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News! - REP for Carenado Bonanza A33F XP11

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News! - REP for Carenado Bonanza A33F XP11


You may have noticed I didn't mention anything of the SimCoders REP (Reality Expansion Pack) for the Bonanza F33A XP11 in my comprehensive review of the release of the X-Plane11 version? That is because at that point in time the REP pack was only for the X-Plane10 version of the aircraft.




Fear not as the XP11 REP version is now available for the new F33A Bonanza...


First point to make is that this updated REP pack is an Initial release and not an upgrade, but for previous owners of the F33A REP package you can get a 60% saving on the new XP11 price of US$19.99. There is a coupon code in your original REP F33 XP10 invoice in your X-Plane.OrgStore account to use that offer.


The feature list is HUGE:


Native Virtual Reality Support
  • Complete support of new X-Plane SDK 3.0
  • Menu visible in VR
  • Windows visible in VR
Custom Engine Model
  • 100% custom engine model independent from X-Plane default
  • Engine monitor
Ultra Realistic Flight & Ground Dynamics
  • Realistic stall speeds & behavior
  • Realistic climb speeds
  • Realistic cruise speeds
  • Realistic Weight & Balance
  • Realistic taxi behavior
VR Support
  • Native Virtual Reality support
Complex Damages System
  • Triggered by the pilot actions
  • Based on real world data
  • Target every system in the aircraft
  • Meant to teach you how to correctly manage an airplane
Simulation state saving
  • Persistent wear and tear
  • Every single switch and lever position is restored when you reload the aircraft
  • The battery may discharge if you leave it on and then close X-Plane
  • When X-Plane is launched, the engine and oil temperature are restored basing on the time passed
Realistic IO-520 Engine Simulation
  • Automatic startup procedure
  • Realistic propeller animations as never seen before on X-Plane
  • Correct fuel consumption
  • Custom propeller governor
  • Oil System
    • Realistic oil viscosity
    • Interchangeable oil type
    • Oil pump failures
    • Realistic oil filter
  • Injection Fuel System & Fuel Pump
  • Starter
  • Realistic startup procedure
  • Realistic engine temperatures
  • Vapor Lock Simulation
  • Fuel Flooding simulation
  • The engine parts are damaged if not managed correctly
  • Interchangeable spark plugs: default or fine-wire
  • Spark plugs fouling
  • Realistic Lean of Peak and Rich of Peak operations
Engine Preheater and Winterization Kit
  • The engine may be warmed up upn start with the provided electrical heater
  • Once activated, the electrical heater runs even when you close the simulator
  • A winterization kit let the airplane  to operate at very cold temperatures
Realistic Landing Gear
  • The landing gear is damaged by hard landings and overspeed operations
  • The brakes and tires are damaged if not managed correctly
Electrical & Avionics System
  • Realistic Battery
  • The avionics are damaged if on when the engine starts/shuts down
Learn with the in-flight tips
  • A non invasive tip with a suggestion about the conduct of the flight is shown when you are not flying the airplane properly
  • A non invasive tip with a suggestion on how to recover the problem is shown when you damage the airplane
Simulation of Hypoxia
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Hard Breathing
Stunning sounds
  • 3D sounds (custom FMOD-like sound engine)
  • Realistic engine clicks and stutters
  • Real starter sound
  • Fuselage wind sound
  • Landing gear wind
  • Independent touch down sounds
  • Real avionics sound
  • Realistic open window wind sound
Interactive Walkaround
  • Cockpit checks
  • Aileron, rudder, elevator and flaps check
  • Tire check and choks removal
  • Tie-down removal
  • Pitot tube check
  • Engine cowl check
  • Fuel quantity check
  • Oil quantity and quality check
  • Lights check
  • Postflight walkaround
Interactive towing
  • Push, pull and steer using the joystick
  • Towbar simulation
Weight & Balance Tool
  • Load the airplane and check the C.G. and weight limits at takeoff and landing
  • The airplane behavior changes when the C.G. moves
  • Custom stall warning horn
  • Gyro drift simulation
Popup Kneeboard
  • Complete normal operations checklist
  • Complete emergency operations checklist
  • Complete reference tables (speed, fuel consumption etc.)
  • May be shown/hidden with mouse gestures
Maintenance Hangar
  • Engine maintenance tab
  • Electrical systems maintenance tab
  • Oxygen system tab
  • Landing gear, brakes & tires tab
HeadShake Integration
  • REP drives HeadShake to simulate the correct vibrations of the Continental IO-520 engine
Avionics section
  • Realistic gyro wander and HSI behavior
Very easy on FPS
  • Written in C++: no compromises


For an overall view of the SimCoder REP - Reality Expansion Pack then click on this plugin review:

Plugin Update : REP - Reality Expansion Packs v3.4.1



X-Plane 11+
The Bonanza F33 XP11 by Carenado is required for this add-on. It will not work on other aircraft
Current version: 3.4.4 (May 29th 2018)




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The new REP is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


REP F33A.jpg


Price is US$19.99 (60% off for former purchasers)


Carenado’s Beech F33A Bonanza XP11 v3.4.4 or newer X-PlaneOrgStore




News by Stephen Dutton

30th May 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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