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Aircraft Update : Boeing 767 Professional/Extended v1.2.7 by FlightFactor/StepToSky/VMAX


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767-Extended Header Final.jpg


Aircraft Update : Boeing 767 Professional/Extended v1.2.7 by FlightFactor/StepToSky//VMax


Was it? Was it really? Was the FlightFactor Boeing 767 already an Extended version of the aircraft...  it actually seemed so, but it wasn't. The FlightFactor fleet of Boeings in the B777 and B757 are of course all "Extended" three aircraft packages, so you just simply assumed then so was the B767.

So here in this release is the "Extended" version of the Boeing 767, and the deal is the same as all the other Extended packages. The full price (US$72.00) of the original 767-300ER and the Extended version that will cost you US$20 extra that includes two more aircraft variants with the 767-200ER and the 767-300F (Freighter) or you can purchase the full Pro/Extended package for US$93.00. Not cheap, but then again you also get a lot of aircraft for your money.


So all the FlightFactor Boeings are now "Extended" versions of the aircraft and each 767 variant also comes with different engine types...


Boeing 767-300ER




Boeing 767-200ER




767-300F (Freighter)




Both the -300 (ER/F) have three engine choices (L to R) Pratt & Whitney PW4000, Rolls-Royce RB211 and General Electric CF6 engines and all with power ranges from 48,000 to 60,600 lbf. The -200ER has only two engine options with the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and the General Electric CF6.


This update review focuses on the update changes, so to get a full overview of the B767-300ER then go to this review: Boeing 767-300ER Professional by VMAX and FlightFactor


Boeing 767-200ER

There are two new variants in the "Extended" package and the first one we will look at is the Boeing 767-200ER. Proportionably the -200 looks quite odd. The fuselage is 21.1 ft (6.4m) shorter than the -300 at 180 ft 3in/54.94m in length, but the wingspan is the same width 156 ft.1in/47.57m.


767-200ER_Overview 1.jpg767-200ER_Overview 2.jpg767-200ER_Overview 3.jpg767-200ER_Overview 6.jpg

767-200ER_Overview 4.jpg767-200ER_Overview 5.jpg


Then add on those optional Aviation Partners winglets at 11 feet (3.35 m) in height and the proportions look even stranger, to a point the -200 looks more like the original babybus 737 than a 767. Personally I think the -200ER looks better without the winglets.


Like with the B757 v2.2.5 updated cabin then this updated 767 version has also has had a nice new modern cabin fit-out, but at a first glance it looked quite stark, and to the point at first I wondered if the textures were actually missing?


767-200ER_Cabin 1.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 2.jpg


Black leather in Business class and a grey/black pattern in the rear in Economy is all very well done in detail, but a bit dour in colour... the B757's v2.2.5 purple shades look more modern and well...  nice and colourful, and thankfully the earlier horrible blues with eastern block hints are finally gone. No seat back video gives the cabin a bit of empty feel though.


767-200ER_Cabin 3.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 4.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 5.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 6.jpg


The -300 cabin (below) is in the same dark style, but it is so looooong, as it goes on forever in length, but it is a great place to stretch your legs in flight.


767-200ER_Cabin 13.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 14.jpg


I am quite sure the painters will quickly brighten up the cabin materials. But overall it is a very nice and classy cabin. You can separately adjust the cabin lighting, from dark to extremely bright....


767-200ER_Cabin 7.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 8.jpg


....  and it looks excellent. But there are no smoking and seatbelt illuminations as they don't work and neither does the "Exit" signs, at this price they both should.


Entrance and galley areas are also excellent, beautifully done and one of the best now in X-Plane (however FJS B737-200 is still a class ahead).


767-200ER_Cabin 9.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 10.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 11.jpg767-200ER_Cabin 12.jpg


767-300F (Freighter)

A mid-sized Freighter is always welcome, and the new -300F is simply sensational.


767-300F_Head 1.jpg767-300F_Head 2.jpg767-300F_Head 3.jpg767-300F_Head 4.jpg


767-300F_Head 5 LG.jpg


The freighter adds in a whole new dimension to flying the Boeing 767, as also most 767's are now being converted to these freighter operations, and even Boeing is still producing the freighter version for the ongoing demand.


All cargo doors open, and so does also the left cabin door...


767-300F_Head 6.jpg767-300F_Head 7.jpg767-300F_Head 8.jpg767-300F_Head 9.jpg


....  but frustrating is the fact you can't access the cargo deck because FlightFactor are very insistent on very heavy boundaries! annoying.


