully marked trail to shake hands with the prop.  When the engine fired you hurried back along your carefully marked trail, continued pumping the primer 'til it ran smoothly.  This was a difficult start.
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    olderndirt got a reaction from theluckyone17 in Aircraft Review : Piper PA-18 SuperCub by ASDG   
    Why can't you set the idle RPM with REP,  at the carb like in RL?  Just kidding .  
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