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    • News! - SoundPack Released : CRJ200 by BlueSkyStar   As noted in the news earlier this month BlueSkyStar Simulations is updating their excellent soundpack for the J Rollon CRJ-200, that package has now been released. So go to either the X-Plane.OrgStore or Simmarket and update your plugin package.   The full changelog includes:   - All sound levels have been preset to maximum realism, advise not to change them.
      - APTCAB containing now not only passengers sounds, which could be activated by assigned button in x-plane (watch extra features video inside) but could be also activated by switching seat belts signs to off.
      - FA announcement are added to APTCAB, activated by:
      beacon on - welcome announcement
      strobes on - seats for departure
      strobes off - arrival announcement
      - apu logic remade, adjusted volume, works with outside/inside depending on if door is open/closed.
      - pack turbine sound with outside/inside logic if door is open/closed
      - avionics with outside/inside logic if door is open/closed
      - Aft bay equipment sound added
      - avionics sound remastered
      - bleed sound remastered
      - duct sound remastered
      - hydraulics sound remastered
      - standby instrument sound remastered, added stby off realistic sound
      - few engine sound samples remastered
      - added brake vibration on high speed, low speed
      - rain outside/inside logic if door is open/closed
      - rain sound remastered
      - touchdown sounds remastered
      - spoiler sound remastered/ gearwind sound remastered
      - added pilot induced rattle/turbulence sounds
      - added weather affected turbulence sounds from 1 to 4 depending on severity
      - changed wind sound   X-PlaneReviews did a comprehensive review of the CRJ200 sound package here:
      Aircraft Addons : CRJ-200 JRollon - Sound Packs by Blue Sky Star Simulations   The JRollon CRJ200 is required separately to use this package.   This amazing sound plugin totally changed the feel and use of this the most original of all X-Plane aircraft and is a must buy for anyone who has purchased the aircraft. If you want to purchase the CRJ-200 then go here.   BSS CRJ-200 Sound Expansion Pack   BSS CRJ-200 Sound Expansion Pack   Well worth the investment. ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 27th September 2016 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016    
    • Scenery Review : Moscow City XP by Drzewiecki Design   You fly for hours, anticipating your arrival, wanting to take in the area and the views of another country far away from your departure airport. The airport and the area you leave from is detailed and visually full, and you know you have a great airport scenery waiting for you at the other end of the flight, then when you arrive...   ...  Nothing, but flat plain emptiness and the same boring standard X-Plane basic scenery, worse there is no OSM (Open Street Map) data in the tile either, so there is no road or autogen detailing in there as well, just well nothing.   When Drzewiecki Design released their UUEE Sheremetyevo Airport XP, I loved it because it was like a visitor from the Cold War past, the Soviet era, and it was also great scenery and great choice of a destination to fly to from any of the capitals of Europe...  but that was it, just this great airport in the middle of nothingness, bland....   zero ville.     Now Drzewiecki Design has released "Moscow City"  a scenery package to compliment their UUEE Sheremetyevo, and boy how much a difference this release has done to this totally boring area.   To get the full first impression effect I flew JARDesign's A320neo from EFHK Vatnaa, Helsinki to UUEE Sheremetyevo which is flight Finnair AY153 which is a daily 9.25am service.     First Impressions I was surprised to start picking up scenery still quite away out from central Moscow, as I approached my 6000ft transition altitude. Here there was buildings and houses and the physical visual notes you were arriving somewhere.     Looking hard at the horizon through the A320's windows and you could see the iconic silhouette of Moscow city.     The scenery provides lite versions of all Moscow's Airports, this is UUWW Vnukovo, which was easily recognisable as you flew over. As you fly closer to the centre of the city the density of the objects below becomes quite heavy as the landscape fills in. You have all kinds of infrastructure including, blocks of flats, tower blocks, factories, housing, skyscrapers and almost everything that makes up an urban landscape, in all there is 2000 custom-made buildings that makes up this impressive scenery.   A note here in that you don't get that rolling as you move feeling effect where as it just suddenly appears in front of you and then quickly disappears behind as soon as you have flown out over the area. There is a slight effect of that as there has to be, but only in the far distance and as you can see from the images the views in every direction are widespread and visually it is very good to excellent.   The "Seven Sisters" or "Stalinist skyscrapers" built from 1947 to 1953 are all in the scenery with their "Wedding Cake" architecture or officially Russian Baroque              - Gothic style. Most famous is the Moscow State University, front and centre of the image below.     Central Moscow is excellent and extremely realistic, and you really need a travel guide to pick out the landmarks and detail, but it is hard to miss the Red Kremlin complex and St Peter's square from the air.  Both sides of the aircraft is visually full until you have crossed right over the city.     I am not a fan of the generated 3d OSM scenery, but this is very good in blending in perfectly with the X-Plane default scenery and giving you a smooth transition from country to urban and back again with great realism.     Over the city and turning north towards Sheremetyevo, another Moscow airport UUMU Chkalovsky is represented on the turn.     The city skyline is now easily visible on landing at Sheremetyevo, and that really helps in the arrival factor, more so in that the cities building infrastructure spread now comes up and around the airport to fill the gaps to the city itself, and making the original Sheremetyevo scenery that was so open and lonely in the old X-Plane view is now a big part of the whole in this combination. No doubt it really brings this always good scenery now alive and very usable.     Sheremetyevo Airport Before we move on to the city itself. It is important to note the area around UUEE Sheremetyevo itself.     