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    •   Scenery Review : ENGM - Oslo Gardermoen by Aerosoft   Some scenery makes a big splash on release, they are all bangs and whistles that they take a lot of the air out of anything else around them. This is certainly the case with scenery, but you need to always check out that one scenery that just slips silently on to the lists as you maybe missing something special.   It has happened twice now, in first that excellent JustSim scenery for ELLX - Luxembourg Findel Airport last month and now again here with Aerosoft's Oslo airport at Gardermoen.   Gardermoen is a new airport by most standards and opened on the 8 October 1998. Like all Norwegian airports it was a military base and in fact the area was an army camp as far back as 1740. Mostly Gardermoen played second to Oslo's main gateway at Fornebu, but fog restrictions required a more permanent facility. The airport is modeled partially on Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, with with two parallel runways and a single terminal with two piers on a single line but with a Norwegian flavour, and is located 19 nautical miles (35 km; 22 mi) north-northeast of Oslo city center.   Although SAS (Scandinavian Airlines, often shortened to SAS (was previously Scandinavian Airlines System) is a Swedish based airline and it has major facilities including a SAS Museum at Gardermoen, there is a also a SAS built complex with 55,000 square metres (590,000 sq ft), including a technical base, cabin storage, garages and cargo terminals that was built the same time as the airport was under construction.   ENGM Airport layout Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen IATA: OSL ICAO: ENGM     01L/19R - 3,600m (11,811ft) Asphalt/concrete
      01R/19L - 2,950m (9,678ft)  Asphalt/concrete Elevation AMSL     681 ft / 208 m   First impressions will always last. On first viewing ENGM Gardermoen my first thoughts were "wow", that is good. Surprised, yes I was as it is good scenery. The main point is of course does it fit in with the surrounding (X-Plane) landscape, that is always my starting point in good scenery and Aerosoft's ENGM is very good, it looks highly realistic and fits in naturally.     Central terminal area is a simple T, but looks really good from the air, with the modern wooden roof of the newly constructed Terminal 2 is an excellent standout.     Terminal Main terminal construction is excellent, the original 1998 Terminal one has two wings on either side of the central main terminal building.     The beautiful wooden roofed Terminal 2 is another fine construction, it has great detailing and nice reflective glass work...      Internally T2 is catered for as well, and the roof is great work from the inside as much as the outside, passing view inside out on to the taxiways is excellent.     Both wings and gate areas are exceptional, with really great textures, signage and lots of detail. (you will need your "Texture Quality slider right up though" and the ground objects are very good as well, but you have too pick your gate though as most have a lot of objects, but a few don't have many or none at all.     Full guidance and autogate docking is available (Marginal's plugin required) and the system has been adjusted to fit the local airbridges, which work very well and the aircraft looks great when docked. If there is no airbridge you get a animated guiding marshall.     Like T2 the wing areas are completed internally as well, but you can't see the aircraft through the windows?     There are great remote parking areas and a Low Cost Terminal on the western side of the main terminal. Cargo terminal is however small.     Lots of great animated vehicles roam the airport's pathways and roads. The vehicles in X-Plane11 (version) are custom models made for Oslo airport and they are nice quality vehicles as well that fit in perfectly with the Scandi surroundings.     Control Tower sits airside behind the main terminal is workable, but no piece of art and textures are basic, "Tower View" is not set either, so you only see a ground view of a western ramp area, not good enough for any pay scenery...     The airside is a empty of vehicles, so that area looks a little blank, if fact there is not much attention to the airside at all except for the required buildings and ramps. Even a few vehicle objects would have filled out anything which would have been than nothing?       Airfield Features Aerosoft has always been been known on how to create great grass effects, and here at Gardermoen it is no different.     Runway signage, lighting and linework is all very good as well as are the different ground textures.   SAS Technical facility is well done but boring. A few static aircraft or ground objects are needed to fill the empty space. So you will need to hit the Overview Editor to help lift it a little with the area.     General Aviation and Fire Station On the western boundary by runway 01L/19R is the General Aviation and Fire Station area.     Certainly this area is part of the original Gardermoen airport as it looks and feels far older.     The GA ramp with the Fire Station is mostly just objects placed on the base, there is no fill in equipment or static aircraft (aircraft shown is WorldTraffic), so it is a little bland out there, a few vehicles would have made it more realistic.   Military Area The Military area is to the north of the main terminal complex. It is very much the same as the GA area with just basic fill of buildings and not much else.     Gardermoen flystasjon is the location for the 135th Airwing and the 335 Squadron of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, which currently operates four of the originally five (see: 2012 Norwegian C-130 crash) recently procured C-130J-30 Super Hercules transport aircraft.   So the point of just a few C-130's as static aircraft would have been nice...  a wasted opportunity   Otherwise there are a lot of nice old fashion hangars hidden in the trees with a very visual tall radar tower that is the centrepoint of the airfield. To round off there is an engine test bay that noticeable when landing or taking off from 01R/19L and taxiways S and H.     Lighting Generally the lighting is very good, In the areas you need good lighting it works and gives you great coverage.     Runway, taxiway lighting and night signage is excellent with a very realistic approach at night. Focus is of the lighting is on the main terminal and ramp areas.     There is not much variation in the lighting colours, but the actual lighting towers are really well done and look great in the daytime as well as working lit at night.     