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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : FPS Embraer E-195 v1.2.3

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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : FPS Embraer E-195 v1.2.3


PFS E-Jet XP12 v123 release header.jpg


Renamed (from Supercritical Simulations Group) Flight Procedures Simulation, have released an update to their excellent Embraer E-Jet 195. This is version 1.2.3 (not one hard to forget). This is a comprehensive update that covers a lot of adjustments and bug changes that followed on with the aircraft on it's release in July 2023...  the changelog is quite long!


v1.2.3 Changelog
- Improved  Sasl code for best performance in FPS
- Improved Cockpit, External, PBR and material gloss textures
- Improved Speedbrake system that now works with the default X-Plane and/or custom FPS  speedbrake command
- Improved Pushback that now removes the chocks when engaged
- Improved Flight dynamics and airfoil data (new lift model)
- Improved Taxing behavior and land nose gear concerns 
- Improved Engine model  with  new Ram compression
- Improved Navigation vertical patch drawing
- Improved Navigation Display that only show runways above 3400 feet now
- Improved FMA RNAV(non precision approach) RNP APP indicators fixed to meet exact the real ones.
- Improved Engine TO-1,TO-2, and TO-3 with ALT/TEMP  new calculation for FLEX power
- Improved FMC landing speed calculation  that now uses the landing weight prediction and can be called from tablet while in the ground
- Improved Flight Director  TAKEOFF that now respects the altitude waypoint speed/turn transition
- Improved FMOD sounds like engines, internal cockpit, cabin and external, winds and air cond
- Fixed Cabin Differential pressure and  ADV message with a differential value
- Fixed Altitude alert sound not working when hit 1000ft to the altitude dailled
- Fixed Ice Condition synoptic indicator  that was always visible
- Added Chocks object to the external model
- Added Thermal textures and cockpit windsheld temp.
The full X-PlaneReviews release review of the FPS E-195 is here: Aircraft Review : Embraer E-195 by Flight Procedures Simulation
FPSE-195_Enroute 5.jpg
FPSE-195_Enroute 1.jpgFPSE-195_Enroute 2.jpg

FPSE-195_XP12_Doors 7.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Doors 6.jpg


FPSE-195_XP12_Cockpit 3.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Cockpit 4.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Cockpit 5.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Cockpit 6.jpg

FPSE-195_XP12_Systems 3.jpg


FPSE-195_XP12_Systems 4.jpg



FPSE-195_XP12_Cabin 1.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Cabin 2.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Cabin 3.jpgFPSE-195_XP12_Cabin 4.jpg


Owners of the previous E-Jets by SSG (only the SSG version) can get this FPS E-195 for 20% off. Please find the discount code in your original E-Jets Invoice.


So overall if you want a thoroughly decent E-Jet, without the extreme price, then you can't go past this significantly upgraded E-Jet 195 from Flight Procedures Simulations. You could say it is proven and tested, certainly for the older users of the SSG version, who will quickly settle in and be comfortable in their newer updated surroundings. It is great if a clever update to already a good aircraft, and older purchasers of the previous E-Jets by SSG can get this FPS E-195 for 20% off, and that is a great value deal to upgrade the aircraft to X-Plane 12, and all it's modern features. So the E-195 is highly recommended for that great value price, without sacrificing the quality.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! - the Embraer E-195 by Flight Procedures Simulation v1.2.3 is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


FPS Embraer E-195

Price is On Sale...   US$55.00



X-Plane 12 (not for XP11)
Windows or  Mac (not compatible with Linux)

8GB + VRAM Minimum
Download Size: 718 MB
Current version : 1.2.3 (March 1st 2024))
Owners of the previous E-Jets by SSG (only the SSG version) can get this FPS E-195 for 20% off. Please find the discount code in your original E-Jets Invoice.

Designed by Flight Procedures Simulation (ex SSG)
Support forum for the FPS 195


News by Stephen Dutton

8th March 2024

Copyright©2023: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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