Compare the large image above to the earlier image at the start of this review to see the amount of change there is around UUEE Sheremetyevo with the addition of this Moscow City package. The two sceneries are of course meant to be used together, and in reality it would look odd if you had Moscow City scenery installed without the Sheremetyevo scenery included to fill out the northern areas. A highlight is that both sceneries together form a single whole, as the areas between the airport and the central city area are well filled in and that gives you a huge area of coverage and the full visual aspect.   To get a closer lower look at the Moscow Center I commandeered Dreamfoil's lovely Bell 407.     There is a 4.000km² total area covered with this scenery here, and you have expect some sort of building replication to cover all that ground. There is of course but as well in the fact there is also enough variations as to not keep it all interesting and not obviously visually obvious.     The closer you go to the central area, the variations in buildings change there is as well. And then more of the iconic buildings start to appear as you get closer to the middle. The business district is excellent, with a lot of business towers and the more modern futuristic skyscraper architecture that stands out in every view point in eye scans across the city.     The more recent is in tune with the more older Stalinist era that makes up the Moscow skyline.   The Kremlin Complex and the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed (St Basil's) is excellently represented and so is "Red Square"     There are Orthodox churches everywhere and all the big icons in the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Grand Arena of the Central Lenin Stadium, Otkrytive Arena and department stores, museums and power stations and more....   I did have issues with many buildings floating, including the Kremlin. I tried both "Runways follow terrain contours" on and off with no flattening of the objects and there is no information in the manual either on how to fix the problem.   Night lighting is very good, yes there is again a repeatable pattern to the majority of the hundreds of the apartment blocks that does stand out, but the more individual buildings do all have that personal touch and some buildings look really very good.     The highlight here is the business district which looks magnificent and is very realistic from any direction at night as is the lit Stadium.     Although away from the central area the Ostankino Tower that stands 540.1 metres (1,772 ft) tall, and is the tallest freestanding structure in Europe and it looks great at night and is a very good position indicator from the air from any direction.   Included Moscow Airports As noted also included in the scenery are seven airports and several helipads.   UUWW Vnukovo     The futuristic Vnukovo International is very good for a lite version, with great terminals and lots of small detailing. Only thing missing is the static aircraft and a bit more ramp equipment, but otherwise it is highly usable.   UUDD Domodedovo     The oldest of Moscow's International airports is Domodedovo. Again it is quite devoid of static aircraft and I am not crazy about the blue terminal glass work, but it is still a very workable scenery to use and has a lot of well made objects.   UUBW Zhukovsky     Zhukovsky was a major aircraft testing facility since the  cold war years, with most of the major Russian Experimental Design Bureau's having facilities here. It is also now used by the Ministry of Emergency Situations! and cargo carriers. It was also used as a test site for the Soviet Buran  reusable Spacecraft because it has the world's second longest pubic runway at at 5,402 m (17,723 ft). Mostly it is a collection of very large hangars but has a lot of static aircraft in storage.   UUMO Ostafyevo International Business Airport     A former military airbase. Ostafyevo features a new modern glass terminal, and caters primarily to business aviation.   UUMU Chkalovsky     Chkalovsky is a military logistics airport that is famous for it's support for the Russian Space program and transport to Star City and the Yuri A. Gagarin State Scientific Research-and-Testing Cosmonaut Training Center. Yuri Gagarin left here on his final flight before crashing by the town of Kirzhach.   UUBM Myachkovo Airport     Myachkovo is a small General Aviation Airport that is owned by the Finpromko company. Cargo aircraft up to the size of the Ilyushin ll-76 freighter can also use the airport.   UUMB Kubinka     Kubinka has been a significant Russian military airbase and large airshows are held here to show off the Russian military might.   There is also provided UUU1 Kremlin Airport, within the Kremlin walls, but I couldn't get it to work? There are two pads in H1 and H2.   Summary Your first thoughts after reviewing this excellent Moscow scenery is not with this actual package. You then wish that you could have this extensive scenery at London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and the list could go on with any of your favorite European Cities, and don't count a load in in the Middle East and Asia. But a London scenery like this would certainly be a godsend in our X-Plane world. Drzewiecki Design has already done Warsaw and Manhattan, so there is always hope.   It is not cheap either and you need to add in their UUEE Sheremetyevo scenery package on top of that as well. But you get an awful lot of ground covered here for your money, with the area covered here that is extensive...  huge and flying into Moscow will never be the same again.   A few areas to note in one that in my case a few of the buildings floated, the download is huge load at 1.4gb and this Russian area is not the best for navigation aids and programming FMS units as most waypoints are not recognised. Most of the airports ILS coordinates also have to checked and recalibrated (Drzewiecki Design do provide all the correct coordinates) so there is a little work to do to set up repeat services but the work is worth the results.   Not only is the actual Moscow city and all it's buildings supported, you also get seven (if lite versions) of Moscow's other airports included as well, but the framerate processing of all this huge amount of objects and scale is pretty good to excellent. Framerate does hurt more on a lower (helicopter) level and certainly you need a computer with a little extra power is in no doubt required, but overall for the size of the area the scenery is extremely efficient.   Yes I was impressed by this Moscow City Scenery, as this once very barren area of X-Plane is now a very attractive repeat destination as nothing can give you a greater fulfilment than seeing your destination appear in the distance and then give you a huge visual experience as you fly over and approach your destination.   