All ramp areas are great to work in at night, nice coverage and it feels great for any departure or arrival once the sun goes down.   Terminal lighting is basically dark (grey) at night, so the buildings don't quite light up, so they loom a little dark. Off terminal areas are well lit like the de-iceing areas (There are four in Alpha South, Alpha North on RWY's 01L and 19R and Bravo North 19L).     Services SAS and Norwegian Air Shuttle dominate ENGM Gardermoen as it a hub for SAS, while it is the main hub for Norwegian. Most main European carriers including British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Air France (HOP!), Aeroflot, KLM, Swiss, TAP and more but a lot of charter airlines like Thomas Cook, Thomson, TUi also fly seasonal. Widerøe is the big local regional airline to be based here.   International is covered by Emirates, PIA, Qatar Airlines, Turkish and Thai Airlines.   Summary The core of Aerosoft's ENGM - Oslo Gardermoen is excellent, this is certainly a great destination and you get a great feel and use out of the airport when you use it. The main terminals and associated buildings and ramp areas are also very good, beautifully constructed and very realistic of the real modern Gardermoen with full animated vehicles and full docking features on every stand and gate.   The airports layout is excellent as well with great intergration into the X-Plane landscape, nice ground textures and lots of great grass to take away the flat photgraphic feel of the ground plates. Full ground routes are implemented (although I might note the front in parking is maybe a turn around parking setting).   Negatives are in reality small, but still highly noticeable. No "Tower View" is really a no, no for payware developers...  Outside of the central terminal areas there is very little vehicle or static aircraft placement and it is very visible in creating empty spaces where there should be none, diitto with just the basic building objects and textures to fill out an area, and a bit more building creativity could have been used.   But totally overall ENGM is excellent scenery to get a lot of use out of if you need a very good northern Scandinavian port then you can't go past this scenery to be part of your collection. I already love flying in and out of this Aerosoft scenery and is certain to make a use of it in the future, so for me it is a certain addition to the network, you just have to add only a few vehicles and static aircraft to make it a total 100% perfect scenery.   It could be an airport to very easily slip under your network radar, but Aerosoft's ENGM - Oslo Gardermoen shouldn't be...  as good scenery is still good scenery for great use in the simulator. ____________________________________________________________________________________     Yes! ENGM - Oslo Gardermoen by Aerosoft is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :
      Airport Oslo XP   Price is US$24.95   Features: Features: Realistic recreation of Oslo airport Gardermoen Highly detailed Terminal models and photo real textures High resolution runway and taxiway textures Highly realistic night time effects Interior models included for Terminal buildings Supports X-Planes „runways follow terrain“ features Custom Jetway animations (Autogate plug-in required) Custom Aircraft marshaller (Autogate plug-in required) Visual Guidance Docking Systems (Autogate plug-in required) Replaces X-Plane 11 ground equipment models with custom local models (X-Plane 11 only) Highly detailed clutter objects Custom Wig Wag models Custom animated windsock model Seasonal Textures included (seasons plug-in required)   Requirements: XPlane 11  or  X-Plane 10.50 
      Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 or Linux or Mac
      2GB+  VRAM Video Card
      Download-Size: 320 MB   Installation and documents: Download is 344.80meg and the scenery is deposited in the "Custom Scenery" X-Plane folder in this order...   Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen (958.60mb) Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen - Roads (9kb) zzz_Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen - Mesh (12.50mb)   Note the zzz_ mesh must be positioned below the other folders, use the "scenery_packs.ini" (text) to adjust the order.   Marginal's jetway and docking guidance system plugin is required for the animated marshall and jetways : AutoGate plugin 1.72   Full manual is provided (24 pages) in German and English. Full set of charts are also provided (49 pages) ____________________________________________________________________________________   Review by Stephen Dutton 24th May 2017 Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11 and also used in X-Plane v10.52 Addons: Saitek x56 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin - US$14.95 : WorldTraffic 2.0 Plugin - US$29.95 Scenery or Aircraft - Airbus A320neo by JARDesign (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$59.95    
    •   Sound Update : BSS v4 for JARDesign A320NEO   Blue Sky Star Simulations have updated their excellent JARDesign A320NEO sound package to v4. More refinement and more sounds are now part of this sound experience, there is over 400mb of sound files in here now to create the most complete aircraft sound package in X-Plane.     There are simply just too many sounds to cover here and both the CFM56-5B and IAE V2500 Engines are updated to the new v4 specification (note the CFM Installation sound pack is required for the IAE sounds).   From start up to shut down every switch and every noise you can make on a real A320 aircraft is brilliantly replicated here. New in the v4 update is first the cockpit and system sounds:   -Avionics fan and sounds
      -Bat relay
      -Numerous switching/selectors/buttons/rotary/levers
      -Cockpit door, lock
      -PAX chatter
      -Packs smooth and correct timing
      -Packs air will depend on engine thrust
      -Tray table
      -Outside blower/extractor
      -Outside packs
      -Open door logic sound smoother
        Aircraft movement has been enhanced with : -Centerline thumps, depending if nose wheel actually riding on centerlights
      -Roll sounds
      -Ldg gear turbulence
      -Panel shake
      -Brake fans     And with new surface sounds:
      -Turbulence depending on flap position
      -Smart wind sound
      -Engine cowling wind sound
      -Spoilers     New engine sounds include both Engines CFM/IAE:
      -Sound volumes have been reworked to be the most realistic sounds you can get for an A320 aircraft, and all sounds are measured by prof. hardware in real the A320 aircraft.
