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  1. Ridiculous. Everyday tons of releases for other sims and all we get is a helipad for a hospital? Really almost forgot we get plenty of WIP clay models for planes that have been in development for YEARS. (Md 11). Sorry just very frustrated. Seems like xplane is dead last in the race for sim-supremacy
  2. I’m really getting tired of the clay models and constant wip photos from developers. I don’t car if the cabin has leather seats. I just want to fly. It seems like that’s all we get. How far off could md-11 be. it’s really killing xplane. Plus no one releases scenery anymore. Maybe it’s time to switch sims.
  3. It’s not perfect but it flies really nice. Plus I can’t get enough of those Rolls Royce sounds
  4. Great review. Thank You your absolutely right. Flight sims are all about the beauty of flying and these beautiful machines.To this day I am still in awe that human beings created airplanes. It’s unfortunate though that some people don’t get it and I constantly take abuse in certain forums because I actually like to fly and not stare at pretty graphics all day. I’m glad the hobby is growing but is it growing the way it should?
  5. Love ur reviews sir. 2 questions In the ini file you keep the 3 files together above global airports? I thought terrain goes on very bottom. also can u direct me on how to fix the traffic issue? thank u Anthony
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