Moscow City certainly delivers that and more...  Just more sceneries like this please!   _____________________________________________________________________________________     Moscow City XP by Drzewiecki Design is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :   Moscow City XP Price: $36.00 Scenery features: Extremely detailed model of Moscow metropolitan area in Russia Almost 2000 custom-made buildings and other objects, all high quality, FPS-friendly and with night textures Whole Moscow center done in 3D as well as all other important landmarks - museums, palaces, skyscrapers, towers, bridges, railway stations, Zara stores... Trains, ships, 3D people, cars, airport vehicles, static aircraft - anything you can imagine About 4000 sq.km of photoreal 0,5-1m/pix terrain with autogen Sceneries of all surrounding airports including UUWW Vnukovo, UUDD Domodedovo, UUBW Zhukovski, UUMO Ostafyevo, UUBM Myachkovo and UUMB Kubinka, with all airport buildings, detailed layouts, people, airport vehicles and more Very detailed Kremlin model with newly constructed heliport  Fully Compatible with   UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo XP by Drzewiecki Design               Requirements X-Plane 10.50+ (any edition) Windows, Mac, Linux 1Gb VRAM Video Card - 2Gb+ VRAM highly Recommended Download size: 1.8Gb!           _____________________________________________________________________________________   Installation and documents: Download for the Moscow City XP is 1.47gb and the unzipped file is deposited in the "Custom Scenery" as four files:   DDZ Moscow City XP (3.99gb) - Yes GIGABYTES! DDZ Moscow City XP Layer 2 (30.20mb) DDZ Moscow City XP Documents (1.0 mb) ZZZ_DDZ Moscow City XP Terrain (20.10mb)   Installation for Windows comes with an .exe installer that deposits the files in the correct order required (however I still moved the ZZZ- folder to the bottom via the INI text install list.   Installation Instructions are provided for Mac and Linux   You need to check all airports ILS coordinates are correct, instructions are provided.   Documents: Two documents include   Moscow City XP MacLinuxinstall Moscow City XP Manual (seven pages) _____________________________________________________________________________________   Review by Stephen Dutton 26th September 2016 Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 10.50 Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe US$14.95 : WorldTraffic US$29.95   Scenery or Aircraft - Airbus A320neo by JARDesign (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$59.95 : A320neo Sound Packs by Blue Sky Star Simulations (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$19.95 - Bell 407 by Dreamfoil Creations (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$34.95    
    • News! - Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-8  to10.50   Voidhawk9 has done an update to Heinz Dzuirowitz's Boeing 787-9. Heinz the original developer is sadly not with us any more, so it is great news that Voidhawk9 with VMAX has continued on his wonderful legacy.     10.50 changes:   Pushback Truck now functions with both VIP and Passenger versions. (64bit required for Windows users. Works in 32bit and 64bit on Linux and probably Mac) Pushback Truck documentation re-written to be easier to understand. The original was confusing to many users. Flight model entirely re-built. Much more is known relative to when this 787 was first released! Points of note: All-new supercritical airfoils. Wing (and tail) layout rebuilt to higher accuracy. Control geometry, including all flaps, ailerons, spoilers, etc., revised to accurate positions and area (and deflections, where known). All body shapes more accurate, including fuselage, engines, and pylons. This greatly improves body lift/drag dynamics. Partial 'fly-by-wire' implementation using X-plane's own artificial stability. Provides much more realistic response to the pilot. Fuel-flows now accurate for for correct cruise range. Exterior lighting re-worked to match reality, and eliminates 'ball of light' under the nose. VIP version has the custom sounds of the passenger version. Wing textures revised, so that slats and spoilers now blend cleanly into the wing when retracted, as in reality. Cockpit windows now have golden tint, like the real aircraft, instead of purple. Small FPS improvement in cockpit views.     This update will keep the Dreamliner flying a bit longer and keep it current, so a big thanks to Voidhawk9   You can download the updated 10.50 version by going to your X-PlaneStore account and downloading and the update is available now...   _____________________________________________________________________________________     The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner by VMAX is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :   Boeing 787 Dreamliner   And is priced at only US$19.95   Features Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation Accurate dimensions based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing ©   Great Flight model Accurate and smooth flight model Realistic Wingflex Compatible with Advanced FMC systems UFMC and X-FMC Compatible (but not required) Awesome 3D details New pilots and co-pilots Decorated cabin. 2 versions: Passenger and executive Detailed wing textures Virtual cockpit based on the real 787 Dreamliner  Drop-down overhead panel with use of 40+ datarefs  Pop up panels for easier navigation: Radio, FMS,Throttle Tons of  liveries All paints are high-resolution - Use of normal maps for superior texturing See additional liveries here Pushbask Truck Fully controlled truck -  Truck video here Flight Model by X-Aerodynamics     Requirements: X-Plane 10.50+ (any edition) running in 64 bit mode Windows, Mac or Linux (64bit OS required) 512Mb VRAM Minimum Current version: 10.50 (last updated Sep 20th 2016)   Images courtesy of Voidhawk9 ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 23rd September 2016 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016    
    • News! - Aircraft Released! - Beechcraft AT11 Kansan by STMA   Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) have released a military version of the Beech 18 called the Beechcraft AT11 Kansan. This aircraft is based on the Khamsin version and is not to be confused with the STMA version of Heinz Dzuirowitz's Beech 18 that was acquired after his passing and was reviewed here. Beechcraft Model 18.     Features:
      1.      Two completely new models, Bomber & Navigator, created using the Type Certificate Data Sheet, aircraft manuals, Internet files and photos, and our extensive knowledge of similar aircraft.   