      -Cold section air bite at low thrust
      -Bleed air rush
      -More clean sounds
      -Compressor/Fan sounds depend on how much air passes through them.     I will note a couple of things. In the change from the earlier multiple sound packs to just one to insert into your JARDesign A320 plugin folder I found I lost a lot of the cabin sounds? In this v4 version they have been restored and the cabin now sounds correct (again).   Second is that I can't seem to adjust the external sounds very well? They are just as loud no matter were you put the "External" sound slider in the FMS and with the X-Plane default sounds off?  They sound great of course, but are quite loud if you switch often between the internal or external views.     There is there some help in "Sound3d (Custom)" menu available from the "plugins" menu were you can adjust the sounds, but the external goes almost to the 10% before it drops in volume, but at least you can cut a little of the overbearing noise here.     There is also the option of adding in "Optional FA announcements" that are added into the "Custom Avionics folder.   Another option is to assign certain key commands to certain sounds... ADF 1 flip standby – ATC chatter ADF 2 flip standby – Passengers (the sounds will be playing corresponding to a status of cabin door) Lavatory flush – white flashlight button (have to assign)   However I don't know why they couldn't have assigned these sounds from the keyboard plugin assignments?     Like engine startup, then shut down is a feast for the ears, and engine thrust changes are now more noticeable with the better gear wind noise also adds to aural feel, and altogether it is simply sensational on landing.     Always a big fan of excellent sound which I feel was very much neglected in X-Plane and so then if you want the best aircraft sound to date then this is it. Blue Sky Star Simulations are the best in the business and it shows here. If you have already purchased the BSS sound pack for the JARDesign A320neo, then go to your X-PlaneStore account and upgrade to v4 for free, If you want the BSS sound package then go to the X-PlaneStore below, but you have to have already the ARDesign A320neo to fit the package.   ______________________________________________________________________     Yes! the Blue Sky Star Simulation Sound Packages by Real Pilots is available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here : Airbus A320neo    JARDesign A320 CFM Main Sound Expansion Pack Price is US$19.99 (JARDesign Airbus A320neo US$59.95 is Required to use this sound pack)     JARDesign A320 IAE Sound Expansion Pack   Price is US$7.99 (JARDesign Airbus A320neo and CFM main Sound Expansion Pack is Required to use this sound pack) ______________________________________________________________________   Blue Sky Star Developer Site : Blue Sky Star Company   ______________________________________________________________________   Review by Stephen Dutton 22nd May 2017 Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)    
    •   Aircraft X-Plane11 Update : AeroCommander Shrike 500s by Carenado   It was not hard to fall in love with Carenado's AeroCommander Shrike 500s. It was from the start one of the more of the recent times simply one of the easiest aircraft to slip into, lovely layout and had a great feel behind the controls. So it was an instant favorite.   Here is the X-Plane11 upgrade noted as v1.2, and it is free as the aircraft was released under the six month line banner between update and upgrade.      As the aircraft was only released late into 2016 there is not a lot of changes, mostly contained to re-calibration of gauges including the OAT gauge, fuel consumption (to match XP11), ground handling. I would note that the new XP11 engine thrust modelling has had a few adjustments as it feels spot on, but the adjustments are not noted in the upgrade notes.   Of course any new aircraft needs changes in X-Plane11 for the PBR (Physically based rendering) feature and that has been done here for the exterior and interior areas.   Your 500s now looks like you have spent a very hard afternoon with the wax polish, and the results look amazing. Shiny and it now shows off the fuselage to its best condition since the aircraft came out of the factory.     The excellent detailing looks better as well, Carenado are masters at making aircraft look realistic, and the Shrike looks every bit of the part of that.     The instrument panel was always a little flat in that grey primer feel, but PBR and new the texture work does lift it a little.     The lighting has had a few tweaks and the “SuperManipulator” (proprietary scroll wheel) has been replaced with a X-plane-native scroll wheel control. In some ways it is a lot better than the SuperManipulator, it was very good but very twiddly to use sometimes, the default scroll wheels are far easier to use.         Ground objects are still a little scarce, just a few cones, engine inlet covers and tags, but all the doors work with an opening baggage compartment (no bags).     The AeroCommander Shrike 500s was pretty complete on release, but this upgrade does bring it right up to X-Plane11 compatibility. The 500s was brilliant before and it is totally brilliant now, well worth the upgrade or purchase.     ______________________________________________________________________     Yes! the AeroCommander Shrike 500s by Carenado is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :
      AeroCommander 500S SHRIKE HD Series   Price is US$32.95   There is now two version of this aircraft for both X-Plane10 and X-Plane11 (the review is for the X-Plane11 version)   If you have already purchased the Carenado AeroCommander 500s then go to your X-PlaneStrore account and upgrade to v1.2 (free).   
      More detailed X-PlaneReview of the AeroCommander Shrike 500s release can be found here:   Quick Flight Review : AeroCommander Shrike 500s by Carenado   Features Include: Part of the HD Series - High-Definition Aircraft: Amazingly realistic interior - almost indistinguishable from photographs Makes full use of HDR lighting for realistic interior and exterior illumination Old, weathered, gritty textures that reflect the age and usage of this plane. Around 100 wave files for detailed and immersive 3D audio Cockpit switches' sounds are placed in 3D space, which affects loudness and pan. Outside engine sounds spill in through open doors and windows. Custom programmed Shadin digital fuel flow management instrument Custom programmed electronic CHT/EGT instrument Custom programmed classic Bendix/King Autopilot The above instruments come with 2D pop-up windows Custom programmed flight dynamics, to match POH values with more precision Immersive visual cockpit effects, such as dynamic reflections on instrument glass High resolution 4k textures throughout, with optimized 3D mesh and FPS-friendly logic Copilot figure appears/disappears, depending on set payload weight. Features: Original 500S Aero Commander autopilot installed New and improved multi-function scroll support Volumetric side view prop effect. Default X-Plane GNS530. HD quality textures (4096 x 4096) 350 pixels / meter textures Custom audio plugins with extra effects for added realism 3D gauges Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft Customizable panel for controlling window transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and turbine inlet/exhaust covers. Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Realistic weight and balance. Tested by real pilots. Realistic 3D night lights effects on panel and cockpit. Individual passenger 3D reading lights and numerous HDR lighting effects. Dynamic loading/unloading of 3D parts and plugin logic for FPS optimization      ______________________________________________________________________   Requirements : X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10.50+
