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Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-9 Aviator v1.4.1 by Magknight


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Boeing 787-9_Aviator v1.4.1 Header.jpg


Aircraft Update : Boeing 787-9 Aviator v1.4.1 by Magknight


Magknight has updated the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner to version v1.4.1 which is the version they displayed at the Cosford UK SimShow back in October 2019, but now this is the official public release of that update. Before we get into the new version then let us make a note. The X-PlaneReviews site comments were inundated with pleas around the Christmas-New Year period that the new (discord) version didn't work or didn't load correctly. 90% of these installation issues will go back mostly the Java programming language application.

Now even myself installed the wrong recommended Java module that messed up a lot of other applications and most notably the X-Updater, so I had to throw that Java out again, so my point is that if I get it wrong then most of you out there can as well.


Magknight does provide a Java-Installer that does the install correctly, it works so use it and the app selects and installs the correct Java version (J8 update 212 (64bit)) and everything now works as it should with no other application conflicts, problems fixed.


The Cosford SimShow showed off the main feature coming in v1.4, which was a completely new redone and remodeled (and realistic) fuselage, although the nose still looks slightly funny? But don't get me wrong, this is a big step forward, with far more detail and finally real cabin windows...  but there still a slight too clean look and not enough of the full realism effect in my book, but that aspect runs right through all of Magknight's work.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_head 1 .jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_head 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_head 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_head 4.jpg


A major point is to made is that ALL the original liveries with the new fuselage now don't work, you will now need to find all new liveries noted as 1.4+ to use on this updated version, that will certainly keep the painters happy for months. The new Paintkit is here: Paintkit 1.4.0 RV8


The GEnx 1B ("General Electric Next-generation") engines have also been totally remodeled and changed from the Trent 1000 and again they look far better, and mostly on those huge 111.1 in (282 cm) fan diameter blades, but the fan blades could be a bit more worn realistic and carbon detailed. But the exhaust outlets are well done.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_GE 1.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_GE 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_GE 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_GE 4.jpg


With the new fuselage comes also an internal cabin...


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Cabin 4.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Cabin 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Cabin 1.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Cabin 3.jpg


....  it is however quite basic with just an all economy seating and that is with not much love or thought put into the seat design either. There are no first or Premium Economy sections and it makes the Dreamliner look very long and full inside, I'm not crazy about the rear seat graphic either, the logo is okay, but the on screen controls are noticeably too large. Thankfully the galleys are very good and come with enough food carts to feed the hungry...


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Galley 1.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Galley 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Galley 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Galley 4.jpg


...  odd though is the big empty space mid-deck that you could hold a ballroom dancing competition in, as we know space is at a premium on any aircraft? The windows and surrounds are very good, not perfect, perfect...  but better than I expected and some glass is tinted (dimmed) and some are clear.


All eight doors now open, including the front cargo door, but I couldn't get the rear cargo door to operate?, never the less it is great to finally have opening doors on the aircraft and it also banishes that blank empty rear tube forever.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Doors 1 .jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Doors 2 .jpg

B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Doors 3 .jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Doors 4 .jpg


Doors and hatches are opened via the SYS menu - DOOR. They are set to A-Auto (green) of which you then have select M-Manual (white) to open them, the cargo door outline is not shown? unless you can find the space and then select it? then the white manual selection appears and it opens and the display shows any door or hatch that is open in orange. To close is the reverse, but only in using the right mouse click selection (how will Mac users do this?) then you close the door to M, then you make it A to seal.


Cabin Lighting

With the new cabin comes also internal lighting, and very good it all is. There is a rainbow roof effect on the forward cabin, then blue on the mid-deck and rear cabins. Window strip lighting is also very good as well with great sign and amenity illumination detailing.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 1 .jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 4.jpg


Galleys again looks sensational with a great modern lighting feel...


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 5.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 6.jpg

B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 7.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 8.jpg


.... views within the aircraft give off that real night mode feel, so you can certainly do overnight routes and feel the usual night flying atmosphere and not get bored of being in the aircraft for hours. External lighting shows off the better fuselage and creates better external realism, as does the now realistic looking illuminated cabin.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 9.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_lighting 10.jpg



The Skiselkov Librain effect is now also used on the B789, it is layered on the cockpit windows and the cabin windows and it is a great addition, but the effects on both the cockpit and cabin windows are also a bit odd? move your movement and the effects don't feel connected to the windows but are set out at a distance, as currently they also don't move or even change size, more odd is the EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) "Settings" selection to put "Rain Effects" on the windows, but it doubles up on the rain effects, in my case this mabe caused by the x-Enviro plugin, but Librain it still doesn't work correctly like it does on other aircraft?


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_llibrain 1.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_llibrain 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_llibrain 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_llibrain 4.jpg


Odd also is any view out of the cabin windows, it is when say when the airbridge is in a viewed through the window position it is actually viewed in a different place to reality?



You can now switch around the MFD (Multi-Functional Displays) displays including the EICAS (Engine-Indicating and Crew-alerting System), but that can cause the pedestal MFD to lose a screen, you can reset this via the selection panel above the input keyboards for either side.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_MFD 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_MFD 4.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_MFD 2 .jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_MFD 1 .jpg


You can also select the same MFD option via a selection panel above the EICAS switch for options on the right MFD, with the same for the First Officer.