      2.      Includes all of the upgraded features of our Beech D18S Twin Beech models.
      3.      New military-style aircraft interiors.
      4.      The Bomber has a fully functioning, controllable, fuselage-mounted turret gun and a bombardier’s station is in the nose.   The Navigator has a navigator’s station in the nose, work tables in the cabin and a celestial navigation astrodome in place of the gun turret. Our custom STMA_Guns plugin rotates through the available stations letting you be the pilot, the gunner/navigator, or the bombardier/navigator.  Simply press the Gunner Station button or program a key or joystick button to STMA/Guns/RotateGunStation.  Perfect for engaging in a little aerial combat with your online opponents!
      5.      Copilot rudder pedals and yokes are manipulators which, when clicked, move aside to permit the bombardier/navigator to enter the nose compartment.
      6.      AutoUpdater (AU) equipped.  Under customer control automatically updates the models when they are loaded into X-Plane
      7.      Package includes STMA’s latest AutoUpdater (AU) equipped HangarOps plugin.   KANSAN Version notes (wikipedia) Bombing and gunnery trainer for USAAF derived from AT-7, fuselage had small, circular cabin windows, bombardier position in nose, and bomb bay; gunnery trainers were also fitted with two or three .30-caliber machine guns, early models (the first 150 built) had a single .30-cal AN-M2 in a Beechcraft-manufactured top turret, later models used a Crocker Wheeler twin .30-cal top turret, a bottom tunnel gun was used for tail gunner training, 1,582 built for USAAF orders   There are two versions in the package:   Navigator Version   Bomber Version   Half panel cockpit is unusual and interesting and both the yokes for the pilot and co-pilot can be hidden. Panel is comprehensive and can be seen from both flying positions.     In the rear there is seating (Navigation) or Bomb Racks (Bomber), and the bombs shake around quite turbulently and it feels quite unnerving with all that explosive power bouncing around just behind you.      There is both Navigation and Bomber positions forward, the bomber panel has a full set of controls and built in moving map to drop the armaments.     You can switch between the pilot's position and the top gunners position by pressing a button on the panel.     Good pop-out Menu has all doors (open/close), Yokes (hide), Ground Elements and tow tug represented.     Both variants come with four liveries: M78, MS JO, US Navy and V-203     The US Navy is the best of the bunch.   The aircraft comes with STMA's new automatic update system (you can turn it off if you wish to) that will check everytime you fly the Beech AT11 and do any updates automatically, it works and is very clever and you will know you will always have the latest version.   The Beechcraft AT11 Kansan is now available.     _____________________________________________________________________________________     The Beechcraft AT11 Kansan by Shade Tree Micro Aviation is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :
      Beechcraft AT11 Kansan   And is priced at only US$29.95   Requirements: X-Plane 10.50+ (any edition)
      Windows  or Mac ( sorry no  Linux version at this time)
      1Gb+ VRAM recommended ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 22nd September 2016 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016    
    • News! - Aircraft Released! : Aero Commander 500S by Nimbus Simulation Studios   Nimbus has released an aircraft called the Aero Commander 500S. If you think that Nimbus is a new developer to X-Plane then your wrong, they are actually an old X-Plane developer, but of sceneries and not aircraft. So this excellent popular Aero Commander is their first foray into fixed-wing flight.     A quick circuit flight notes that this is a great aircraft, with lots of great features including:   Beautiful 3D model HD textures Custom sounds Pilots and passengers Original AF-520 autopilot. Optional GPS Beautiful night lightning Normal maps Custom systems (autopilot, hydraulic failure, fuel) 4 liveries and more coming Lots of animations and details   Nice Reflections Dynamic fuselage reflections Instruments reflections     There are three liveries, White and Blue, Green/Black and Red/Grey with more noted as coming.     The two menus are good with easy refueling and weights.     Night lighting is different, but good...  nice red dials.     This aircraft is a replica of the Aero Commander 500S/Shrike variant with the pointed nose and squared off tail and comes with two 290 hp Lycoming IO-540 engines. The 500S is the most popular variant of the Aero Commander with over 300 built.     _____________________________________________________________________________________     The Aero Commander 500S by Nimbus Simulation Studios is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :
      Aero Commander 500S   And is priced at only US$27.95   Requirements: X-Plane 10.50+ (Any edition) 64bit mode Windows, Mac, Linux (64bit OS required) 1Gb VRAM Minimum - 2Gb+ VRAM Recommended ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 21st September 2016 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016    
    • Not enough info?  Is this a new installation, upgraded up to 10.50, have you got ALL the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages installed?...  the last one would be my first check...   SD
    • News! - Plugin update : Simcoders update REP to v2.5.1       Simcoders has done a very small but important update to their Reality Expansion Packs (REP) for the AirfoilLab Cessna 210 and the Carenado Bonanza F33 and V35.   Item covered in this update is related to the braking system which had a bug related to the hardware rudder pedals algorithm. Because of this bug, the joystick axis were not managed correctly, resulting in the toe brakes to work only partially.   Version 2.5.1 is meant to target this issue and to make your rudder pedals to work correctly. The update also covers and fixes some minor things in the C210, such the altimeters knob manipulator and the aileron trim tab.   Just go to your account at the X-Plane.Org Store to update to the new v2,5.1 version as it is available now.   X-PlaneReviews has covered the SimCoders REP packages, so if you want more information then checkout both articles here:   Aircraft Update - CT210 Centurion II v3.1 by Carenado + Reality Expansion Pack by SimCoders   News! - Released - SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack Bonanza F33A   ______________________________________________________________________   Stephen Dutton 18th September 2016 Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016  