      Windows 7+ or MAC OS 10.8 (or higher) or Linux - 64bit Operating System 3 GHz processor - 8GB RAM - 2Gb+ VRAM  Windows users: Please ensure that you have all the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables downloaded and installed. Current version: 1.2 (last updated May 15th 2017) ______________________________________________________________________   Installation : Download is 501.70 mb which is unzipped to your X-Plane Fighter folder at 544.00mb. Key authorisation is required. Documentation : includes   500S Emergency Checklist PDF - 500S Normal Checklist PDF 500S Performance Tables - 500S Reference PDF 500S Autopilot Operation PDF - Recommended Settings PD ______________________________________________________________________   Quick Flight Review by Stephen Dutton 18th May 2017 Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)    
    •   Helicopter Review : S-92 Sikorsky XP11 by DMO   After only a week behind Dreamfoil with their Bell 407, here comes another X-Plane11 compatible aircraft in the DMO S-92. That is great news for the lovers of helicopters and it means more diversity in your vertical flight flying.   DMO's version of the S-92 Sikorsky came out in 2014 after two years of development and was a excellent from the start (review : Sikorsky S-92 by DMO Flight Design). This is a heavy helicopter and it takes a few flights to adjust to it's particular flying dynamics. Once you feel and get the right controllability then it is a great machine to fly.   I did however approach this X-Plane11 upgrade with a little trepidation. My first forays into X-Plane11 helicopter dynamics were to say the least a little wonky...  mostly on takeoff (aircraft trips badly very quickly to the right) and of course landing. But you quickly iron out your rusty feel and learn the new way of countering the forces. I think the new feel is because X-Plane11's thrust ratios are different, but more importantly is that flight model responsiveness is different as is the mass and scale. You have to of course adjust to these new parameters but the XP11 S-92 has also been adjusted to the new modelling as well. But get used to the new feel and it is more realistic. My fears in the end needed not have been so large, because the S-92 does fly and can be flown far easier, more realistic than the X-Plane10 version...  in other words it is easier to fly.     The DMO' S-92 comes with a huge amount of variants, in fact there is five in the:   S-92 S-92 SAR (Search and Rescue) CH-148 (Cyclone) S-92 VIP VH-92 (Marine One)   S-92 The standard S-92 is the most popular for passenger or mainly Oil Rig transfers with15 seats.     S-92 SAR (Search and Rescue) The SAR version has a NightVision Camera and NightSun Searchlight. The interior is medical with hoist.     CH-148 (Cyclone) This is the Canadian multi-role shipboard helicopter CH-148. equipped with devices to search and locate submarines during ASW, and is equipped with countermeasures to protect itself against missile strikes. This version has the SAR interior, but with a console position as well with working (moving) camera display.     S-92 VIP The VIP is the executive version of the fleet. Club chairs and lots of nice wood dominate.     VH-92 (Marine One) This is Trump's coming new toy. The POTUS is upgrading from the current SH-3 Sea King's to the new VH-92. The interior is very Presidential.     X-Plane11 Version The S-92 looks far better in X-Plane11. The textures and maps have been redone to bring the best out of the aircraft. It does look sensational, but the cockpit is still a little dark.     Rotor blur has been improved and is more realistic and on rotor slowdown it has been improved with a new plugin function. As noted in the notes... "A new plugin increases the effective strength of the rotor brake, allowing the brake to “stop” the rotors from spinning while the main engines are at idle.  Props seem to never quite stop completely in the sim, but they will now slow down to less than 2% of the designed rotor RPM with the rotor brake applied and both engines running."   Some engine parameters are now different in XP11, the flight models have been adjusted (namely the starter) to work under these new parameters.  as the engine starter from version 1.3 will not successfully start the engines in XP11   Glass is excellent and more highly realistic as also are the metal parts of the aircraft (note the door slider). The APU (single) exhaust appears now on only the left side of the aircraft.     There are a new gear deployment sounds, low rotor alarm, master caution alarm if you can hear them above the rotor noise. All new sounds will move to the newer FMOD sound engine as X-Plane11 progresses to the even more better sound to come.   The old 2d panel is gone. In reality there is not much use for a 2d panel in helicopters, you need to move and see down (or up) for landings and winch work, so in a way a 2d panel is useless and in reality X-Plane has moved on from 2d panels.     As noted it is a very dark cockpit in the S-92, but XP11 features do bring in a little life in here. note the lovely metal switchgear but you do miss the shiny display panel and glass reflections that is on most aircraft now.     New XP11 FMS (below) has been installed and the panel pops out...     Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) coupled with the Flight Director (FD) is very good (above right), if a little difficult to slip into and then switch out back to manual flight. But you learn and easily master it, it does however save a lot of wrist RSI.   The upgraded S-92 also takes in the new XP11 "destruction on crash" feature...     “Buying the farm” is now more dramatic than ever...  when you go down now, you really go down...  if you know what I mean.     These big machines are always very dramatic and there is with this version a nice if more complete wholeness feel about the helicopter.     Side and rear ramp doors open, but no GPU, which would be nice.     Summary In most areas this is a cosmetic overhaul to meet the new X-Plane11 features, as basically the main aircraft, systems and features stay the same.   But in noting that the S-92 does feel a lot more fresher, more complete and flies far better as well. X-Plane11 is good to the aircraft and that is not a bad thing at all and that alone should attract more users to fly the machine and undoubtedly enjoy it. I certainly felt more involved with this S-92 far more than I remember with the original.   There are a lots (loads) of different variants and liveries (no new liveries in this upgrade), but also no menus or pop outs we use as normal, if you want a certain function you change the aircraft and don't go to a menu...  it is that sort of deal. But a menu would be nice as would reflections on the instrument panel displays as both are part of the norm today.   Like most new upgrades to X-Plane11 there is an upgrade price if you already own the older versions. In this case the upgrade to X-Plane11 is US$15 and if you look at your original S-92 invoice at the store there is a coupon code to get the upgrade deal.   Is it worth the upgrade cost. Well certainly it is as it is a great machine to fly in X-Plane11, to me personally it does feel better in the new X-Plane environment than it did before, so not only is it better in XP11 but I feel you will get more flying use out of the aircraft as well...  so that has to be an all round good deal.   ______________________________________________________________________     Yes! the S-92 Sikorsky XP11 by DMO is now available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :
      S-92 Sikorsky XP11   Price is US$24.95   Previous X-Plane10 owners can upgrade to this new XP11 version for only $15. The coupon code for the discount can be found in the original DMO S-92 invoice on your account at the X-Plane.Orgstore.   More detailed S-92 details can be found on the original 2014 X-PlaneReview Release Review here: Sikorsky S-92 by DMO Flight Design   Features New X-Plane 11 Model Optimized for XP11 Incorporation of the new XP11 FMS New object shading and normal maps, utilizing the new PBR capabilities of X-Plane 11 Added functionality of the searchlight/camera operator's station (in SAR model and CH-148), including an animated camera gimbal and video display in the cabin New and improved alert/warning sounds and landing gear cycle sounds Wreckage objects and crash capability; crashing will now result in flaming wreckage Small 3D object improvements and more efficient texture map references to help maintain fps 5 Variants of the S-92/H-92 Airframe Offshore/Air Taxi, Search and Rescue, VIP/Corporate, CH-148 Cyclone, VH-92 US Presidential Helicopter Features Custom Sounds, Featuring Real Interior and Exterior recordings of S-92 Engines, Rotors and APU. Many Liveries: See Pictures Album Animated Flight Controls, Rotor Hubs and Control Surfaces 3 Variations of Animated Pilots Emergency Floats Detailed 3D Cockpit and Cabin with Animated Switches, Knobs and Levers Interactive Light Controls for the Cockpit and Cabin Animated Landing Gear Retraction and Strut Compression Custom Airfoils Based on Sikorsky Blade Design Realistic Flight Characteristics Anti-Ice Systems and Ice Build-up on Windows in 3D cockpit Animated Cargo Ramp Custom Instrument Panels FMS/GPS - Autopilot   Requirements: X-Plane 11 (this model is not compatible with XP10) Windows, MAC or Linux
      Current version: XP11 v1.4 (last updated May 12, 2017)   Installation :   Download file size is 221.30mb to your X-Plane - Helicopter Folder. Installed file size is 782.20mb.   ______________________________________________________________________   Review by Stephen Dutton 17th May 2017 Copyright©2017: X-PlaneReviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.01 Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: None Scenery or Aircraft - KRSW - Southwest Florida International by Aerosoft  (X-PlaneStore) - US$24.95    
    •   Thanks Frank. It does make you wonder with Laminar's KSEA as their demo airport does not work as it should do...  that is a bit of an oversight if you ask me. If you could let me know when Justin puts out the update to v1.1 that would be great...  again thanks. Stephen
    • Stephen, I've been talking with the folks at Laminar Research and the gates should be connected to taxiways.  This is a "recommended" practice but not required.  While it was acknowledged that the AI planes may not work correctly without the gate to taxiway connection, I guess they just didn't want to make it requirement. (though in my opinion they should) In any case, Laminar's KSEA scenery doesn't have the connections but it "should".     Justin will be adding the connections to the KSLC scenery when he does a v1.1 update.  I am currently working with his scenery to put together a file for X-Life which will have all 160+ gates work correctly with that plugin.   Frank
    •   Scenery Review : KDFW Dallas Fort Worth by Aerosoft   One scenery I use a lot in reviews here at X-PlaneReviews is KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft. As it was not only a really high quality scenery, full of great features and was functional as well. The scenery was the first project by Omar Masroor under the Aerosoft banner and it set out from the beginning to be a high standard of quality scenery...  so now for Masroor's follow up and the scenery is DFW.   As scale goes you couldn't pick a larger airport to cover except for KATL - Atlanta, as DFW is a major international incoming hub to the United States. DFW is the third largest airport in size in the United States and the tenth in passenger movements in 2015. This is Texas after all.   I will admit to being a little bemused by the choice of DFW, because it was covered by Tom Curtis's "American Country" scenery only this time last year and of course comparisons are going to be made between the two projects, it is fine if you are going to deliver a much more higher quality scenery, but if you don't you are wasting your efforts when they could be put to better use on scenery that is required in X-Plane and not just duplicating what is already available.   First Impressions     First impressions are entirely favorable. The building construction is very good , even impressive in detail, remember our old adage in that the larger the scenery then the less we must expect in raw detail, but the DFW buildings here are very well defined.   Approaching DFW from a distance it doesn't completely meld into the surrounding scenery, the boundary is distinguishable from the default textures by a lot of surrounding green space and the photo textures are slightly lighter inside the boundary, not that bad in reality but it is slightly noticeable. But look at a google map (below) and DFW is hemmed in by its surrounding suburbs, here the scenery feels slightly disconnected with all the bits of green space surrounding the airport. As a note that American airport developers seem to struggle more with intergrating their photo-textures into the default scenery textures, witness the same with Mister_x6's Salt Lake City Airport.   Google Maps   KDFW - Dallas Fort-Worth layout   KDFW - Dallas Fort-Worth International IATA: DFW – ICAO: KDFW – FAA LID: DFW     13L/31R 9,0002ft, (743m) Concrete
      13R/31L 9,3012ft ,(834m) Concrete
      17C/35C 13,4014ft ,(085m) Concrete
      17L/35R 8,500ft, (2,590m) Concrete
      17R/35L 13,4014ft, (085m) Concrete
      18L/36R 13,4004ft, (085m) Concrete
      18R/36L13,4004ft, (085m) Concrete
      H1 158ft  (48m)  Concrete
