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  1. Hello, you are right, best idea is to make system of liveries for 777 extended pack. For example,200-airline; 200LR-airline; 300-airline; cargo-airline.It helps user to avoid confusion with liveries for different aircraft in pack
  2. Hello everybody,I am back after pause. About VMax777s: purchase them later and write own rewiew about them.Good luck and soft landings.There are 2 shops where you can buy VMax 777s: aerosoft download shop(77 euros) and x-plane.org store(85 u.s. dollars).
  3. Hello and happy new year for everybody.Wish you luck,success,good flights,soft landings.No more attention to these planes,transfer from 777s to samen's A330s and 340s
  4. Hello and thank you very much for advice.I suppose that other users should know about me better before making gifts.I don't have friends here and at .org,it is really bad.Stephen gave me a link how to buy or get gift certificate.I am his follower here and at.org.I am unable to settle own money to get flightfactor's 777s,gift certificate is my only option.I don't understand,is it so hard to help x-plane user to get good 777s?(I don't give these planes anyone,private use only)I have ideas how to get gift certificate and 777s: 1.give me 5 real different 777-300ER registrations and I tell you owner(airline) 2.give me 5 real life different 777-300ER non-stop flights and I tell you x-plane route with stopovers,are ideas good or bad?Gift certificate could be best new year present for any X-Plane user. On monday at .org in topic'What plane did you fly today'I sent post and have 3 likes from ohter users.(flight Toronto-Detroit,picture: xpfw 777-200LR in Detroit International,runway 22L) I ask gift ceritficate on .. usd for myself,not for other user.I did not tell you that in x-plane I have 2 flagship planes:1 from airbus(riviere's a380-800,no need to replace),1 from boeing(other 777-300ER,should be replaced by flightfactor 777-300ER) I mean that flagship plane differs from usual plane. I have a question:how can I write a personal rewiew on these planes without having them? Happy new year for everybody.Yours sinserely,unlucky x-plane user without realistic 777s and money to settle them. I have really good suggestion:new year with new planes,what do you say about it?
  5. Merry christmas everybody from Australia and New Zealand,wish you good luck,health,success,much money and many other good things.Yours sincerely, user without money or gift certificate to settle flightfactor's 777s.I have questions: what should I do to get gift certificate,except registration at .org ang .org store(sertificate could help me to settle these 777s)? Should I tell you my email or not to get gift certificate at .org store?.Boeing 777 is the biggest passenger twinjet. All other 777s are not realistic as flightfactor's 777s.Please,write step by step instruction how to get gift certificate.I know 2 developers of these 777s,only name,surname and city
  6. Thank you for your answer.No,there is no language barrier,I am unable to buy gift certificate,only get.For example,if I buy gift certificate,it means that other user gets this amount of money,opposite variant is also possible(I get gift certificate on...usd from other user) I have questions:what should I do to get gift certificate from other user(except registration at .Org and .Org store)? Do these planes work in X-plane 10.51(64)? After getting these planes I write my opinion on them in thic topic.I do not ask much,just one gift certificate on ...usd to settle these 777s.I do not have friend here and at .org,it makes getting gift certificate difficult for me and other users without friends.I don't know why I can't get gift certificate? I wish I could fly flights like real life 777 pilot. Please,write a reply as soon as possible.
  7. Thank you for your answer,I registered at .Org(store and freeware),but unable to get gift certificate.I have questions:is it possible that user did not get gift certificate;do these planes have tutorial? For example,user gets gift certificate on ...usd,settles money and downloads plane,am I right or not? There are many freeware liveries for these planes at.org. Alternative for real life long and ulra long flights on these 777s is same flights with stopovers(for example,Dubai-Los Angeles,stopovers:London,New York)
  8. Thank you for your answer.If I register at x-plane.org,it means that other registered users can make a gift certificate on... usd.Am I right? Hello everybody,I have 2 questions:what planes are better,flightfactor's 777s or samen's a330s and 340s; how to compare them if you unable to get first of them?
  9. Hello everybody,your suggestion about my wish to get gift certificate is right.I have a question: is it possible that user did not get gift certificate?(for example,me).Nobody helps me in getting these 777s, it is really bad. Please, write a reply if you can help(for example,send a gift certificate on ..usd at x-plane.org store)3 from 4 flightfactor's 777s are powered only by GE90 engines(777F,777-200LR,777-300ER) After getting gift certificate and buying 777s first flight on one of these aircraft will be in city where helper lives or closest airport where 777 can land,it is true.For example,if user who sent me gift certificate lives in Gold Coast,first flight on flightfactor's 777 will be Los Angeles or San Francisco to Brisbane (stopover: Honolulu) GIft sertificate that will be sent to me by other user will be counted as Christmas present.
  10. Thank you for your answer.If I register at x-plane.org,it means that other registered users can make a gift certificate on... usd.Am I right? I have 2 more questions: How to use gift certificate? Do these planes work in x-plane 10.51(64 bit)? Please,give filled example how to create an account at x-plane.org store. Please,give some test flights for these planes(8-9 hours) Something about aircraft models:I noticed trimmer on rudder and divided elevator(inner and outer),spinnig fans in engines and can suppose all working doors. I can say about these planes only one idea:fly like professional pilot with professional planes
  11. Thank you for answers,I am not registered at x-plane.org to get gift certificate,the only thing need to do is register at x-plane.org, is everything correct?
  12. I have 2 questions about x-plane.org store: 1. Are all settlements safe? 2.Is it possible that registered user makes to other registered user(for examle, developer to simple user) present(gift certtificate on ....usd)? Friendship and good relationships are much better than being enemies.There are 2 options to get payware planes:invest own money,get gift certificate on ...usd from other user.Friendship unites,is it right?
  13. Developers made much work to create this great planes. X -plane is popular worldwide and these planes are not because of high prices. Excuse me,please, for choosing wrong aircraft to get.Competing aircraft for payware Flight factor's 777-200ER, 777-200LR,777-300ER are Samen's freeware A340-300,A340-500,A340-600 as in real life.Tell me,please, what planes better,Flightfactor's or Samens?(Unable to compare because do not have 777s)Let 777s be payware,but price a little less (40 usd for 772 LR,60 usd for all 4 777s)
  14. I know that they will be payware all the time. Even at sale offs planes are very expensive, 55 USD (3300-3575 rubles)(latest sale off was black friday sale off) I suppose that these planes are popular in Europe and the USA and unpopular in Russia. In this case, the best decision is decision that will be good for everybody of us.
  15. 777s are good aircraft, according to screenshots. I can not tell my personal opinion on these airplanes because don't have and unable to get them. Advantages are well made and realistic models, many liveries for each plane, disadvantage is planes are payware,not freeware.Planes are very expensive,especially for russian x-plane users.Is it possible to make these aicraft freeware?
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