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Update Review : King Air 350 v1.4 by AirfoilLabs

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Update Review : King Air 350 v1.4 by AirfoilLabs


I will state from the start this is a hard update review to note. In most cases the updates cover certain specific areas and changes, but since the release of AirfoilLab's King Air 350 back in early April 2019, there has been a flurry of significant updates to the aircraft. And here is the critical point, yes the aircraft is good, but the same aircraft on release was also significantly under developed, particularly with the new introduction of a new coding plugin called Xjet. So yes there was a lot to rectify, and the first update in v1.1 (May) had a fix list as long as your arm, another followed v1.3 (June) and now finally we have v1.4.


The issues were also confused by the introduction (as part of Xjet) in the use of a Product Manager, a sort of SkunkCrafts updater in disguise, and the installation at the time was a comedy of errors, again the sort of issues that should have been refined well before putting your product on the market, yes it works now, but that is not the issue when launching a new and highly significant aircraft.


So to note the version changes in detail, of which is the usual thread of update reviews, my approach in this review is more to the overall state of the aircraft now. You can read the original review here; Aircraft Review : King Air 350 by AirfoilLabs


Xjet's Product Manager

The Xjet Product Manager has come a long way with a few revisions (currently v1.5.0), and boy it needed to...  I still found the setting of your required X-Plane Application folder a bit messy, but otherwise it now loads and installs correctly. Everything is done within the Product Manager from doing the Key Authorisation, to the file install of the aircraft (Updating the aircraft as well) into your X-Plane "Aircraft" folder.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Product Manager 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Product Manager 2.jpg


Other AirfoilLab products and sceneries are also accessed through the Product Manager...  overall a good step forward from the messier earlier tool.


Looking again at AirfoilLab's King Air 350, it still has that huge "Wow" factor, this is one seriously nice aircraft.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Head 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Head 2.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Head 3.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Head 4.jpg


Detail is very good, and in areas extremely impressive, panels are very good with screws and rivets, great detailed roof and belly radio aerials...  undercarriage assemblies and gear doors are exceptional...


KA350 - Update 1_4_Head 5.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Head 6.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Head 7.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Head 8.jpg


But oddly some areas are still wanting... and should have been (rectified) refined by now. Front windscreen sticks out? and there are still items (like the radio aerial) that are untextured, the actual cable is a bit average as well, gaps on the lower aerials to the fuselage and the tie-down lower hole is poorly (cheaply) modeled... 


KA350 - Update 1_4_Refine 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Refine 2.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Refine 3.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Refine 4.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Refine 5.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Refine 6.jpg


.... I was not a big fan of the original window surrounds either, and they are still very average, glass is debatable as well in thickness and tint (see lighting). Remember you are paying US$50 for this aircraft...  oddly it does not make much sense is that in most of this aircraft the modeling is exceptional, but in these few areas the details are also quite the opposite in mediocre, confusing.


Cockpit still delivers, it is very well done in here and extremely well detailed.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Cockpit 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Cockpit 2.jpg


Cabin is nice as well...  and I also found the pop-up monitors! (there was no manual with the release) but you have to open the tables first or they clash (stopping the table from closing).


KA350 - Update 1_4_Cabin 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Cabin 2.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Cabin 3.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Cabin 4.jpg


Double-club seating (all with tables) means this is a very large cabin even for a large twin-prop..


The extensive Menu system is excellent, but it can also overlap some areas you that need to access to because of it's sheer size...


KA350 - Update 1_4_Menu 1.jpg


...  I have often also been frustrated in wanting to access a manipulator, button or switch that the menu overlaps, There needs to be an option to turn it off (access can be by the drop-down Plugin menu, or a select tab). The extensive list of features on the menu is still mind-boggling, and all them are very well done.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Menu 2.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Menu 3.jpg


I found the Fuel Loading feature confusing the first time around, and to a point I still do...   You can load in the fuel to each of the four tanks (3611lbs) via selecting the Fuel cap of that tank and operating the pump handle, the pop-up shows you your Total Gal (Kg's is also available) Gal to Full Tank, Unit Price and Total Price....