      Elevation AMSL 607 ft / 185 m     Runway layouts are excellent and you have a lot of if not a huge choice at DFW, only 31L does not have an ILS and it is a shame as it is the best approach to the airport.     Runway and taxiway lineage is good, as is all the correct taxiways direction signs.     The black side tarmac looks good, but overall the infield grass feels quite bland with not a lot of saturation (colour) and the difference is not only noticeable, but also creates an overall bland feel to the scenery...  or could it just be that hot Texan sun?     Dallas Fort Worth Airport is so large you really have to break it down into bit sized chucks to digest it.   Central Terminal Area Central Terminal area has Five Terminals in north A - C - E and south B - D and Express South (carpark) which will be Terminal F       Terminal A Terminal A has 30 gates: A8–A25, A28–A29, A33–A39. with Gates A34–A39 closed for renovations, as of March 2016. An American Airlines Admirals Club is located at Gate A24. The A terminal is a wholly an American Airlines terminal and is semi-circular in design.   A major feature of DFW is the SkyLink terminal people-mover that commenced operations in April 2005 in replacing the notoriously slow original Airtrans APM (17mph). The large corner iconic terminal buildings are not actually part of the terminal, but are the Skylink stations that are sited around the extensive terminal loop that makes up the full transport system. In this scenery the Skylink is excellently reproduced with constant movement rail-cars moving (quite fast) right around the system in opposite directions, the track breaks now and again but overall the system here is excellent and a really great visual feature with the latest orange updated cars are animated in moving in and and out of your line of view.     Lots of great animated traffic running round the ramps as well and giving you that busy feeling, but there is this strange anomaly that most of the vehicles are SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) vehicles...  in Texas? The ramps are crowded as well with a large selection of vehicles, but with a bit too many.     If you use JARDesign's excellent "Ground Handling Deluxe" which I do a lot, then it becomes horribly confusing? I never had this problem with Omar's KRSW, in fact it was the best in the right factor of amount of ramp vehicles and space usability, but here they all clash in together.   The see through glass feature is to be noted as it looks really good, and it is usable inside as well to see out.     Terminal B Terminal B is opposite Terminal A and has 49 gates: B2–B3 (FIS optional) and there is an American Airlines Admirals Club located at Gate B3, B4–B29, B30–B39 (North Stinger), B40–B49. and Gates B18–B23 are closed for renovations, as of March 2016. North Stinger is a walk-on satellite terminal. Terminal B was originally the main Braniff Airlines complex, but it is now completely American Eagle territory as they now run all the gates.     Note the traffic highway (bottom right) that runs through the centre of DFW, cars and trucks run in and out of the airport very nicely to give you a movement feel.   Terminal C Terminal C has 31 gates: C2–C4, C6–C8, C10–C12, C14–C17, C19–C22, C24–C33, C35–C37 and C39. And the The Hyatt Regency DFW hotel is part of this terminal complex (not to be confused with the south terminal D Grand Hyatt). Originally Terminal 3E is is another wholly American Airlines terminal with an American Airlines Admirals Club located at Gate C20. This terminal is domestic. The ramp tower situated between Terminal A and Terminal C and is also highly visible on departure or arrival from A or C terminals.     Terminal D (International) Terminal D is the International terminal for DFW and it is a  2,000,000 sq ft (186,000 m2) facility capable of handling 32,000 passengers daily or 11.7 million passengers annually. The 298-room Grand Hyatt DFW Hotel is directly connected to the terminal. Terminal D has 30 gates: D6–D8, D10–D12, D14, D15–D16–D16X (A380 gate with three loading bridges), D17–D18, D20–D25, D27–D31, D33–D34, D36–D40. There is an American Airlines Admirals Club located at D24. A British Airways Lounge, a Korean Air Lounge, a Lufthansa Lounge and a QANTAS Business Lounge is located at D21. Both Emirates and Qantas use the A380 at this terminal.   The highlight of the scenery is Terminal D. Noticeable is the extra attention the terminal has been given as it is more highly detailed and has a more complex construction.     The terminal has lovely lines and shape, detail includes electrical work boxes and cabling. The scenery has full built in "autogates" and guidance by Marginal and the red digital "Welcome to DFW" signage is very welcome.     Terminal D is also more detailed inside as well with shopping areas and the usual brands in situ.     Terminal E Terminal E, was originally occupied primarily by Delta Air Lines until Delta closed its hub here at DFW in 2005 (still Delta does 50 flights a day from here). Now it serves U.S.- based carriers at the airport other than American Airlines/American Eagle and Sun Country, as well as Air Canada Express and WestJet USCBP that are precleared flights from Canada. Terminal E has 35 gates: E2, E4–E18, E20–E21, E22–E30 (Satellite Terminal), E31–E38. Delta and Alaska Airlines are the current occupants of the E satellite terminal, following the renovation project of gates E31–E38.     The scenery can use three options for static aircraft. 1 ) is the inbuilt X-Plane11 static aircraft (shown here) and can be regulated by your graphic settings slider. 2 ) X-Life is also available with notes on how to use and install in the manual and 3 ) is World Traffic WT. All the correct inlaid ATC and taxiway traffic flows are built in and ready for use.   Express South Express South is a huge carpark opposite Terminal E. It is the site for any terminal expansion and is noted as Terminal F and planning is due soon. The Skylink is already in place and well represented here as the orange rail-cars move right around the the carpark boundary.     Taxiway A/B - X/Y Jet Bridge Who doesn't love a taxiway Jet Bridge over a highway!   I love them...   At DFW taxiways A and B east and X and Y west pass over the Route 97 International Parkway.       In the Aerosoft DFW scenery it is really well done as you cross over the moving traffic, only note is that the street lighting pops up through the taxiway?  A slight distraction in the day, but odd at night with the glowing street lamps in your path?   Central core Both approaches from the west and east to DFW is well done, but the moving traffic adds a lot of functionality to the scene.     The main 232ft central control tower (there are three field towers in South, Central and North) is the only main building on the strip.     It is not an over detailed tower but I would note it as functional.   The Tower view over the main central runways 18R/36L 18L/36R and 17R/35L 17C/35C thankfully is excellent with no obstructions and you can see the full four corners of the field.     On the southern-east section of taxiway A and B is the "SouthEast" Cargo area (below right) which is a multi-user facility for quick transit parcel movement. With another long-term and car rental carpark areas set more to the south.     On the south-west side of the southern approach to DFW are mostly the catering facilities (above left). A small fuel depot is well done with a large mobile-office (demountable) administration area set out behind.   On the northern approach to DFW there is a large long term carpark to the west, The car-cover screens are not in 3d like Tom Curtis's version, but only flat in the ground images? On the west side along taxiway K is a corporate aviation ramp (Apron 1E)  and reception terminal. With airport support warehouses next to the Parkway.     DFW West The western boundary is defined by 13R/31L to the west and 18R/36L to the east and the Cargo and Maintenance (American Airlines) infrastructure placed between them.     South-west in this area is "West Cargo" but noted as the DHL cargo aprons. American Airlines have maintenance complex here with two hangars covering the site. The "West (control) Tower" is positioned behind the AA maintenance hangars.     