SYS covers Systems and other selections include the main screen in STAT, ELEC, HYD, FUEL, DOOR and EFIS/DSP which is mostly blank. The CDU selection will give you the FMC? (my guess it is for the NAV/RAD - Radio selection) COMM will give you an information selection panel...


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_MFD 5.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_MFD 6.jpg


....  only one selection on the COMM actually works and that is a new feature for CABIN PA. selection is brilliantly easy, but you can't hear anything in the cockpit (the PA announcements can heard in the cabin, but again they are quite a low volume, and that is with the engines off?) I can't see or find any adjustment either?, so the feature is currently pretty useless even if it works brilliantly?


EFB has had a more attention and more settings that now pushes the pages now into two selections with the added rain effects...  the settings are now quite comprehensive as are most of the details on the EFB, but there are still quirks...


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 1.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 2.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 4.jpg


....   on the EFB there is the selection of three EXT power sources, but only the left source works, if you access any other EXT source they blank out? so why display them?  The one Powercart that is shown externally and connected up correctly to the aircraft, but why not finish off the job with the required three powercarts and their power sources to the systems.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 5.jpg


The Performance setting page is still very fiddly, but if you follow the manual you can fill it in, does it actually work is the big question along with the WT and BAL page unless Magknight is waiting for the better FMC system? Anyway they have also put in a credit page to note the developers.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 6.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_EFB 7.jpg


Flying the Dreamliner v1.4.1


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 1.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 2.jpg


The Magknight B789 Aviator is still in reality a beta in development aircraft and you accept that fact when you purchase the aircraft in the first place. Currently it is years ahead of what this B789 was when the project was started, but you also have to accept there is still also a long way to go.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 3.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 4.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 5.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 6.jpg


I can accept in development aircraft systems missing and buttons not working, but what I can't accept is when the basics don't work and this aircraft still currently relies very heavily on Planemaker to do a lot of the lifting work. Wind direction indicators flickers badly as so does your map radius with sharp movements on taxi which are not very realistic.

Then set your speed (245knts) ready for the Autothrust (A/T) and it changes (170knts) once you get into the air, the A/T selection is switched off so why does the setting change? so you are diverted from your critical flying phase while you reset it all back again? so settings have a habit of changing for no reason? Both the AutoThrottle and Throttle limiter have had refinements in v1.4 so it should be better.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 7.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 8.jpg


The NAV/MAP panel is basically useless with a setting of 180nm range when it is quite obvious the range is about 20nm? waypoints are impossible to read and so are the flightplan points.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 9.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 10.jpg


The central FMC has had a revamp, but it still relies very heavily on the default X-Plane FMS, worse is that it doesn't work? I tried to add in the correct BETTY 2A arrival route into Chep Lok RWY 07L. But the system couldn't process the waypoints? The original arrival route was BETTY DCT LIMES when it should have gone via GUAVA and SOKOE. Oddly I was able to input the correct route via the WebFMC Pro application that accesses the same FMC as the one on the aircraft, and it all worked with ever input faultless there? Jump to waypoint or DIRECT now also works, which is always a nice feature.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 12.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 11.jpg


I do however like the input system here, it is a nice set-up but only for the left pilot's side, you can't for instance add in radio frequencies on the right FMC.


I had a lot to say about the performance model in the last update review: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Aviator’s Edition by Magknight. For the Dreamliner the hop from Singapore to Hong Kong 1487 nm route is nothing for the huge distance capabilities of this very modern aircraft, so SimBrief noted I only needed 20089 kgs for the route...  but I still fell short about 120 nm from HNG as I was left with only 2.0 kgs in the tanks (so I had to cheat and add in landing fuel), were as my official landing fuel should have been around 5.3 kgs.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 13.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 14.jpg


By my calculations the performance was actually better on the SIN-HKG route and certainly not as far out as the numbers that were calculated between Hong Kong and Melbourne, but are they still not accurate enough as a simulation is still a question mark? and after another full year of development this item should have been at the top of the to-do list. note the flight-model is noted as "for non-experimental", and my current feeling is that yes the numbers have improved and are certainly closer to the required model...   

...  updated notes include a second flight on exactly the same SIN-HKG route noted this time only a discrepancy of 0.7 kgs or 4.5 kgs at the gate... so Magknight B789 performance is certainly better and closer to the numbers than you think?...


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 15.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 16.jpg


...   so does the X-Plane experimental tickbox have to be on? well I flew the numbers in the non-experimental role, so they should have been better or closer to the real B789 performance figures.


Fuel crossfeed now works...  but it won't even out any tank in-balance, and the left tank has a habit of consuming far more fuel than the right, but you can now feed both engines off the one tank.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 14.jpg


So after all these questions you would think I would not like flying the Magknight Boeing 789...  well in fact the opposite is true and like I have noted in past update reviews, the annoyance is in that the basic requirements are not being addressed are the PFD and MAP of which are quite average for an aircraft of this calibre and price, but what it really shows is the current shortfalls and how basic the X-Plane NAV/MAP and FMS system now really is ...   the actual enjoyment factor is however very high, now even better with a real cabin now sitting behind you.


