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  1. That's a really great explanation! I actually just found these in my ATPL syllabus while revising, though your explanation is nicer!
  2. So you know, those engine fans do rotate (though only as a flat, spinning disk)! What you're looking at is some sort of static ducting system, you see it a lot on these old low bypass engines - the MD80, for example, has the same. You can see them here: http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-photos/photos/3/2/2/1269223.jpg And the same thing on an MD80: http://www.trollabort.se/images/Bildbank/album/medium/PictActionMD80engine-037.jpg
  3. Who knows! Static aircraft are optional - You could always put in some other statics yourself if you'd rather.
  4. It has to be in the correct format or it won't work. Use a program like EFASS to properly manage it.
  5. Aren't there a few custom failure options buried in the FMC?
  6. A pretty spot-on review I'd say... still getting used to her odd quirks myself (I keep getting distracted by liveries... the A330 is my favorite aircraft for them...) but when everything goes right it's a very pleasing aircraft to fly!
  7. There's a lever between the seats, look behind you and click and it closes/opens!
  8. It's also worth noting that the almost-released updated Aerosoft Heathrow will eventually me coming to X-Plane too - and as you can see in this video, it looks like it already converts wonderfully to X-Plane! [Oops, forgot to login - can someone delete my comment above please?
  9. Well after playing about a bit I just added some joystick buttons as left/right toe brakes and, while things are jerky (I can only have full on/off), it is a lot easier to turn. If there was a system like the nosewheel tiller axis for toe brakes it would be much easier to taxi!
  10. Odd, I found it difficult to turn left, and right was near-impossible... I downloaded it from Carenado's site last night so perhaps I shall just have to re-download it and see how things go...
  11. Nice review! I noticed the missing interior noises too - could that just be a goof on Carenado's side? Also, I felt the aircraft had way too wide a turning circle, I had to slam the rudder and the nosewheel tiller all the way to one side to get even a slight movement... Anyone else found that, or is it just standard for this aircraft?
  12. I just bought this and went for a quick jaunt around Helsinki in it, and quite frankly couldn't tell it apart from a Carenado - in fact I liked it more than quite a few of their aircraft of similar size! Thus, I'm curious; What actually is the difference between Carenado and Alabeo? Other than that though, she's a really nice aircraft, though I did notice the Right hand flaps seem to be missing their sides which is something that may want to be fixed!
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