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  1. Are you considering an update to report if the developer's several updates have addressed the issues satisfactorily? Thanks once again for another incredibly thorough review!
  2. Fantastic review, Stephen. I jus bought this last night (on faith, not having seen this review, because MisterX6). Looking forward to some EDDF (Aerosoft payware version) to EDDM runs this weekend!
  3. You've flown it Stephen? How does she handle compared to the AFL and REP versions?
  4. So, this comes with ONLY the G1000 avionics suite and no option for the analog instruments?
  5. Not every day you see 2 payware versions of the same airport. I have the BC Sceneries version of LIMJ (I'm surprised no comparison mentioned here?) and it's excellent, imo (albeit sans SAM). Thanks for the coverage of LSZH...am going to pick this one up.
  6. Great read, Stephen. As a relative newcomer (since mid-2016) I really appreciate the evolution to payware that has taken place. It is a just reward (and I hope profitable) for those who paid their dues in the early days, giving so much to the XP community, in which we all have a role to play. Mine may not be to create content, but to happily help support those who do as the products just keep getting better and better.
  7. This is the craft John Denver was flying when he fatally crashed here in Monterey where I live. In his version the fuel tank selector and gauges were oddly positioned behind the pilot and nearly impossible to reach (without turning one's body 90 degrees and stepping on the right rudder pedal) which led to the crash.
  8. I'm a veteran passenger of KDEN and very excited about this...can't wait to try it out!
  9. Do you think the new particle system might eventually translate to better clouds?
  10. Not sure exactly what you mean by "HD reflection" but the materials are PBR-based so they do seem to reflect (and scatter) light in a true-to-life way. One thing that really stands out about this package (referring to the city scenery now) is the night lighting. It is spectacular and as far as I know currently has no equal in the scenery market.
  11. Now I have all 3 KLAX versions and all I can say is the third time is the charm! Lately I've shied away from packages that are airport only with no city elements, but this KLAX is almost a small city unto itself. Superb work, Justin!
  12. It worked for me in the past...I hope the option is still there in the update.
  13. Hi Stephen, Have you happened to try the AFL 172 in 11.20 yet? After updating to 11.20 there is a pronounced jerking/kicking motion that occurs every few seconds that wasn't there before and in any wind conditions...just wondering if there is something in the new update not jiving well with the current AFL version. This does not happen with the default 172.
  14. This has been one of my favorites since I bought it nearly a year ago and it is indeed a masterclass showcasing how well custom scenery and autogen should mesh together. I really hope the availability of entire city areas continues to grow, as I'm getting more and more reluctant to lay down money for amazing airport scenery that is in the middle of nowhere scenery-wise.
  15. Hi Stephen, In their promo video (at about 0:23), I couldn't help but notice what appears to be a specular reflection of the sun on the rock surface, as if it were made of shiny plastic. Did you notice this in the sim, and if so was it distracting? p.s. tried to attach an image (74k jpeg) but got the error "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance."
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