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Plugin Update : REP - Reality Expansion Packs v3.4.1

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Plugin Update : REP - Reality Expansion Packs v3.4.1


SimCoders have updated their REP - Reality Expansion Packs to version v3.4.1 across all of their REP packs. The changes are quite small but very significant in this part of the changelog:


  • 100% custom engine model independent from X-Plane defaults
  • Native Virtual Real


That note above is just the .1 change... But since I did the review on the native Baron B58 version for REP only a month or so ago there has actually been a huge amount of changes to the expansion pack as listed at the bottom of this update. You sorta get the point...  and that extensive update list was only then in the last few months of this year.


Five REP packs are changed with this v3.4.1 update and those aircraft include...




Native X-Plane Baron B58 (X-Plane11) X-PlaneOrgStore Here is the review: Aircraft Plugin Review : REP for Default B58 Baron by SimCoders






Carenado Centurion 210 II XP11 X-PlaneOrgStore (none REP Review is available here : Aircraft Review : Cessna CT210M Centurion ll XP11 by Carenado)




REP F33A.jpg


Carenado’s Beech F33A Bonanza v3.1 or newer X-PlaneOrgStore




REP V35.jpg


Carenado’s Beech V35B Bonanza v3.1 or newer X-PlaneOrgStore







Native X-Plane Cessna 172 (X-Plane11) X-Plane.OrgStore


The focus here in version v1.4.3 of the REP across the range is on custom sounds, although most of the newer aircraft come with FMOD sound, SimCoders have gone one better to update the sounds to a more realistic custom level. In the case of the two Bonanzas F33A and V35B it also brings custom sounds to these non-FMOD aircraft.


Flight dynamics are across the range are also improved for both X-Plane10 and 11 versions as is the entire engine modeling dynamics


Baron_58_head 1.jpgBaron_58_head 2.jpg


Flight performance tuning has been extensive throughout the constant version changes to cover the extensive X-Plane11 performance aspects, and it certainly feels that way, as from the B56 native version there is far more feel and character and better all round sounds including fuel pump, startup, roll and all sounds are now 3d and multi-directional. You can also do the walk-around after the flight now as well as at the start point.


So now the walkaround has two settings and not the one with PreFlight (left), but now also with the option for PostFlight (right)


Baron_58_PreFlight 1.jpgBaron_58_PostFlight 1.jpg


In reality this is a good idea, as the single PreFlight didn't really work...  and now you can leave your aircraft correctly closed down after a flight.


Baron_58_head 3 LG.jpg


Maintenance report is still excellent and improved, but the "handy" pop out checklist from the right side of the screen is not so handy and damn annoying, not because it constantly keeps popping out if you go too far over the right side of your screen as your flying, adjusting knobs or switchgear, but the size of it when it does...




...  you can't disable it either!


The weights (Mass) and Balance panel is now available on all the five of REP packages (Now including the F33A and V35B) as is the automatic engine startup feature...


Baron_58_Weights & Balance.jpgBaron_58_Startup.jpg


Note the V35B version also includes:


Osborne Wing Tips

  • Realistic electric fuel pumps control panel and operation
  • 3600 pounds gross weight STC
  • Realistic roll behavior
  • Tail wag damping


So overall the main points of this update are to standardise the full REP package over all of the aircraft that have been awarded the REP package treatment, the only differences between the packages are just the different aspects of the aircraft's performance and individual features.


All Reality Expansion Packs are priced at US$19.95  And all the updates are free to any purchaser that has purchased one of the updated aircraft, X-Plane11 is required for all of the packages.




