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  1. It's always going to be a personal and subjective choice. From a personal standpoint, I highly recommend this aircraft, as everything you read and hear about it is true. The modelling is excellent, the systems are deep and involving, and the handling is as one might expect. Are there better aircraft? No, I don't think so, as I believe that this FlightFactor model is right up there at the top of the tree. It set the benchmark. Think about the sort of flights that you want to do, and whether it's the correct size of aeroplane for those flights, as it's smaller sibling, the
  2. Hi, Your appraisal of the Carenado Phenom 100 is fair and honest. I have a real weakness for the little Phenom 100 by Embraer, as it's a gorgeous little bizjet with much presence. In terms of capability, well, the real thing is way up there with a magnificently capable Garmin/Prodigy suite. As you say, Carenado's version falls short, and what a sad and desperate situation this is. This would be a hot selling product if it met with expectations, not just ours set against the real aircraft, but also in terms of Carenado's FSX/P3D va
  3. Really great aeroplane, has the look and feel of the Golden Oldie Boeing 707. One thing though, the 707's PDF manual is a "scan", meaning that users cannot search for individual words within the document. You can't lookup "Boeing" for instance. No big thing really, except that it makes it harder to find specific content. Hope Michael is ready to receive a few help emails!
  4. Such a lovely little jet, have been waiting for Carenado jets to be ported into XP for a long time. However, I gather from Carenado that this model won't be equipped with a WX radar, which is a massive disappointment when our weather depiction has become real and so accurate. Perhaps I am destined to fly the Phenom on the other platform, and use the soon to be Aerobask Eclipse in XP? Hoping Carenado have had a change of heart. Fabio
  5. Thanks Stephen, it's good to know that this aircraft has received some XP11 compatibility attention. The FF 777 is often on the receiving end of unwarranted bad press, though I cannot see why, as given its age, it has stood the test of time. In terms of systems, there's little more that one could ask for, perhaps terrain radar and a fancy iPad with which to manage options. My major gripe with it is the complete lack of gracefully arcing wings when in flight, something that really should have been addressed by FF quite some time ago. I'm hope
  6. I haven't installed XP11, yet. However, I believe that new buyers of JAR products will get XP11 updates FOC (whereas existing owners will face a charge for this update). This likely means (a) if you buy now you should get the update for free, and (b) it's not XP11 ready yet. The best place to check for an offical answer is the JAR Forum: http://jardesign.org/forum/index.php
  7. Me too, tough decision between Nimbus and Carenado, but I opted for Carenado in the end. The detailing on the centre pedestal and cabin areas clinched it, but it was close. I always try to support newcomers, but the Aero Commander I wanted to be right, and experience said Carenado will likely deliver. The externals of most aircraft are kept clean, tidy, and shiny, but I agree that some grubbiness would add to the character. Cabins are often pretty worn, and I quite like them worn, and in this regard the Carenado won me over again over the Nimbus.
  8. This is a very interesting aircraft, and seemingly beautifully modelled inside and out. One couldn't call it a mainstream aircraft, though I do remember this noteworthy aeroplane sitting quietly within the pages of "Janes All The World's Aircraft", so worthwhile in terms of aviation heritage. Interesting that the much lauded Honda Jet has engines mounted similarly on pylons above the wing - 1:0 to Fokker. My sole concern is that Peter's VFW 614 might parallel its real-life counterpart's limited market success, though absolutely I wish Peter's creation greater success than Fokker's
  9. Thanks, I really appreciate this excellent narrative on XPII.
  10. Hi, You are very welcome, thank you to you and all at SSG.. With best wishes, Fabio
  11. Hi, No worries - let's just say that we should all support and be aware of the needs of all involved, be they developers, publishers, reviewers, and users alike. After all, we are all in the same boat - ahem! - aeroplane! Best wishes, Fabio
  12. Hi, I'm quite supportive of SSG and their products, don't think otherwise please. My gambit has always been that if one is going to do something, then it should be done properly. Thus, FMC's should match their real world counterparts, not always function by function as that may be a very tall order, but in looks and at least some or many of their functions. Many users probably are more aware than you (as developers) realise, and certainly many are pilots (myself as a PPL included) and many have contacts within the aviation world (myself included).
  13. Stephen, I absolutely agree, FMC's as the heart and soul of an aircraft should precisely mirror their real world counterpart. I have not test found the discrepancies that you mention, and indeed, that sounds like it is a bug of a critical nature. I had hoped to put a positive spin on the negativity surrounding this model. Let me put that another way; my newly found enthusiasm for the Embraer E-Jets led me to reinstall my old feelThere product, but to my surprise, it was showing its age more so than I had expected. In turn, this served to highlight the good points of SSG'
  14. Hi, Yes, it is possible to open .FMS flight plans in the E170's FMC. Press NAV, then NAVDATA, and when the message appears to open FMC plans press the lower most RH LSK, and this will take you to the familiar XP FMC flight plan page. Therefore, yes, you can export from your favourite planner in .FMS format. Fabio
  15. The complexity of FMC's varies model by model, and possibly it's an unavoidable fact of aviation life that the more FMC's can do, the more we will need to learn them on an aircraft by aircraft basis. In fact, and just like any other aircraft FMC, once the Embraer FMC becomes known to you, it becomes an familiar old friend, so just give it time, but do try to check-out the PDF I mentioned as it may give you some pointers. I once mentioned to a E-Jet Captain friend of mine about the apparent complexity (or did I mean difference?) between Boeing types and the Q400 FMC, and
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