767-300F_Head 10 LG.jpg


JarDesign's Ground Handling Deluxe (GHD) plugin is a must have, as there is a specialised .set available here: GHD Full Service Set Boeing767-Freight X Plane 11


Great detail allows for a different cockpit layout than the passenger version.


767-300F_Head 11.jpg767-300F_Head 12.jpg


Update 1.2.7

This update covers both updates 1.2.6 and 1.2.7... In reality it combines both updates to bring the aircraft in line to the same position as the Boeing 757 v2.2.5 as it currently stands. It does not cover changes for the beta 11.30 or v11.30. It does however include the use of VR (Virtual Reality) with custom menus and full comparability with HTC VIVE and with the added appropriate test page data.


The v1.2.7 of the Boeing 767 does fly very well in the 11.30 beta (Currently 11.30b6)... but FlightFactor do present a warning that the aircraft is "not yet supported".




External updates include new fans and rear exhaust cone, and the blades (front and rear (arrowed below)) are also now animated on the ground (windmilling). The flaps and, tracks and inner detailing have all been significantly redone.


767-300F_External 1.jpg767-300F_External 2.jpg


All the control flying surfaces have been recalibrated (below left). The spoiler shacking effect is now dependent on SHAKE ON TURB checkbox being checked, but it is very realistic to leave switched on, and there is now a shaking and sound effect on spoiler extension.


767-300F_External 3.jpg767-300F_External 4.jpg


Like with the updated B757, the ground vehicles have also been updated and are now far more modern...  Included are: APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), High Pressure Unit, Passenger Bus, Stairs, Fuel Truck, De-Ice Truck, Aircraft Cooling Unit (ACU), Two Baggage Loaders (LSU), Waste unit and rear (Cargo) loader....   There is a C-Loader but it is only available with the passenger version, and then positioned in the wrong place (rear left door?). Which is an odd thing as the C-Loader is really required on the Freighter...  right?


767-300F_External 5.jpg767-300F_External 6.jpg


Internal updates: You can check on the aircraft's current version (arrowed) via the pop-up iPad (Menu).


Electronic Flight Bag as many of these iPaddies are called and you can select the iPad by the smaller version in a pocket on the left of the Captain's position, and it pops up on the top right of your screen. The X-Plane menu and key access (recommended) can also be used. The iPad can be moved around the screen, but be careful as it can also disconnect you from the cockpit controls unless you re-click on the cockpit area in the background if you want the iPad on screen but want to also move around the cockpit.. 


767-300F_Internal 1.jpg767-300F_Internal 2.jpg


The iPad/Menu has had a lot of attention for this update. For one now you can now rotate the pad vertically, and also still scale it and move it around the screen, It can also be popped out as a separate window. The iPad can also be accessed by the X-Plane menu, which is sometimes easier and quicker than using the "down left then look selection", so I tend to use the drop-down menu more often. The menu layout has been cleaned up, but the actual settings are the same. The checklists have also been moved on to the iPad from the overhead menu. And the checklists looks far better in this new layout, but the iPad is quite large in scale, and you can of course resize (scale) it, but with limits, because as it gets smaller, then the text gets a little harder to read, so you have find the overall best compromise.
B767 Checklist 1.jpgB767 Checklist 2.jpg
The Failure menu has been completely redone (or reorganised). It is now much easier to use and more flexible, with scenarios. You can set the "scenario" to happen Immediately, or in time or at a certain speed or altitude. It can be random, or with a certain instrument, and you can change the scenario, even when to set (activate) or delete.
767-300F_Menu 1.jpg767-300F_Menu 3.jpg767-300F_Menu 2.jpg767-300F_Menu 4.jpg
If you have a Navigraph account, you can now also access the "Charts" feature, and all Navigraph charts and information are now right there at your fingertips, and the charts also can show you your aircraft's position on the charts.
767-300F_Menu 5.jpg767-300F_Menu 6.jpg
767-300F_Menu 7.jpg767-300F_Menu 8.jpg


And yes, I am totally in love with the idea...    it is brilliant!


Cockpit and Panel

The Freighter cockpit is ballroom sized compared to most aircraft cockpit zones, as there is so much space...


767-300F_Cockpit 1.jpg767-300F_Cockpit 2.jpg767-300F_Cockpit 3.jpg767-300F_Cockpit 4.jpg


....  but it can get a little dull in here sometimes? This is X-Plane v11.25, so the adjusted 11.30 maybe a little better. The cockpit textures have again been redone as with new lighting technology and new text fonts on the panels, and it isn't as overwhelmingly dark in the feel as before. But in areas it all seems like a slight set back as well...  as the flight instrument dials feel more darker when set to maximum, and the screen glow on the FMC and middle EICAS screens look not as blurry when using the effects? They feel overall either incomplete or a missed job on the list? They were far better in the earlier version.