KA350 - Update 1_4_Fuel 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Fuel 2.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Fuel 3.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Fuel 4.jpg


....   adding in Fuel manually however is not reflected on the excellent Weight & Balance Menu? so what is the point, but only to look very nice? Both areas should mirror each other for realism, the idea however is excellent, but again not yet refined.


V1.4 Update

The main focus of the v1.4 update is the aircraft's compatibility with Vulkan/Metal. Also is the installing of the GTN750 payware add-on by RealityXP, as you can now do two x GNS530s, and or two x GTN750s GPS units displayed.

As referenced above with the refueling pop-up, there is the noted "Refueling window fix" but it still does not work actively with the Weight & Balance Menu and the Digital refueling Display has also had some changes, but I can't see any difference. There is also noted 3d model changes (again nothing I can see?), Textures corrections and Icon fixes, but as noted above the main offenders that should have had attention (windows, aerials) are still present.



This is a flight to connect together two of Rising Dawn's sceneries of KHAF (Half Moon Bay) to KRAL (Riverside Muni). 


I like the engine startup procedure and the sounds are great, but the power supply is odd...  You need the EXT (external power supply) on to provide power, but start one engine, and switch on the GEN and you still don't get power to the bus? (yes the bus switch is set at L (or R) GEN depending on the engine source)...  and the only way you can get power to the bus is to turn off the Ignition and Engine start switch...   So you have to keep the EXT connected to start the engine until you can turn off the start switch? Also if you turn the Voltmeter selector and select BAT then it does not supply any power... all very odd?  Note the annoying menu overlap, yes you can move the pop-up (Pilot) panel out of the way, but anything moving on the left side of the screen gets in the way of the constant pop-out of the main menu, lower view menu and far right lower checklist menu...    and after a time the constant menu pop-ups get seriously annoying.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 2.jpg


You have to make sure your Trims are all set correctly, as the aircraft remembers the Trim settings from the previous flight, and takeoff without checking the correct positions can make the KA350 do some very odd things...


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 6.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 7.jpg


...   and the "Pitch Trim" switch has to be switched off, and then switched back on again for no reason?


I don't remember this issue on the release version, but taxiing is now tricky...  After starting you have to keep one engine in the "Feather" range or if not you disappear into the scenery with far too much power even with the levers set at idle? that is also with the Mixture (Condition), and Propeller all set at their minimum (idle) settings...   keeping one engine in a full feather at least gives you control over the taxi speed, still not perfect but at least it is usable in a taxi speed.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 3.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 4.jpg


Another annoyance is that the Park Brake is not connected to the X-Plane key settings, so you have to release it manually... once done the park brake (100%) and regular brake (50%) do then work (I use the trigger on my x55 joystick), but the actual push/pull brake switch still does not move with the switch action? After a time you get a bit narky in trying to release the brakes, and then trying into getting forward thrust to move the aircraft You don't know if the brakes are on or of, or the prop condition is in the right place.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 5.jpg


Finally you are moving, but it wasn't a great start. A side note is that there is a built in (Situation) Save mode on the Menu, this will reset the aircraft to the saved state (Not the same as the X-Plane, Situation save, the new plugin remember). This save feature lower main menu was introduced in v1.1 (May). It does a good reload of the aircraft, but not of your set FMS FlightPlan and check your fuel loads, so you will usually have to redo those procedures again.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Menu 5.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Menu 6.jpg


Resetting the mixture and Prop levers you need to wait until the power is balanced, it takes a while to do, so you can't push up the levers and just go, as the power (thrust) will be uneven, but it is nice touch.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 8.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 9.jpg


I'm very light at 11,000lbs (11, 222lbs), so you have to be prepared...  the KA350 will takeoff like a jetfighter, but from the moment you set your 10º pitch in the climb your fighting the nose to come down, but the KingAir wants to go almost straight up...


