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News! - Updates : Boundless EINN-Shannon EIKY-Kerry Airport and Hull Infirmary Release

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News! - Updates : Boundless EINN-Shannon EIKY-Kerry Airport and Hull Infirmary Release


Hull Infirmary News_ header.jpg


One developer house that is extremely prolific currently is the UK based Boundless Simulations. They covered an update to their EGBB-Birmingham v2.1 last month. And now there are two more updates to EINN Shannon and EIKY Kerry Airport...  not enough for you then throw in also a Heliport scenery release of Hull Infirmary (UK)


EINN Shannon

Jude covered the Boundless Shannon release with a review last month, and the scenery is certainly a big step in quality wise over the earlier Boundless sceneries, but there was a few areas that needed revision, the changelog shows what has been done.


Version 1.1 (April 8th 2021)
  • Improved performance
  • Upgraded airport vehicles
  • Improved ortho blend with default scenery
  • 'flat' aircraft edited out of Ortho near ALC hangar
  • Reduced file size
  • Improved ground markings
  • More ramp starts near hangars / remote aprons
The v1.1 update is focused mostly on performance and that also creates a lower file size. There has been a few burnt in objects removed, but there are in reality still far too many burn-ins, mostly on the internal roadways and field trees. But on a first impression EINN v1.1 looks and feel far better than the release only a few months back.
EINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 1.jpgEINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 2.jpgEINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 3.jpgEINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 4.jpgEINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 5.jpgEINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 8.jpgEINN-Shannon News update 1.1_ head 7.jpg
Overall Boundless's EINN Shannon is an excellent scenery and well worth investing in.
EIKY Kerry Airport
Kerry Airport or Farranfore (EIKY) Airport in County Kerry, Ireland. Is one of Boundless's very early releases from August 2020. So this scenery welcomes an update to compliment the package more to the higher quality of the later released sceneries.
The new version in v1.1 does just that, and the changelog is quite extensive.
Version 1.1 (April 8th 2021)
  • Upgraded to 4K, PBR Ground textures
  • Added custom ground road traffic
  • Added animated airport vehicles
  • Overhauled night lighting
  • Improved ground markings
  • Replaced thousands of trees with new HD versions
  • Improved autogen houses / buildings


Notable is the change to 4K (PBR) ortho-textures and the far more landscape detail, added new ground road traffic (like at Birmingham), and the replacement of better quality trees.


EIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 1.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 2.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 3.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 4.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 9.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 5.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 6.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 7.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 10.jpgEIKY Kerry News update 1.1_ head 8.jpg



Hull Infirmary Helipad

The Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance (WNAA) is based at Doncaster-Sheffield airport and covers the Yorkshire North-East based area for emergency air ambulance services, but if you want to practise your HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) skills then you still need a decent hospital with a good Heli-pad.... now you have with Boundless releasing the Hull Infirmary scenery package.


Features include;

  • - 5cm resolution ortho imagery (the highest ever imported to the sim as far as we are aware)
  • - Custom HD UK style traffic
  • - Full custom HD night lighting, including traffic lights and emergency lights
  • - HD Trees
  • - Custom HD houses based on those in the actual area
  • - 4K PBR Hospital buildings
  • - Excellent FPS (the package covers the nearby area only, so detail can be ramped up with no FPS impact)
  • - Countless small details, ranging from benches to swings in playgrounds


Hull (3).jpgHull (2).jpgHULL (19).jpgHULL (18).jpgHULL (14).jpgHULL (6).jpgHULL (13).jpgHULL (20).jpgHULL (17).jpgHULL (5).jpgHULL (8).jpgHULL (10).jpg


The Hull Infirmary Helipad scenery is now available at X-Plane.OrgStore at a very low value price of US$6.99


Hull Infirmary images are courtesy of Boundless Simulations



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes!...  EINN - Shannon Airport v1.1 by Boundless is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


EINN - Shannon Airport v1.1

Price is US$23.99


Yes!...  EIKY - Kerry Airport v1.1 by Boundless is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


EIKY Kerry Airport v1.1

Price is US$19.99


Yes!...  Hull Infirmary Helipad by Boundless is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Hull Infirmary Helipad

Price is US$6.99

X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 285 MB
Current version: 1.0 (April 7th 2021)



News by Stephen Dutton

9th April 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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Ridiculous. Everyday tons of releases for other sims and all we get is a helipad for a hospital? Really

almost forgot we get plenty of WIP clay models for planes that have been in development for YEARS. (Md 11). Sorry just very frustrated. Seems like xplane is dead last in the race for sim-supremacy 

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Dead last in the race for sim-supremacy, if there is such a thing? It is true there is a huge amount of scenery being released for MSFS, odd in that the selling point of that sim was that it meant to be a very good representation of the real world. Look at the releases as well, lots of very small airports that are at best niche markets. Xplane has been around a while so a lot of subjects have already been covered, plus the native airports in Xplane are often very good and therefore obviate the need for payware. Add in free scenery in Xplane and its still dead last?

As for payware aircraft despite a lot of the industry focusing on MSFS hows that coming along? Not very quickly. The back catalogue for Xplane aircraft certainly isn’t small. Just look at one developer, Carenado and the number of GA aircraft they’ve released. And on MSFS?


FSX and P3D? How many Microsoft based simulators do you need? Xplane12 is somewhere in the pipeline. Consumer upgrades for either FSX and P3D likely? Stll dead last?

How many releases do you need? Recently on X-Plane we’ve has a A300, a Beluga, a A321 plus a decent pipeline of GA aircraft filling in gaps in existing offerings. 

The Rotate MD11 is taking time. But then that’s the industry. Small teams or single developers working on what are increasingly difficult projects.


Hull Infirmary is an unusual release, but that’s much of the character of Boundless and although niche it does support a rather underserved community, helicopters. And it is cheap.


But if you want it MSFS has had some blockbuster releases and announcements in the past few days. Aerosoft’s Alta (360,000 passengers a year)and Orbx’s Samedan. Nothing wrong with those as releases, but that’s what Xplane is missing out on?





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