Flying at FL400 (40,000ft) and powering along at m85 is a great feeling, this is a powerful and fast aircraft....  sounds were always good, but now AudiobirdXP have completely redone the FMOD pack (and the new callouts and announcements) and the sounds are excellent, certainly in flight, as I love the feeling of powering along with the cockpit humming away, it is also a comforting feeling, so long, long hauls are not a problem and even a joy in this aircraft.


B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 19.jpgB789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 18.jpg

B789 Aviator_v1.4.1 1_Flight 17.jpg



Another update to v1.4.1 in the long development of Magknight's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. But this update is a very significant one with the coming of a new fuselage and engines with the new external modeling. Also part of this large update comes an internal cabin with opening doors and hatches, and the Internal cabin lighting is however a highlight. Performance even though still uneven is also greatly improved.


Added changes are also new audio sounds including PA announcements and callouts from AudiobirdXP, Rain Effects by Skiselkov of Librain fame. MFD panels are now all switchable  and the systems and EFB have all had enhancements, so overall this is a very good update.


Various bugs and missing refinements are however still present, with the X-Plane default areas of Planemaker in NAV/MAP and FMS now showing their very dated shortfalls in this development and now certainly require a priority of development in replacing these critical primary flying areas.


Overall the development with updates since the transfer to the "Aviator" branding has been very substantial, yes the Magknight Dreamliner has come a very long way and personally unlike at the beginning of the development process, I really, really love flying the aircraft, and more so on long international routes... the bonus now it looks and sounds even better in the air with the new modeling...  a very nice to have aircraft.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing 787-900 Aviator Edition Dreamliner v1.4.1 by Magknight is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


B787-9 Aviator Edition


Price is US$44.95


Upgrade cost to the "Aviator Edition" from the original payware release version is US$10, see your X-Plane.OrgStore account for the upgrade.



  • Brand new flight model built for X-Plane 11.30+
  • Improved wingflex
  • Custom IRS simulation, with quick align
  • Auto-update for the lifetime of X-Plane 11
  • LED exterior lights
  • Revised font for cockpit textures
  • New yoke model
  • Revised cockpit textures
  • Pause at top of descent and jump to waypoint
  • 3D cabin
New: FMOD soundpack by audiobirdXP
  • Fully custom FMOD soundpack for the GENx engines
  • Extensive integration with systems
  • Cockpit switch and button sounds
New: 3D cabin and fuselage
  • Ground-up exterior fuselage model including optional tinted windows
  • 3D cabin with optional seating
  • Cabin is optional, configurable in EFB for performance
  • Most settings saved globally
  • Configurable units for weight, altimeter, minimums saved per-livery
  • Support for metric altitude
  • Optional custom cursor
Custom electrical system
  • Designed from the ground up for the 787
  • Ground power unit
  • Custom anti-ice, simulating the resistance in each mat
Liveries from before 1.4.0 will not be compatible due to change of engine and fuselage models
  • Includes the Skunkcraft Updater for Automatic updates



X-Plane 11 Fully updated

Windows, Mac or Linux
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM recommended
Current and Review version : 1.4.1 (January 19th 2020)

Installation : Download is 920.20mb which is unzipped and is inserted in your Heavy Aircraft  folder as a 1.81gb folder


Documentation : Manual (partly completed?)


v1.4.1 changelog (attached)


v1.4.1 1 changetxt.txt



Review by Stephen Dutton

22nd January 2020

Copyright©2020: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.30b2 (aircraft will only fly in 11.30)

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1.10 US$69.90 : WorldTraffic 3.0 Plugin - US$29.95 : BetterPushBack - Free

Scenery or Aircraft

- VHHH - Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok International 2.0.0 by TOD (X-Plane.Org) - Free-

- WSSS - Singapore Changi 1.2.1 by infinityKILL (X-Plane.Org) - Free

Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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  • 2 months later...

Will the HUD be available soon or is it a feature way down the line of development?

If it is not coming, it is going to be quite disappointing, but I'd fly the plane anyway. I understand the difficulty of the HUD as I've seen the HUD on the zibo737 and it is underwhelming. But it will be fun to have one that actually looks good.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Stephen,

I'm following your page since i was switching partly over to XP11 and i was really impressed about quality and depth of your Reviews, It helped me a lot with my decissions.


I've just a short question regarding this 787 now.... Have you already tried the new advertised "JUMP to WAYPOINT FEATURE"? Is it working something like in the QW787 for P3D, so is it possible to jump for several 1000nm's for example? If so, is the function stable?


Thank you,

Alex from EDDM


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  • 2 weeks later...
On 4/12/2020 at 10:26 AM, Stephen said:

Same aircraft? still in development as per the reviews..

I think VMAX 787 is '787 Dreamliner XP11'.

Also I am interested in this plane. Bernardo Casa said that it's worth getting, so should I get it, or the Peter Hager A321 NEO?

I really want a fuel-efficient, modernized plan.e

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