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 10.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 11.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 12.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 13.jpg


...  any sudden movements and the aircraft will react, so you are very aware of keeping the aircraft very focused in the climb, it doesn't feel heavy in the air and almost arcade like through the controls, it is up to you to counter that feel. Your yoke is already already at full forward, so you are already turning the manual pitch trim in trying to get more control back, and you need a lot of trim...   a LOT.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 14.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 15.jpg


Your Trim goes a long way back, but finally your level (and in control)...   I tried the takeoff again, but this time with a -4º negative trim, this made the aircraft far more stable on the takeoff, and also gave you more yoke movement in the forward pitch, I would give the trim a bit more say -5º, to get it perfect, but it seriously helps in the critical climb phase.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 16.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 19.jpg


....   I then set the AP (Autopilot) and then changed my heading. Under manual control like with the pitch you have to seriously control your turns as the KA350 will bank (very) sharply, so you need to make a aim at a set roll degree marker and turn to it, and hold it, so under the AP, if you do a bank (change the heading) the KA350 will also bank sharply and not smoothly to that heading, which I don't feel is very realistic in either manual or auto modes...


  KA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 17.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KHAF 18.jpg


...  selecting the half-roll 1/20 option, does seriously help in bringing some reason back into the turn, so I leave it on for most the time in the AP active phase..


These manoeuvres (pitch, bank) feel a little arcade, the controls are too light, so you don't feel any backpush realism, when the KA turns or pitches it just does it blindly with no feedback, so you have to be very smooth and precise to keep everything under control. As a Pro I can overfly this and in keeping the aircraft smooth, but I want a natural feeling aircraft, and I am not getting that here. (A note, I did try to reset my X-Plane "Control Sensitivity" to try to get more feel, but it didn't really make a lot of difference).


Several things have however been fixed...  the poor (triangles) in the particle exhaust, has been rectified, the exhaust looks now very good. The other annoying issue was the angled bank in flight, it is still (very) slightly there, but nothing like the extreme off kilter I had to deal with on the release review, the KA350 at least now flies level.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Transit 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Transit 2.jpg


KA350 - Update 1_4_Transit 3.jpg


I think we should be very clear here. The AirfoilLab's KA350 is using a completely new Xjet plugin system (most aircraft in X-Plane use the well and tested SASL3 plugin), and most of the comments noted here are highly related to that factor. The new plugin system will need time to be fine-tuned and refined, and that is not going to be done overnight, and the feel here is that there is a slight disconnect from the aircraft...  don't even think about using the X-Plane Replay mode, it is nasty, and you don't come back to the real world intact (I was returned with no fuel in the tanks!), so you can see where this review is going in that aspect. Certainly I do wonder what sort of aircraft this KA350 would have been with the standard SASL3 system, my guess it would have been excellent.


Refining your flying to counter act the aircraft's odd tendencies, can overcome a lot of these negative areas, mostly around trim, in making sure the settings, adjustments and manual movements are all correct and specific, another point is that again the Trim wheel does not move via the keyboard commands, it does however do the required key adjustments, and if you (use the mouse) directly then the trim wheel then does move, so again there is that disconnection between X-Plane and the new plugin.


The office is very nice in flight, nicely detailed and overall extremely well done.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Transit 4.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Transit 5.jpg


KA350 - Update 1_4_Transit 6.jpg


Lighting is very good, but could be better. You have a lot of adjustment in the cockpit with two (Pilot/CoPilot) overhead lights and the nice indirect lighting on the panel.... overall I really like it.


KA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 4.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 2.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 3.jpg


The cabin lighting is still the same as in the release version...  over-bright. There is the noted brightness selection of BRIGHT and DIM, but still there has been no adjustment between the two in all the updates...  I simply don't like it?