    • Aircraft Review : Embraer E-175 v2.0 by X-Crafts   The Brazilian Embraer family of regional aircraft has been successful in one of the most successful niche markets in aviation in the last few decades. While the big boys and girls at Boeing and Airbus slugged it out for the single-aisle 150-180 seater market. Embraer and Canada's Bombardier’s CRJ Series quietly created a whole new category in the 60 -100 seater regional markets and those markets are now one of the most contested markets for future sales with Bombardier’s entry into service (EIS) C-Series and Embraer with their updated E2 Series.   In X-Plane there is a similar reflection of Embraer E-175 and E190/5's from both Supercritical Simulation Group (SSG) and X-Crafts versions of the same series. SSG only last month released their latest version of their E-175 called the "Evolution" and here is the v2.0 release of X-Crafts E-175. With both coming at almost the same time it does look like a coincidence or even as a "tit for tat" release, but that is far from the truth as they just fell in around each other or were in the same places in the development cycle, as the early X-Crafts beta v2.0 versions were available well before the SSG version was released. This is also not going to be a direct comparison review between the two versions either, that will be done at another time, and I admit it would be a great comparison that is worth recording. But here the focus is just on the v2.0 release of the X-Crafts aircraft.     The original release (v1.0) of the X-Crafts E-175 was just before Christmas 2015. And even at this early stage this E-Jet was significantly the best of all the E-Jet family series for X-Plane and building upon the high standard for the time of the first E-Jet from X-Crafts with their E-195LR.   X-Crafts E-175 v2.0   Externally v2.0 is almost exactly the same as the last version. Which is a good thing and not a bad one as the biggest feature of X-Crafts E-Jets was the quality of its external airframe which came with a very nice shine to the fuselage, and the aircraft always looked very good in great lighting conditions. Only changes externally are the engine fans now rotate the same way and there is now more added screws around the wings and fuselage (it is of course very worrying that you flew with not enough screws to hold it all together in the earlier versions). The front nose gear was not animated before (did you notice?) it is now and the aircraft looks better for that.     With the aircraft powered down the cockpit looks great, again at first glance it does not look that different to the earlier version. But to note in this power off view the panel reflections are very good and authentic.     Power on and the panels look good, but again not much different on the face of it all. The changes for v2.0 are small and subtle in fixing up the correct switchgear and knobs and small items that you thought were working before but actually were not.   The only really big visual change is the overhead panel which has been completely redone...   v1.1 Panel                                                                                      v2.0 Panel   Spot the differences? Most of the knobs have been redesigned to reflect the correct switchgear now on a real E-175. The lighting panels are completely different with the switches of different types, and the use is slightly different as well.   There is also added left and right landing light switches and there has been a removed avionics switch as it does not exist in the real aircraft.  The Avionics now come on automatically with the battery 1 selection., the hydraulic knobs now also longer turn in unison, and each starts the hydraulics pump separately. If you remember on the earlier versions many of the switches were tied in together, were as you turned one switch the other activated the same way. I really didn't like this effect and most of those items have now been separated and work independently.   Tekton FMS System     The main feature on v2.0 is the updated Tekton FMS. The built in Flight Mangement Computer (FMC) was released on the original version and had a slight update on v1.1, but here in the v2.0 version it has had a big overhaul. It still does the same flightplan layout with the three separate elements, and those are:   SID (Standard Instrument Departure) - Route - STAR (Standard Terminal Arrival Route)   You can save a route but only the center "Route" portion to a standard .fms file. When you reload it you have then rebuild the departure SID and approach STAR waypoints from scratch, so you don't reload the entire route and just fly.   My flight today is from LFMN - Nice to LIRF - Rome (Fiumicino) and we will programme the FMS to fly that route.     The RADIO page is now the default start up page as it is on the real FMS system (it was the MCDU INDEX page before) and to go to the MCDU INDEX you just press the L6 key.     v1.1 MCDU INDEX                                                                                      v2.0 MCDU INDEX   There are some changes on the MCDU INDEX page from the earlier versions. Left keys are still the same, but the right key list is different with the (RK6) RADIO key gone (now selection is directly on the keyboard menu) and that is replaced by the PERF (Performance) page. Top of the list (RK1) "FLT PLAN" is also gone and that entry has been replaced by the new "PROGRESS" page.   The rest of the input keys to insert the DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL entries, and the corresponding SID and STARS are still the same as is the ROUTE input and LOAD and SAVE (as noted the load and save only loads or saves the route center segment to .fms).   Direct keyboard input On of the new Tekton FMS features is the excellent direct keyboard input into the MCDU FMS.     Selecting (LK2) DEPARTURE brings up the "Departure" page to input your departure airport, runway, SID and Transition. To use the direct input you just press the title on the top of the page which in this case is DEPARTURE. You are now in the active keyboard input mode as designated by the green circle O in the top left of the display.  