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  1. I bought the F33A a couple of years ago (with REP) and took a 10 minute first flight. Everything was going fine and then the engine stopped when coming in to land. Turns out you shouldn't use the fuel pump when in the air on the F33A The information messages that the REP shows can be quite useful (this includes messages for plug fouling, dangerous throttle, prop and mixture combinations and a few other items). The engine monitor almost feels like cheating sometimes, its so useful (but most of the info it gives would be available using the cylinder head temperatures and the performance charts, the engine monitor just gives a shortcut). Simcoders also get quite detailed in their treatment of lean of peak, rich of peak and the "red box", which is also referenced in the messages on screen. There's info on it on the Simcoders site. I have the SF260 and haven't had a problem with the engine stopping midflight yet. My tyres have been wearing very quickly but that's probably my fault.
  2. Thanks for the review Stephen, I enjoy your reviews. I've been a fan of Reality Expansion Packs for a while but hadn't realised just how good J Rollon's work was up until getting this plane. I enjoy the short videos that he uploads on the SF260 as well. You mention the GTN750 though Stephen. I don't think that can be used with this aircraft? (Shame, if it could be fitted in without ruining the look of the instrument panel it could be really useful)
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