KA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 5.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 6.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 7.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_Lighting 8.jpg


Externally it looks horrible as well, the cockpit and cabin looks like there is no glass from the outside, so it looks fake...  overall the external lighting including the white strobes are passable, but the tail lighting is nice.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 1.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 2.jpg


Arrival at KRAL-Riverside Muni, and thankfully the dreaded drop (after coming out of the ILS beams) with the aircraft has been thankfully adjusted out, the landing feel is now far, far better...  It is tricky aircraft to land as the Xjet plugin does not give you too much give...  get the landing procedures in speed, rate of descent correct and the KA350 is actually really good, but get the approach procedures (even slightly wrong and the aircraft is not very forgiving, if downright nasty.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 3.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 4.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 5.jpgKA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 6.jpg


I found two out of four landings were very good if not perfect, but some were just horrible with the twitchy controls, however reverse pitch is very good.


KA350 - Update 1_4_KRAL 7.jpg


Then it is back to the over-thrust of the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A engines (1,050 shp / 783 kW) in the taxi-phase, tricky...  that word again.



With the release of the AirfoilLab's KingAir 350 back in April 2019, I was very much in two minds about the aircraft. On the one hand it has an extraordinary list of features and overall it is a very high quality aircraft. But secondly the aircraft came with a completely new plugin system called Xjet, and then you have a developer with only one earlier aircraft released to their name in a Cessna 172SP. Again the Cessna was noted as "very highly ambitious", but the punters absolutely loved it's huge feature list and quality.


On that release I was willing to give the AirFoilLab's KA350 aircraft some slack, as per usual the aircraft felt it was released well before ironing out and refining the details, complicated by the Xjet plugin and it's very nasty Product Manager at the time, that has now been sorted, again the moniker of "very highly ambitious" is all over this project as well.


But this update review is after four significant and lengthy updates v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 and this one with v1.4 which caters for the Vulkan/Metal X-Plane update and GTN750 payware more add-on RealityXP installations. other significant fixed areas are the particle effects, balance in negative bank and no ILS dropouts.


The aircraft is around the US$50 product price point, and don't get me wrong you do get a huge amount of features and aircraft for your money...  but it is on the refinement aspect there is still a lot to cover. Core issues are that still the Xjet plugin does not still intergrate smoothly into the X-Plane simulator as well as it should be doing so by now, you see it, and you feel it. Actions are not replicated in the aircraft like with the parking/regular brakes, trim wheels and a very nasty replay mode. Worse is the feel, as the aircraft reacts too sharply or even to arcade like for my tastes to control input, I can overfly these aspects, but aircraft feel should be there, and don't get me even started on the over-thrust of the engines at idle.

A Pro Pilot can fly around these aspects, but I think it takes away from the general feel that how could much better this aircraft could be with some focus on basic refinement than features, especially concerning the plugin aspect. A lot has been rectified since April 2019 to date, but a lot hasn't either, with still some poor modeling in areas (aerials and glass), seriously annoying pop-out menu (menu is actually extremely good, but distracting)and the lighting (cabin) and the Xjet plugin is still quite buggy.


Like with most releases, it is that last 10% that gives an aircraft that special or even outstanding factor, the AirfoilLab's B350 is about 15% per cent short, not a big or an impossible barrier to overcome and there is so much even outstanding here, but it is about a good 15% never the less, we will look again at the aircraft in another six months.


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The King Air 350 v1.4 by AirfoilLabs is a new release for X-Plane11 and NOW available here at the X-Plane.OrgStore

King Air 350


Price is US$49.95


This aircraft is a noted aircraft for X-Plane11 only and version v1.4 is required


