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  1. Stephen, another great review as always. Yeah I bought the aircraft from carenado directly shortly after it became a available to us to purchase. I love my turboprops, and then flying the hell out of it ever sense I bought it. It's been a nice addition to use for FS economy. I have accumulated a few videos flying the aircraft over on my youtube channel Dionm01, if you want be bored out of your mind hehe. I totally agree with your summary, and my only gripe is with Carenado not evolving the aircraft in enhancing our experience with the aircraft such as dual GTN 750 support or GTN 650 suppo
  2. Awesome review as always, and is most appreciated. I really have nothing more to add other than to say it is a good airplane and I've been having a love hate relationship with it. Mainly me learning how not to burn up the engines. I intended to use the aircraft for flight-jobs.net and eventually FS economy. But I have to say the fuel to payload ratio is difficult to make money with the aircraft. Hopefully developer in time will add some additional content to the aircraft by way of having a cargo only interior, would be nice as an example. Take advantage of that big cargo door in the back
  3. Stephen, great review is always I greatly appreciate it. Will I buy the aircraft at this time, Nope. I do love my general aviation aircraft, but I will wait until the developer decides to put in my request (suggested) when it was in development, the Garman 1000 by LR. I found once I eat steak (LR's G1000) I'm hard pressed to go back to non glass cockpits. Unless of course the airplane is a really old like the DC 3 and such, then I don't have a problem with it. Having it be a five passenger aircraft, would be a nice airplane for FS economy or flight-jobs.net when you start your flight care
  4. I really need the X-Plane Evektor EV-55, but i need some changes to go with it.


    1)  Need at least 9 passenger seats...can be with or without several passengers.

    2)  Need custom paint job

    3)   What progress has been made and/or on the logo light on the tail?  needs to be placed about half way from the vertical stabilizer on the underside, to create sort of an oval on the vertical stabilizer.


    I'll buy as soon as these items are adopted in the Evektor EV-55



  5. Question, how fast are you going. because of the design of the model, the most that I've found you can go is between 180 to 195 Knots (IAS). with the 1.1 ver. Also be aware for the wind. I found head wind, tail wind it doesn't matter, GS at 220 is about all it will go. Any thing more than that, behavior a cures as you stated. Hope this will help Dion PS: remember this is not a fast aircraft like the MU2. You have to treat her a bit different.
  6. Great review as always And yes it is an awesome plane for the money, there is no doubt/ self plug youtube: dionm01 Flights in it, flying around Cheers Dion
  7. Hi Dionsol


    Thanks for the feedback, and I totally agree with you on your comments on the G1000, yes it is slow, yes it kills framerate and yes I hate that map rotation...  Overall again as you mentioned the Eclipse is just that little better at the moment.


    But I will note that the G1000 bugs are not correct as well. There seems that something has gone wrong here as more than a problem with the G1000. It was like this when originally released, but Carenado fixed it, but now it is back to that same position it was a year ago? Personally I think it will be fixed pretty quickly and the aircraft will then be fine, I personally would have stuck with it a bit longer, as it would have been very good in the long run.


    I looked at your video, and I don't think it was a poor review...  believe me there are far, far worse out there. Thanks for the interest...  Stephen

    1. Stephen


      Hi, If you are ever interested in writing reviews then give me a call...  always interested.


      Best regards Stephen

  8. This was taken from another post thread I commented on. I felt this was relevant to this topic as well. Wow, I was not aware that the Carenado G1000 does not have SIDS and Stars integrated into the system. Thank you very much for the heads up, and that explains why when I was coming to approach at one of my flights, there was no procedures for me to use to follow RNAV to the runway. Personally just yesterday ( April.12.2017) as of this post, I did buy the Phenom 100 for the looks of the airplane and the reputation of a Carenado product. But after playing around with the aircraft
  9. Fabio, Great post, I cannot agree with you more in all points that you brought up. I was articulating my own post but after reading yours you kinda summed it up for me which made it that I didn't have to. Thank you For me I'm looking at the big picture, wanting to get is many new people into flight simulation which I feel is the onramp to the real thing. I do not treat flight simulation as a "toy", I treated as a learning tool. I find, I'm always learning something new every day, every time I get behind a simulated cockpit of something no matter what it is. So keeping costs low wou
  10. If you decide to buy the plane then that's great for you, I hope you enjoy it. Everybody has different reasons, in what they want and that is good. After I did the math for me, I felt it wasn't worth it at this time. I'm I going to sit here and say I'll never buy it in the future, No. But to be true to my convictions, I put my money where my mouth is and yesterday bought the X-Crafts E-175 instead for $34.95 USD. For me that aircraft was a better economical fit. But to each his own, best of luck to you and your endeavors. Dion Markgraf AKA: Dionsol Flight Simulation (X-Plane 10 pilot) &
  11. Thank you sir for the interaction, it is most appreciated. Is good to see the developers interact with the customers. Best of luck to you and your fellow team members on your future endeavors. Maybe one day, who knows what the future will hold. Dion
  12. Thank you Ricardo for your response is greatly appreciated. I'm glad that you will make the files available for users such as myself. I hope sales for you are well, but as I stated above I really feel strongly that the price point was over the top. If anything it should have been competitive with X crafts product. From an outsider or a new person coming in to the simulation, who is a budget conscious individual. Would look at both aircraft and would more than likely choose X-craft product over yours. And that is sad because as a longtime users your product I would not want to see sales t
  13. Hello Stephen, Thank you very much for your review and it is greatly appreciated for users such as myself who are discerning customers. At this point in time, I'm an owner of the Embraer 170 original, regrettably I'll have to pass on this aircraft. The reason is simple, "they overprice the aircraft". Yes I know this is subjective and you've got the early adopters wanting the "new shiny" and willing to pay the high price that it is. That is fine if they want to spend their money that way, that's their business. But for me who is a conscious buyer, I was put off by the price poin
  14. After reading your article, you are exactly on point with your review. I have also been a fan of the Twin Otter and after I purchased the aircraft I can say as well, that my purchase was not a waste. Allowing me to go places where I wouldn't normally go (i.e.… With floats) has brought a new avenue in exploring X-Plane. Here we are setting at version 1.2 however, I would say that RW designed still needs to tweak the aircraft to make it a more robust product. The biggest glaring issue that I have found in the float plane configuration not allowing the GPS to control your route. Basically I
  15. Thank you sir for your feedback, yeah if the Stationair CT206H would have had floats, this aircraft would have been the perfect aircraft to suit my mission needs without question. I was looking for an aircraft of this model type that would have the G1000 implemented along with HD quality that I've come to expect from Carenado. So now I am at a quandary with the two models that you referenced. Because I favor glass cockpits over steamed gauges, I'm kinda in a rock and a hard place with what is offered with X-Plane to this point. As you stated, I can go with one of the two you mentioned or
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