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Aircraft Release : FlightFactor Boeing 757 - Series


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Ramzzess Aircraft and Phillipp Munzel have announced the imminent release of the Boeing 757-Series.


Their Boeing 777-Series was the aircraft of the year in 2012/2013, So will the Boeing 757-Series be the same for 2013 and 2014?  There is no doubt that the B757 is one of the most anticipated aircraft in X-Plane at the moment. If you already have the Boeing 777, then you would already know what to expect in detail and depth of systems...


    Officially licensed By the Boeing © Corporation

    Accurate dimensions based on 2D and 3D drawings supplied by Boeing ©

    For X-Plane 10 64bit- Mac, Windows and Linux




The Cockpit is comprehensive and highly detailed in systems and functionality.





With a fully integrated FMC that is separated for use on the Pilot or Co-Pliot stations.




The menu and Checklist system is also comprehensive and excellent in detail.




Highlights are - Easy settings for aircraft functions - Full compliment of ground vehicles including Pushback Truck) - Custom failures - Brilliant cabin announcements (PA) - Opening Cabin Doors - virtual cockpit with crisp details - Dynamic reflections - Custom 3D sounds.




The comprehensive checklist has the feature of leading you through the correct procedure of switches... Is just brilliant.  Detailing (below) is also highly visible and outstanding in quality.




Special Effects include - Aircraft Fire and Rain (Window) effects - Active window blinds and a fully detailed cabin.




Price will be US$59.95 for the standard RB211-535E4 Release Version.


Liveries will be US$1 per livery in packs of 10.


Four liveries with the release version are British Airways (classic), Air France, Lufthansa and the Boeing House.




There is no doubt this is an outstanding aircraft and once released X-Plane Reviews will give you a thorough detailed review of the aircraft and its systems.

Some features:

  • Detailed and functional FMS - Works like the real 757 FMS
  • Advanced auto-pilot
  • Super high resolution 3D cockpit with every switch functional
  • Multilayer dynamic reflections on all glass objects

  • Spatial rain simulation with high detail

  • Very detailed passenger cabin graphics (kitchen and toilets)

  • Inn-cockpit custom sounds

  • 3D stereo sound system for the engines

  • In flight announcements

  • Interactive communication with the crew (fault reporting)

  • Ground vehicles and push back track – all operational

  • Very detailed exterior modeling with extensive use of normal maps

  • Blue-out and other visual and auditory reactions to the situation

  • Additional eye-candy features: real working oxygen masks both in cockpit and cabin, dynamic window shatters that react to sunlight etc..

  • Use of particles to generate smoke, fire, sparks….
  • Detailed and deep simulation of almost every system in the real aircraft

  • A multistage custom failure system with in-browser instructor’s console

  • Ability to fix failure by following proper procedure

  • Interflight failure and maintenance system – something will spill over to the next flight

  • Custom menus for loading/unloading fuel and passengers, calling for pushback…

  • Ability to customize the plane with winglets and set other options to be saved or default

  • A fully interactive electronic checklist with all procedures programmed in

  • Auto mode for the checklist where the AI automatically preforms the procedures and the pilot only watches and checks

  • Tutorial mode where the pilot follows the AI’s instructions and visual aids

Stephen Dutton


2nd November 2013

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Guest Boggabri

At last. This looks terrific and I still have the guts of the Flight manual I used when I was a fixed based simulator instructor at Boeing, Seattle, in 1980


Looking forward to this one.

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Guest Dago Redd

Looks great! Still no 64-bit XSB client, though (except for PilotEdge), so this 64-bit-only wonder is beyond my reach until an XSB 64-bit client is eventually released, lol! Also, I take it that further updates to the B777 Worldliner are a low-to-no priority? I sure hope that they can fix the "overspeed" issue on descent; I still have to use the spoilers to keep the speed on descent where it needs to be. Cheers!

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Same for me. Nice plane, but it's only 64bit and I cannot use with X-IvAp, that is the main reason i spend time on x-plane. So i'll wait till this client will be available for 64bit (if ever...). At the moment I decided to stop further investment in X-Plane stuff. I'm sad cause i thought i'd be one of the very first customers of this terrific plane...

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Guest SevenOfNine

This will be a nice christmas present to myself. The IcelandAir Painting is great, especially the Name (here "Valdis"). Is this customizable?

Will the FMC work completely?

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Yes I love the Icelandair livery, It has great detail. You could change the name in Photoshop or another graphic program?    Yes it is a complete FMS, however the radio frequencies are not in the system but are separate as the aircraft is dated before that feature.

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No this is the real deal Kevin!...  Sometimes we are in the hands of the developers, They announce the release then find extra issues to deal with when it goes out into beta testing, This is one very complex aircraft. Considering everything it has gone very well through the testing stage. Even Boeing has their own release problems!

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The aircraft looks excellent! But is it possible to reduce the fuselage lines?

You can switch off "draw per pixel lighting" in your render settings and that will reduce most highlighted lines and grooves - I actually prefer it switched off.

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Guest Kevin Hussey

No this is the real deal Kevin!...  Sometimes we are in the hands of the developers, They announce the release then find extra issues to deal with when it goes out into beta testing, This is one very complex aircraft. Considering everything it has gone very well through the testing stage. Even Boeing has their own release problems!

A fair point buts its getting to be a bit like the Tornado that was announced by another developer and never came to fruition. However would rather have it late than released and unusable.

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