User Interface
  • What you need is always reachable quickly. Main Menu appears on the left side when you are close to the left edge.
  • Camera Views appears in the left Bottom Corner when you are there.
  • Cold&Dark, Before Engine Start, Before Taxi and Before Takeoff states are available.
  • 2D Panels: The practicality is overwhelming. You can very comfortably manage different aircraft systems that are modeled in detail also in 3D, but it is so much easier, especially during busy flight phases. All windows are detachable and can be placed anywhere.
  • Ground Services: Manage your ground services quickly and easily. You can certainly go outside and touch and manipulate all too, if you don’t hurry.
  • Weight & Balance: Tens of pages in the real Aircraft Manual are transformed to algorithms and graphics that permits you to play with your fuel and weights limits. Everything is very well graphically arranged.
  • Settings: All is stretched to minimum option so that you don’t have to spend time going through settings rather than flying the aircraft. What we can, we are implementing directly in X-Plane.
  • The Aircraft Handbook will appear in the right bottom corner. Sections: Aircraft Specs and Limits, Checklists, Performance.
  • Automated Checklists: The Checklists can be set as fully automated with speech, hints and messages. You can look and learn and next time you can put the automation down a notch and try it for yourself. By the way the Speech System represents 768 separate audible sentences.
  • Performance - Hundreds of real world performance pages are transformed manually to programming language to calculate Takeoff and Landing speeds and distances.
  • Walk feature - You can walk everywhere, inside and outside of the aircraft where collision zones are programmed. You can climb stairs and there is 1G force simulation. The walking interferes with X-plane terrain too.
PBR 3D Model
  • Extraordinary Ultra HD details both in interior and exterior. Every rivet, every sign, every screw, every light, every instrument inside and outside is modeled to the highest fidelity. And photorealistic engines.
  • Ultra realistic cockpit details, glasses, dirt, scratches.
  • Ice on wings, windows, rain effects, wipers and more.
  • High Optimization Method - to save performance all details were designed in separate overlay objects to enhance 3D detail and economize on texture size.
  • 18 amazing, hand painted Liveries with artistic touch. All liveries are based on real paint schemes.
3D FMOD sound
  • 924 sound events and snapshots in total. Real recording from 350 was used, too.
  • The principle is that all you can touch and move is provided by manually and meticulously edited sound samples.
  • Enhanced Multi Layered Engine Sound Design meets realism and complexity. These details are taking into account: Location, Propeller, Propeller Pitch, PT-6 engine (no propeller) On, PT-6 windmilling, Starters, Igniters - all modeled separately to cover all real world situations.
  • Realistic cockpit sounds are modeled to such details as Bus Ties Relays (electrically operated switches), Ticks in the audio system, electrical discharges during igniters, etc.
  • Ground Movements, Tire rumble based on surface, Cockpit vibrations based on G-Forces, breaks squeaking, skidding, Impacts based on G-Forces.
  • When manipulating with aircraft in the exterior everything is provided by a sound: caps, latches, remove before flight objects, doors, electrical towing, refueling etc.
  • Pilot/Copilot Callouts indicating V speeds and other details during takeoff and landing phase.
  • Ambiences - you feel, when you are outside, real wind sounds based on X-Plane 11 weather system, outside precipitation
Aircraft Systems Simulation
  • 2 x G530 Implementation
  • 2 x GTN750 Implementation
  • Electrical System: Custom made system for simulating complex electrical DC and AC behavior in details with electrically operated relays, load distribution per component, inverters, sensors and more. The load of the system influences even how bright the annunciators lights are. Simulated buses: Battery Bus, Center Bus, Dual Fed Bus, Left Gen Bus, Right Gen Bus, Tripple Fed Bus, Left AC Bus, Right AC Bus, Avionics buses 1, 2 and 3.
  • Lighting: All lights in Cockpit, Cabin and Exterior, described in the real aircraft manual are operational and connected to correct buses.
  • Master Warning System And Annunciators Logic with dimming.
  • Fuel System: Realistic layout of the fuel cells with boost pumps, transfer pumps, crossfeed system, firewall fuel valves, vents and drains for manual Fuel Check in exterior preflight.
  • Auxiliary Power Unit simulation with engine start, realistic electrical behavior.
  • Engine: Custom made simulation of Alpha, Beta(Ground Fine) and Reverse regimes. X-Plane Commands modified to match real behavior. Inertial separator simulation. Custom Feathering system. Custom Autofeather system and test logic based on real aircraft. Simulation of Primary Governor, Overspeed Governor, Fuel Topping Governor. Low Pitch Stop and Test simulation.
  • Rudder Boost logic and Pitch Trim system logic based on Manual. 
  • Fire Protection: Engine Fire System detection replica with FW Valves logic and Fire Extinguisher.
  • Pneumatics: Custom logic matching the real system dependencies to environmental controls, pressurization vacuum system, gyros suction.
  • Ice and Rain Protection: Engine Inlet Lip Heat, Inertial Separators, auto-ignition system, windshield anti-ice, wipers, propeller deice system, pitot heat, surface deice boots simulation. 
  • Pressurization: Cabin Pressure Control systems with testing logic simulated.
  • Hydraulic Power System.
  • Avionics: all systems are modeled as close as possible to the real instruments. Radio instruments (COM 1, COM 2, NAV 1, NAV 2, ADF, Transponder) all modes available with memory function and simple testing sequence. Avionics power and gyro initial spin-up replica. All digital displays graphics and logic based on real aircraft data. EADI (Primary Pilots Display), EHSI (Pilots HSI/Map), MFD (Main Map Display), EHSI Copilot. Weather radar simulation. The provided FMS is X-Plane 11 FMS, therefore the aircraft uses standard navigation database integrated in X-Plane. Autopilot Modes Logic and interconnections are custom made to match the real one.
  • Aircraft performance is tuned to match speeds in real performance tables
  • The product is based on our new technology XJet. XJet is a new plugin system for X-Plane 11 that provides licensing, software distribution, automatic updates as well as full integration in X-Plane 11 via the newest X-Plane SDK. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. The cool think is that it integrates also Aircraft Systems Logic Tools enabling us for example to simulate realistically very complex electrical systems that X-Plane is not able to simulate. One of the very exciting features is also the Interactive Checklist System that is able to control the aircraft automatically with camera focusing and audio specs.
  • Based on our experience from previous development we have focused in every possible detail to make the aircraft as much “X-Plane 11 default” as possible, in a very positive sense. It is Very Easy To Use and very complex at the same time. Both Gamers and Fanatic Flight Simmers will be satisfied. If you wish you can push one button and fly the aircraft and if you want to study hard you can immerse deeply into aircraft systems.



