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  1. I have the original VFW Brochure along with numerous other paraphernalia. Some of it in bad condition, but readable. I really liked the airplane back in '77. Too bad that RR quit building the aircraft, and no one else had an engine that small. But, it was a great aircraft. THE FIRST REGIONAL JET. I also have a plastic model of it...vacuum model...not finished.
  2. I really need the X-Plane Evektor EV-55, but i need some changes to go with it.


    1)  Need at least 9 passenger seats...can be with or without several passengers.

    2)  Need custom paint job

    3)   What progress has been made and/or on the logo light on the tail?  needs to be placed about half way from the vertical stabilizer on the underside, to create sort of an oval on the vertical stabilizer.


    I'll buy as soon as these items are adopted in the Evektor EV-55



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