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NEWS! - Scenery Released : RPLI - Laoag International Airport - Philippines by Airwil Sceneries

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NEWS! - Scenery Released : RPLI - Laoag International Airport - Philippines by Airwil Sceneries


NEWS! Scenery Header XP12 RPLI.jpg


Midway through last year, Airwil Sceneries released a series of airport destinations in the Philippines, including Davao International Airport, RPVE - Boracay Caticlan Airport, RPSP - Bohol Panglao International Airport and RPMR - General Santos International Airport, now all four have been recently updated to X-Plane 12.


Here is another Filipino scenery to add into the collection...  RRPLI - Laoag International Airport.


Laoag International Airport is an airport serving the general area of Laoag, the capital city of the province of Ilocos Norte in the Philippines. It is the only airport in Ilocos Norte and is the northernmost international airport in the Philippines.


It has one 2,784-meter runway and is designated as a secondary/alternate international airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, a body of the Department of Transportation that is responsible for the operations of not only this airport but also of all other airports in the Philippines except for the major international airports.


The single terminal building serves both passenger and cargo traffic. As an international airport, it houses immigration desks for screening of arriving international passengers. It is also equipped with a carousel baggage at the reclaim area for passengers with checked-in items.

The terminal previously had a combined capacity of 140 international and domestic passengers. It has since been expanded in 2021 to accommodate 200 international and 240 domestic passengers.


This scenery is available for both X-Plane 12 and X-Plane 11, both versions are included in the package.


  • Moving airport ground servicing vehicles
  • Numerous custom handcrafted objects/buildings
  • Close to real life rendition of the Laoag International Airport Terminal
  • Laoag Control Tower Cab (with interior modelling)
  • Highly detailed landside (parking area)
  • Custom ground paint textures
  • Close to real life rendition of the airport's runway
  • Filipino Houses
  • Filipino Jeepneys
  • Comes with free ortho imagery from ortho4xp for better realism
  • Marginal's Autogate Jetway for X-Plane 11 (requires Marginal's Autogate Plugin installed


image (1).jpgimage (2).jpgimage (3).jpgimage (4).jpgimage (5).jpgimage (6).jpgimage (7).jpgimage (8).jpg


The low well below $10.00 price to the quality of these excellent Filipino sceneries, make for a great collection of all five... start collecting now!


Images are courtesy of Airwil Sceneries


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


RPLI - Laoag International Airport XP12 XP11 - Philippines by Airwil Sceneries is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store


RPLI - Laoag International Airport XP12 XP11

Priced at US$8.99



X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11
Windows, Mac or Linux
8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 1.7 GB
Current version : 2.0 (April 24th 2024)



News by Stephen Dutton

26th April 2024

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