Dual-FMS with two independently working CDUs are the highlight of the aircraft, beautifully done and one of the best Boeing CDUs in X-Plane11.


B767 FMS 5.jpgB767 FMS 6.jpg


Both CDUs pop-out for ease of use, but you also have the remote FMS version that you can use in an internet browser on any computer, that is the default version (below left)...  The right FMS is the latest version of the WebFMC Pro that will from version v1.07 have also this FlightFactor Boeing 767 and Boeing 757 CDU with access now added to the list, Screen Glow and Screen Fading is also a feature on the new WebFMC 767 version...


B767 FMS 1.jpgB767 FMS 2.jpgB767 FMS 3.jpgB767 FMS 4.jpg


... the WebFMC version is actually now far superior to the default FMC. It looks better, has direct keyboard access and has more features, so it comes highly recommended if you have one or both of the FlightFactor Boeings.


Direct keyboard access can be done on the pop-up CDU (not on the remote version). Move your cursor over the left top of your CDU glass panel until a K appears, then position the cursor over the CDU screen to keep it active, and now you can input in the route data directly.


B767 FMS 7.jpgB767 FMS 8.jpg


Overall the FMS has had not much attention (In reality it didn't need any) but several points covered are, direct-to via the first line in legs in non original variants, fmc CTD in some complex situations during using dep/arr CDU pages and the CDU now supports loading of co-routes in ICAO format.


Flying the Boeing 767-200 v1.2.5

Changes in the cockpit from the last update is pretty well minimal, not that it need it in the first place as this Boeing 767 was very well sorted and quite complete from the start of it's introduction. So the FMS and instruments and systems are pretty well exactly the same and you shouldn't really notice any real differences.

Is this a "Study" grade aircraft? personally I think so as the set up for flight is pretty comprehensive, you have to know your way around the instrument panel and the FMS data input to get it all right, if you are new to the aircraft then make sure the "Failures" are switched off until you are far more knowledgable about all those complex systems, as otherwise it can be a frustrating experience.


B767 KRSW 1.jpgB767 KRSW 2.jpg


Pushback has had a fair bit of attention...  the default pushback has been refined with a few bugs having issues, and even causing a crash to desktop. However I don't use the default (and it is one of the best), but the BetterPushBack option, which again has had attention and has also been refined for use on the aircraft (a Clash?)... now it works perfectly.


B767 KRSW 3.jpgB767 KRSW 4.jpg


B767 KRSW 5.jpgB767 KRSW 6.jpg


Ready for engine start!


B767 KRSW 7.jpg


The tiller now works (arrowed)... I bet you didn't know that before. and the whole steering time has been retuned, it does feel far better, but now more like the usual slightly delayed airbus feel?


B767 KRSW 8.jpgB767 KRSW 9.jpg


There has always been a slight problem with the thrust on FlightFactor's B767, ever since the change over to X-Plane11, and most issues have been gradually refined out... but the B767 will still quite easily taxi with the throttle levers set in the idle position, and you need to keep on touching the brakes to keep the forward speed in check? And you could note me a slightly heavy here at 118482 kgs... so I feel the thrust factor it still needs more attention.


B767 KRSW 10.jpgB767 KRSW 11.jpg


I have never been a big fan of FlightFactor's cabin windows either? As they all have this tint shade, that darkens the view out, and worse the tint does not even fit the window correctly? The cabin itself is very, very nice but a little flat with no seatbelt signs or with the exit signs activated, the seatback blank screens don't help either....  and don't get me started on the flapping window shades? and at least you can turn the action off.


B767 KRSW 12.jpgB767 KRSW 13.jpg


B767 KRSW 14.jpgB767 KRSW 15.jpg


I have had to learn to not give the B767 full throttle on takeoff, but to set a takeoff speed position, if not the aircraft can runway with the speed once you gain flight and over-ride the flap limits, get it right and the aircraft comes nicely to you... v2 or rotate is at 163 + 10 knts at flap 05.


B767 KRSW 16.jpgB767 KRSW 17.jpg

B767 KRSW 18.jpgB767 KRSW 19.jpg


The 767 is not a brutal as the B757, in performance or in the sheer noise it makes, it is a more considerate aircraft, certainly not benign, and it is excellent to fly. Note that the undercarriage gear sequencing has been redone here for a more realistic operation, the same as was done on the B757.


