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News! - X-Plane goes 11.20 Final...


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News! - X-Plane goes 11.20 Final...


Usually X-PlaneReviews will cover any significant X-Plane version release, but v11.20 will always be known as the VR version, or Virtual Reality and you need (expensive) addon gear to access the VR feature. By all accounts most users have lavished praise on the tech, but remember and more the reason I haven't yet took the plunge into VR (I have tried it though) as the tech is still in development and the noted cost factor barrier will hopefully soon come down...  as a long time tech nut I was always the head in first in new tech, but now I just have been burnt financially to many times and a $600 headset is certainly to come down to a more reasonable price and better features...  the new Oculus Go may be the answer but it does have a few limitations, a sort of Oculus Go Pro would be the perfect choice. Currently supported are HTC ViveOculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). Full detail on specifications on LR VR here...   this knowledge base VR article


But kudos to Laminar Research in bringing this major tech to X-Plane, X-Plane had 64bit long before other simulators and now VR as well.


The new aircraft addition in the Aerolite 103 a brand new ultralight aircraft was also included in v11.20 for trying out VR




The X-Plane LEGO construction set was also extended with more customisable jetways giving airport developers far more options in creating jetway components and actions. Note the far better lighting textures on the jetways and the terminals...







...  more terminal variations and styles (facade) have also been introduced.


It was Sydney's turn to get the "Landmark" Treatment with the Opera House and the Coat Hanger (okay Sydney Harbour Bridge) being added with great detail....





But overall this is still not the Sydney skyline that is required for a visual simultor, but it is a good start...




Of course there has also been added in another huge batch of "Global" airports that now total 6665 WED sceneries.


Other v11.20 notes include:


  • Many GPS & FMS fixes & improvements.
  • Higher performance graphics code enabled for AMD drivers.
  • In-app purchasing option for new demo users.
  • Updated German translations.
  • New alert messaging system.
  • Fixes for dead-reckoning improved for formation flying.
  • Enhancements and new options for .joy configuration files.
  • Improved night lighting textures in far views.
  • Columbia 400 aircraft with new G1000 (3D work by Captain_Noob 75)


So v11.20 was a more a tweak and touch update, but the simulator does feel very stable and efficient. But overall it was for all the virtual fliers out there.


Here are the full X-Plane 11.20 Release Notes


Images and text are courtesy of Laminar Research




News by Stephen Dutton

8th May 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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Hi Stephen,


Have you happened to try the AFL 172 in 11.20 yet? After updating to 11.20 there is a pronounced jerking/kicking motion that occurs every few seconds that wasn't there before and in any wind conditions...just wondering if there is something in the new update not jiving well with the current AFL version. This does not happen with the default 172.

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There looks like there is a problem with the AirFoilLabs 172, last update was v1.4.1...  They may be waiting for X-Plane v11.20 to go final, which it now has, so I would expect an update soon.



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