Anything you now type into the scratchpad will now be live from your keyboard, to go out of the direct input mode just press the DEPARTURE title again...  simple and brilliant! Just note that when in the active mode the usual X-Plane input is cancelled and that means any screenshots or other areas don't work, until you click out to normal again.   But you very quickly and easily use the system and navigating in and out of the active modes, it is so very easy to use and you are very quickly using it as per normal in programming the system.     You now input all the rest of the DEPARTURE items with airport runway, SID and Transition details as you did on the earlier v1.0 version.     You use the knob to select and go up and down the selections, PREV or NEXT is used to go to the next page, then press the centre of the knob to activate that selection and you get a "SID STORED" note on the display.     You do your STAR ARRIVAL the same way with the airport LIRF- Roma Fiumicino, then the Runway, STAR and Transition details, when done you again press the centre of the knob to activate that selection and you get a "STAR ELEMENT STORED" note on the display.     The DEP (SID) and ARR (STAR) elements are now done, so now we will fill in the center ROUTE section. This is done by pressing on the MENU INDEX page the L4 key. Select either an - Airport, VOR, NDB or FIX waypoint and add in the name of the navigation aid, you can add in the altitude here also. SAVE to insert the waypoint into the route list.     The new v2.0 version also allows you to now add in AIRWAYS. These sections are inserted by noting the last ROUTE waypoint entered or the last waypoint of your SID to enter an airway. Then choose an airway direction and finally choose the exit waypoint. Then you can add in more standard waypoints or enter a different airway as you build up your route list. When the route is completed you can see the full list by going to ROUTE EDIT, and there you can edit the list or change the route selections. I only have three waypoints as the flight is quite short from LFMN to LIFR.     You can check the sections and the amount of waypoints inserted on the STATUS page.   You have to take a little diversion from your flightplan execution to do your PERF - Performance settings BEFORE you load in (or initialize) the flightplan... ...  GoTo PERF on the MCDU INDEX page.     There are three pages to set up for the aircraft flight performance. First page is "Takeoff" With aircraft settings on the left and flap settings on the right, you can switch between either LBS or KG via RK5.     Second page covers your "Cruise" settings and third page covers the "Approach" settings. You can adjust the App settings with the Iceing situation on or off in that the bleed will affect the engine performance.   The slightly messy area is now finding the way of loading the flightplan into the FMS. You go to the PROGRESS page and then...     ...   Goto to FLT PLAN (moved from the main INDEX menu) and then first INT (initialize) the data or in plain Engilsh assemble the flightplan together, then press EXEC to Execute or load into the FMS the full flightplan.     The Flightplan is now always listed on the FLT PLAN page and is shown on the Navigation display. You can always edit each of the three segments and then reinitialize the flightplan and Execute the new version.   So overall the flow in lots of ways of creating the flightplan is the same, but now differently set out to insert the flightplan into the system and it is far better than the original way of setting up the FMS, as it is more smoother and has a far better building flow. The only negatives are that you can't see the waypoints as you build up the flightplan or edit it, until you reinitialize the three changed segments. Then you have to reedit it again and reinitialize it until you have the flightplan you want, which can be slow work if you have to adjust the SID and STARs that don't quite fit the route you want or dovetail correctly into your central route waypoints, it also makes it harder to see on the display which SID or STAR is best for the DEP or ARR segements, so any "well I'll try this one" doesn't work here as you will have to be very clear which SID and STAR from the chart you require is correct before selecting it.   The completed route red navigation line shown in the navigation display is the standard X-Plane version, which looks very out of date now and it would have been better if it had reflected the huge amount of changes of this now far better FMS unit with a more modern navigation route layout.   Other notes with the new v2.0 Tekton FMS are:   Added all altitude constraint types. Added several new leg types to provide more accurate depiction of fix to fix legs. Removed transition requirement leading to final approaches, making all possible approaches to an airport available for selection. Added default visual departure and approach waypoints automatically when an airport is selected (overwritten when appropriate procedure elements are selected). Added ability to edit your STAR while enroute and re-execute without needing to use a complex autopilot procedure to maintain course.   FMS flightplan and fuel loaded, we just wait while the aircraft is being finalised on the ground. You can get a very good SET for this E-175 to use the JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe Plugin. The earlier set had the stairs going through the aircraft, but it is all fixed and very good now...           Menus are still the same and located on your left lower point of the screen, move your mouse to make them appear.     The three menus cover (M) Doors, Ground Objects, GPU and Pushback. Then (P) covers the pushback settings in distance and turn direction.     (C) cover the Checklist and very good and handy it is. (note in flight only the Checklist menu is available).   v2.0 has had a revision of the sounds, and items like the GPU and APU now create better sounds. Also if you open the doors or windows then the external sounds are now louder in the cockpit, they do feel far better and more realistic. New callouts are also now available if you have correctly set up the PREFs on the FMS with V speed callouts as you reach the set speeds. "V1," "ROTATE",  "V2" and "TAKEOFF OKAY." are all now working correctly, and alerts "NO TAKEOFF SPOILER," "NO TAKEOFF FLAPS," "NO TAKEOFF TRIM" and/or "NO TAKEOFF BRAKES" will inform you if you don't do the correct settings. One thing that has become an annoyance is that every time you do a mouse click on anything you get a click in sound, click here, click there and after a time it gets annoying...   A full total review of the exterior and all the panel and instrument details of X-Crafts E-175 is available here:  Aircraft Review : Embraer E-175 by X-Crafts