American Eagle has its offices and maintenance hangars central west with another cargo apron along side known as "West Air Freight". Still another cargo complex area is north-west and this time it is for UPS (United Parcel Service). Also set out west - west by RWY 13R/31L is the airport's comprehensive fuel depot and fuel tanks. All items are covered but the area is not over detailed.     DFW East On the Northeastern boundary FedEx has a big cargo complex aligned with RWY 13L/31R known as "East Cargo". In reality this area and runway is an airport on its own just for FedEx cargo operations, There is an adjoining Fire Station (no.3) complex as well.     Mid-field east ibetween runways 17C/35C and 17L/35R there is the "East (control) Tower" and a big American Airline maintenance hangar (Hangar 5) and support aprons with the adjoining main central Fire Station (no.1).     The American Airline office complex and operations centre and the DFW (airport) Human Resources building are covered as is the large "Flight Safety International" training facility. But they are facade style buildings and not 3d objects that are placed more for filling in than replication of existing buildings. The east runway radar tower is notably absent.     Lighting Approaching DFW is always an event, and the scenery looks very good at night.     All runway and taxiway lighting is first rate, there is nothing better than taxiing round (and believe me you taxi a lot and a long way at DFW) and here it is a very good view.       Ramp lighting is excellent with those huge towers of directional lights hanging over you...     And here is a little bit of a incertitude in that those lovely daytime glass effects that don't translate to night time look. It is all of course a personal difference on the effect. It helps in that you can see the buildings internal areas, but overall it feels grey and flat.   The cause is not helped by the average night textures on the carparks and hotels. The Grand Hyatt is devoid of any life whatsoever (HYATT sign is the only highlight) and very different as the building looks great in the daylight, the building should be a visual highlight on departure or arrival. The Hyatt Regency is a better, but still uniform in its lighting patterns. But overall this throwback lighting is boring.     If these lighting carpark/hotel effects had been more effective then they would have taken away some of the flatness of the terminal glass, but together they make the building lighting and the central/terminal area average and even bland. Night textures are very hard to get right. But if you do then it can lift a scenery into a great destination for a night arrival.     Services You can connect pretty much everywhere from DFW certainly on any American Airlines/U.S Airways routes. So your choice is huge... top ten domestic routes are interesting with LaGuardia routes notably more used than JFK and no major Washington D.C. routes noted.   Domestic 1. Los Angeles, California -1,199,000 - American, Delta, Spirit, United 2. Chicago–O'Hare, Illinois - 1,060,000 - American, Spirit, United 3. Atlanta, Georgia - 977,000 - American, Delta, Spirit 4. Denver, Colorado - 858,000 - American, Frontier, Spirit, United 5. New York–LaGuardia, New York - 787,000 - American, Delta, Spirit 6. Phoenix, Arizona - 693,000 - American/US Airways, Spirit 7. Las Vegas, Nevada - 672,000 - American, Spirit 8. San Francisco, California - 660,000 - American, United 9. Miami, Florida - 628,000 - American 10. Charlotte, North Carolina - 613,000 - American/US Airways   International International routes are very interesting. You expect Mexico and Canada to be popular, but the British seem to really like Texas as well. Notable routes to the Far East (Toyko/Seoul) are surprising. Also surprising is the absence of the middle-east carriers, but with Emirates upping the Dubai - Dallas route EK221/EK222 to A380 services and other new connections then that absence won't be for too much longer.   1. Cancún, Mexico - 682,977 - Aeromexico, American, Spirit, Sun Country 2. London (Heathrow), England - 636,251 - American, British Airways 3. Mexico City, Mexico - 476,167 - Aeromexico, American 4. Tokyo (Narita), Japan - 305,321 - American 5. Frankfurt, Germany - 269,442 - American, Lufthansa 6. Monterrey, Mexico - 246,804 - American 7. Seoul (Incheon), South Korea - 245,514 - American, Korean Air 8. San José del Cabo, Mexico - 240,412 - American, Spirit 9. Toronto (Pearson), Canada - 221,385 - Air Canada, American 10. Vancouver, Canada - 200,460 - American   Qantas currently operates the world's longest nonstop service route from DFW to Sydney. In August 2015, Emirates announced plans for a nonstop flight from Dubai to Panama City which will take the title of the world's longest scheduled nonstop passenger flight starting on February 1, 2016.   Cargo With 22 cargo operators and with 578,906 tons of cargo handled annually, DFW is the world's 29th busiest cargo airport. If you have followed all the cargo areas in this review you would understand how big a cargo hub DFW is. So with plenty of choice in operators and destinations will keep any cargo hauler easily grinning from ear to ear.   Summary Obviously the comparison with Tom Curtis's "American Country" scenery is always going to be a hard choice. In perspective they are very different sceneries and both have great features and ideas. In more modern effects and features certainly then Aerosoft's version has a lot more the Tom Curtis's but they are very different views of the same airport.   In the negative I think Aerosoft's version is slightly blander because of the very light saturation of the photo textures. I had to work hard to get any colour into the images here because there isn't much colour to be had to do so. In fact the google image shows that within the airport grounds it is far more darker than the surround areas, and here it is the opposite way around. Building and texture night lighting is a bit more of the same, a bit grey and flat, but then KRSW's night glasswork was a little grey as well.   Highlight is certainly the terminal modeling as it is very good, with Terminal D being the standout. And the Jet Bridges over the highways and great moving traffic flows fill out a great visual aspect while taxiing in and out of the airport. There are lots of features including the step approach of installing sections of the airport that if you wish to leave out can help with your framerate and not affect the visual aspect of the scenery.   DFW is a far bigger scale up from KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport and all the great things that made that scenery good is in this DFW, but the larger scale does mean something can be more highlighted than they were on a smaller airport. Overall this KDFW - Dallas/Fort Worth scenery is very good with a lot of great aspects and features, but a more attention to the ground textures and night building lighting should have made it really great.   ____________________________________________________________________________________     Yes! KDFW - Dallas Fort-Worth by Aerosoft is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :   KDFW- Dallas/Fort Worth   Price is US$23.99   Features:     30 cm/pixel orthoimagery and 1 cm/pixel custom ground detail/markings     Airport lighting and pavement markings closely follow FAA/ACI standards     Terminals with interiors modelled using actual architectural drawings     Modelled aircraft overpasses crossing International Parkway     Ray-traced ambient occlusion, local illumination and specular mapping     Uses advanced X-Plane features such as decal shading and 3D spill lights     Animated passenger boarding bridges and Safedock® A-VDGS at all gates (using the freely available AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris)*     Animated road traffic and Skylink APM     Complete taxiway network for use by ATC and AI aircraft     Fully compatible with the X-Life plugin by JARDesign     Makes full use of the new ground service vehicles introduced in X-Plane 11     Thousands of hand-placed objects such as parked cars and streetlights     Parked cars, streetlights and terminal interiors can be individually turned on/off to optimize performance     Uses 4K textures to maximize performance by minimizing draw calls   Requirements: X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10 Windows, Mac and Linux 2Gb+ VRAM Video Card   Installation and documents: Download is 307.90meg and the scenery is deposited in the "Custom Scenery" X-Plane folder in this order...   Aerosoft_KDFW_1_Parked_Cars (106kb)* Aerosoft_KDFW_2_Street_Lights (12.7kb)* Aerosoft_KDFW_3_Terminal_Interiors (58.30kb)* Aerosoft_KDFW_4_Roads (10kb) Aerosoft_KDFW_5_Scenery (678.90mb)   * selections can be removed to save framerate.   Marginal's jetway and docking guidance system plugin is required for the animated jetways : AutoGate plugin 1.72   Full manual is provided. No charts but available here : faa.gov ____________________________________________________________________________________   Review by Stephen Dutton 16th May 2017 Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews   (Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11 and also used in X-Plane v10.52 Addons: Saitek x56 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin - US$14.95 Scenery or Aircraft - Airbus A320neo by JARDesign (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$59.95 - Boeing 737-800 X-Plane default    
    • Thanks for the info... I have been down with a head cold for a week, so you miss things SD
    • REP has now been updated to v3.0 which introduces a brand new UI and an autostart procedure. You may want to update this review ;-)   Thanks!
    • News! - Aircraft Announcement : Ultimate A320 from FlightFactor   FlightFactor has announced the coming of a Ultimate Airbus A320 of a real world training compatible aircraft for X-Plane. If you go right back a few years this was part of the original QPAC (QualityPark Group) initiative to bring a fully working A320 simulation to X-Plane.   It was a bold experiment and the outcome was mostly all the current X-Plane A320/A380 aircraft (except JARDesign) use the flight control systems created from that original initiative to cover flight areas of Fly-by-wire, Alpha Floor, Flight Control Laws to give simulation a realist feel when flying Airbus aircraft and that initial investment has gone a long way over the years in the X-Plane simulator.   This A320 aircraft from FlightFactor is the realisation of that original concept although I don't think QPAC is involved any more, but it is also a very different concept in the fact it does not use the X-Plane code or flight basics for the flying of the aircraft in the X-Plane Simulator.   This means the aircraft is totally plugin active and in reality is not connected at all to the laws and rules that is the basis of Laminar Research's X-Plane Simulator, so even a simple point of noting that if the aircraft is in the air or on the ground is not feasible and neither is any other connection to the aspects of simulator.   This provides both points of interest, in one the developers can do almost anything to replicate the A320 aircraft and it's systems, that is in the positive. But also is the fact the developers can also not use the set laws and ease of use of the built in X-Plane system that is provided (inbuilt) either. So even any provided simple area has to replicated and you don't have the X-Plane famous "Blade-element theory" to use either and in that is seeing the size and complexity of the project.   In reality the A320 is then disconnected from its X-Plane base, and the project may be a future way of adding in more features or in either finding its limitations or the sheer complexity in trying to fly on your screen alone.   FlightFactor note these features...   ·         Hi quality and realistic interior and exterior visual model. ·         Hi quality and realistic sound pack with hundreds of sounds from the real aircraft. ·         Hi quality display graphics (4K panel). ·         Unique rain effects. ·         Fast access popup panel system. ·         Precise aerodynamical model with unique features like transonic effects, hi speed stall etc. ·         Specific engine model with realistic performance and dynamics. ·         More than 10,000 simulated objects like computers, sensors, units, data buses, busbars, relays, etc. with its own logics and behavior. ·         Simulation of data exchange in ARINC data protocol between aircraft computers with precision loss and delays. ·         Realistic simulation of transition effects, self-tests and other real aircraft undocumented features. ·         Physically based implementation of electric, hydraulic, fuel and pneumatic systems with realistic responses and state transitions. ·         Precise flight management system with full profile predictions and modes of operation. ·         Autopilot, indistinguishable from real aircraft, with all modes, transition effects and undocumented features.   A point made by FlightFactor is that this A320 is a heavy based systems simulation, and so it is not aimed at users that are new to simulation or don't understand complex aircraft systems and the flying aspects of these aircraft.     One interesting aspect from this project is that it may trickle down to FlightFactor's A350 aircraft also, as the developer has noted it will get the "Ultimate" title as well.   So this is going to be one very interesting release, and FlightFactor also notes...   "Price point: Due to the complexity and the accuracy of the systems - unheard of in x-plane - expect to pay more than with our current models.
      Since we will first release it in 'beta' form, first customers will get a discount (and we expect initial customers to take this sim very seriously)."   In other words it won't be cheap....   Release date is near but not yet finalised, so watch this space and I would read up on Airbus operating and system manuals in the meantime.   Images are courtesy of FlightFactor Developer A320 Forum : A320 Ultimate   ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 13th May 2017 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews    
    • It's always going to be a personal and subjective choice. From a personal standpoint, I highly recommend this aircraft, as everything you read and hear about it is true.  The modelling is excellent, the systems are deep and involving, and the handling is as one might expect. Are there better aircraft? No, I don't think so, as I believe that this FlightFactor model is right up there at the top of the tree. It set the benchmark.  Think about the sort of flights that you want to do, and whether it's the correct size of aeroplane for those flights, as it's smaller sibling, the FF 757, is also a high quality product.  Fabio