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News! - Aircraft Announcement : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Coming from Rotate

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News! - Aircraft Announcement : McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Coming from Rotate


Everybody loves some good news, but great news is even better. Rotate the developer house that created the McDonnell Douglas MD88 has announced their next project is the Tri-Jet McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Now that is totally brilliant news.


These middle-tier Tri-Jets are certainly in need of a though deep design attention in X-Plane and the coming of a MD-11 in the sort of quality that we have with the excellent MD88 is going to be a much anticipated release... when, no idea, but I hope before Christmas 2017 would be nice.


Only one image has been released and it is the nose of the freighter version, which is good news as well as the freighter is the version I much want more than anything else...




If any thing new pops out I'll let you know...




Stephen Dutton

27th May 2017

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Your totally right, a tough choice! It will probably depend on the destination and the range. The DC11 F has only a 3,950 nmi (7,320 km) range which is a lot lower than the passenger version, the B777 F however has a 4,970 nmi / 9,200 km  range so the Asia legs would still need the B777. :)

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