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  1. And this is a good news ! There is a lack of those marvelous jets in every sim! Glad to be able to sit into one few... years ago. Nice office for training. Any feedback on the Just Flight model ? Thanks
  2. Absolutely nice review as always Stephen, thanks ! This add-on is a pure gem, a tiny bit pricey but a real joy to fly with.
  3. Behind the Screen : Year in Review 2017

    Hi Stephen, I don't know if your "Best of the year award" is dedicated to payware only: if it's open to the freeware, there is the absolute gem DC-3/C-47 from Aeroworx. I own the VSkyLab too and they provide both a slightly different view of the same airframe; really interesting to compare them. And they are some nice dedicated painters as well. And still about the "Best of the year award: Person of the year", they're multiple, at least regarding their activities in my scope: Franz Falckenhaus (dedicated to the SMS's Beaver by providing top notch liveries, custom objects and a marvelous engine sound mod and now member of SMS); some painters like Leen de Jager, "monoblau", ...; Bertrand Augras who's upgrading some of the XPFR gems; Claudio Nicolotti from SimCoders; X-Trident guys for the support they provide to their users lately; I agree with you about Beti-X Bella Coola (and Stewart!). The only downside, if there is any, could be the time to deliver products but, even, I still prefer a low pace in high quality than a quickly done product. Besides: I'm worry about the PMDG DC-6's future. A really nice add-on in v10 but needs some love in v11. And no news from PMDG, AFAIK... tdg's sceneries are really great, I own WT3 too (as WT2) but still don't use it: with all the respect to the huge work provided by Greg Hofer, I'm still thinking that those kind of products should work by themselves without having to upgrade all the scenes. I know that the culprit is on the data side but we should have a tool generating the missing data (in the tdg's spirit: maybe not 100% accurate but 100% plausible, and fixable if we want accuracy) As always, thanks for your reviews. Have a great New Year too Stephen, all the best. Christophe.
  4. Nice review as always, thank you ! I just wish they allow their users to install their "metar server" locally. I don't like when a plugin/software relies completely on a private server that could disappear at any moment. I'll still wait a bit for the bug fixes... hoping that they'll fix quickly and not in a "1.06->1.07" timeframe.
  5. Hi Stephen, You're right, it's a great great news ! I guess you'll be in some troubles when you'll have to choose between your 777 cargo and this one for your F1 world tour Regards, Christophe
  6. My question was more about the depth of the simulated systems. Without looking for a CBT, I'm looking for an aircraft where I have to read and practice before mastering it. My heart would choose the 757 but the Maddog is, well, the Mad Dog. ;-)
  7. Hi Stephen, I love the 757 by default in the "after-the-737-classic-jet-era", but I didn't (yet) bought the FF757. As I like to use the default MD from v11, on a pure procedure/system point of view, do you prefer to use the FF757 or the Rotate bird ? Thanks ! Christophe
  8. I'm balanced between: - no one killer feature when coming from v4 and then we wait that long for only that ? - where were those developers when they disappeared after v4, leaving their customers as-is ? (what if the same scenario occurs with v5 ?) Other than that, a bit expensive when we see the online offer. Anyway, all the best to v5, I used v4 nearly everyday with pleasure.
  9. Thank you for this review. Beti-X did a marvelous job at Stewart and again at Bella Coola. I didn't know about the Generic Mod Enabler, thanks. Christophe
  10. Behind the Screen : The Year in Review 2016

    Thanks to you Stephen for the all work you do each... week ? :-) All the best for this new year, Christophe.
  11. I didn't know there was a third guy on the field ! :-) Thanks
  12. Hi Stephen, Nice review! Just a tiny bit: "Vertigo" is driven by Bertrand (beber) while Laurent drives "Avia71" Thanks for your time
  13. Hi, Do you talk about Carenado or SimCoders ? I guess SimCoders will not integrate the GNS530 since it requires to work on the 3D cockpit for the least, it's a job for the original author: Carenado.