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News! - Released! - X-Codr Designs KDEN Denver

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News! - Released! - X-Codr Designs KDEN - Denver International HD


X-Codr Designs KDEN - Denver has been released, and it is HUGE... in more ways than one, in a huge area covered, a huge download 3.87gb and a huge install at 6.76gb. Surprisingly it runs very nicely if you have a decent graphic card and drive space....


X-coder KDEN Head 1.jpgX-coder KDEN Head 2.jpgX-coder KDEN Head 3.jpgX-coder KDEN Head 4.jpg


This KDEN has been a 8 month project by X-Codr and the detail is excellent, highly XP11 dynamic...


X-coder KDEN Head 5 LG.jpg


X-coder KDEN Terminal 3.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal 4.jpg


Features included here are very impressive. Terminal and Westin Hotel, with detail and ground textures that are first rate. Huge amount of clutter and vehicle animations.


X-coder KDEN Terminal 1.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal 2.jpg

X-coder KDEN Terminal 5.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal 6.jpg


Blow your mind! - feature 1...  internal terminal detail.


X-coder KDEN Terminal Int 1.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal Int 2.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal Int 3.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal Int 4.jpg


Blow your mind! - feature 2...  See through glass.


X-coder KDEN Terminal Glass 1.jpgX-coder KDEN Terminal Glass 2.jpg


Blow your mind! - feature 3...  internal and external terminal sound.


Blow your mind! - feature 4... custom land gradients


X-coder KDEN Gradients 1.jpgX-coder KDEN Gradients 3.jpg

X-coder KDEN Gradients 4.jpgX-coder KDEN Gradients 3.jpg




X-coder KDEN Lighting 1.jpgX-coder KDEN Lighting 2.jpgX-coder KDEN Lighting 3.jpgX-coder KDEN Lighting 4.jpgX-coder KDEN Lighting 5.jpgX-coder KDEN Lighting 6.jpg


K-Man WorldTraffic3 ground routes are included in the package...  First impression is that if you like Misterx6's (ShortFinal) sceneries then you will love this KDEN as well as they have the same overall feel and vibe.


Now available from the X-Plane.OrgStore...  the price, a brilliant US$27.95




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! KDEN - Denver International Airport HD by X-Codr Designs is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


KDEN - Denver International Airport HD


Price is US$27.95



This scenery is a ultra detailed recreation of Denver International Airport. Some of its features include: 
  • Ultra detailed rendition of Denver International Airport
  • Winter and wet rainy versions are included as well
  • Highly detailed custom buildings
    • Most parts of all concourses have detailed custom interiors
    • Detailed yet performance friendly models
    • Normal maps for great bump mapping and glass reflections
  • Ultra detailed ground textures
    • 1 pixel per 6 inch orthophotos equivalent to ZL20
    • Orthophotos have been cleaned of duplicate flat textures under 3D models (such as traffic and bridges)
    • Extreme detail for pavement, while still maintaining minimal repetition
  • Highly detailed normal maps for impressive specular reflections
  • X-Codr Designs SoundXP Plugin (Windows 10 ONLY)
    • Ambient airport sounds will be played based on your location in the airport - a first in X-Plane
    • Listen to chatter, announcements and other sounds when inside the terminal, trucks rumbling by and beeping when near busy ramp areas, and the drone of traffic speeding by when on the landside of the airport
  • Dynamic living airport
    • Watch heavies, regional commuters and other air traffic bring the airport to life with superb WT3 routes by Brian "Cpt. K-man" Navy (Bird Stryke Designs)
    • Animated jetways using Autogate by Jonathan Harris (marginal)
    • Animated car traffic using Ground Traffic by Jonathan Harris (marginal)
    • Native ground services will service your aircraft upon request
  • Highly detailed custom mesh using Ortho4XP
    • Detailed under and overpasses
    • Sloped runways and taxiways, and ditches



X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4Gb VRAM Minimum - 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 3.8Gb




News by Stephen Dutton

20th November 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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