B767 KRSW 20 LG.jpg


The B767 is not an easy, easy aircraft to fly because it is quite complex, and so you have to know your stuff in here, and it takes time to really get totally proficient on the airframe...definitely an aircraft you need to spend a considerable time in flying, you have to know it through and through to feel totally in control of all the aspects of flying the machine, so spending a week or more in the same 767 zone does payoff in it's return rewards.


B767 Flight 1.jpgB767 Flight 2.jpg


The FlightFactor B767 sounds were on release a major significant step forward in the range and quality of the sound package, it was realism 101... and only a dedicated addon BSS sound pack was or is only better. In the basic sound pack it is still the same, but there is significant differences in the selection of engine that you choose, as they are all quite different in their sound ranges... overall for the best it is certainly the RB211 Rolls Royce, as it certainly has the most dynamic sound.... so excellent sound quality in all areas is a given. The only note is that if move around the aircraft fast, the sounds dynamics then sort of not keeps up with you, because it is try to go to through far too many different ranges in a short time, so you get of a strange wail at certain engine angles.


B767 Flight 3.jpgB767 Flight 4.jpg


B767 Flight 5.jpgB767 Flight 6.jpg


The FMS is fully featured, and fully adaptable (there is nothing worse than an FMS that won't do what you want it to). 8.33Khz radio is also now supported.


New Navigraph charts feature is excellent, easy to use and very useful in operation, here I am setting the ILS approach frequency.


B767 Flight 10.jpgB767 Flight 11.jpg


The cockpit lighting is excellent at night, but as noted it does feel the instrument lighting is far duller than before, it can be hard to set as well as some knobs on the OHP (Over Head Panel) are set in the opposite direction that does not feel right, so you keep adjusting the panel illumination the wrong way.


B767 Flight 7.jpgB767 Flight 8.jpgB767 Flight 9.jpgB767 Flight 12.jpg


The FlightFactor B767 came with as a major feature both a WRX radar (weather) and Terrain warning system (TERR), here I am checking the terrain radar as the approach to MKJS - Montego Bay which is quite hilly. Next images shows the Terr Radar in operation,


B767 Flight 13.jpgB767 Flight 14.jpg


You need a fair bit of skill to land the B767, but (a lot) of practise does help. Tricky is that you can't use the autoland (Autopilot) all the way down, the last few feet has to be pure manual control, and in the dark you really can have your skills tested... 


B767 Flight 15.jpgB767 Flight 16.jpg


B767 Flight 17.jpg


...  but you are a Pro.... Right!   and again it is all very rewarding if you get it right.


B767 Flight 18.jpgB767 Flight 19.jpg

B767 Flight 20.jpgB767 Flight 21.jpg


B767 Flight 22 LG.jpg




For the B767-300ER you get (noted as "Free") liveries, including: American Airlines, Air France, Garuda Indonesia, British Airways, Star Alliance Lufthansa and Canadian Westjet as part of the package.


767PW-300ER_Livery AA.jpg767PW-300ER_Livery AF.jpg767PW-300ER_Livery BA.jpg767PW-300ER_Livery GA.jpg767PW-300ER_Livery LH.jpg767PW-300ER_Livery WJ.jpg


There are also nine livery packs available at $US10.00 per pack, noted are: Asia 1 & Asia 2, Europe 1, Europe 2 & Europe 3, Middle East, North American, Oceania and South America, and that is altogether over 100 + liveries for the aircraft...



The B762 shares the same free liveries as the -300ER plus two extra with the Boeing House and X-Airways ...  but there are no extra addon packs...


B762 Livery Default.jpgB762 Livery AA.jpgB762 Livery AF.jpgB762 Livery BA.jpgB762 Livery Garuda.jpgB762 Livery LH.jpgB762 Livery X-Air.jpgB762 Livery Westjet.jpg



You get two cargo liveries as part of the package with: UPS Freight and X-Airways


B762 Livery F UPS.jpgB762 Livery F A-Air.jpg


There is also an extra addon cargo pack available for US$10. This package includes: Amerijet Inter, Canadair CargoJet, DHL, FedEx, JAL Cargo, LATAM Cargo, Prime Air (Amazon), Silkway Cargo and Tampa Air.


B762 Livery F Amerijet.jpgB762 Livery F AC cargojet.jpgB762 Livery F DHL.jpgB762 Livery F FedEx.jpgB762 Livery F JAL Cargo.jpgB762 Livery F LATAM.jpg

B762 Livery F Prime.jpgB762 Livery F Silkway.jpgB762 Livery F Tampa.jpgB762 Livery F UPS.jpg





This is a dual release of one being an update pack of aircraft changes, new features and a lot of bug/issue fixing. The second is the introduction of the "Extended" version of the FlightFactor/StepToSky/VMax Boeing 767 Pro. The "Extended" pack is US$20 more than the original -300ER aircraft cost, of which you need to add in the extension.


