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News! - Aircraft Released! VFW 614 by Peters Aircraft

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News! - Aircraft Released! VFW 614 by Peters Aircraft


Peter Hagar has done Airbus's for the last decade, and has now released a quite different type of aircraft in the:


Vereinigte Flugtechnische Werke - Fokker VFW 614!






The VFW-Fokker 614 (also VFW 614) was a twin-engined jetliner designed and was built in West Germany. It was produced in small numbers by VFW Fokker in the early- to mid-1970s. It was originally intended as a DC3 replacement. Its most distinctive feature was that its engines were mounted in pods on pylons above the wing, to create a more shorter and sturdy undercarriage and less debris ingestion for operations from poorly prepared runways.


Only three airlines and the German Air Force operated VFW 614. The aircraft was initially prone to engine problems, and it was too expensive for the small regional airlines for whose needs it was designed. Three aircraft were flown but never delivered, and four airframes were later broken up before completion. The programme was officially cancelled in 1977, and the last unsold aircraft flew in July 1978. (wikipedia)


This X-Plane version of the VFW 614 is designed from an aircraft at the Aeronauticum museum, located in Nordholz, just a few kilomenters south of Cuxhaven, Germany. Where it was extensively photographed and detailed.






This aircraft can be used with the CIVA Navigation System which was used by the Luftwaffe VFW 614 version.




And in a Peter Hagar first you get a fully modeled cabin and opening doors...







The VFW 614 by Peters Aircraft is NOW available! here :

VFW-614 at X-Plane.org

Price is $33


Images & Text are courtesy of Peter Hagar©


Developer site : Peters Aircraft



Stephen Dutton

22nd October 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews


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This is a very interesting aircraft, and seemingly beautifully modelled inside and out. One couldn't call it a mainstream aircraft, though I do remember this noteworthy aeroplane sitting quietly within the pages of "Janes All The World's Aircraft", so worthwhile in terms of aviation heritage. 

Interesting that the much lauded Honda Jet has engines mounted similarly on pylons above the wing - 1:0 to Fokker. 

My sole concern is that Peter's VFW 614 might parallel its real-life counterpart's limited market success, though absolutely I wish Peter's creation greater success than Fokker's original. 

With this in mind, I am able to think of an extraordinarily large number of aircraft that I would wish to see replicated to this immaculate degree within X-Plane, but sadly the VFW would not have been one of them. 

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I have the original VFW Brochure along with numerous other paraphernalia.  Some of it in bad condition, but readable.  I really liked the airplane back in '77.  Too bad that RR quit building the aircraft, and no one else had an engine that small.  But, it was a great aircraft.  THE FIRST REGIONAL JET.


I also have a plastic model of it...vacuum model...not finished.

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