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News! - Airport Release! - LSGG Geneva from Pilot+Plus

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News! - Airport Release! - LSGG Geneva from Pilot+Plus

Now available on the X-Plane.OrgStore is Pilot+Plus's latest creation in LSGG - Geveva Airport (formally known as Cointrin Airport). After a few medium sized airports in EGHI - Southampton and EDDG - Bristol Intl (and the micro EGTR - Elstree) here is Pilot+Plus's first mega scenery in Geneva.






  • Faithful replica with HD Buildings
  • High Resolution ground imagery covering a very large area
  • Custom Night lighting
  • Animations & Local POI's
  • Custom Made Static Aircraft, Bundled Pack
  • Animated Jetway's & Guidance Docking System
  • Very detailed 3D Models covering the whole airport
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Custom Runways, Aprons & Taxiways
  • Navigational Charts, downloadable



Pilot+Plus always did excellent scenery, with great value for your money and LSGG - Geneva is of no exception. A lot of detail and a great reproduction of this classic European airport.


Working jetways/airbridges are excellent and the very, very different circular style gates give you a different perspective of arrival and departure experiences.



The unique blend of airport, business and industrial buildings that is the visual difference of Geneva Airport is well reproduced. And this scenery is very interactive with the built in X-Plane road system to create dynamic visual action around the airport.

Every texture is photo real and has been created in high definition HD! Pilot+Plus have implemented many visual effects such as ambient occlusion, custom night lighting and custom shadowing,



Pilot+Plus's EGGD - Bristol was a masterpiece in X-Plane lighting and LSGG is very good as well.



Overall LSGG Geneva Airport is a great addition to your European airports collection.



Yes! the LSGG - Geneva Airport from Pilot+Plus is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :

LSGG - Geneva Airport

Price is US$24.95

Requirements:X-Plane 10 (any edition)

Windows, Mac or Linux. 
Multi-core processor @ 2.6 Ghz or faster, 4GB Ram.
3D video card with at least 1GB VRAM - 2Gb VRAM recommended


Stephen Dutton

Updated : 8th March 2016

Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews



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12 hours ago, Stephen said:

No you are noted here under Jiggyb2, did you login? SD

Who knows!

30 minutes ago, judeb said:

The only thing that put's me off, is the fairly good quality of the existing sceneries, and the dodgy looking airbuses dotted around the airport.

Static aircraft are optional - You could always put in some other statics yourself if you'd rather.

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1 hour ago, Guest NialaS said:

I bought it but I don't know how to use Animated Jetway's & Guidance Docking System.

Any help would be appreciated.



At Geneva they use those different circular satellite terminals so it is hard to add in the usual pole stand or Marshall that guide you into the correct position. The Jetway's do work as noted in the images above with the JARDesign A320, but you have to guess the position and align the aircraft door. If you haven't used the guidence docking then get some experience with another scenery...  or wait for the coming LSGG update as Pilot+Plus has noted they are going to mark the ramps with aircraft front wheel position markings to park up the aircraft correctly. SD

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