The "Extended" version included the shorter 767-200ER and the 767-300F (Freighter) and both aircraft are certainly we worth the extra outlay in the sheer variety it gives you in access to the Iconic 767 aircraft. All variants come with excellent engine options with P&W/RR/GE on the -300 versions and P&W/GE on the -200ER variant.


The FightFactor Boeing 767 Pro was on it's release another step forward in X-Plane aircraft development in quality, performance, system depth, advanced sounds and the sheer study detail that came with flying the aircraft. And most if not all of those highlights are still very much in vogue here. The aircraft does require some skill to operate and fly, but deep simulation with detail is what this sort of simulation is all about, and that is also what you pay for.


Highlights in this version include the highly revised iPad/EFB with now Chart intergation and a better failures layout, and there is now access to the Navigraph charts (with your subscription required), New cabin fit-outs that are stylish and modern with excellent galley areas. Complete VR (Virtual Reality) intergration with virtual menus and comparability with HTC VIVE. WebFMC Pro intergration and BetterPushBack intergration. Lots of areas around the aircraft and certainly the airbrakes/flaps and engines have had significant attention and remodeling.


There are no real negatives here with this new extended pro version of the B767. But a few areas seems to have been missed either because of the limited time-frame or just overlooked. The cockpit has had a significant overhaul of new lighting technology and font text, and it does look better, but some of the panel back lighting is far darker and the glow/fading effect is now not working on the CDU's. The excellent new cabin layouts are let down a little via the non working no smoking/seatbelt/exit sign illumination, blank rear seat monitors and poor heavy window tints that don't fit correctly (why have them at all?) and a drab colour seating scheme. Heavy boundaries restrict access, and a C-Loader that wants to load the wrong aircraft in the wrong position? Hopefully all will corrected ready for the X-Plane11.30 introduction including the idle smoke issue.


Many reviews are preaching to the converted, as this Boeing 767 Pro series is already an iconic aircraft in X-Plane. The added in "Extended" version just now gives you more of more of now three variants of the Boeing 767 to choose from, as both the new -200ER and for me certainly the -300Freighter will get a lot of operational use from this reviewer and I already know the high rewards for the investment are for significant returns. Overall it brings the full FlightFactor Boeing lineup into the same three aircraft "Extended" category together, so that is a huge amount of choice if you are a FlightFactor Pro collector...  of the three choices the B676 is now certainly at the top of the list....  Highly Recommended.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Boeing 767 Professional/Extended v1.2.7 by FlightFactor/StepToSky//VMax is NOW! Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Boeing 767-300 ER Professional


Price is US$72.00


Boeing 767-200ER/-300F Professional Extended


Price is US$92.00

Boeing 767-200ER/-300F Professional Extended Upgrade


Price is US$72.00 + US$20

You must already have purchased and own the current Boeing 767-300ER Pro version to be eligible for the US$20 update to the aircraft



X-Plane 11+ (X-Plane 10 is NOT supported!)
Windows 7+, Mac OS 10.10+ or Linux 14.04 LTS or compatible, 64 bit mode
8Gb RAM / 2Gb VRAM Minimum, 24Gb+ RAM / 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Current Version: 1.2.7 (last updated November 14, 2018) Free auto-updates for the entire XP11 life-cycle




Update Review by Stephen Dutton
23rd November 2018
Copyright©2018: X-PlaneReviews
(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)

Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.20

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro v1.09 US$69.90 : XPRealistic Pro v1.0.9  effects US$19.95 : WorldTraffic 3.0 Plugin - US$29.95 : BetterPushBack - Free : : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin

Scenery or Aircraft

- KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$24.95

- MKJS - Montego Bay Jamaica by Skyline Simulations (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$19.95


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg



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I bought just the FF 767-300 ER, and it has some issues as of 4/20/19:

I also bought the Europe livery pack #3, and the IcelandAir livery does not color the winglets properly. They remain blank / white instead of blue.

If I shift my camera view in the cockpit, the pilot's chair moves with the camera. If I pan forward, the chair moves forward. If I pan back, the chair moves back.

I think there's still a bug on this and the FF 757 where unless you reload the engines, you can't start the RR engines even with proper engine start configuration.

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7 hours ago, chris787gh said:

I I download the aircraft. But I don’t have altitude, Heading, Radio frequency, etc The number it’s not showing!

any help.?


sounds like missing Visual C++ Redistributables....  

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