      Flying the v2.0 E-175 by X-Crafts     Pushback completed, I taxied towards my departure runway, but a change of runway from RWY 04L to 04R required the RWY setting in the FMS to be changed, it was simple to do by going to the Departure airport, changing the runway, then initializing the new flightplan and then EXEC the flightplan. The process was clean and worked perfectly.   There are a few small tricks on taking off this X-Crafts E-Jet. You need to set the V/S (Vertical Speed) (2000fpm) and arm it, also the NAV/FMS needs to be also armed. Once you rotate and have a "positive climb" then retracted the flaps straight away and hit the A/P (autopilot) button, get the process right and the takeoff is clean or perfect, but leave the flaps out and your V/S will suffer or the aircraft will fight against the climb. Rotation is around 162knts +10 depending on your weight.     Once the flightplan is activated the new v2.0 PROGRESS page comes alive...     I have a big love of PROGRESS pages (yes I am a bit weird that way) but to have one now in the E-175 is a big step forward for me with this aircraft, and this is a very good and detailed version.     The X-Crafts E-Jet always looks sensational in the air. During the climb phase the distance values have been adjusted for realism between 10K and 30K (270KIAS) to be slightly slower, and you feel that slight falloff during the climb. Lower than 10,000ft there are not any power restrictions.     X-Plane puts on a great view of the coast of Corsica as I approach my cruise altitude (285) and the island is already a full view to the left.     I like the ease of setting up the RADIO page ready for the LIRF RWY 34R Approach, the new direct keyboard input is a big step forward in adding in the frequencies. Note the cruise speed of M.80, the v2.0 has had the speeds revised and to the correct speed of M.82 based on the weight of the aircraft. A note in that the KIAS and Mach transition speed is quite high in the E-175 is FL300, not my usual FL250...  nice to know.   Like the (above) PROGRESS page the STATUS page (below) is also updated in real time.     The navigation section in the Primary Flight Display is a compass rose (with built in course/CDI). It should also have the NDB and VOR pointers that should appear when the VOR2 signal is picked up, which I have done here with (OST) Rome. They are however on the outer part of the MAP display, but the two buttons to activate these pointers are given another job instead to select the VOR1 and VOR 2 direct heading selection? And you miss those VOR/NDB pointers to align up a runway manually out of your direct eyeline.     As the Corsica east coast slips by it will be soon time to start our descent into LIRF as the Italian west coast comes into view.     I used the airbrakes briefly a few times to keep the speed in check on the descent, and it worked very well.     Final hard left turn to final and approach shows off the excellent underside of the E-175, detail is very good and there has been a few touchups in v2.0, but most small.     The aircraft is great on finals with good throttle control and handling, you can easily control the aircraft at it's slow speed, and toch down is around 132knts.     Excellent spoiler and engine reverse animation and action is swift in slowing down the aircraft.     LIRF's remote assigned stand is 202, and with the spooling down of the General Electric CF34-8E engines, the services come around the aircraft, job done.   Liveries There are no new liveries with v2.0 but included in the package is: Air Canada, Alitalia, American Eagle, Delta, Delta Connection (Compass), Emrbaer House colors, Flybe, UE Tulip, United Express (SkyWest), US Airways (Black), US Airways (White), Plain White and White dirty.     And there is a wide free selection from 3rd parties on the .Org like these below and all are excellent and 4K HD quality.     Summary As noted in this review the biggest feature in v2.0 is that Tekton FMS. It is not just the excellent new features in the FMS like the PROGRESS page but the new reorganizing of the whole unit is also very good, but it does flow and work far better as well. It is not totally perfect from my angle because you can't build the routes as you can see them and save in the sections when done as you go along, but almost everything else is laid out there. And keep an eye on this style of FMS as it will start popup in other aircraft in X-Plane as well.   In other areas like the new overhead panel and many other areas the E-175 has had a fair bit of attention, but X-Crafts has thankfully left the original external design alone and the aircraft is all the better for that.   A few quirks do however do drop this E-Jet just under that excellent position, like the red line Nav display, the missing heading rose pointers and the pitch numbers look wrong on the Primary Flight Display.   All sounds are well improved and in cruise mode the aircraft is a nice place to be, it flies really well as well, but watch those little tricks on takeoff to transition cleanly to your climb position.   X-Crafts is also noting this v2.0 is a paid upgrade (US$5) to this version but that is still excellent value for a really nice aircraft with a lot of great features and certainly closes the gap between these two excellent E-Jets available in X-Plane, overall none of them come out as the better of each other, but the line is now getting very close...  and the winner will be in the upgrades and future versions, but for now the X-Crafts version is slightly the cheaper of the two...   so the choice is yours.   ______________________________________________________________________     Yes! the Embraer E175 v2.0 by X-Crafts is NOW available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here :   Embraer E-175 v2.0 Price is US$39.95 If you have already purchased the Embraer E-175 from X-Craft's at the X-Plane.OrgStore then go to your account and upgrade to v2.0 for only US$5.00, Please email sales@x-plane.org to get your discount code and include you original order number.   