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  1. Love the REP, myself. Never noticed missing top hinges for the engine side panels. Perhaps I was too busy flying the aircraft. By the way, regarding the engine quitting all the time... don't bring the throttle back all the way. It's allegedly a feature, allowing the aircraft to slow quicker on rollout for those bush pilots flying into short runways: https://www.aerosimgaming.com/forums/topic/88-low-idle-rpm-stops-engine/ This post specifically touches upon it: https://www.aerosimgaming.com/forums/topic/88-low-idle-rpm-stops-engine/?do=findComment&comment=259
  2. If anyone has the older version, there is a fix for the engine sounds here: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=80072 I assume the new sound files have been included in the latest version. I haven't downloaded it yet (gotta get an updated download for my order at the .Org), so I haven't been able to verify.