X-Plane 11 (Fully updated)

Windows, Mac or Linux
4Gb VRAM Minimum - 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Download size: 800Mb
Current and Review version: 1.4 (October 29th 2020)



Download for the AirfolLabs KA350 is done via an installer "AFL+Product+Manager+Windows+installer" and final install in X-Plane folder is 2.29gb. Final authorisation is done via the X-Plane plugin.

Manual is available only in the .php format?



Review by Stephen Dutton 
9th November 2020
Copyright©2012: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.25

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: : XPRealistic Pro v2  effects US$19.95 : SimBrief - Free

Scenery or Aircraft

- KHAF - Half Moon Bay by Rising Dawn Studios (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$19.00

- KRAL - Riverside Municipal by Rising Dawn Studios (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$24.99


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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Hello I have just finished reading this about the King Air 350 from Airfoil labs. I am having an issue that has caused this simulation to quit working altogether. What I have are images of two pilots sitting in the cockpit and a total obscuration of the forward panel. I did not select these pilots to be there.  I have tried to do the plug-in updates and they will not update even following the instructions. I would love some help please. This is only one of many steps I’ve gone too to try to fix this. As it stands now I can’t use this airplane at all. None of the switches work and I can barely see the panel. I really enjoy this simulation. Please help thank you


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This is not unusual, if Airfoillabs cannot find your activation key.


If you can... from the Top Menubar, under plugins, find Airfoillabs and click on Product Manager.

You should see: King Air 350, 1.5.3.... and 'Up to date'.


If not, I would delete your installation, re-install and re-activate using the key they provided you.
Then return to the above menu and update the product.

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