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  1. Just download my old freeware and you are good to go. Mine was a conversion too, but much more refined, and free. It is also well aligned to any orthophoto. Still valid now. This one seems already old, and not cheap at all.
  2. Yeah...weather engine sucks in X-Plane. They really should work on this, cause has been a big lack in this sim since the beginning. Now they basically built everything, even the less important things, and they should focus on weather. But at least someone is trying to make an effort to be more realistic. By the way I'm almost an I.R. pilot now, and I know that ice will likely build on tail before wings...so why the tail of the DC3 is perfectly clean? I'm seriously considering to buy this bird in near future, and would be really nice to fly it in adverse weather conditions and in difficult procedures on remote airports!!!
  3. Nice...but where is the ice on the tail/elevator? Usually when you see ice on the wings, it has already built up on the tail/elevator...
  4. Is this scenery an improvement compared to the NAPS one? Links: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/30503-kmco-orlando-international-airport/ and/or https://napsweb.wordpress.com/kmco-orlando-international/
  5. It is a nice scenery, but I have the old one and I reworked it a bit, and I really do not understand what is wrong with it. This one seems not a really big upgrade, mainly because of textures. This is my only very personal opinion. Thanks for the review.
  6. Wow! No serious bug fixing (even the two years old ones), no FMS fixing (same FMS functions of two years ago) but a brand new graphic with tons of things!!! A real unuseful upgrade.
  7. lly hope they will work out some of the problems...the FMC is the most important part of liners and should be not complicated to be used!
  8. I lost one hour programming the fmc...then I had no more time to fly the plane. Each error forced me to start again and I found many problems in putting some waypoints (North Atlantic coordinates for example). And I did not understand how to save and recall flight plans. This fmc (and the push-back) is horrible and I hope it is my fault because otherwise I will, again, request a refund for that purchase, as I did for the 747-8.
  9. The problem of this almost perfect aircraft it is not the graphic or the small "bugs". The problem is the missing FMC, that many many users are waiting for from years...and nothing has changed yet.
  10. I think this is a good scenery, even if it appears a bit "flat" (for example in the runways textures) and also too much polished...everything seems almost new...and Heathrow it is not clean and new. For this I think the price is a bit high even if the effort for developing it was for sure hard! I've put some decals also on the ground textures and on apron/taxiway textures and all seems a bit more real...you should try this! I had a conversion of the FSX version of this airport and to me it seems a bit better in texturing, but probably it is a matter of personal tastes...
  11. Hi, please note that this scenery is again available under a new brand: MB-Sceneries. SkyHighSim is no more now, and I published with the errors pointed out in the review fixed. At the moment it is available on the X-Plane.org Store. For all the existing customers I'm working out a solution to give them the updated package. Thanks to all customers and to X-Plane Reviews for the review!
  12. Hi stephan! Updates to LYBE are under way...even if i thought the vivid overlays would have pleased many customers...i fixed them to a more natural colors. For the "gateway airports" problem...this it is not a real problem if the correct exclusions are put in the scenery, if the are not it is easy to find overlapping objects! I do not know why many payware sceneries are still affected by this problem...it is easy to solve! Inviato dal mio iPad utilizzando Tapatalk
  13. I fly real c172n and I completely agree with you. Sent from Mad iPad's Tapatalk
  14. Same for me. Nice plane, but it's only 64bit and I cannot use with X-IvAp, that is the main reason i spend time on x-plane. So i'll wait till this client will be available for 64bit (if ever...). At the moment I decided to stop further investment in X-Plane stuff. I'm sad cause i thought i'd be one of the very first customers of this terrific plane...
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