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News! - Previews : Just Flight Bae146 Professional for X-Plane

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News! - Previews : Just Flight Bae146 Professional for X-Plane


JF Bae 146 News_ header.jpg


Just Flight via their facebook page have shown off some more spoiler images of their coming Bae 146 Series aircraft. The images cover the Bae 146 features including:


  • AviTab (EFB) integration – a popular freeware EFB.
  • Cockpit night lighting.
  • Avionics/systems progress, e.g.
  • Brake temperature indicator
  • WXR
  • New animations such as variable pilot and jump-seat positions, and cabin doors/stairs (with 2D control panel).
  • Passenger cabin/galley area.


JF BAE146 Head 6.jpgJF BAE146 Head 10.jpgJF BAE146 Head 3.jpgJF BAE146 Head 9.jpgJF BAE146 Head 5.jpgJF BAE146 Head 7.jpgJF BAE146 Head 8.jpgJF BAE146 Head 4.jpgJF BAE146 Head 2.jpgJF BAE146 Head 1.jpg


There is also an interesting shot of the Menu Door system, which looks different from the usual Just Flight Menu system, and the unique split tail 146 airbrakes...  fuselage detail looks excellent.


All three variants of the -100, -200 and -300 are included in the package and noted on the P3D product page is also the (Cargo) 146-200QC, 146-200QT and 146-300QT and the two Military variants of CC.Mk2 and CC.Mk3 as part of the package. But the Bae 146 Professional will also be the most expensive Just Flight product yet for X-Plane, as the Prepar3D version of this aircraft is available from the Just Flight store at $84.99, so expect the same when released. That release was noted 'sometime next month is the current target but that's not a guarantee'.


I personally can't wait...  but another month of waiting! A must have...


Images courtesy of Just Flight


Fackbook page is here



(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All rights reserved.

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I am looking forward to this but a lot of the commentary online has not been positive. One thing, at the price, is that there are complaints that the preview shots just show the stock FMC. JF say that will be fixed but it does rather open the question what would be the correct FMC(s) for the aircraft? 

The likely price has also been generally lambasted. It isn’t cheap (JF aren’t a low cost shop) but its not that different to other new XPlane offerings like the 748, A300 and A350. It does make you wonder if the community expectation is that for a smaller aircraft, a regional jet, the price should be lower? Also it looks as if JF will be releasing multiple variants within the same pack, quite a deviation from the current trend of selling variants at an additional cost.


JF on their development page also suggest that for Xplane there is a VC10, an A300, a F-28 and a classic 747 in the pipeline. That’s quite a line up. Are they doing the work inhouse or have the Xplane conversions been farmed out?

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Seriously, you should know this one...  Thranda Design (Dan Klaue) does all the Just Flight X-Plane conversions. Obviously the avionics in X-Plane will be different. If you do get the eight different variants, and the cargo does have a full cargo feature, with JF quality, it has to be pretty good value for your money, size is not the consideration here, the feature list and the quality is.

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I did not intend to suggest that the size of the aircraft should drive the price, rather that perhaps psychologically perhaps people think smaller aircraft, smaller price. The price doesn’t frighten me too much but most of the online comments aren’t positive. 

On Thranda my mistake I guess but have they done big jet work (thinking here of the projected A300, 747 and VC10) before? And if Thranda are involved why don’t JF make something of it? After all its only likely to sell more units with their reputation. Perhaps it might even be in your piece if that’s a definite?


On the FMC the suggestion is, if its like the P3D version, it should be a  UNS-1Lw. 


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