Features Accurate dimensions based on drawings and documentation provided by Embraer © Windows, Mac and Linux compatible Custom FMS Custom pushback plugin with animated tug On-screen checklist plugin  - Plugin menu for door control, ground objects or GPU Tested by a real Embraer E175 pilot CUSTOM FMS both the custom and stock FMS are available on the pedestal or as popup panels More details about the FMS  below INTERIOR: Amazing 3D modeling of cockpit and cabin High resolution textures High resolution Embraer style PFD, MFD, EICAS displays Pop-up screens, pop-up radios panel MFD with 8 synoptic pages and a new improved Navigation displa High resolution textures on panels - Text is crisp and clear to real Intuitive cockpit manipulation - I have always taken great care to make the cockpit as easy to use as possible. This means all clickable areas in the cockpit are very big so that you can easily click on any button, knob or lever in the cockpit Each switch, lever, knob, and handle is animated Detailed cockpit lighting - All cockpit lights are controllable Cargo area modeled HUD equipped EXTERIOR 4K High resolution textures (fuselage 10000px/meter squared) Highly detailed landing gears Flap and speedbrakes mechanisms modeled Realistic Wingflex animation 2 versions of winglets available 9 Liveries included so far and more are on the way! Accurate dimensions based on drawings and documentation provided by Embraer © Windows, Mac and Linux compatible Custom TEKTON FMS© by Steve Wilson Custom pushback plugin with animated tug On-screen checklist plugin Plugin menu for door control, ground objects or GPU Tested by a real Embraer E175 pilot Suitable for beginners - Just load and fly within seconds! Great for advanced users -Enjoy the complexity of the Custom FMS! TEKTON FMS© Features: Direct Keyboard Entry (DKE) Custom MCDU Interface: SID, ROUTE and STAR waypoint lists are treated as separate editable items Color keyed data presentation Scratchpad data entry Interactive feedback Both the custom and stock FMS are available on the pedestal or as popup panels Procedures Enhanced for V2.0: SIDS and STARS from X-Plane stock or third party custom data New: Altitude constraints for procedures New: Refined procedures leg routing New: More flexible STAR element selection New: Default visual departure and approach New : Edit and reload STAR while enroute while in autopilot Ability to easily edit SIDs, Routes, STARS and the loaded FLT PLAN New AIRWAYS options New Progress Monitoring on two new pages New Performance Flight Planning: New PERF 1 page providing preflight and takeoff data New PERF 2 page allowing route fuel planning New PERF 3 page for approach data INTERIOR: Amazing 3D modeling of cockpit and cabin High resolution textures High resolution Embraer style PFD, MFD, EICAS displays Pop-up screens, pop-up radios and FMS panels MFD with 8 synoptic pages High resolution textures on panels - Text is crisp and clear with any rendering options Intuitive cockpit manipulation - I have always taken great care to make the cockpit as easy to use as possible. This means all clickable areas in the cockpit are very big so that you can easily click on any button, knob or lever in the cockpit Each switch, lever, knob, and handle is animated Detailed cockpit lighting - All cockpit lights are controllable Cargo area modeled HUD equipped EXTERIOR 4K High resolution textures (fuselage 10000px/meter squared) Highly detailed landing gears, Flap and speedbrake mechanisms Realistic Wingflex animation 2 versions of winglets available Pilots in external view All doors are animated and controllable from the plugin menu OTHER FEATURES Compatible with UFMC, X-FMC Compatible with JAR's Ground Handling Deluxe New exterior night lighting. You can now operate any of the following lights: NAV, Strobe, Beacon, Left/Nose/Right landing lights, Side/Nose taxi lights, Inspection lights, Logo lights. All lights including Nav and Strobe lights cast light on the surroundings. Audible Alert System Custom sounds   https://youtu.be/Txgp0xCRNMs Video is only available via YouTube ______________________________________________________________________   Installation : Download is 720.30 mb which is unzipped to your X-Plane in your regional Jet folder (if you have one or "Heavy Aircraft") at 822.40mb with the extra liveries loaded. Documentation : Demo Flight & Instructions, v2.0 Feature List, FMS Tekton Manual, 2.0 Manual (including a full set of speed charts) - (52 pages)   Requirements : X-Plane 10.50+ (any edition) - running in 64bit mode  Windows, MAC or Linux - 64 bit Operating System required
      4Gb RAM - 1Gb VRAM Minimum. 2Gb VRAM Recommended
      Current version: 2.0 (last updated September 22 2016) ______________________________________________________________________   X-Crafts Developer Support : ERJ - 175 by X-Crafts - X-Plane.Org   ______________________________________________________________________   Review by Stephen Dutton 23rd September 2016 Copyright©2016: X-Plane Reviews   Review System Specifications: Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD  Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global v10.50 Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini Plugins: WorldTraffic 2.2 X-Plane.OrgStore US$29.95 : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe US$14.95 : Headshake by SimCoders (free)   Scenery or Aircraft - LFMN Nice Côte d'Azur Airport by JustSim (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$19.95 - LIRF - Roma Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci v4.0 by DtRs90 (Wehrlipub - Seaman2020) - (X-Plane.Org) - Free    
    • Just point me in the right direction and TAKE MY MONEY Laminar Research   ! :-)
    • Great thanks Stephen. I will try that. Sorry about not being logged in as a Member last time. 
    • Yes you pull out the full preferences folder and X-Plane will rebuild them from the ground up, but that means you have to reset everything to your usual preferences like with the render settings menu. load 10.50 and run, even if it crashes then pull the preferences and then rebuild X-Plane. A trick I use is to save in the old preferences files is the "X-Plane Keys.prf" and the "X-Plane Screen Res.prf" and when you have run X-Plane and set it up with the new preferences you can over write the new ones with those two older files and you will get back your keyboard settings and monitor settings as they were. As I have a lot of set keyboard settings it saves having to redo them all again...  SD
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