Plugin Update by Stephen Dutton

2nd May 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews



Full B58 Changelog (Other REP aircraft changelogs are extremely similar in the main aspects, only differences are performance and flying dynamics)


  • V3.4.1
  • 1. Fix:missing input chars in textbox
  • 2. Fix:input on multimonitor setup was not working as expected
  • 3. Minorfixes
  • V3.4.0
  • 1. New:Experimental VR Support
  • 2. New:SDK3.0(Detachable)windows 3. Improved engine model
  • 4. Minorfixes
  • V3.3.1:
  • 1. Fix:EGT curve showed two peaks very close to each other 2. Fix:The mixture was too rich at full throttle
  • 3. Fix:Improved LOP power curve
  • 4. Minorfixes
  • V3.3.0
  • 1. New:100% custom engine model to replace the internal X-Plane piston engine 2. New:Engine monitor enables engine fine tuning during flight
  • 3. New:Improved drag model
  • 4. New:Improved walk round oil system check
  • 5. New:Improved ground roll sounds
  • 6. New:Improved ADI spool up model
  • 7. New:Walk around keyboard commands
  • 8. Minorfixes
  • V3.2.1
  • 1. Fix:Loading and unloading the plugin more times caused a crash
  • 2. Fix:If the flight was started with engine running, the mixture was set to idle-cutoff
  • 3. Minorfixes
  • V3.2.0
  • 1. New:3Dsounds
  • 2. New:Advanced gyro-wander
  • 3. New:You can now check the pitot probe temperature during walkaround
  • New:Postflight walkaround
  • New:Lights check during walkaround
  • New:More information about the cylinders status
  • New:The hobbs hour are now saved in the airplane state file and restored the next session
  • Improved steering algorithm
  • Better start up sounds
  • Fixed a bug that caused the cylinders to not being fixed correctly after an engine seizure
  • The landing gear failures are based on actual gravity acceleration. Now the landing on sloped strips are more realistic.
  • Fix a bug that may caused the engine to not fail when it should have
  • 13.Minor fixes and improvements V3.1.1
  • Improved coded engine message
  • The chocks and tie downs are checked before automatic start
  • The lateral menu can now be completely hidden (see the plugin settings window)
  • Better compatibility with the "Start with engine running" setting
  • Fix: the label colors in some walkaround views were incorrect
  • Fix (XP11 only): the wind sound volume is controlled by the environment sounds volume
  • Minor xes
  • V3.1.0
  • 1. New:Dynamic ground roll sounds
  • 2. Minorfixes
  • V3.0.0
  • 1. New:reworked user interface and graphics
  • 2. New:automatic start up procedure
  • 3. Improved flight dynamics in X-Plane11
  • 4. Fix:some throttle quadrants did not work correctly with REP 5.
  • V2.6.4
  • 1. New:Flight dynamics improvements in both X-Plane10and11
  • 2. Fix:Minorfixes V2.6.3
  • 1. Fix:The right toe brake did not couple properly with external rudder-pedals
  • 2. Fix:The oil system “Refill” button was not clickable V2.6.2
  • 1. Fix:Minorfixes V2.6.1
  • 1. Fix:Checklists typos
  • 2. Fix:Improved fuel pump sounds
  • 3. Fix:The wheelbrakes may be stuck aftertowing
  • 4. Fix:Improved engines doppler and distance sounds
  • 5. Fix:Damages disabled during replay
  • 6. Fix:Improved the joystick compatibility with the new propeller governor
  • V2.6.0
  • 1. New:Custom propeller governor
  • V2.5.1
  • 1. Fix:Corrected the toe brakes algorithm
  • V2.5.0
  • 1. New:Improved torque effect
  • 2. New:Improved CHT and Oil Temperature algorithm 3. New:Oil temperature tips
  • 4. New:Improved hypoxia effect & algorithm
  • 5. New:Fuel&Oil check in walk around mode
  • 6. MinorFixes


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10 hours ago, nico87 said:

You can disable the kneeboard popping out. Just go to the plugin's setting and uncheck the "Enable mouse gestures" option.


I'm sure I disabled that one? to stop the menu options showing all the time? I'll double check, Thanks

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On 5/5/2018 at 10:03 PM, Stephen said:


I'm sure I disabled that one? to stop the menu options showing all the time? I'll double check, Thanks


It worked for me in the past...I hope the option is still there in the update.

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