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    •   It notes...  "If you already have purchased the A350 XWB from FlightFactor then go to your account at the X-PlaneStore and update to v1.4.3."  in the review?  SD
    • How to update  it only talks of update where to download please
    •   If you read the updates you will find the answer: News! - Aircraft Updated to X-Plane11 : Airbus A350 XWB v1.4.3 by FlightFactor SD
    • The pilot should get an indication that the prop is stalled once the dotted line (projected course) is below the artificial horizon       (ABOVE)   Aircraft is in a climb.     (BELOW)   Aircraft is in a descent    The aircraft does have a require nose down attitude when at airspeed and trying to decent. The cause of its shape it does not rapid descent at speeds exceeding 80kts. You need to slow the aircraft down to rapid descent, I recommend "Arti-Stabli" ON and "Hover" ON then drop throttle for rapid descent. Give that a shot, also try to adjust throttle setting and make sure rear rotor indicator s are below 30 percent. This is due to a safety plugin that takes over throttle at low altitude.  
    •   X-Plane11   As Laminar Research's X-Plane11 is getting nearer to its release, then it is warranted that articles, posts and items related to the X-Plane version have a home or place on X-PlaneReviews...  so here it is.   X-PlaneReviews will cover the the version in depth with features and articles allowing you to get the very best from X-Plane in this new generational version.   So check back here often to see what is new in X-Plane11.   X-PlaneReviews  
    • No sorry that doesn't work? The only way to lower your altitude is to dive the aircraft (but that gains you speed?) switching off the "Arti-Stab" just does nothing? SD
    •   News! - Aircraft Released! : PA31 Chieftain 350 HD Series by Alabeo   Another twin from Carenado/Alabeo within the month. This is the Alabeo version of the PA31-350 Chieftain which is a stretched version of the lovely PA31 Navajo that I really liked from the middle of last year (2016), review is here:   Aircraft Review - PA31 Navajo HD Series by Carenado   So I will be interested to compare this larger (or Chieftain sized aircraft with no pun intended) with the quality of the Navajo.     One instant difference is that this Chieftain has the G500 instrument package compared with the older dial panel on the Navajo.     X-PlaneReview's liked the G500 instrument package as well (we like a lot of nice things!) that was first on the recently released PA34 Seneca V, and if you want to take a peek at that system then read the review here: PA34 Seneca V by HD Series by Carenado   Features include:
      Alabeo G500
      2 different models: commuter and standard
      Custom sounds
      Volumetric side view prop effect
      High quality 3D model and textures.
      Blank texture for creating your own designs.
      Accurately reproduced flight characteristics
      64-bit compatible.
      FPS-optimized model.
      SuperManipulator scroll wheel support     Alabeo/Carenado quality is part of the deal, and so you won't be disappointed.   Included:
      6 hd liveries
      2 different color panels
      1 Blank texture
      Normal Procedures PDF
      Emergency Procedures PDF
      Performance tables PDF
      Reference PDF     Note the two separate versions in - commuter and standard.   Technical Requirements
      Windows XP -7-8 (or higher) or MAC OS 10.8 (or higher) or Linux
      X-Plane 10.40 (or higher)
      i5 (or equivalent) 2.5 GHz - 8GB RAM - 2GB Video card
      495MB available hard disk space   The PA31 Chieftain is flyable also in X-Plane11, that is "flyable" and not configured as X-plane11 is still in it's beta phase.   The PA34 Seneca V is available right now from Carenado...   ______________________________________________________________________     The PA31 Chieftain 350 HD Series by Alabeo is NOW available! here :   PA31 CHIEFTAIN 350 for X-PLANE NOW AT CARENADO   Price is US$32.95   Notes: For WINDOWS users: Please ensure that you have all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded and installed (click here) CARENADO G1000 DATABASE (MUST BE INSTALLED).   Images & Text are courtesy of Carenado© Developer site : Carenado.com ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 22nd February 2017 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews    
    • Disable arti-stab and decrease throttle for rapid descend. This is because of a Thranda plugin to reduce crashes.
    • Very interesting aircraft, Only note is that when you lower the throttle it doesn't descend?  It just stays up there even with the "Hover" switched off...  SD
    • Thank You for the Review Stephen, an operations manual has been included in the payware software. We hope it can help the user to better understand this new type of aircraft. 
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