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  1. You can take-off quite quickly without pain or long checklist. You've indeed to take care of few parameters but in the end, you're already flying before the first 10min. After that, in VFR or IFR, she's perfect to have fun.
  2. Nice add-on @rudeboy1988 , thanks for the review @Stephen. Just besides the NATO building, there is the HQ of Eurocontrol that manage the whole traffic in Europe. I don't see the building on the screenshots here or on the .org store product page. Is this building missing ? https://www.google.be/maps/place/EUROCONTROL/@50.8819333,4.4270146,964m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47c3dcdc6f7f8fdb:0x692689a6a3a18e!8m2!3d50.8835377!4d4.4307384 Thanks !
  3. Thanks, Stephen. It's still the 1.41r3 apparently, I'll retry a bit later...
  4. Great review as always Stephen and thanks for the kind words I'm trying to find an Australian livery but, AFAIK, the RAAF uses the Hawk 127, an advanced version. Any pointer to a T1 ?
  5. And there is a livery pack too: https://www.justflight.com/product/hawk-t1a-advanced-trainer-livery-pack-xplane-11
  6. Holly cow, that's a quite sweet news ! I have few of them from BAF flying over the house not far from EBBE Beauvechain ! And with a REP... it's already Christmas !
  7. Nice review as always Stephen. It's a bit surprising that they didn't model the cabin, not that its needed for myself but a minimum is always interesting. I'm more a cargo hauler and I like when we can open the cargo doors to see some payloads. Anyway, the most important thing is not in the trunk by the way... I just made a first loop VOR-to-VOR Portland - Ketchikan - Juneau - Sitka - Kelowna and it's just marvelous. I guess I'll have to add the CIVA in short term. A lot of things to learn or habits to tweak if I want to drive the beast instead of she drives me 🙂
  8. I made a short flight yesterday with the v10 version at Bella Coola... I really should fly more often, it's still a pleasure; should upgrade it, especially with the v11 features. If I check the history of my virtual hangar, few years ago, I flew everytime the same aircrafts and today, most of them stays in the hangar. Too much developers, I mean, too much good developers with awesome add-ons. It's great ! 🙂 But the priority is given to the rollout Friday of the marvelous FJS 727... then, the Bandeirante. Thanks Stephen !
  9. Thanks for this nice review! I loved the original version but I don't know why I don't fly it more often... so the question is do I have to upgrade it ? I guess yes if I read all your comments about enhancements...
  10. So, Happy Birthday and congrats ! 😉 Nice words as always Stephen. Just a side note on the .org store: I agree with you that their forum and store are indeed the centre of the X-Plane universe but I think the store should be revamped in urgency. If we let aside the really basic look and stick on the features, there are some major lacks to fix quite quickly: the data quality: the menu to navigate through the product is built manually I guess, there are many flaws and missing items. the basket checkout process is annoying (your address changed, please ... dammit!) the cookie management is hillarious: logged in, click on a menu and you could be unloggued as-is, not funny at all when you want to check something just before be annoyed by the basket checkout process. I could change the store, there are others... but not with this content. As you said, the store is the center of the XP universe but it must be upgraded ASAP to stay at this center... I sent a mail to offer a (free) offer to help them to at least categorize the products but they don't seem interested. So, they know they are the corner stone... for now. My 2 cents
  11. I was looking for a steam gauges bi-engines for regional flights... It was already though to choose between the Dornier Do228 and the Turbo Commander 690B and now... the Navajo is released. Pff... 😄
  12. Some times ago, I had to choose which Bonanza to buy... and I choose the A36 because of the Aspen Avionics. And now, I'm still dreaming about a REP for her. One day... ?
  13. And I thought about the fact that the system and the generation are different between the 777 and MD11. They're built are for long hauls while the 757 is dedicated for medium hauls. So I guess I should go to the 757 while waiting the MD11... but I own their 767 and if it's OK, I don't have (yet?) the expected "sparkle in the eyes" and then I'm afraid to have the same feeling with their 757. Well, I'll think about a bit more before pulling the trigger. Thanks for your advice !
  14. Thanks for this article. I "need" a good cargo aircraft... and I'm waiting patiently for the Rotate's MD11 But to have my fix in the meantime, my biggest question today is: getting the FF 757 bundle now or waiting an hypothetical FF 777 major upgrade ?
  15. Just a note: in the linked support forum, you'll find some modifications done by Franz (now in the SMS team). Absolutely mandatory !
  16. Hi Stephen, Thanks for this nice review as always ! I'm a huge fan of this aircraft since day 1... few years ago. The v10 aircraft didn't really require any update in v11 because it was quite well born and updated on a regular basis by Carenado: the last version is rock solid. Just a note about the 4K liveries: well, they aren't genuine 4K because they merged side by side four original 2K textures. I was expecting an upgrade here but to be honest, 2K for a GA sized aircraft is enough. The single small negative point is the dashboard: in the end of the flight, it was the main texture seen and read everytime and it lacks of precision. I would expect a better resolution at least just for that one. Now, put it on top its REP module and it's an other league. An absolute gem. (note: the v11 REP module price is at -60% if you already own the v10 module)
  17. And this is a good news ! There is a lack of those marvelous jets in every sim! Glad to be able to sit into one few... years ago. Nice office for training. Any feedback on the Just Flight model ? Thanks
  18. Absolutely nice review as always Stephen, thanks ! This add-on is a pure gem, a tiny bit pricey but a real joy to fly with.
  19. Hi Stephen, I don't know if your "Best of the year award" is dedicated to payware only: if it's open to the freeware, there is the absolute gem DC-3/C-47 from Aeroworx. I own the VSkyLab too and they provide both a slightly different view of the same airframe; really interesting to compare them. And they are some nice dedicated painters as well. And still about the "Best of the year award: Person of the year", they're multiple, at least regarding their activities in my scope: Franz Falckenhaus (dedicated to the SMS's Beaver by providing top notch liveries, custom objects and a marvelous engine sound mod and now member of SMS); some painters like Leen de Jager, "monoblau", ...; Bertrand Augras who's upgrading some of the XPFR gems; Claudio Nicolotti from SimCoders; X-Trident guys for the support they provide to their users lately; I agree with you about Beti-X Bella Coola (and Stewart!). The only downside, if there is any, could be the time to deliver products but, even, I still prefer a low pace in high quality than a quickly done product. Besides: I'm worry about the PMDG DC-6's future. A really nice add-on in v10 but needs some love in v11. And no news from PMDG, AFAIK... tdg's sceneries are really great, I own WT3 too (as WT2) but still don't use it: with all the respect to the huge work provided by Greg Hofer, I'm still thinking that those kind of products should work by themselves without having to upgrade all the scenes. I know that the culprit is on the data side but we should have a tool generating the missing data (in the tdg's spirit: maybe not 100% accurate but 100% plausible, and fixable if we want accuracy) As always, thanks for your reviews. Have a great New Year too Stephen, all the best. Christophe.
  20. Nice review as always, thank you ! I just wish they allow their users to install their "metar server" locally. I don't like when a plugin/software relies completely on a private server that could disappear at any moment. I'll still wait a bit for the bug fixes... hoping that they'll fix quickly and not in a "1.06->1.07" timeframe.
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